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Might as well be Scientology.

The Zeitgeist Movement is the poorly preached activism group for The Venus Project. Its ideas are based on Peter Joseph's second interwebz film Zeitgeist: Addendum which is about Jacque Fresco's The Venus Project. Joseph claims to want to change the world for good while insulting bible bashers and the pride of people who've spent their lives doing an irrelevant and pointless job.

Joseph points out what a bunch of sheeple we really are, but because he's such a smug faggot who attempts to convince retards to join the movement using words such as "symbiotic" and "aquitable" he fails to gain much serious interest. He also does far too much preaching to the converted which is much like fapping in front of the mirror. If Joseph didn't want people thinking he's the leader of some cult he shouldn't have named the movement after an irrelevant fucking film.

Goals of the Movement

Zeitards aim to replace monies with a new world, assuming people are able to stop being crack cunts and Bieber fags, which is referred to as a Resource Based Economy, which is a hippy notion that everyone on the world can be happy and healthy.

They say that money is now irrelevant as it was originally put in place as a replacement of trade and barter because there wasn't enough shit to go round, but now we have machines to make as many chocolate bars and fleshlights as the world needs, everyone can have enough shit. Even Wilbert Bomatay. And that over 90% of jobs wouldn't be needed if we replaced them with technology and it became globally realised that being the floor manager of television programmes such as Jeremy Kyle are only going to devour your soul and intelligence. The reason you're doing your part-time Burger King job or whoring yourself out is for money, if you didn't need money to live, you could do shit you actually want to do.

We live in a derp society where we're told we have to do shit we don't want to or don't like. Perhaps the reason chanfags live on the internet is because they're freely allowed to be the fags they've always dreamed to be. We're so brainwashed we can't even ask, why do I have to do this shit? Answer almost always leading back to money. It's the reason we have more slavery than ever; profit is now a justification for slavery and lack of medical funding.

Zeitard demographics: Mostly unemployed, childless, with poor education and below the age of 24. Of course, this is not a big surprise to anyone.

It is believed that we must address root causes to grow and prosper as a race. The example they give of catching a serial killer and executing him is a great one. People scream for the death of that individual instead of taking him aside, learning what caused the behavior and trying to ensure that aspect of society gets fixed. This is a new and innovative idea. It doesn't sound anything at all like criminal psychology, or investigation, or profiling which we started doing at least 100 years ago.

Education would be based around actually being able to not get butthurt over everything we will face in life and improving intelligence, not information which is only necessary to learn so you can show your employers that you're willing to do any job regardless of whether you actually liked it or not. It's pretty obvious that most of the people who receive an education are still ignorant fucks, with the amount of teen preggers, rednecks and jew lovers, and parents can't be trusted to teach them anything valuable because they also received a derp education.

Joseph addresses these topics for tl;dr people such as yourself on his radio blog and even has regular discussions on the Zeitgeist Teamspeak channels because he's secretly a massive nerd.

Summed up, the goal of TZM is to establish an absolutist, totalitarian world dictatorship where the state has absolute control over all the world's resources, meaning you can't go anywhere or do anything without the permission of the scientific technocrat elite a.k.a. super computer. Jacque Fresco also advocates one child policies and brain chipping to induce desired social behaviour, just as Peter Joseph openly said on an interview on the Alex Jones Show that Alex Jones would have to be 'reconditioned' if he wouldn't go along in this system. All this is wide in the open but still Zeitgeist acolytes think that a society like this is somehow "freeing" people as they supposedly won't have to work anymore. "Oh yeah, everyone's gonna be drugged and enslaved, but you won't have to work anymore!!11!"

I’m also kinda sick of the anti-leadership, anti-authority, ‘you’re not the boss of me’ crap. There’s nothing wrong with being a leader or being a follower, depending on what the purpose is.


—Douglas Mallette, telling you to obey

Jacque Fresco is an evil chimpanzee from hell sent to deceive you

The Foundation of Stupidity

The basis of the movement is the information presented in Zeitgeist:Addendum. The creator of the films is one Peter Joseph. This ignorant twat believes that his mother's role as a social worker allows him to form sound judgements of the world of the poor and have-nots. He still manages to be a yuppie independent film-maker on his own time.

Peter Joseph Merola says that everything we do and how we behave is due to societal conditioning. He's claiming that genetics or instincts don't play a role whatsoever. This is ironic, as Zeitards always talk about how EVUUUL religion is, yet they are just blatantly taking a shit on academic disciplines such as evolutionist psychology. These disciplines bother EXCLUSIVELY with inherent behaviour even though, according to TZM, all these things just don't exist, basically meaning that Richard Dawkins and other famous scientists are just spending their whole life chasing ghosts. He's even going as far as saying that spiders and birds aren't building nests because of their nature, but because of conditioning.

Venus Project spokesman Neil Kiernan pathetically begging for money.
Joseph in a past life.

A Revelation

Once upon a time there was a man who created a magnificent story to manipulate people into giving him their money and subsequently power. He told grand stories that so enamored people and brought them into his fold that their devotion to him at times was limitless. He flat out lied and bent the truth to offer up a grandiose story for his followers, much the same as Peter Joseph. It is clear who Peter Joseph really is.

The reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard.

Peter is just one boat, a bunch of child cruelty charges, fraud charges, and a mental illness away from being a Clear. Godspeed L. Ron Joseph. Godspeed.

If you take this at face value you are fucking stupid.

Zeitgeist Movements Best Student

Their deep disdain for the evil, corrupt existance of money doesn't stop them from charging you 26$ for a fucking shirt.

Jared Lee Loughner is the Zeitgeist Movements best student. Jared watched and believed in the online conspiracy theory film Zeitgeist: The Movie affected Loughner's view of the world. Jared lee Loughner following the tenets of the Zeitgeist Movement took out a politician U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords of Tucson,Arizona on January 8, 2011 who was shot in the head and killing at least 6 people including a United States District Court Judge, John Roll, and left 14 others wounded.

Zeitards in your Life

Do you have a special Zeitard in your life? Will they not shut the fuck up about the truth about the New World Order, the Federal Reserve, and all manners of other fucking annoying bullshit they are only parroting from the movies? They have most likely just watched Joseph's first video which is actually about the 911 conspiracy theory and near proof of religion being bullshit. Regardless of any evidence he may or may not have, trying to prove either of his opinions on these matters is like telling a faggot Christian to prove their god. There is always a douchebag saying "well prove God isn't real."

It is obvious God isn't real. Or you wouldn't have such bad luck getting poon.

The Venus Project

Now we come to the Venus Project. The Venus Project was started a few decades ago by a man named Jacque Fresco. He believes that a resource-based economy rather than a monetary-based economy would give every human being eternal salvation and corruption, just as crime would simply cease to exist.

Fresco's ideas are often mocked because of his allegiance with Peter Jospeh, despite the 94 year old man currently touring the world giving two hour lectures Ohhhh little Zeitgeist fanboy, I wonder why Fresco is mocked? Let's take a look on a list of things he's promoting:

  • One child policies and forced abortions
  • Brain chipping people to make them behave "good"
  • Destroying the family ('family' is considered a "backwards" and "primitive" institution amongst Venus and Zeitgeist fags)
  • Indoctrinating children in school, telling them how the Venus system is the best system there is and how they would not want to live in a different society
  • "Reconditioning" aka 'reeducation' of people who don't want to participate in Venus society
  • If you don't want to give up your property, you are gonna be forced to.

Regardless of the bullshit this old geezer is always saying, like about how he wants to transform society peacefully and by "changing the mind of the people", he openly admits that the transition from the current system to the Venus System would have to be violent. He talks about eradicating people wide in the open, but still when you confront Zeitards with this, they all go apeshit and talk about how he's a genius and how you are just too stupid to grasp his new revolutionary ideas. This is funny, as this guy has done absolutely nothing in his entirely life but sitting at home and scratching his balls while tinkering his pseudo-futuristic city models.

Zeitards/Venusnazis will also continuously claim against all facts and reason that TVP has nothing to do with communism or socialism whatsoever.

Critical Questions for the Zeitgeist Fanbase

You will probably get some long winded explanation that in no way answers any of these questions, something like "in a resource based economy there would be no need for..." or "Things like this are a product of a money driven society..." Ask these questions again and again until you get a clear answer.
  • In a "resource based economy" who controls the distribution of food, water and technology?
  • What do we do with rapists and child molesters?
  • Are you telling me that rapists rape for monetary gain?
  • What do we do for people who can't work and contribute to society?
  • What do we do with people that just don't want to work?
  • Will there be gulags for people that don't want this kind of society?
  • How is this not a bad remake of Marxisim with fancy future looking cities?
  • If these cities are so free why are they all focused on keeping people herded together like in a prison?
  • Will there be some sort of SS or KGB type organization to stop people from starting a bartering system that would lead back to currency?
  • If a Tesla Coil was a super neat invention that would have solved our energy crisis then why in the fuck does it have to be plugged into a wall to work?
  • Why does the Venus project ask for money instead of asking for resources to build their super cities?
  • In the Venus Project FAQ it says religion would be allowed but people would not be able to "force" their religion on others. How would this work considering that 9/10 atheists think that someone saying "bless you" after a sneeze is a conversion attempt (the 10th atheist just starts convulsing out of anger).
  • Can you explain to me in which way any economy can not be based on resources? Are you implying that our economy is not resource based?
  • Ask exactly how much money one would have to donate to the cause to do away with money.
  • Ask why the plans of the Venus Project to transition to a money free society all revolve around money making ideas like building a theme park and have nothing to do with transitioning to a resource based economy.

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