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Zeitgeist - The Movie is what happens when you let brainless paultards run rampant on the Internets. Like Loose Change, it is basically a hideous mutation of the kind of thing you see atheist virgins-4-life like TheAmazingAtheist and conspiracyfags like Feltcho shit out, but with the horrific twist that it has been translated into several languages, downloaded millions of times, and won some art-activism hugbox award.

The TL;DW walkthrough

Part 1

  • Something about Christianity being OMG LIES. Probably because the producer Peter Joseph is still butthurt from having his tummy filled with creamy priestshake when he was purty-mouthed altarboy. Of over 200 sources used to disprove Jesus, it boiled down to 5 sources cited multiple times, using multiple pen names and people who were laughed at by real professionals when they were alive.

ED's analysis: Amazing that someone would have to make up bullshit to disprove the Zombie Jesus hypothesis. Go to TOW and read up on the guys Jesus is alleged to be plagiarising - you're supposed to be a skeptic.

Part 2

The film is full of marketing campaigns
  • Our hero explains that Bush did 9/11 in order to create an atmosphere of fear and have a rationale for declaring war on Afghanistan. Also, the WTC buildings did not collapse from having massive fucking aeroplanes filled with explosive jetfuel crash into them, but rather, by controlled demolitions. And 7 of the 19 hijackers are still alive.

ED's analysis: Of course, this is a perfectly rational explanation. It makes total sense that the Americunt government would:

  1. engineer a massively expensive and bizarre plot to plant tonnes of explosives in the WTC, without any of the WTC workers noticing, and without any underpaid government underling trying to gain fame and money by revealing the complex scheme,
  2. wait for two planes to crash into the buildings to set off said explosives,
  3. all in order to wage an unprofitable war on some shitty Azn country.

Mr. Joseph also fails to mention the incontrovertible fact that Jews did it.

Peter Joseph along with the other conspiracy experts did not even bother to research their claims, if they did they would have no documentary or at least would have found out that names like Said al-Ghamdi and Walid al-Shari are the middle eastern equivalent to John Smith.

Part 3

  • He who controls financial systems controls the world.

ED's analysis: Uhwellduuuuuuuhh...

ED's analysis: But it is common sense, unless you want your economy and infrastructure to go down the shit hole. Also, it is constitutional, faggot:

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.


—The Sixteenth Amendment, February 3, 1913, coincidentally the exact same year the Federal Reserve System was created.

  • The Sixteenth Amendment was never ratified, but it doesn't matter because the government writes the rules, and then deliberately makes them unintelligible and hard to access so that you just go back to watching Lost reruns.

Tl;dr, the government tells us what to pay and we pay it and STFU or they send people to take our shit. Duh. Actually, gummint exist to rob people, and they will rob us anyway with or without justification from some shitty papers or Constitution signed 100 years ago. You think you can oppose the man because some clumsy governors forgot to sign their names on a piece of paper? hell yeah...

  • The Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America wants to merge the US with Mexico and Canada.

ED's analysis: Beaners, in my Americult? .....Wait - so that hasn't already happened?

ED's analysis. This is true. All hail your new masters.

  • All of these factors combined will create a one world superpower, where every man, woman and child would be planted with microchip tracking devices - their every move monitored, dissent brutally suppressed.

ED's analysis: Lol gb2matrix.

The hivemind speaks out

Since the release of this movie, scores of conspiracyfags have emerged from their Unabomber shacks to proclaim the great truth which this movie documents. They inform the rest of us that we are totally brainwashed by the Man, but they themselves seem to subscribe to Mr Joseph's opinions without question or criticism.

However, note how the Christian strain of the species will ignore or attack the parts about Jesus being a mind-controlling myth, but will completely buy into the rest. This is because they do not recognize that someone who makes such batshit crazy lies in the first section of the movie probably shouldn't be trusted in the latter sections.

Neckbeard speaks out (what he says is totally not fake)

At the end, it says the revolution is now. I strongly believe the first step in this revolution should be Ron Paul 2008, motherfuckers.


But wait - the voices of reason speak out too! ....Yeah, didn't think so

I believe even the constitution has been set aside for when a radical movement calls people to harm others under false pretence?

Do I need to site cases?

You are gravely mistaken if you believe freedom of speech includes the right to slander, lie, cheat, and disregard all truths in absolute.

And if that is what the freedom you believe in is, I will not die on a battle field for it.

You have the right to an opinion, in which you may express freely with speach.

Lies are for the weak


Scotchpker, on having logic as clear as his sentence structures.

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