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Fucking weeaboo!

ZS3 (aka Zaedrin Sednami) is a weeaboo, fat, furfag artist on devianTART. He takes way too much pride in his "art", and has bashed Encyclopedia Dramatica several times, which just made him look like an lolcow. He draws in his 'own art style', called "Sednanime" ^_^. He is also Two-Ton-Neko's attack dog, as well as a clusterfuck of failure.

His insult of choice is "inbreed". He also likes to use the suffix "th".

Internet Tough Guy

Zed, like iRONAS, is an internet tough guy. Someone flame a friend of his? Well, soon that nasty flamer will deal with the wrath of Zaedrin Sednami! He'll PWN U LOL! ^_^

Raid on Encyclopedia Dramatica

Zed tries to come off as threatening, but ends up as being a source of lulz.
Posted on Fatferaligatr's page.
Zed using his '217th birthday' as an excuse to beg for fanart.

On June 28, 2007, Zed attempted to gather up a bunch of his faggot friends and planned to vandalize ED. However, he just made himself look like a complete idiot.

I just got back from exploring Encyclopedia Dramatica, and all I can say is that it feels like I slept in a bathtub filled with sump pump fluid. So here is what I propose: An all-out vandalism raid on ED, and I want YOU GUYS to be making the plays and showing those inbreeders no mercy! :D Are you up for the challenge?


—ZS3 - Sump...pump...fluid? I don't know whether to be intrigued or disgusted.


Later that day, Zed decided to change his tactics, since everyone said that his "scheme" was incredibly stupid. However, his current scheme is equally, if not more, stupid.

So here is what I propose: They hate furries so much, right? Well, why don't we just be our own furry selves, do what we want and show what we like, just to torment them! Ha ha! Brilliant, no? They'll be irritated not by us, but by their own intolerance!! :D



Another Update!

Zed later on deleted the whole journal and made a new one, about pants.

Discovery of His Article

The Horrer!

Anti-Furry Alert: RED/CRITICAL

It appears that I have wound up in the bile-stained webpages of Encyclopedia Dramatica.

I blame society, pop culture, and my own fucking persecution complex. :x

But all is not lost, for I have an ace up my sleeve...:devilish:

They can't hurt me, because they are little more than pathetic sniveling curs who seem to get their kicks off of harassing and demeaning others for their own entertainment.

That's Social Sadism in my book.

I will never forget that I am backed up by an army of dear deviant friends who will support me all the way! Love conquers hate EVERY time, and every time that I am cornered by these hatewhores, I remember that it's just like the Wizard Of Oz: As scary as they seem, pull back the curtains and all that you will find are legions of stoners, haters and eneuretic know-it-alls who think that they truly are the ones superior. :D


—ZS3 - he's right about love conquering hate, though: a love of lulz will always defeat the hatred for society furfags have.

Of course, with that, a drama bomb was lit off, pretty much, resulting in much lulz...

Angstwars: Return of the Weeaboo

Yet another case of him whining, this time by a random deviantART member, Princeshadow13.

Who has done almost nothing in the past year other than attack Lolcows, and look at Art.

*sigh* I'm in a real slump, because of a sharp drop in my confidence due to ED and a comment by princeshadow13 so my motivation for posting FA art that I want to post has gone totally plop. Can anyone help me out of this jam here?



This is obviously a ploy to get compliments on his art without even trying.

Hopefully the butthurt this devianTART known as Princeshadow13, has a lasting effect, causing this Weeaboo to stop trying.

Counter Culture Group

...he converted to Shintoism?

ZS3 has decided to form his own counterculture group, based on Shintoism and the hippie movement, he hopes to build his own buildings and to unleash a clusterfuck of failure on the world...its name is the Kitsune Society! Its doubtful that anyone would care about the opinions of a fat admiring, weaboo, furry fanboy, not even Obama. Also, Zed claims to have a friend who is psychic!

Examples of Lulz

"Art" Gallery

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