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Info non-talk.png Were you trying to find ZOG? Well, they're trying to find you.

zOMG is the Web 2.0 equivalent of OMG, facilitating a cross-modal, cross-user social experience. Regarded by many as just yet another acronym on the Internets, it really is much moar.

General Characteristics

Some argue that zOMG had its origins when DepressingNerd Doe witnessed something surprising and/or schocking on one of his many internet journeys on the quest for porn. In the heat of his surprise, he missed the shift key typing a 'z' instead, making 'zomg' zOMG's earliest form. Nowadays all the cool kids write zOMG for an increased dramatic effect. While the definition of zOMG is still hotly debated, it is generally accepted that zOMG would exhibit some basic characteristics. These include:

  • Seamless integration into your MySpace account
  • XML support (e.g. <zOMG>OMFG</zOMG>)
  • Dynamic data processing featuring the latest AJAX technologies on the Internets

A Graphical Representation of zOMG

Dramatic, isn't it?


Aside from the traditional "z-O-M-G", IRL zOMG has also been pronounced "zomg", resembling "zawmg" - just slur the letters together. If you are particularly cool you may also pronounce it as "zOh my gohd". Even cooler is "zow im jee."

ZOMG Gaia Stole This Too!

Gaia Online, staying true to its characteristic collective persona, is now calling its MMORPG zOMG!, making the game's fail density surpass all previous theorical limits. Of course, Gaiafags everywhere are rejoicing their beloved, promised, great MMORPG's arrival. Not surprisingly, it allows you to get gaiagolds at a much faster rate of .0000000002 golds per kill.

zOMG is based off Gaia Online. zOMG based all attacks on items call rings. These rings vary from atttack, defense, heal, and upgrade. The only way to "level up" is by going to the null chamber and "transfer" G'hi orbs to the rings.

Random Facts

  • zOMG is frequently believed to be verbally used by the 'receiving end' of couples practicing buttsecks
  • Experts say that IRC traffic on the Internets could drop by more than 25 percent if subsequent appearances of zOMG could be compressed
  • zOMG is a corruption of OMG, which means "oh my god".
  • z0mg is a more leet version of zOMG
  • ZOMG NONE!!!1 is the first "rule" of /b/.
  • ZOMG could also mean ZOMBIES, OH MAH GAWD!!!
  • ZOMG could also mean ZIONS! OH MAH GAWD!
  • could also also mean ZEUGOBRANCHIATA! OH MY GOD!

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