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Mary Yuriko Nakahara (河内山百合) was a disgusting yellow-skinned black supremacist, coalburner fetishist and 100% Bin-Laden supporter. Read along as this story was literally too hot true for Wikipedia. On Last Thursday this treacherous slant-eye was actually featured on the front page of Google.

Apparently Yuri is seen as a hero among the typical wannabes that infest modern universities, because she was a contrarian activist who fought for the rights of the black communities and held anti-imperialist postures during her not-deserved long life. In layman terms, she was like Suey Park meets Black Lives Matter but without internetz.

Yuri Kockiyama Andrew Klavan.png

Big Supporter Of Big Black Dong

Yuri's dreamed utopia along with her fellow People of Color activists

Yuri adventures as a black dick connoisseur started with the very first moment she was born. Despite being raised in the land of the free, Yuri was not a beneficiary of the more supreme American WASP genes and when her fellow ching chong countrymen attacked Pearl Harbor, she and her family learned the hard way that consequences will never be the same. She was sent to a spies' prison by orders of Franklin D. Roosevelt and in there she met the cuck that was later her husband.

During that time Yuri's feelings towards America were made of pure unadulterated hate to the point of wanting to join forces with the most Un-American people at the time, the resented niggers who didn't want to understand that their place was picking cotton in the big plantations of the south.

In the years of the flower power hysteria, she met Malcolm X and fall in love with his devotion and tenacity to the black rights movement and despise of the US establishment. She even was present when Malcolm was permabanned IRL by jealous Nation of Islam former colleagues and she is seen lamenting in a iconic photo of the LIFE magazine that she won't ride Malcolm X cock anymore.

Yuri was one of the few non-blacks to be part on Pan-African and Separatist Black movements meetings (maybe because niggers were aware of the myth that azn girls are being famous for their tight, little pussies) and during the rest of her life she spent their days trolling IRL the Man and at the same time begging him for moniez because what kind of hypocrite "black" activist could she be if she wasn't demanding monetary reparations for non-issues. Also she was accomplice in the brainwashing process that years later will ruin the millennials generation by giving speeches in Universities.

As a display of edginess she also converted to Islam, denoting that she tried too hard to convey her deep hatred of the USA at all means, but not to the point to be coherent and renouncing to her nationality and leaving the country.

Praise of Terrorists

I consider Osama bin Laden as one of the people that I admire. To me, he is in the category of Malcolm X, Che Guevara, Patrice Lumumba, Fidel Castro.... I thank Islam for bin Laden. America’s greed, aggressiveness, and self-righteous arrogance must be stopped


https://web.archive.org/web/20031011061448/http://awol.objector.org/yuri.html, Yuri

  • Was an actual fan of Mao
  • Supported Shining Path - A terrorist organization that was behind several terror attacks on civilians, including the Lucanamarca massacre where they slaughtered 69 innocent farmers.
  • Worked for Mumia Abu-Jamal who did the opposite of modern niggers and killed a cop.
  • BFF's with Assata Shakur who actually bombed the senate as well as actual murder and is on the FBI's most wanted terrorists list.
  • Supported Yu Kikumura, who wanted to bomb an US Navy recruitment office in 1986, meaning he was only 40 years late to re-enact Pearl Harbor

View On Supremacy

As for imperialism, which is a policy of extending power and control, and usually by military force and hegemony, the government of the United States is the best example. Imperialism, terrorism and war go hand in hand. But it begins with capitalism, private ownership and profit-making...

We learned about imperialism through the history of the colonization of Africa, Asia, South America, Australia, annexation of Hawaii, and the take-over of both the Caribbean Islands, and much of the Pacific. In all these instances of incursions and usurpations of other people’s territories, it was the epitome of white superiority.

Yes, there is certainly a relationship between imperialism and racism, and imperialism and white superiority. It was white superiority and racism that gave western people the impetus to rule over or control people of color as if people of color were inferior.



AIDS Is The Government's Way Of Depopulating The Blacks

Only thought to be said by the likes of Alex Jones and other complete lunatics, but this figure-head for SJW's and Google, actually believed that AIDS was the government and not leaf monkeys butt-fucking each other down in Africa.

Imprisoning such an alarming number of Blacks, both men and women, is part of a tactic to depopulate Black people in the US. Controlling the birth-rate of Blacks by imprisoning both Black men and women for such long periods during their most fruitful years is plain genocide. In Africa, reducing the number of Africans is done by allowing the spread of HIV-AIDS, a perverse and grotesque way of eliminating millions of Africa’s future.



Wikipedia buttfuckery

Best TOC ever.

On May 19th, Yuri's Wikipedia page became the target of massive faggotry and excessive edit warring. A check of the page's history logs almost 300 edits over 24 hours, along with 5 fucking page-protection requests on the talk page. A lollercoaster ensued when Wikipedos and IP Addresses began to debate censorship of the page:

Please delete the section "Views on Osama bin Laden and the War on Terrorism". These words were obviously a calculated, malicious attempt to disparage Kochiyama on a day meant to celebrate her, and are creating a dangerous backlash on social media. The extraordinary number of changes made to this page throughout the night and this morning are evidence of this. Yuri worked diligently all her life to build bridges and bring positive change. This section, which quotes Yuri in the later part of her life (after she began having mini strokes) is inflammatory and in this racially charged climate, inappropriate, dangerous, and not reflective of her body of work.



Sorry, Wikipedia is NOT censored. If Kochiyama were a fountain of positivity, while simultaneously admiring the likes of bin Laden and Castro, you shouldn't need to censor her words. Counter them with your examples of the positive change she made and your evidence that she didn't know what she was saying in 2003, some eleven years before her death.



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