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Right before the action begins

Yuri is lesbian (essentially female gay porn) hentai, but it is not always hentai, yuri can refer to anything lesbian related in anime. Like all other types of hentai, the genitalia is blurred out which of course makes no sense considering the other disgusting shit Japan put in their anime, but there you go. Yuri is most frequently enjoyed by basement-dwellers and 16-year-old girls who are actually straight but pretend to be bisexual in an attempt to be "unique".

But before you masturbate after getting warmed up by all this 16-year-old girl talk, be warned: Although it may be legal way to masturbate to cartoon lesbians, Japan loves to have tentacle monsters join the party and to give the girls dicks. The appearance of a penis in Yuri is likely if the owner has basketball-sized tits or is some sort of magical animal.

The Yuri Industry's greatest crime against humanity is programing the term Shoujo-ai into japanophiles' minds. Shoujo-ai is supposed to stand for a loving, tame relationship between two girls, however, every basement-dweller knows that it's actually lolicon in disguise. Shoujo-ai is also the main reason Japanese girls prefer snatch over dick, as the only males to ever appear in these comic books are girly. That, and all Asians have small penises. Among other lies Japan has created that apply to Yuri include:

  • Multiple tentacles can fit inside a virgin's anus
  • Females also obscenely shot spooge
  • Most women have breasts so large, you can hardly see anything
  • Wetting pants = Wants to fuck
  • Bulging vagina = Wants to fuck
  • Blushing = Wants to fuck
  • School girl = Wants to fuck
  • Virgin = Wants to fuck
  • Teacher = Wants to fuck
  • Nurse = Wants to fuck
  • French maid = Wants to fuck
  • Ghost = Wants to fuck
  • Says that she doesn't want to fuck = Wants to fuck


Lesbians and Cartoons, two types of women you will never get to fuck About missing Pics
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