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100px Yumix is an alliance of Best Korea
Take good caution.

About Yumix

Avert thine eyes, she's hideous.

The failure known as Yumix is a 23 year old South Korean drama llama queen from the squirming underbelly of deviantArt, who has absolutely nothing better to do with her time than continually try, and fail, to blank this article. She presumably only has one eye, as the other is always covered by her greasy hair, has abnormally hairy arms, and a penis. She, like many other Tartlets cannot draw for shit, however instead of working hard, studying art, and developing some well earned skill, she decided to become a totally awesome photographer, and shooper, which she obviously suck to bits. Here's why:

  • She only uses incredibly amateurish, camwhore pics of herself or stolen, better, pictures of women she wishes she looked like.
  • The only actual edits she makes (pictures containing her) are ones that make her look whiter, thinner, and less like a person suffering from down syndrome.
  • She uses a fuck-ton of the blur tool to intentionally blur some parts of the background, and fail at it, to fake depth of field. However her idiotic fans are mislead anyway thinking she owned a "Canon DSLR". Her sister even mentions that the photo could not have resulted so nicely with a point and shoot without photoshopping her pictures. Yumix claims it's only minor Photoshopping. Good job.
  • She has no actual photoshop knowledge or experience and thus does not use anything but the most simple commands in the program. She likes the blur tool a lot though; as much as a J-rocker. It's like she's the next burn and dodge master; Amuria sparkle sparkle shine desu @[email protected]
  • She clearly does not have an eye for what looks good and bad, nor the creative flair that would make anything she does suck less.
"There is nothing wrong with 'minor editing.'"
  • She contradicts herself by saying things like "Don't put us in that category of those people who DO heavily ps their entire face to the point they don't even look like the same person at all in real life" when she herself actually looks entirely different without her heavy makeup/eyeliner. This is beyond her eyes' attempts to make the illusion that her eyes are bigger even with huge ass circle lenses worn. That may not be the work of her good old Photoshop but she still looks totally unrecognizable without it regardless. Note that Makeup=Photoshop for Yumix. One is irl and the other is digital yet both results are pure deception. It's the same thing.
  • She further contradicts herself by stating that she hates some of those ulzzangs, which act and try to look like sex dolls in photos by making their eyes big and lips pouty, when she hypocritically does pretty much the same thing.

On February 26th, 2010 Yumix performed a google search on herself and found her article. She then, as all fucking retards with no concept of how a website works, blanked it. Unfortunately for Yumix, MysteryBot reverted it. Without hesitation and sheer knowledge applied, she blanked it again and as expected MysteryBot reverted it. You see, he's a bot, so you are going to get tired before he does. It's just a fact, however Miss Genius is still blanking this page at least once a day, in the hope that the software which automatically stops people from being able to remove content from articles without fail will let her get away with it, this time.

I know all Azns look the same but...

Boyfriend Issues

As with many IRL butterfaces, Yumix resorted to sending shooped pictures of herself to various dating websites in order to snag herself a boyfriend. Actually, her previous online boyfriend [her ex] dumped her after figuring out that she is actually deceiving everyone. Then she starts emoing about it in her DA journal instead of just telling it to him in note or email. He probably blocked her. Go figure. Speaking of which, next time you see a video of her check out the epic snaggletooth and ask yourself why she's single irl. Despite all of her massive and blatant flaws, she managed to trick another poor internet weirdo into becoming her online boyfriend. She claims that she still 'loves' that ex of hers yet she suddenly got another online boyfriend that fast. For Yumix, having a boyfriend is a necessity due to the fact that she makes them invest on super expensive gifts for her in exchange to none. This is the primary reason why everything is kept 'online'. Her boyfriends can expect like dumb fucks on the other side of the planet while Yumix abuse the opportunity of making them send a PS3. Like all dirty whores, Yumix also pretends to be bisexual in an attempt to enhance her desirability. So far it has not had the intended effect, but she's hanging in there.

Note From Editors: We have found the guy and are currently discussing obtaining unedited chatlogs between the two and some interesting pics. Watch this space!

Her "Art"

"I don't manipulate my face!"

Like all good lolcows, Yumix has been on a delete fucking everything spree where she left DeviantART forever only to return a week later and act like nothing had happened and wonder why no one bothered mourning her loss. One can only think it optimistic to assume that people are going to miss poorly crafted images that they can easily find wherever you stole them from.

Her eyes also have the mysterious talent of changing sizes on an image by image basis. This is easily demonstrated by looking at pictures of her. Not only does she try and make her eyes look less slanted, in order to fit in with the whitegirls she secretly wants to be, but she goes all out and tries to make herself look positively manga. Although, perhaps that's just her poor use of editing software trying to make herself look normal. Her eyes aren't the only thing that change though. Yumix is self conscious enough to realize that all of her is hideous, thus her arms, chin, eyes, hair, lips, and nose all change shape too. Either that or she is a reptilian in disguise, although we are actually fairly confident that she is just a shitty artist.

The question on everyone's lips really, is why on earth does she think that people will pay for her shitty theft art? She claims that she takes a long time finishing a piece (a month or so) so her value should be higher. But that's just her excuse to cover up how she sucks so bad at drawing. Who the hell takes a month on an art piece with the rest of the background blurred out using the blur tool. Her continually use of blur tool in her photos and art is the next dodge and burn Amuria sparkle shiny desu. She values a pencil sketch at eighty dollars. Allow us to put that into caps for you to convey the rage. EIGHTY FUCKING DOLLARS. She only charges fifteen for love you long time, and yet she expects people to pay almost four times that for something traced directly from her screen. Shockingly, she has not yet had any takers so she put three imaginary commissioners on her journal to save her ass.

Yumix is well known for resizing all of her pictures to 600x647. This is less than one sixth of the average person's screen size and is an obvious trick designed to compliment her edits. She is not the first person to have done this, and there is no other reason to shrink them down to such size. Basically, this means that on first impression her pictures do not look as horrific as they actually are, and secondly anyone trying to actually examine her poorly crafted shoops cannot do so thoroughly because she has ensured that the picture quality is too shoddy to do.

Fun Fact: Yumix is technically a Weeaboo, demonstrated by her failed attempts to look Animu, her obsession with all things Japanese, outright pretending to be Japanese, and the fact that she is merely a completely westernized gook.

And oh gawd, not the whole "trace over image" issue again that happened 2009 LOL.



—She is found out for tracing on a regular basis

Sharpening the lighting and adding a few filters to the overall image is not the same as painting over your nose/eyes/mouth/chin completely.


—Someone stroking her ego who has obviously never seen one of her pictures.

Shut the fuck up you stupid gook bitch


—Someone with a bit more sense.

That person who wrote that crap about you deserves to be mutilated & then burnt to death


— Lol, see Internet Tough Guy

The suddenly gimpy armed asian.
When she says she does a lot of variations in her cosplays, do believe for a change.

If you mention how she Photoshops her images she'll write a journal about you! Try it yourself here.


Hey guise, she is totally cool with this article and her fans are helping her through it!

File:Yumix Fakingit.jpg

My photos arent manipulated btw. I look about the same in real life, thanks


— Her denying Photoshoping her images and admitting to being A REPTILIAN OVERLORD.

She states that this video of her will prove she is not fake/photoshopped. But Makeup=Photoshop. Furthermore, she uses a bad quality webcam to prove her point and angles the cam at her "best" angle face and not even looking at her audience while further covering a part of her eyes. So.. that proves your point? Nice one Yumix.


The best ones are easy to find, just look for any comment among all the TARTlets that Yumix graced with her presence!

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A Yumix-Driven Perception

A sect dedicated in formulating ideas from meatspin was formed in the 20th Century and later managed to pass its core values and theories to their one-and-only remnant, Yumix, to develop.

The Yumix Camera's Built-In Liquify Tool Theory

states that a camera has a capability to distort body features (e.g. jaw, nose bridge, eyes, whole bone structure, etc.), excluding light and shadow, hence her fugly face. So to aid this camera’s Jew, she uses Photoshop to support the Yumix Theory on Humanity and Anatomy 1.A

The Yumix Theory on Humanity and Anatomy 1.A

states that every human being, even Buddha, looks Animu IRL for the creators of heaven and earth are Ramy and Snapesnogger.

The Yumix Theory on Humanity and Anatomy 1.B

states that humans evolved from reptiles.


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