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The YouTube pedo's are EVERYWHERE, pretending to be the good guys!

Dustin YTASK Gardener; professional pedophile

Ytask (YouTube All Star Kids) is a YouTube channel run by a pederast who calls himself DJ. His real name is Dustin Gardener. There has been a hushed debate for a long time about this channel since Dustin has only ever favorited the videos and harvested the contact details of little boys. The shit really hit the fan when it turned out Dustin made a video about how he had spent a long weekend in a hotel room with an 11 year old boy, joygasming over the fact that it had a 4-person Jacuzzi. Dustin was thereafter forbidden by the boy's parents to see him ever again. DJ is currently battling Irish282 for complete control of all the vulnerable young boys that Young Tubers United and Ytask have independently accumulated.

How The Truth Was Uncovered

Ytask, for when you are a supple young boy.

At least 100 years ago Dustin Gardener decided to run a scam on YouTube, a channel only for kids, promising fame and fortune to little boys and their stage moms. Apparently, none of the parents had ever heard of Jonbonét Ramsey. On his channel it says:

YTASK is PARENT-APPROVED. Its been brought to our attention that using the wording Parent-Run, meaning Parents were/are on the team, came across that ONLY parents were running everything so we have removed it. Currently there is one parent involved in operations (myself) and we are inviting more to step up. If you are a parent of any of the ytask talent, and would like to get involved with our team, send me a message on this or my allergic2u account. ~ Pattie (kidrauhl's mom)"

However, after people started digging, it turned out Pattie was the only parent involved. Various YouTubers started looking in to ytask and its supposed major sponsors but as it turned out DJ had none. Or two as he claimed, one being his own "video production company" (doing videos for weddings and baptisms) and a company that at the time was on its ass and offline.

Even more disturbing was the fact that DJ was only interested in harvesting the details off little boys. It was KatiesOpinion's baby sister who first noticed the fact that it was a so-called children's channel, yet it had no girls and that made her cry, little realizing how fortunate she was that Dustin only likes boys.

Deleted Exposé Videos and Channels

Stranger still was the fact that anyone who exposed DJ by making a video about him had their video (and sometimes their account) suspended for "copyright infringement." Apparently DJ Dustin Gardener is more important than R. Kelly and Beyoncé, whose videos stay on YouTube for eons. It appears that you can bash anyone except for Dustin Gardener.

Most of the videos didn't even bash him, they simply asked Dustin questions like:

  • Why would you need sponsors on a free channel?
  • Why does all the mail to the kids have to go through you? (as he requested, nay, demanded it did)
  • Why is there a need for something like Ytask on YouTube?

Shout Outs and Waiting and More Waiting

What was also a question to Dustin was while the channel was up since early February nothing happened. DJ had posted 4 shout outs by kids on the page, and that was it. Every time he was asked he kept saying "Oh it will be here soon and stay put! Great things are about to happen!"

All the Ytask kids made videos by themselves, videos of boys shirtless and shoutouts to say how cool Ytask was, and that if you were a boy under 11 you should definitely join, because well it's what all the cool kids do.

Needless to say "great things" never did happen, apart from Dustin ending up in a Jacuzzi in a hotel room with an 11 year old boy. Which is only great if you are Dustin Gardener.

UpDownMostly Exposes Dustin Using Irish282's and Jesse's Inside Knowledge of Ytask's Affairs

See how that works there, DJ?
Atomic.gif Warning!
OH NOES!!!1 UpDownMostly was not on the up-and-up and was actually a buttbuddy of both Ytask reject Irish282 and Jesse's pedo-bait pimping dad!!!! ESPIONAGE IS STILL RIFE IN ALL QUARTERS.)

It was user UpDownMostly who really started getting concerned YouTube parents involved in the whole Ytask debacle. UpDownMostly made an exposé video about Ytask using information that Jesse (an ex-Ytask member) and Irish282 (a pedophile secretly in contact with many Ytask members) gave him and asked DJ to make a response video. DJ never responded.

Soon all hell broke loose. Some people went as far as to report Dustin Gardener to the police. Other kids came forward telling people their stories about their experiences with DJ.

Videos DJ doesn't want you to see

A 5-part documentary about Dustin Gardener was removed from YouTube. It was made by user "YtaskExposed," A.K.A. Trevor Rieger, of course ED wouldn't be ED if you couldn't download it here:

There are also two more videos from Trevor Rieger and a video montage with a sound clip DJ made for the YTASK-kids available for download. UpDownMostly put the sound clip on YouTube, but Dustin Gardener got angry about that and he reported it as a Terms of Service violation. The videos were quickly removed (as always). They are available for download here:

Just click FREE on these Rapidshare links and wait for the download code, type it in, then download and unzip the file. (You don't have to pay or get an account on Rapidshare).

Dustin Gardener (DJ) Has a YouTube Staff Member Protecting the Ytask Channel

A channel called YoungTubersUnited, officially owned by a 12-year-old boy called Jesse, was suspended on 23 June 2007. YoungTubersUnited was unofficially directed by Irish282 and was supported by UpDownMostly, both of whom had been instrumental in the attacks on Ytask. This further raised suspicions that DJ had a contact working inside of YouTube's Head Office who was deleting all the exposé videos about Ytask and had begun to extract revenge on UpDownMostly, Irish282 and Jesse for their part in Ytask's disgrace.

  • Fact: Dustin Gardener can have any video pulled in a few hours or less, not even well connected YouTube celebrities can do that. All the videos were pulled on "Copyright Infringement" even though the videos complied with YouTube's Terms of Use (aka TOS). (For example the YtaskExposedVideos by Trevor Rieger, and the simple text videos with questions for DJ made by YtaskIsAScam were all deleted).
  • Fact: DJ had commentaries on his channel by YouTube staff by Damien Estreich and other YouTube HQ people. After the shit hit the fan the quotes were suddenly pulled.
  • Fact: How does Dustin Gardener fit a whole video studio inside his trailer? Trevor Hitlers video showed him in front of his parents trailer, while the other short piece of video of Dustin shows him in a big video studio. After that video DJ never appears on video. Maybe DJ doesn't even have a camera, or doesn't want to show himself in his parents trailer. Thus proving the video made inside the big video studio was done as a favor by a mysterious friend.
  • Fact: DJ showed interest in the YoungTubersUnited channel run by Jesse. Jesse refused to "work" with DJ. Two videos of Jesse's were even featured on the YouTube frontpage. Then they banned him. It's obvious Youngtubersunited was competition for YTASK, both of which wanted exclusive access to unsupervised and vulnerable young boys on YouTube.
  • Fact: Many people are mailing and complaining about YTASK, it takes one email from Dustin to get videos and accounts pulled, yet YTASK is still up and running.
  • Fact: How does a poor guy like Dustin Gardener, who scams little kids out of their milkmoney own so many domains and register them so quickly? (and why was the contact information changed to some unknown "Angus" guy after Dustin's name first appeared in a video?

UpDownMostly's Response to Dustin's Payback

As a response UpDownMostly posted a video about the intense Butthurt he felt regarding the YoungTubersUnited channel getting suspended:

The fact that the attempt by UpDownMostly and Irish282 to shut down the YTASK pedo club got their own YoungTubersUnited pedo club shut down instead is a source of much lulz.

(UpDownMostly's antics to get the YoungTubersUnited channel reinstated are rapidly turning him into a huge lolcow and will be documented in the Young Tubers United article.)


For children on YouTube, there are a lot of secret pedophiles (concerned-adult pretenders) that claim they want to "help out". Make no mistake, these people are made from the purest forms of AIDS and phail. Even some reasonably smart people fall for these pretenders. While they want nothing more than to rape a boy in the ass hard, they will instead discuss their other interests like fursecution and anime. They will keep their pedophilia hidden and share the information they collect about you with their real NAMBLA friends.

If you believe you are talking to one of these people you can casually ask the following questions, while maintaining a diplomatic and unconcerned demeanor;

  • Have you ever fucked a child up the rectum btw rly?
  • Have you ever french kissed an 11-year-old?
  • Do you have AIDS?
  • Are you more of a breast or ass man, or do you hate breasts?
  • Are you masturbating to some luscious CP as I ask you these questions?
  • Have you ever asked a young supple Thai lad to strip in front of the webcam?
  • Are you in any sex offender databases? (Pretend it has happened to you by mistake several times)

A prime example these pretenders in action is displayed by the YTU club. If they ask you to join them, tell them kindly and subtly to eat shit and die.

Wait, WTF !?

Djtask vidpro pedo.jpg

The Big Pedoscare

In the what can be called aftermath of the YTASK scandal(since YouTube doesn't give a flying fuck and isn't going to ban his accounts) there is a real pedoscare on YouTube, causing all the poseurs to entitle themselves "pedohunters" and try to catch their own little Dustin Gardener. Obviously these people fail miserably, generating a mass amount of lulz and AIDS-Epedemia. Just browse around on YouTube and you will see most rednecks posting video's such as this one about accused pedophiles who have favorited 2 or 3 kids:

Yes, we must stay together.

In this case it was a true pedophile from the sex offender database in Maine. (Rainbowwarriors1) Linkticla here.

Some of the facts in a row

  • DJ showed interest in Young Tubers United, but they didn't want him.
  • Dustin Gardener lives in a trailer, as shown by Trevor Rieger. (It was rly shown in that video)
  • DJ wanted ALL the kids mail to go through himself, this so that he controlled all communication. For example if a sponsor would ask: "So what do these kids want?" He'd tell them "well they want to come on over and meet you" then he'd tell the kids and / or their parents the sponsors wanted to meet them. Thus getting a free trip with supple young boys in a hotel with a 4-person Jacuzzi to molest them in.
  • Talent according to Dustin Gardener means a young boy taking his shirt off in front of the camera.
  • DJ demanded at least 3 hours a week Skype voice chats from all the young boys. (no rly, no kidding)
  • Dustin Gardener calls himself a video professional. lulz wedding and baptism videos for his church.
  • One boy made a video on MySpace for Dustin Gardener called "How to be sexy" in which the young 10 year old boy (Mick Z) stripped in front of the camera, per DJ's request. DJ edited this video with flashy texts and OMG's.
  • The subscribers list from YTASK was HIDDEN.
  • YouTube's MysteryGuitarMan is BFF with Dustin Gardener.
  • DJ's favorites and subscriptions on every one of his channels has at least over 9000 boys with their shirts off in it.
  • Dustin Gardener calls his little boy harvesting operation his "talent team."
  • DJ kept kids who already left YTASK on his ytask picture section, just so people would not wonder why they left. Eventually half the "talent team" of boys left due to fear of DJ.
  • Dustin Gardener once accused a little boy of cheating himself in the top viewed list with a refresh script, even though the boy didn't do it.
  • DJ called people who asked questions "haters" and told the boys how to "handle the haters" on his web page.
  • The official page was closed to the public, only the kids could view the FAQ, forum and other pages and talk to DJ.
  • Dustin Gardener only wanted boys under 15 to join YTASK, preferably under 11, this was even in the YTASK FAQ.
  • DJ removed the parents form, to ask questions, from his page at one point. When one parent asked what was up with that he couldn't explain this, and made up excuses. (as he always did)
  • Lurlene Whiteman's video about Dustin Gardener and Patty became a thorn in DJ's side. He even mentioned this video and called it a "hater-video", even though all it did was ask DJ questions after he wouldn't answer them in email to anyone.
  • DJ asked parents to tell him their concerns, however whenever someone did they where called haters and they were being "negative". For example: Hey DJ, do you like to fuck little boys up the butt? Confirm/deny O RLY? DJ: You are being negative. You're a bully.
  • When a little girls dad asked DJ on behalf of his daughter if she can contact a boy in YTASK because she thought that boy in question was cute, DJ's reply was: "Your daughter it too young for YouTube." LULZ!!!! DJ HATES GIRLS, and doesn't want the "competition"!
  • There are rumors that DJ has a pedo-buddy inside the YouTube headquarters, since he got videos simply asking questions about YTASK removed in mere hours. (Normally, IF a video gets removed via a complaint it takes months) Also, the YTASK page had positive quotes by Damien Estreich and other YouTube higher-ups on it, hailing it as the next big thing. DJ had over 14 "negative" videos removed, sometimes along with the peoples channels.
  • DJ had over a 160 shoutouts from kids, shoutouts he demanded from mostly young boys. This is one of the reasons people started asking "but what is so great about YTASK? Nothing is happening, except for these shoutouts?
  • Girls only joined after katiesopinion's baby sister complained about there being no girls in YTASK.
  • The YtaskExposed videos (available here) where removed, even though LEGALLY they weren't at all in violation with the TOS or copyright claims. YtaskExposed even took this to a higher level and is fighting the case to have the videos put back up.
  • After DJ's real name Dustin Gardener and location (Saskatoon, Canada) was found out by Lurlene Whiteman and mentioned in her video, DJ immediately changed the name provided on all of his URL whois searches to a friends name.
  • DJ has had various accounts on YouTube: Ytask, Vidpro, Thecdude and Yt4dummies. Every account is subscribed to young boys. Even if they just have one video of themselves. Preferably with their shirt off or doing a striptease (omg sick rly). His main account has always been vidpro. He is also on Livevideo and Stickam. On Stickam his YTASK account claims he's a 16 year old boy. DJ is 24 years old.
  • DJ sells printed photographs for "less than a buck" (his quote) on his PayPal under his nick DJ'Z.
  • One disgruntled boy made a video about how he had found out that DJ had boasted to his friends on his blog that he had "scammed 6 kids this week" for money, needless to say the boy and his parents were pissed off.
  • Dustin Gardener has been involved IRL with a little 11-year-old boy from YouTube in a Big Brother program. The boy had some videos posted of himself, but these are gone now along with his account. DJ had made a video about the boy regarding a Christmas present. He went with the boy to West Edmonton Mall and showered the boy with gifts (basically grooming him). Dustin Gardener bought the boy a DVD which they watched together.
  • Quote from DJ's video, which was also on YouTube: "get ready for the vacation of your dreams, we will be spending 3 days and two nights... don't worry about the weather. We'll be spending lot's of time in the worlds largest indoor wave pool... where you can spend the day in the sun on a beach... or swim under the stars at night... watching people risk their lives in the only indoor bungy jump in the world... directly over the pool. What are we doing at night? Well, we don't need to go anywhere... there are two motels inside the mall... including the Fantasyland hotel with 354 rooms. We'll only be needing one of those, though. We'll be staying in the Polynesian Theme room... a Hawaiian-style motel room with bamboo furniture, murals on the walls,... and oh yeah... a 4-person Jacuzzi hot tub."
You need to be around 30 to get the 80s-single the title is referencing to.

Here is a mirrored version of The Christmas Present video DJ made:

  • Right after this, DJ wasn't allowed to see the 11-year old boy anymore by the kid's parents, because of "things" the boy told them.
  • Different kids that were in YTASK told people they got out of ytask because Dustin Gardener tried to manipulate them, and they reported the incidents.

How to contact DJ's only YTASK sponsor

The video regarding this is no longer available, DJ had it removed because he doesn't want you to know the "sponsors" address is Angus Ouchterlony 113 Sturgeon Drive Saskatoon, SK S7H 0A1 Fax 306-000-0000 Phone 306-221-0225.


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Famous last quotes

Quotes by DJ directed to the kids of YTASK:

I'm... I'm just a video professional, I've never done this kind of stuff before and I don't really know what I'm doing.


— Dustin Gardener.

We are not hiding anything, I've always been complete up front and honest with everybody. I haven't told everybody everything or told youtube everything.


—Dustin Gardener.

Do you want a whole bunch of parents involved and... and try to please everybody?


— Dustin Gardener.

I'm not gonna be responsible for that kind of stuff.


— Dustin Gardener.

Be careful what you say... you don't want to be attacked yourself.


— Dustin Gardener.

Related Videos

Re: YTASK - a Sham or just a Shame
Lulzy "Call the FBI" response, lulzy because the guy is such a weird fatty.

Butthurt response from an UpDownMostly Fanboy:

YouTube Favicon.png Re: I AM F*#$ING PISSED might be my last video - by UsingTheInterweb - 21 June 2007


Dustin Gardener accused YouTube user neighborhoodpromo (IRL name Nate - not to be confused with Nate Nurnberg, who shares much in common with Dustin) of using an auto-refresher to increase the amount of views for his videos. Obviously angry, Nate decided to expose Dustin in a video he made, titled YTASK ACCUSED ME! Provided within the video is a screencap of the message sent to him, which read:


Hey Nate. I noticed you're using an auto-refresher for views ;)

Just wanted to let you know that there are a whole lot of ways of increasing your views without using a refresher. :) When real people see your vids, that's when you get the real feedback on your work.

For starters, if you think YTASK is an interesting idea and want to make a quick shoutout for us we'll put it up on the channel and you can post it as a response to the promo.

Let me know what ya think.

- DJ YTASK Production Team

vidpro / thecdude / yt4dummies / ytask


— Dustin Gardener

PWNED~!!!11 Dustin felt the PAIN, so much, in fact, he recorded an apology and sent it to the little bastard. In a bold move, Nate created yet ANOTHER video using his previous footage & added Dustin's vocal SRY to the mix.

Nate went on to produce a few more videos about YTASK, but hasn't created any since. Rumor has it he moved on to bigger and better things, acting as an civil right activist for black person, sporting a fake 'fro. Nate has yet to be seen in the mean streets of Compton, reportedly his new home.

YouTube Makes DJ a Partner

In an incredibly poor lapse of judgement, YouTube has determined that people have forgotten about Dustin's boybutt chasing ways, and have accepted his application for partnership on his vidpro channel. Way to go, dildos.

Watch this and you will puke

I'm a videographer, photographer, editor, and internet marketing expert.


—Dustin Gardener

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber, before being famous has actually joined Ytask. You can read more about that here.

Justin Bieber is kidrauhl on YouTube. I remember this kid from the whole YTASK (YouTube All Star Kids) fiasco back in 2006-2007. He was that kid whose mother Pattie was so desperate to have her son's talent acknowledged that she willingly covered for the lies of a pedophile. Justin was one of the many young boys who was promised fame and fortune by a self-proclaimed video professional and talent scout named Dustin "DJ" Gardener, founder of YTASK. Of course DJ left out the part about him being a pederast. YTASK was going to be the greatest kids' collaboration on YouTube and pedophiles were subscribing in droves to the ytask channel and to the channels of the boys involved, kidrauhl being one of them.


A screen capture taken from Boychat:

This could very well be Dynacatlovesme who has also had an obsession with Galipoka.

Patty, who was posted here a long time ago, is actually Justin Biebers mom and she has made videos supporting Ytask in the beginning:

Old screenshot of a Patty Bieber support video.

Rehosted because Jewtube is gay, hence how Justin Bieber started his career there.

Dustin Gardener's boy love channels

Dustin has several channels on YouTube, all literally littered with supple young boys, his channels are:

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