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A list of people on YouTube who haven't done enough to warrant their own page on ED, yet claim the contrary by others. They are noteworthy, yet wikification of these users could prove pointless. The funny thing is technically all YouTube users are "nobodies".


Atomic.gif Warning!
If you dare disagree with or insult BigAl2k6, the BigAl Nazis will hunt you down and kill you!

<video type="viddler" id="17c473b0" width="437" height="370" position="center"/>

Behold, the bitch tits of doom!!
Some troll down rated at least 100 comments.
How BigAl properly greets people in real life.

BigAl2k6, AKA Alan D. Reddig, is a fat vlogger nerd and general self-esteam booster for anyone around him. Proclaiming himself to be the "rant master", he often uploads boring rants concerning topics people stopped caring about Last Thursday like PETA, FF7, Tourneyfags, and other bullshit. Other videos of him are his awkward dancing, AMVs, shitty video game reviews, cooking tutorials, tl;dr livestreams, and videos of him kissing animu girls. All of these videos have a poorly made intro of him being a jackass with added special effects to the song "Pizza Power". He's's also an egotistical, hypocritical, elitist weeaboo fascist with "friends" and an anime-obsessed fanbase of losers, morons, and brown-nosers. If you ever criticize him or prove his fat ass wrong, he will get all butthurt and ridicule you, block you like the butthurt loser he is, and send his cock-sucking fanboys at you for not only being smarter than him, but making him cry to his mother because you hurt his big, fat ego.

Particularly funny, though in an unintentional way, is his catchphrase "welcome to the Internet, bitch!" The reason this is funny is because BigAl is the embodiment of all the negative stereotypes associated with Internet users in that he's fat, a weeaboo, and lives with his mom.

Big Al made a big name for himself in the early days of Jewtube, but like many users, inevitably got permab&. His fame quickly faded away by 2008 with only a small fanbase of rabid cocksuckers remaining to boost his ego. In recent years, he has made a return to JewTube and makes videos once in a blue moon. These are not nearly of the same interest or quality of his original videos and rarely get more than a few thousand hits.

The battle against Smugfag

BigAl2k6 was once friends with Goronchev, who is known to many an anon as Smugfag for obvious reasons explained in his article. When Al asked him to be on the bottom one night, Smugfag got pissed off and instantly turned on him.

In an act of win, Goronchev made a 46 minute long documentary accusing BigAl2k6 of being a stalker, a pedofork, and Satan himself. However, while some were expecting some awesome ownage as the title suggested, we were instead treated to Smugfag over-analyzing every post on Youtube by BigAl for at least 100 minutes, all the while trying to pull out facts from the usual place he gets his "facts" from.

Goronchev's attempts to own BigAl

All videos were DMCA'd?!

BigAl responded to his first feature length movie with a butthurt 2-part video. Not wanting to take things lying down, Goronchev instantly jumped to defend his own e-honor by making another boring documentary. This one was swiftly ignored and Smugfag went back to playing with little boys and flexing his e-muscles at Anonymous.

BigAl tries to eat Spax3

On September 17, 2008, after GuardianEarth128 (one of BigAl's Friends) had been attacked by the infamous hoody-wearing, Cream the Rabbit-loving social retard known as Spax3, Big Al engaged him for great justice. Since this thing had been going on for a while, it was only then when Big Al decided to stop eating his cake in order to give Spax a verbal smackdown not only on DeviantART, but on Youtube as well. Spax cried and moved all his shitty reviews to his own website as a result.

Big Al gets the banhammer

On February 4, 2009, due to Youtube's fairly recent attitude towards copyright-infringing material, BigAl2k6 was suspended because he failed to credit anyone for the footage used in his Jesus Camp rant. As a result, his fans immediatly got emotional over this and pointed fingers at Spax, who had been the subject of Big Al's last video on that account. Sadly for 99% of the internet, Al returned under the account "BigAlTheRantMaster". He promised several things from this new account, including (in his own words):

Poor Al...His reaction says it all
Smugfag's Reaction

Big Al quits the Youtubes

The self-proclaimed master of rants got tired of Youtube raping him so he decided to leave for an undisclosed amount of time. He left his account with three other faggots no one cares about.

  • Video removed ?!!!!1

Big Al gets the banhammer again

On August 2, 2009, BigAlTheRantMaster got suspended again! A butthurt faggot by the name of masterBORRACCHO flagged one of his videos with one of his 40 ghost accounts. This is clearly serious business. masterBORRACCHO promptly closed his account and ran in fear when BigAl's army of fans found out.

Big Al Gets Butthurt

On December 11, 2009, BigAl2k6 made a three-part video about how his haters are attacking him and his suck-ups by calling them bullies, nerds, weeaboos, and Nazis and saying that "the door swings both ways." Yes, Al, the door swings both ways because, much like how you and your loser friends accuse your haters of taking the Internet too seriously, you and your loser friends take the Internet too seriously. Everyone is equal on the Internet, and there are no exceptions!

Big Al gets the banhammer for the third time

On March 3, 2010, BigAlForever2k6 got suspended again!

Big Al gets DMCA'd and the banhammer for the fourth and possibly final time

On March 17, 2010, BigAl2k6, now known as BigAl2k10, got suspended again. He had finally had it and ran away crying like a little kid to BlipTV. The guy who took on the likes of The Irate Gamer and Spax3 was finally beaten. Many fantards cried, while everyone else rejoiced.

Big Al is Back

Yes, he made yet another account, YouTube Favicon.png BigAlUpdates. He has set a new record for being able to go 7 years without getting terminated. Mainly because nobody gave a fuck about him since like a decade ago. Although having over 4,000 subs and coming close to his original account during its peak in 2008, his account garners little comments and community compared to what he had a decade ago, and those that remain have literally nothing to do with their pitiful existences.

His Fanbase

Like any good fascist, BigAl2k6 has legions of fantards known as BigAl Nazis, who will become trolls and flame anyone who criticizes or makes fun of their god and become white knights to defend BigAl's butthurt. Why do you think there are hardly any people hating on BigAl2k6? A majority of Big Al's haters were never seen again because of the ass-kissers of a nerd who has an ego that is as big as his fat ass who needs to do the world a favor and become an hero PERMANTENTLY!!!

Big Al's YouTube Accounts


My pride and Joy.

Bungeygirl is an ex Tom Serson groupie/cyber rapist. She is known for sucking on YTwatchdog’s furry balls. Bungeygirl has had a youtube account for almost a year now, and for that year what has she done on youtube? Stalked Ytwatchdog’s channel/comments spamming and made love videos to Ytwatchdog. When she’s not obsessing over him she can be found on stickam. Where she is well loved by... well really no one. Except maybe papouliot her elover. He also can be found on stickam and youtube. Bungeygirl is ALWAYS talking about her great husband and her 5 year old. But when on the internets she is the lover of papouliot and will cyber fuck anything that will stand still.

Bungeygirl fails Tom Serson

For awhile you could find Tom Serson and Bungeygirl in TrashiestZero's stickam room. But after a falling out, Bungeygirl started going live and Serson tagged along. Serson and Bungey came up with the master plan of getting Trashiest to cyber Bungeygirl. And later dropping it on youtube to embarrass Trashiest. The only problem was Trashiest didn’t want to touch Bungeygirl with a ten foot pole. So Bungeygirl, not wanting to disappoint Serson (her new elover), made a fake chat log and gave it to him. Later down the line it came about that Bungeygirl was trying to play for both teams. And when asked in a stickam room by a beloved ED member if she was Serson’s friend she answered no. Her bad luck was that Serson came into the room 5 minutes later. The ED member asked again and Bungeygirl had no choice but to tell the truth. Sending Serson on a 3 hour binge of coke, pot, and crying. Tom Serson finally got himself together and dropped the fake cyber log on youtube. Bungeygirl looked like the whore she really is. FINALLY. But upon finding the REAL chat log, it seems that TrashiestZero was cyber raped.

The chatlogs

Bungeygirl doesn’t like jokes

This is what happens when your husband runs a Meth Lab.
I want you so badly TrashiestZero

YTwatchdog had come up with a plan to get Tom Serson to make a very lulzy video. He ran it past Mike Skehan who he needed help from. The plan was to tell Bungeygirl that TimmysMommy01 was 6 weeks pregnant with Mike’s baby. So TimmysMommy01 did this with the belief that Bungeygirl would tell Serson and the lulz would begin. The Only problem was Bungeygirl didn’t tell Serson. After a while Bungeygirl finally figured out that TimmysMommy01 wasn’t pregnant and it was a joke. Bungeygirl doesn’t have a sense of humor, and felt she was used and whined and bitched to anyone that would listen. Another problem no one listened or cared.

WHO DROPPED MY DOX RLY?!?!?!?!?!?!1122345

Bungeygirl has now been fighting with Trashiest for 2 months about who dropped her dox. The stupid bitch doesn’t know who did it. When she’s not blaming YTwatchdog she’s stalking anyone who use to talk to Timmysmommy01. E-mailing and messaging TimmysMommy01’s efriends bitching about being her friend and that she dropped her dox to TrashiestZero. Even though no one’s really spoken to TimmysMommy since she showed tits on stickam. After Bungeygirl finds the person who dropped her dox and she can have peace of mind. She will be flying to the U.S. to meet her real true love. NO NOT HER HUSBAND. But none other then paputiot. VIDEO REMOVED LOL Stalk much?


19th November 2007 I am asking you politely, please take down the photographs of me on ED. I have contacted ED and they tell me that yourself and YTwatchdog are solely responsible for the posting of the article and photographs, they disclaim any responsibilty. How would you like that article written about you? I mean how do you sleep at night? I have NOTHING to do with you nor do I want anything to do with you. I wanted to know WHY you were giving my details that I trusted you with out to people.

If the photos are not removed, I fully intend to have them legally removed, which will involve recouping the money I spend on legal fees and damages for every additional day the photographs stay up after I have personally asked you to remove them. I will not merely be filing a DMCA. My husband and I have advised ED of this.I am not someone who does not stand by their word. My husband and I both have good jobs and he is in a senior executive position which gives him access to a lawyer in the US. I do not want to take it that far but I will do whatever is necessary to have the photos removed. - BungeyGirl

19th November 2007 I know your young and I dont think you fully understand that if shown your article a lawyer can easily obtain permission from your ISP and be granted your full name and address from your posting and IP number on the ED website. They HAVE to hand over that information for legal proceedings. - BungeyGirl

No they dont, the lawyer gets an injunction and the court will advise ED that they have to disclose your ISP who then is obligated to disclose your details. Its a court order and ED disclaims any responsibilty. I suggest you read their disclaimer. Im not going to argue with you about this, and from your response I can see that this is way over your head and you still think its a big joke. The photos are coming down whether you choose to do the right thing and take them down. Or I take you to court, its your choice, Im fed up with dealing with you. A lawyer can do it.

My photos might be on the net, thats not the point, its the article that you wrote and placed them next to. Its slander and harassment and also qualifies as stalking according to the lawyer which makes you liable for damages and will certainly see you with a criminal record. My husband has been on the phone with a lawyer this we know what we can and can not do. The lawyer looked at the article on ED while my husband was on the phone to him. You think I want to take a young girl like you to court? I dont...I liked you and I think your a good person. Why do you think I told you the things I did. If you did not give out my details, Im sorry, but I was led to believe by many people including TZ that you did. I had no contact for you and I was panicing about where my details would end up. I SHOULD have spoken to you before I wrote emails to Nalts Renetto and Dramatube YES...but I HAD NO CONTACT FOR YOU and I was panicking about a person like Trashiestzero having my last name.. Im sure you would too! Anyway, Ive put far too much effort into this for one day. I have been advised to, and Im asking you as someone who was your friend to remove the article, thats all I can do. Its up to what sort of person you perceive yourself to be as to whether you do the right thing or not. You know Im upset about it so I cant say any more. Im not going to message you again. I wish Id never run into a person like TZ (I cant even say his name he disgusts me that much) - Take care BungeyGirl

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Cloud IRL.

Cloud is an aspie attention whore that makes shitty Let's Play Jewtube videos with unfunny commentary that only a gaiafag would roar with laughter at. Now if he was like any of the other Let's Players out there, he wouldn't have this segment. However, since Cloud is such a dramawhore, we think this is justified. The fat fuck has recently found a dirty cunt who was desperate enough to marry him, the apocalypse is truly upon us.

Cloud's personal issues

Unlike any other Let's Player out there, Cloud likes to bitch and moan about his real life issues and rant at and/or about his subscribers. Before his account closed (which we'll get to in abit), it would be on at least a weekly basis whenever you would see a video with nothing but red text on a black background, and him either acting butthurt about the latest " hater ", or just telling his subscribers to GTFO because he doesn't like having a fanbase. Some have claimed that his whining videos were actually part of some kind of ARG, mainly because that's the sound everyone made each time he uploaded a new one.

He can really lose it at times too. One such occation happened about a year ago, when some kid made a video after getting afew hate comments, saying how his life was pretty rough, and that his grandad had just died. Cloud, being the caring person he is, flew off the wall about this, and made a video of him ranting about how his life was so much worse because he got beat up in school on a regular basis and he "had more reletives die on him than you did". He took down the video hours later, and sadly it wasn't mirrored.

Even though the writer of this section was butthurt and grammar-less, he continued to try and make himself feel better since he was taunted on Jewtube. Then later that night he pulled out his fan-made deathnote and wrote down the names of David and Cloud before he fapped to more pictures of his mom.

His account closure

Now Cloud was often known for making videos stating he was going to leave, only to return a day later because he realized he has no life outside of the internet since he's 20 and lives in his parents' basement.

However, on October 5th, 2008, he finally had it. His hugbox was well and truely broken, so he decided to take his fustration out on his subscribers before DELETING FUCKING EVERYTHING. Happily, the video of him calling all of his subscribers morons and saying they have less of a brain than his girlfriend is mirrored at least 100 times, so you can look for yourself.

The fail returns

Apparently the hugbox wasn't as badly damaged as previously thought and Cloud proves how much of a failure he is by making a new account where he and a group of his friends play through shit games and prove how epically retarded they are. There are at least 9001 clips of Cloud playing World of Warcraft with his buddies and girlfriend. These might have been funny at the time, but to watch them is as painful as nailing oneself to a cross, twice. All new videos fail even harder than his original ones, something previously thought impossible as the amount of fail present would have the same results as dividing by zero. Check out the link below and troll the hell out of this account for great justice!

Owned and won't admit it

Recently, a youtube nobody by the name of Lancun finally had enough of Cloud8745 being a faggot, and totally annihilated him. To sum the video up:

  • Cloud acts like an ass and pretends it's a character
  • His fanboys suck
  • He gets involved in whatever drama he feels like and drags it to youtube
  • He doesn't use his NBG account, that is used for hosting lets plays and walkthroughs by other people as well as himself, and it has just become Cloud8745-2.
  • Most likely suffers from bipolar disorder.

Cloud, like he does with all videos that call him out, decided to post in the comments:

XD LOL keep spreading lies baby XDDDDDD and sorry lan you got NOTHING on me XD you started all of this cause you got butthurt XD and i did try and speak with you and still have XD come on baby answer me on skype. also come on you know something that made you siiiiick! haha you got nothing come on make a video saying it XD


—Cloud being butthurt that not everyone sucks his shit up

What a mature gentlemen he is. He also made two fail videos trying to make fun of Lancun, but they will probably be removed due to Cloud's bipolar disorder kicking in.

His account closure

In a crazy 40-minute-extravaganza rant video, Cloud quits youTube again. Some highlights are reading his "People to Kill" list (Every Single Person that's hurt his feelings EVAR, even some 13-year-old girl), whining at TheArchFiend for being funnier and earning money, crying that youTube won't make him Partner because he's a hack, namecalling his ex-girlfriend and fans, denouncing anyone stupid enough to try and be his friend, explaining why his boss bought him a free 2K computer, trying to justify his obesity by pointing out that everyone else is fat, explaining his crazy ideas about commerce, and still tries to promote his own shit the whole time. In typical cloud fashion, he does the vid in 1-take and refuses to trim out dead silence or nonsensical ranting.

We look forward to Cloud's eventual return to youTube next week and many years of lolcowiness drama to come. Godspeed!

Wish for the Banhammer

In a misguided attempt to prove the unquestioning loyalty and power of his subscribers, Cloud begged his fanbase to ban him from youTube. (A smarter person might just stop using the site instead of going to the trouble, but we're talking about Cloud here amirite?)

To his dismay, neither fan was paying attention and the plan fell on its ass. In a last-ditch attempt to get his way, Cloud posted illegal and profane material (kid's Anime), reporting it himself for self-pwn and banhammer, ending his boring reign of terror once and for all.

To celebrate getting rid of this moron, the entire internet community held a shindig and danced on Cloud's fresh eGrave. Full of shame and stupidity, the Cloud monster ate his cat and self-banished himself to some second-rate video site that no one uses or even heard of.

I'd like to think we here at ED were part of the solution and helped to make this outcome possible. Yet another glorious victory for Anon. ! We should pat ourselves on the back for a job well done. Cloud8742, you're no longer a youtube nobody ; now you're just a nobody.

Another return

Cloud, being the douchebag he is, just made another new account, apparantly to avoid haters. He now returned under the name MrAaronRants. Of course, his whole loyal fanbase moved with him. Mr "Plz ban me I post anime" is sure a sad man.

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Nazis are people too
His subscriber base

Although claiming to be an enemy of ED and LisaNova, Channelreviews has only come to the attention of anyone on three occasions. The first time was during the Miaarose controversy, the second being the time he tried to set The YouTube Yahweh Clan against YouTube Attention whore Trevor Rieger. Finally, finishing off his brief time on YouTube by vlogging about grudge fucking LisaNova. Apparently, he fucked her hard by trying to get the government involved [2].

Currently, CR is running a commercial campaign for some website called ENCYCLOPEDIA DRAMATICA on behalf of "the great Tom Serson" ? You can help by pretending to care; or you can just go directly to unfunnypedia and drop CR' entire docs there.


Link because he's a total pussy and is trying to hide his failures in life

His fans


  • He tends to steal other users ideas while cackling.
  • He was placed on the YouTube Sign up invite page on 12 June 2007 giving him approximately 2000 new subscribers who will never watch his videos.
  • Fan of Social engineering
  • Thought to be a Canadian Mexican
  • Possibly uses the handle Freud Nyerson [3], then probably not ?!


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fur fan
An appropriate Google ad for a communitychannel video.
She said she didn't want anyone to see her naked, too late.
Whoring for her fans
How she got her youtube_partnership.

Community Channel, is a YouTube page run by an azn attention whore, who operates under the porn-name alias Natarrie. It is thought Natarrie picked this name for her Pootube page in order to become top bitch of the most discussed section. While currently that title is held by Daxflame, most people watch Natarrie to enjoy pointless online drama and see a "nobody" in action. Even though users consider most of Natarrie's videos moar humorous than Daxflame, Natarrie really isn't exactly bringing the so-called community together. In fact, most argue she tore it apart because she could care less about the actual community (which doesn't exist anyway). Nevertheless, she is great at bringing together various online stalkers.

Natarrie is now a YouTube partner and has posted over 140 videos.[4] She has over a quarter million subscribers and over 11,600,000 channel views.[5] Her videos are mostly humourous unfunny skits, which are mistakenly believed to star herself as all the characters. In fact, her skits are cast by a boatload of illegal Vietnamese sex workers, however nobody can tell the difference given that ’all asian rook arike’. These skits are based on her mediocre life and the everyday, mundane situations she has been in and most commonly resemble the humorous techniques of parody and satire, although should never be confused with either. Most of the so-called humour in her videos derives from the surprise people receive from seeing an azn female talk about normal stuff in the same way regular human beings do.

She used to mostly upload vlogs and "housekeeping" videos but doesn't as much anymore. She sometimes shows cleavage in her videos but gets angry when people call her out on it. She is very sensitive and gets upset when people troll her. She is currently a university student in Sydney.

Natarrie is a nerd who went to the Supanova convention in Sydney in 2009 dressed as a Battlestar Galactica character. Her diminutive height was apparent in the YouTube video she posted about the convention.[6]

Common comments left on natarrie’s youtube videos are: “you are so funny because you pointed out something that the rest of us noticed years ago, except you have boobs”. And “I am hoping to win your approval Natalie by lol-ing your videos and lauding your keen insight! Please acknowledge me, I have jacked off to your videos so many times by now, you owe me at least that much”.

"Just to answer some FAQs"

  • No, Natalie is not originally from Australia. She was born in Tasmania
  • Her parents are Vietnamese POWs who were brought back from the war as souvenirs by Kevin Rudd
  • The auto-play on her front page is because she's a partner (basically she drops dox on the YouTube Partner Program)
  • Natalie is 5 foot 1
  • Damien Easter Egg has man-crush on Natalie
  • appeared with blunty3000 on OZ panel
  • actively participates in lesbianism with thehill88
  • forges dubious refreshers / subs (was on sign up, but there are plenty of dead accounts and alot of questions to be answered)

Mental illness

Natalie used to be a regular at the psych ward.[7] She suffers from several types of insanity, including OCD and "stress".[8][9] She obsessively washes her hands and lives in fear of germs.

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With that underbite, Sammi also doubles as a bottle opener

YouTube Favicon.png StylidiumLane is a fat cunt, and is an embarrassment to the United States of Australia. She is a notable camwhore, and has a long list of video file sharing users she has gone down under IRL. CRIKEY! OH NOES drama!

While in most countries, Sammi would be classified as a cougar, her pronounced underbite makes her look more like a bulldog. She is often found trying to wrap her menopausal dried up pussy lips around some unsuspecting prey, and can more accurately be described as a "dugong". In Aussiespeak a "dugong" is native version of dramalama. She often uses her enormous sweaty girth to trap men in hotel rooms and force them into sex acts [sauce plz!?!1!]. Later her victims are documented to be found erasing their memories via killing brain cells through excessive abuse of drugs, alcohol and the world wide internet hate machines.

Samantha is a member of many anti-american groups, and enjoys lurking on ning. She is also notable for sleeping with several different YouTube vloggers, and camwhoring herself at the drop of a cock pic.

It should also be noted that Samantha likes to think of her self as some type of force to be reckoned with, often trying to threaten people with claims she will come and kick their ass IRL, forgetting that she is a fat pig and nothing she says matters to anyone. She also had her Grand Canyon of a box posted all over xtube yet when someone simulates masturbation on a hot dog Sammi deems it to be degrading to women



Wait, he said that people who hate on BigAl2k6 are jealous, but then he said that people who hate on Fred are not jealous. What a hypocrite!
Plagiarism at it's finest.

RandomDCE (AKA James Thompsett) is a British furfag with a huge fan base consisting of brain-dead shotas. DCE became a member of the YouTube Hall of Fame by posting boring rant videos about shit nobody cares about, and by incorporating his own amateur sprite animations into his videos in a desperate attempt to win over his fans with gimmicky special effects. Needless to say, these videos are as about as funny as being diagnosed with cancer, and his fans (Who would like nothing more than to find him in real life and suck his European furry cock) are legitimately mentally defective.

Video game related videos are DCE favorite fodder for his YouTube Commentaries, since he knows perfectly well that these commentaries (as overplayed as they are) will provide him with the only thing he cares about on YouTube; subscribers. He was also partly responsible for the Sonic recolor fad, despite later creating anti-Sonic recolor groups. He also claims that, as a sprite "artist", he abhors any form of recoloring. Ironic that he does the same shit as recolors, as anyone with eyes can see they all his characters share the same body depending if they are fat, furry, female or short. Not to mention that all of his characters are based off other YouTube users or are obviously based off already existing characters, such as the above image where his fursona is based off that of Dot.

He is also responsible for leading another commentary group by the name of YouTube Favicon.png JetDroidMonkey2007, which features commentaries just as bad as those on his personal channel. The difference is, JDM commentaries usually feature over 4 unfunny commentators talking over the video (Not to mention, each other) at the same time, resulting in consistent clusterfucks. You shouldn't wish the Hell of watching these awful commentaries upon your worst enemies.

THIS JUST IN! RandomDCE's account just got suspended! An act of trolling justice? Who knows, but it's good riddance!

External Links His New deviantART Account.


Atomic.gif Warning!
RacerXWTFS is a cross dresser IRL
contacting fbi as we type
excuse me but uhhh...WTF ?
pending epic mega lulz
dude...there are 50 moar pics to be released...prepare

RacerXWTFS (Racerxwtfx or Daina Dawn Vantill codename DEE DEE), replaces Tom Serson because nobody knows who the fuck he is. RacerXWTFS is notable for crying over spilt milk, and future potential for leading the Butthurt Squad into the internets eternal inferno of the permaban. RacerXWTFS is basically what happens when an old man overdoses on LSD and anti-lulz. PLZ ADV, he has contacted the FBI and is serious business.

Currently, a crack team of EDiot researchers (whom are currently in shock) are checking into his cross-dressing activities. Intensive research has proven that in fact, Racer is indeed granny tranny Daina Fence Walkeer.

so what, RacerXWTFS is a tranny .... he's still part of my group


Tom Serson

WE ARE AT WAR GUYS...THERE much harsher to HACKERS these days




Typical JewTube clip

(file under: anti-lulz)

Racerx is part of The Butthurt Squad

RACERXFTWS IS A FUCKING TRANNY! Call the "Tranny Hotline" to speak to me at (***)***-****

Racer's external links no one cares about


Info non-talk.png Warren is currently hiding out on
Durka, Durka - Jihad

Warren25smash is your average Al-Qaeda YouTube recruitment operative. Spitting fire on how the blood of Blair and Bush should be spilled in the streets, how America will crumble under the power of Iran[10], and how smashing planes into skyscrapers is lulzy. Reportedly, he lives in Canada and likes to masturbate to terrorist execution videos found on the Internets. It has also been proven that the few Americans who still approve of George W. Bush only feel this way because they have seen Warren's videos.

For all his anti-western zeal, Warren is let down by his privileged upper-middle class upbringing. All the more apparent when he’s trying to get his followers to live in mud huts.



—Warren Smash

Typical Video

Warren's fans' videos

There’s nothing like practicing what you preach [1]. Informational system, lol.

In summary


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