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Your a fucking idiot will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.
This is good thread

"Your a fucking idiot" is a common phrase spotted on /b/ that showed up last thursday. "Your a fucking idiot" serves as an easy way to bump threads and piss off grammar nazis. Frequently used a response to the OP, the phrase eventually became an official forced meme, and nowadays it is spotted on nearly every thread on 4chan.

At an unlikely note, there is a 99% chance every "Your a fucking idiot" is posted by the same person.

It's "you're", you friggin dumbass


Grammar nazi, doing it wrong.

Questionable roots

It is highly discussed how "Your a fucking idiot" was made and what is responsible for the idiotic typo. Well, once upon a time, there was a lurking bot on 4chan. The mentioned bot posted replies to random threads and included random links to random threads. However, the nature of the typo is still unknown (see below). The phrase was kept on posted a long time afterwards, but, the bot eventually died, and the phrase itself was quickly grabbed by (most likely) a retarded newfag and masturbated until it's greasy sperm was all over 4chan.

In other words, the meme first started as a bot, but then /b/tards grabbed the phrase and spammed it all over /b/, making it a forced meme.


See also: You're/Your

The meme is highly noticeable for it's typo, and, as stated in the section above, the reasons behind it are unknown. There are two possible options - whether the guy who made the bot was a retarded slimeball (like every person on /b/ is, anyway) or the guy who made the bot was a retarded slimeball (like every person on /b/ is, anyway). Furthemore, if you decide to finally clear up the poster's grammatical errors and tell him that he is "the idiot" because he can't spell, you will be qualified as a newfag, because the typo, after all, is the essence of the meme.

Proper Response


Gallery of fucking idiots

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