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YourTubeNews is a YouTube video channel run by professional Internet scammer Damien Estreich that he has used to spread disinformation, engender hate, perpetrate several financial services scams on visitors to the YouTube site and even scam a job working for the YouTube company itself.

It is not Yours and it does not publish News.

To Damien Estreich, laughter exists to be used as just another tool for deception. The more that he feels the need to conceal the nature and extent of his YouTube dirty cop activities, the harder laughs, both on camera and, as seen here, in text.
Damien Estreich's father taught him all about "The Industry"

Damien Estreich offers Encyclopedia Dramatica Irish282's neck to save his own


Origins and development of the YourTubeNews channel

The YourTubeNews channel was set up by internet scammer Damien Estreich who tried several different methods to trick people into watching it. Some of the most blatant methods he used included stealing his channel icon from AskANinja and making videos about YouTube members who were already popular on the site.

Estreich still regularly steals icons to trick people into subscribing to his channel

When these scams failed to get him more than 500 subscribers, Estreich started spamming the YouTube head office with emails telling them lies about his so called "community channel". Since the company still consists of the same people who started out in Steve Chen's sweatshop (and still earn minimum wage) they agreed to give his channel special treatment as long as he left them alone.

The YouTube Signup_invite page. The tool YouTube uses to dictate who gets "popular".

YouTube introduced a special page called the signup_invite page and allowed Damien Estreich to place his stolen channel icon on it. From that time onwards all new users on the YouTube site seen the 'If you like Mudkips tick this box' text and were tricked into subscribing to one of Damien Estreich's channels.

Some other unpopular YouTube members, namely Paperlilies (already part of the YourTubeNews "team") and Kimberleigh immediately seen what was going on and threatened to expose the scam. Estreich agreed to include their personal YouTube channels in the deception in exchange for each of them making a video praising him once a month and informally promising to give him an occasional e-blow job.

In an attempt to try and conceal the source of his new subscribers better, Estreich email-spammed the YouTube head office to feature him on the YouTube front page. They did so, but he was too late. DaleATL2 had already seen what was going on and threatened to ass-rape each and every member of the cabal if he did not get a piece of the action. So Estreich email-bombed YouTube to to have DaleATL2 put on the signup_invite page and to have them feature Estreich's next YourTubeNews video which "Spotlighted" DaleATL2's channel. This became the method that Estreich used to deal with everyone that pointed out that he was just a lying, cheating scumbag.

To buy his critics off, Estreich would use the YourTubeNews channel's "Spotlight" slot to make out that his critic's channels were "special" and then secretly email-spam the YouTube drones to put his critics on the signup_invite page.

Visiblemode.Estreich's gay lover perhaps?.

After visiblemode made the same threats as DaleATL2 and was added to the YourTubeNews team, Estreich knew that his scam was at the point of being exposed because he could never conceal the fact that visiblemode was both ugly and crap. In a desperate attempt to shift attention away from the YourTubeNews channel's failure to get anyone to watch the videos without cheating, Estreich asked TheWineKone to make some videos for the YourTubeNews channel.

TheWineKone made the worst videos he possibly could for YourTubeNews, in the hope that Estreich would eventually leave him alone. This plan failed as TheWineKone's crappiest videos still got more legitimate views than anything Damien Estreich ever made. Despite Estreich's threats to have immigration officials sent to the TheWineKone's home, TheWineKone flat out refused to make any more videos for YourTubeNews, but by that time another up a coming scammer called TonyStockert was already blackmailing Estreich for a place on the signup_invite page and was given TheWineKone's slot as a cover-story.

Damien Estreich, busy at Jigsaw Media (his basement) working in "The Industry".

With the introduction of new spam-filters on YouTube, Damien Estreich found himself without the ability to email-bomb the YouTube head office. Fearing that they would stop putting him on the signup_invite page he secretly put his name forward to head up the YouTube Street Team. To ensure that he got the position he stole all Argent009's ideas and passed them off as his own. He also refused to acknowledge Argent009 ever existed on his YourTubeNews channel or anywhere else for that matter.

After successfully stealing the position of leader of the YouTube Street Team out from under Argent009's nose, Damien Estreich was given the coveted Instant Messenger contact details of the YouTube Production Team drones. This channel of communication was originally conceived to be a means to better integrate YouTube Head Office with the site's members, but is now used exclusively for Damien Estreich's own personal money-for-subscribers business.

The House Of Jigsaw Promotions

Damien Estreich's "House Of Jigsaw" YouTube Promotions Rates:

  • To have your video featured on the YouTube front page - $300
  • To have your channel appear on the Signup_invite page - $800
  • For ongoing "Spotlights" on the YourTubeNews Channel - $400
  • Special rate for the complete package - $1400

Contact: [email protected]


'Damien Estreich got me 28,000 subscribers in one week for only $1400, that is only 5 cents a subscriber, great value' - Mia Rose

For those that do not have the cash readily available, a cam whore video will get the person (male or female) placed on the YourTubeNews vlog. Camwhore videos must mention and praise Damien Estreich personally to be considered for inclusion on his YouTube sponsored channel. Some example videos are shown below. Please note that originality and nudity are not as important as mentioning Damien Estreich's name repeatedly.

Cam whore video on Damien's porn channel from DaisyMate, sarrycrey and NewsGirl21 (YourTubeNews Cam whore Parody).

The people's liar

As part of Damien Estreich's duties as leader of the Street Team he is being paid to broadcast messages from YouTube Head Office on his channel. To get value for money YouTube is doing everything in its power to promote the YourTubeNews channel, in the vain hope that people will actually watch it more than once.

Recent screen cap of YouTube's attempts to promote the YourTubeNews channel

As the number of people who know Damien Estreich is directly proportional to the number of people who hate him, it is feared that Youtube's efforts to promote the YourTubeNews channel may result in global animosity towards all Australians and cause the instigation of possible UN sanctions against the country.

Quote from the YouTube Blog

• Many of you have pointed out that we should be vlogging more ourselves, including site updates like this. I’m terribly camera shy, but we’ve asked a high-profile and well-connected member of the YouTube community, Damien Estreich, to help broadcast these messages (in addition to the ones we produce ourselves). He’s working on his first one as we speak.

The original blog entry said that Damien Estreich had been hired, but this was quickly changed after Argent009 threatened to "kill them all".

Most recent Damien Estreich lies

From "YourTubeNEWS EP. 7"

(Another KKA Mutual Assistance video. It is not Yours. It is not News)


The Mia Rose / HouseOfJigsaw dollars-for-subscribers scandal is documented elsewhere and does not need repeating here. What is important is Damien Estreich's assertion that:

  • An investigation involving more than one person had been carried out
  • Mia Rose had been on the signup_invite page for "a day"

YourTubeNews Advertisement for Mia Rose 1/25/2007

Damien Estreich is currently promoting Mia Rose on the YouTube website using the YourTubeNews propaganda channel. Any investigation YourTubeNews would have carried out would have involved Damien Estreich interviewing himself, (which he does all too often).

The minimum amount of time anyone appears on the signup_invite page is 48hrs. The minimum amount of time Mia Rose could have spent on the Signup_invite page was 48Hrs. To state the obvious, a day is 24hrs. That make Damien Estreich a proven liar (if more proof were necessary?).

Since Damien Estreich's influence is based to large extent on his willingness to harass the YouTube Head Office into putting the people he names onto the YouTube Signup_invite page, any claims that he makes about simply having made a mistake between someone spending a day on the page and someone spending a rotation on the page are bogus. In his usual "Hear all, see all, say nowt," fashion, Estreich neglected to inform anyone that YouTube Head Office had also given Mia Rose 4 hours as the only person on the Signup_invite page to raise her subscriber numbers faster than has ever been seen before on the website.

The Kewl Kids Association (KKA)

"Inside sources have revealed that the despised internet scammer, Damien Estreich has used his position as leader of the YouTube Street Team to seize control of the The Kewl Kids Association" - anonymous

"Community Advocate"

In an attempt to expunge the stigma left by Argent009, the Street Team Leader position was renamed "Community Advocate" (The quotation marks must always be included to indicate the use of sarcasm). Damien Estreich was outed as the current "Community Advocate" after he was secretly videoed encouraging 16 year old girls to strip on Stickam by promising to get them featured on YouTube's front page. He posted a video on the YourTubeNEWS propaganda channel on 21 March 2007 (5 days after being outed.) about being given the job, but left the YouTube audience in the dark about what the job actually was.

"Community Specialist"

In early August 2007 there was mounting pressure for Damien Estreich to explain why, as a "Community Advocate", he had done absolutely nothing on behalf of the community in the preceeding four months. In response he changed his job title to "Community Specialist", which was meaningless. With no real role at YouTube HQ and no real role in the YouTube community, Damien Estreich went back to spending his days masturbating to YouTube videos in the basement of his recently married friend's house. He occasionally contacted Youtube HQ to ask for personal favors for his "Kewl Kids", much as he had done in 2006, but as most of the original Kewl Kids were now in direct IM contact with the YouTube Editors, they no longer needed him and were reluctant to be seen associating with him.

Damien Estreich still encourages sycophants to debase themselves by making videos sucking up to him in front of the community, but the rewards for such sickening behavior are currently so small that most cheats on YouTube use other means to accumulate undeserved Honorz.

Community Parasite

This section is a placeholder for Damien Eastreich's upcoming unoffical non-job title. 

Child Porn Promotion, Scams and Blocking YouTube Members from the "Community Advocate's" Profile

On the 1st May 2007 Damien Estreich posted a YouTube Favicon.png 5 minute vlog telling people what he had been doing for the last three months.

He told his dwindling audience that he had been researching how to run a Nigerian 419 Email Scam (possibly to add another scam to his portfolio).

He said that people posting comments on his profile "bugged the hell out of him" and he was glad YouTube had made it easier for him to add even more members of the site to his huge Blocked User list.

Lastly he told people about a child pornography video that had been posted on YouTube and that had aroused his "interest". The video had by then been deleted (like every other child porn video posted on YouTube) so he provided a link to a pedophile-friendly article containing a censored version of the child porn video (Please do not post the link/video here). The article contained enough information for pedophiles to download the uncensored original off the internet.

People who watched Damien Estreich's video were disgusted by his actions. One of the response videos made by FastFoodTV chastised Estreich for supporting the posting of child porn on YouTube. The FastFoodTV video was viewed 145,872 times (as of 9 June 2007).

This means that (to date) 148,872 people have been told about the existence of what has become known as the "Silkeborg School Video". Damien Estreich has used his YouTube-promoted YourTubeNEWS channel to single-handedly ensure that the school children who were video-taped stripping in the video will be dogged by the shame of what has happened forever (despite Headmaster Olesen being quoted as saying in the article Estreich linked to: "I think they forgot what they were doing and where they were. But my concern now is not to punish anyone, but protect the girls who are now all over the internet").

If this was a one-of incident then Damien Estreich's promotion of banned child pornography video could have been interpreted as an error of judgement. Unfortunately this is just just the latest occurance of Estreich YouTube Favicon.png expressing his interest in underage girls LOL BALEETED! and trying to "normalize" the circumstances in which they should video themselves taking their clothes off for reward. When Estreich's private collection of camwhore videos is put alongside video recordings of him encouraging young girls to strip on Stickam and viewed in the light of his privilaged position as a "Community Advocate"/Promoter on YouTube then only one conclusion can be reached; Damien Estreich wants to create an environment in which underage girls think it is "normal" to send him "stripper" videos in exchange for promotion on the YouTube website.

Damien Estreich is on record as protesting that the legal age of consent in Australia is 16 years old. The YouTube website is based in America where the recording of girls under the age of 18 stripping and fondling each other in a sexual manner constitutes child pornography. Regardless of the conflicting social norms found in these two countries some people contest that a person with Damien Estreich's "interests" should not be the official person who 16 year old girls on YouTube are going to for help and advice.

vlog - commentary on site updates, and interesting article - From YourTubeNEWS

Atomic.gif Warning!
Please do not post any footage or images from the "Silkeborg School Video" on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Unlike the YouTube "Community Advocate", Encyclopedia Dramatica does not promote Child Pornography.

Docs Gallery

YourTubeNews tries to buy off critic TheeStranger 1/30/2007

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Damien Estreich's YourTubeNEWS MySpace is now the property of Encyclopedia Dramatica which is responsible for telling everyone that contacts the MySpace to go fuck themselves (Just like Damien himself would).

Damien went around all the top 100 most subscribed people on YouTube asking for their personal email addresses so he could give them "special treatment" in private. Naturally Encyclopedia Dramatica was there to intercept his communications. If you did not get a Private (lol) Message with his personal email address on it, then he thinks that you are a piece of shit and not worth helping. Threatening to troll the shit out of him is the best way to change his mind.

Damien Estreich. Making cronyism a career
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