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LOLCow.jpg This luser is an unmilked lolcow, and should have been trolled a long time ago.

You can help by starting a Flame War at their own expense.

Bill Gaede, Super Spy and a comb over FTW!!!
Bill after finally trimming those eyebrows

Eric's Master Work about his Dad "Nila & Bill" is nao available for download. Share the links FOR SCIENCE

You stupid relativist is a bullshit website by the 40 something permavirgin Bill Gaede that argues about bullshit on the intartubes while behaving like a 13 year old with Down's Syndrome and ADHD. The whole thing is absolutely about nothing and occasionally you get a insult at God, the Bible, religion, relativity, mathematics, or your Mom.

However it’s a potential gold mine of batshit insane ideas that you could not have made up even on drugs.

Bill Gaede

Technique Bill used to sell his secrets to the Cubans, Chinks and Iranians.

Bill is a self-important nut born in Argentina. Like a lot of insane people he used his super genius intellect to screw over the stupid Amerikans by selling technological secrets to many nations during the cold war, mainly for the lulz.

Like many people who suffer from USI his ego was the reason he was ultimately caught. Amerika being the hardcore nation that it is gave him a slap on the wrist and deported him.

Since his deportation he has been coming up with many crack pot theories including that the big bang never happened, Einstein was a lying filthy Jew, Physics belong in the same scientific category as alchemy and the list goes on and on. All his theories bring many lulz to the masses.

Eric Gaede - asalieri

One of the many family traditions that Bill passed down to Eric that he is now doing to his daughter

Bill unfortunately decided that spawning was a great idea. In 1978 this was what Nila passed through her filthy cunt. Eric shares many similarities with his father including the following:

Eric being instilled with said personality thought it would be wise choice to get a BFA. The problem with that is you have to be good looking, talented or know how to suck a mean dick to get in to show business. Three things that Eric fails at epically. Eric not wanting a real job decided that writing a book about his Dad would be a great idea. The problem is no one had ever heard of him. So Eric made a video describing what a great and historic man his Dad is. The problem that Eric never realized was promoting the facts that your Dad is so great because he's a criminal is not a good way to sell a book. That would be like if John Wayne Gacy had a child who wrote a book about his father talking about how great it was that he hand-cuffed young boys and buried them in the crawl space of his house.

Who needs a Dad that's a president or a astronaut when he can be a treacherous spy

Same as before except en super Español.

Eric's failure has persisted him his entire life being rejected from tgwtg, reviewtopia, etc. The only comfort he gets is his fanboys on his youtube channel frequently throw him pity parties and give him game consoles, laptops and money. The money helps with Eric's gambling addiction as he spends all his money on Michael Jackson Slot Machines.

Bill is very proud of his son's accomplishments.


Not since Time Cube shitstorm has the Internet been enlightened by such ingenious and brilliant logical presentation of facts and truths. If you disagree you are a moron that cannot make a movie out of the Bible bullshit you are shouting, you stupid mathematician relativist who believes time dilation, you bible fucker moron!

It's basically Time Cube only creepier and with pictures, videos, and books. While browsing the site you will hear a lot of mentioning to the:


The entire premise of this website is supposedly criticizing the theory of relativity. However, the special child never gets around to doing so, and instead babbles a lot about mathematics and other bullshit in his special language while masturbating to himself. Maybe if you smoke enough crack you will understand this bullshit at all.

Apparently the ultimate proof that relativity is bullshit is somewhere in his ramblings, although it's impossible for anyone to find it.


How do you spell "irony"?

Everything gets blamed on teh mathematician. Apparently the basement dweller does not like mathematical/scientific jargon and invents his own language where there is no "profess" since "profess" is only in religion and religion is bullshit !!!1111ONEONEONE

The entire method of Bill is to not prove, make experiments, use the scientific method or anything like that. He is only interested in making rational presentations while experiments and proofs are for religion, science dose not make experiments or inventions it is only rational all day long. If you disagree you are a stupid mathematician and not a scientists that believes in zero D particles , relativity and quantum physics !!!

Why There is No god

What would you expect from a title like this ?

A refutation of god ?

A logical examination of religions ?

The next atheist wank fast ?

If you didn’t think book that would expose relativity and mathematics for bullshit you are a idiot ! You must have to much time dilation in your brain to think straight you stupid relativist !

Seriously this is bills book that he advertises on his bullshit website and video channel , apparently it haze the secret to life and everything since not only dose it deal with his view on science and religion but you get the prediction for the world and how it will inevitably disintegrate into shit making it the prophecy of the future that is inevitable in 2012 !

Rumors haze it that if a crazy monkey is given crack and crayons he would create “Why There is No god” with his own shit while fucking himself in the ass with the creons.


Because spamming the internet with bullshit is not enough he haze now a bullshit video channel where you can indulged in a 45 year old man child insulting random people.

The Gaede family showing off their lack of talent, sanity & intellect.

Bill Gayed explains what teh Gay is.

We live in the last days

Since 1990, U.N. demographers have consistently revised the date of ZPG downwards. [2] Two decades ago they predicted that our species would attain ZPG in the 22nd Century. The current revision predicts that it will happen in 2075. [3] Therefore, the experts seem to agree that we will attain ZPG within this century.

These trends should alert you to the fact that we live in special times. The raw numbers presage that at some point the global population will begin to decline. We have never had this happen to us in our history.

The demographer and the historian will protest. We had a population crash in the 14th Century, and we didn’t recover our numbers until a couple of centuries later.

They are correct. There was a global crash, specifically in the population of Europe and due to the Black Death (1347 - 1352). [4] But here, I am not talking about a crash. I am talking about a sustained decline in the rate. This is a new phenomenon



Actually, the education of women has little to do with why population is coming to a standstill. The reason we are not having babies is for the same reason cows, bacteria, and dune plants stop having babies. Man has entered a regime of density-dependent birth rates. We will expand no more. We are scheduled to attain ZPG soon.

The most formidable enemies of mankind today are not climate change, nuclear weapons, or diseases. We can perhaps do something about these agents if we put our minds to it. We cannot do anything about urbanization. It is density-dependent birth rates which bring Man's frantic demographic expansion to an end. Our global population pyramid overturns, and we complete the last stretch of the sigmoidal demographic curve. Of the three possible population trends that await us, Man will follow the route that Neanderthal and all other now defunct species followed. We will follow the one that leads to extinction. That's the fate dear Mother Nature planned for us.



Extinction is a law of life: every species is guaranteed to disappear the moment it is born. Mother Nature plants the seed of death in each of her scions the moment she is pregnant. There are no exceptions. Over 99% of the species that ever lived on Earth are no longer around. This is as close as it gets to a biological law. The notion most people have that, unlike the rest of nature, Man can escape this fate borders on the ridiculous.

The establishment holds that extinctions are the result of climate change, extraterrestrial or earthly catastrophes, infighting, competition, disease, or new predators. Unfortunately, none of these mechanisms explains pervasive selectivity [1] [2] [3] and thus cannot be used to justify a single extinction event in the history of life on Earth.

Here, I propose two models that are above all selective. They explain extinctions in any epoch or habitat. A natural background extinction results when the population pyramid of a species overturns. I show that it is impossible for any species of plants or animals to avoid this natural process. Neanderthal and Woolly are perhaps the two most noteworthy examples that succumbed in a background extinction. A natural mass extinction results when the ecological pyramid overturns. An entire food chain comes to an end as the island shrinks and the many end up feeding on the few. A mass extinction is a sudden economic collapse, the last stages of an exponential process where the carrying capacity disintegrates for a group of interdependent species.



The only economy that needs to collapse is the US Economy. Globalization guarantees that all other economies tumble right behind it. And it doesn't require a stock market collapse, although this is the likely trigger. The real problem is unemployment. Without jobs, nothing else matters. Once the US Service Economy disintegrates, millions of destitute urbanites will first vandalize local supermarkets. Next, they will migrate to the surrounding countryside and pick the fields clean. After that, it's a dog eat dog world. Nothing will remain.

Population will not rebound after the collapse. Adam and Eve are not in the cards. Sorry! No one will even know that there had ever been humans living on Earth.



—Fucking wackjob

Holy shit under population will destroy us all and we have no abilities to fuck and make more babies because of the economy we are doomed doomed I tell you.

How Bill Copes With Truth

Since Bill has such revolutionary theories the scientific community has not embraced him. The fact that he calls them, Einstein and his enemies faggots might also be a factor. While Bill think it's OK to belittle his enemies with petty insults it's not alright to criticize him.

Bill Gaede is butthurt.jpg

This is the typical response from Bill when you call him out along with this link.

The page is filled with many lulzy hypocrisies including that he is the one that is the victim and you are the ones that are picking on him. XD

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  • Asalieri - His dipshit son. The apple didn't fall far from the tree.
  • Francis E. Dec - Famous whack job that preceded Bill whose conspiracy theories make as much sense as Bill's "Mathemagicians".

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