You Laugh, You Lose

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Wuts dat? I'm a newfag who posts old meme because b/tards are stupid niggers who post on old meme threads, I ruse?
The anti-lulz that lie within.
You fucking Gook get the fuck out

Part of The Cancer That Is Killing /b/, this meme originated in 4chan's /b/. You Laugh, You Lose threads are what posters with no sense of lulz like to start.

In these threads, gaiafags prove their massive virginity skillz by reposting as many played-out image macros, memes, and other retarded images/copypasta as possible. Oldfags will frequent these contests, but only to claim that everyone else is posting old memes. The idea is for people who still have a sense of humour to post funny(Mostly un-funny) images while oldfags BAWWWW at everyone else for posting old memes. Because everyone knows that 4chan oldfags,the worst oldfags, really have nothing better to do then show off their e-peen by accusing others of posting old memes. Then when called out on such faggotry they will post a Umad??? picture, to imply that they trolled the other person, when in reality they all get trolled by the party van.

Sound confusing? Stay off 4chan. You won't regret it.


Many claim that You Laugh, You Lose threads used to be entirely different from what they are today. The idea being that you or somebody else posts an image that is seriously offensive. Anyone that laughs at the posted image, loses. Anyone who laughs is no longer considered a functioning member of society and therefore loses. I suppose anyone who laughs at these threads is still no longer a functioning member of society, so not much has changed really.


Difficulty Levels

In an attempt to mix up You Laugh, You Lose threads, sometimes the OP will state difficulty levels. In general the higher or lower difficulty the less funny the thread is. Disregard that, they are all fucking the same.

Difficulty You Can't
None specified Laugh
Hard Smile
Nightmare Smirk
Nitemare Breathe
Shitting Thundercunt Show any emotion
Nigger Be Black
Anything easier than normal Completely fail
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