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The trolling soon exploded into an all-out conflict

The Youtube Furry War was a period of anti-furry trolling on YouTube. Starting in 2007 as a result of furry indignation at the fact that they had become the butt of many a joke at the hands of trolls and mundanes alike, furries assumed a stern word and a show of defiance would quell the mockery. The results surprised them, and would be remembered for years to come as one of the greatest tragedies to ever strike the fandom. Until Chewfox.



According to various sources, furries had been on edge as a result of years of furry mockery over decades, from the trolls of DeviantArt to the cruel taunts of the mainstream press.

Yeah, that sounds about right!

For most, the fact that any group is always fair game on the internet comes as no surprise. However, being furries, their natural persecution complex kicked into full gear, of cries of injustice rang far and loud. This righteous fury struck a chord and prompted a headstrong SokiTwopaw to give his notorious "Ultimatum Declaratum", a battlecry for furries across the internet to stand up and declare equality and respect from the world that belittled them so. This would be the first in a long line of mistakes.

War is Hell

Reaction to Soki's video was swift and brutal, with trolls doxing and raiding him in less than 3 days from discovery of the video. Regardless, his call to arms was headed, with furry after furry making their own protest video and flooding troll channels ready to battle the internet hate machine. Most action was seen in the comment boxes and user profiles of Furry and troll, with yiff in hells and empty death threats as far as the eye could see. During the onslaught, the original incarnation of the FCTC took it upon themselves to phish unsuspecting furries and raid forums in response to the overwhelming faggotry displayed by the fandom. In the thick of battle, some furs saw a shining opportunity for respect to be gained from the community, declaring themselves defenders of the fandom and professional troll exterminators. The most infamous include:


Sexy Eric
Never Forget
dat beard

As the war kicked off, furry celebrity Silentwulf took Soki's advice to push his fetish pride in the face of the unsuspecting public to heart. Taking a break from making hilarious videos to "the myths and facts about being a furry" coupled with his unique brand of humor, which resulted in every furry on the internet hailing him as their savior, as well as catching the attention of Anonymous. The end result was a total raid against Silentwulf while he was moving into his new home. His Youtube profile, MySpace, and email accounts were snatched out from under him as he was distracted with perfection his patented style of random humor, and as a result was thoroughly raped with minimal resistance. Silentwulf was eventually forced to a new Youtube, where he refused to take part in any subsequent anti-troll action, however his defeat was a golden ticket to furry martyrdom.

Tori Belliachi

Another of the more successful attempts was that of 16 year old Tori Belliachi. In August of 2007, Tori, then an unknown editor of one of thousands of websites, thought it wise to spend his spare time posting video warning the public for the evils of fursecution. Initially claiming he would disprove any and every accusation the trolls could throw at him and the fandom at large, Tori made brave steps to defend his community. For example, when accused of being a furry faggot, his immediate response was to throw himself into a pile of other men and roll around on his bedroom floor giggling. Such videos immediatly made him the furries shining hope in the midst of the war, with most furries simply spouting "Watch Tori's videos!" when asked to defend their stances.

Later in that same month Tori ceased making videos, citing "no good arguments were being made against him". Tori declared victory on behalf of the furry fandom, and retreated to his LiveJournal and various furry projects. The furries initially celebrated, only to realize that, despite Belliachi's plethora of videos, they were still being mocked. Another Furry Jesus had failed them.

Lulz in hell Trollfags

Opting for a militant approach over Belliachi's Furry Guru gimmick, Lulz in Hell Trollfags spent his days during the Furry War hopping from troll account to troll account plastering death threats and other assorted mantra. His most important contribution to the war front was an incredibly poorly drawn video in which the menacing face of a teddybear proceeds to execute an emaciated Jew for the crime of fursecution, promising the viewer this is a serious threat that he intends to carry out.

LIHT eventually decided he would fight fire with fire and troll the trolls. Assuming he had obtained a high profile trolls phone number and address, LIHT proceeded to call and harass the individual repeatedly, touting his victory that the troll was too scared to face him. Unfortunately for him, he had actually been dooped into doxing another furry. Upon being informed that he himself had also been dox'd and was now vulnerable to very real legal consequences for the repeated death threats he had sent, Lulz in Hell Trollfags disappeared from the war.



One of the staunchest defenders of the Furries/Otherkin, WolfAdvocate (aliases CanisLupusSapien/WrathofCanis/WiseWolf87) could be found on any number of Furry videos, using logic to combat the trolls, usually frequenting the channels of younger otherkins, such as Hatedwerewolf, 2whitetiger6, and any other pre-teen dumb shit willing to accept his protection. Despite claiming to do a bit of research before opening his mouth, he has been outwitted on numerous occasions, whipping out his facts only to be bitchslapped by anyone bearing the truth. This happened enough times for him to get butthurt and abandon his CanisLupusSapien channel entirely. However, because of his intense need to protect various otherkin, has been tracked down, and can be found here. Feel free to visit him and drop him a note letting him know what you think of him as a protector. BALEETED


While trying his best to gain support from furries, Crygus revealed not only do Furries think of retarded animals to live through, but also confirmed the longstanding belief that Furries are basement-dwellers and do in fact shot their load thinking of big, burly animals, no matter how many times a Furry will plead otherwise.

Mission Accomplished

Near the end of the year, trolls had grown tired of the redundant reactions and declared victory, citing that they had obtained their most coveted war trophy long since then. The furries, unsurprisingly, remain oblivious to their surroundings, and wholeheartedly insist the furry war is raging as strong as ever. 4 years after the fact.

War Stories

What a silly place that is.


—ToriBelliachi on Encyclopedia Dramatica

Someone posted my quote on an ED article. Looks like I reduced the number of fur haters. Just scroll down and you will see my quote. Tell me what you think about it (only if you want).


—ChuongChoSoi on a bulletin he posted. Little does he know that we are all laughing at him

You know what is really up with furry hater? I will break it down for you all. The true reason why furry haters hate on us furries, is because they once was a furry and when their friends and family found out they were furries they all disowned them and so began the seeds of hate. You see that mixed with abuse ranging from sexual abuse, to physical abuse, and mental abuse you all can see this leaves a twisted and demented shell of a person that needs to be removed from society. So now you understand what makes a hater of any kind, not just furry hates but they are a big part of it.


—youjustgotowned07 via YouTube Bulletin. He'd be good on the Fox News network.




These fucking furry hating trolls are the cancer!! I'm tired of simply ignoring them!! I am going to FIGHT BACK!! no longer will I Simply block them! this is a war!! one that was forced on us, but one we must fight!! and WIN!! Ignoring them won't stop them, It's time to FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE!! show them how it feels to be constantly harrassed!! they say hate begets hate, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! screw that turn the other cheek crap!! the gloves are off, they want a war, well they have one!! we must stand against them as one!! FURRIES UNITED!! youjustgotowned07, I am with you, together, maybe, just maybe, we can make a difference.


—Slyfoxtail, because working with youjustgotowned07 guarantees you success.

i have been through alot. im strong and will never die. the strength inside me is unbreakable and no one can defeat it. i believe i could do the impossible to end the FCTC with my bare hands. dont worry about me


—Hahaha, oh wow

fctc you have gone to far if you fags hert my Friend i swear i will haunt you all down


—Supertalis, who cannot even spell his hero's name right, will haunt us all down

wow are you seriously this much of a retard or is it just an act? I believe it's an act as a troll to get people to hate you. well guess what I don't hate you, I just stand back and laugh at your futile attempts to make people angry. Besides trolling is a sick sad fetish where you get so excited from people getting angry at you. So either admit you have a problem and get help or rot.


—YukoValis proclainming that trolling is a fetish, and that we need help

hmmm...well now, it is true that 30 men in fursuits cant reproduce, but 1 female in a fursuit with 30 men can!!! muwahaha xD gonna make little furrie babies to take over your world troll :-P and if I'm lucky I'll have boys and they'll all be gay furries...just to piss you off <3



Possible Future Wars

as is proven time and time throughout history. any 2 parties never have just one war. as such, everyone's speculating about a possible "Operation: Robotnick" that will send a crack team of trolls and hackers to wreak havoc on the very heart and soul of the furry fandom known as Fur affinity as reduce that sad excuse for a "community" to a steaming pile of ash.

See Also

  • Wolfee Darkfang- Wasn't a big player during the furry war, but often claims to have been for the accolades. Also takes credit for stopping an FCTC phishing scheme that actually went down successfully.
  • theblackhand2- Spiritual successor to Tori Belliachi, though cultivated far less fame for his efforts.
  • Hatedwerewolf- Epic lolcow, primary target for many trolls during this period, but did nothing of relevance in regards to the war itself.
  • Dalhusky- Also huge locow during this time. Later attempted to claim he was an incredibly elaborate troll.
  • MrDisambiguation- Teenaged lolcow. Declared, un-declared, then re-declared a "Second Furry War". Popular target for trolls mid 2009 - early 2010.
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