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"Gianna Gobbles A Gigantic Gush of Goo" i cant fap to something called this


Wit, on youporn

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This woman has contributed several videos to Youporn
Typical Youporn content
Prime fap material for Youporn users

YouPorn is a Web 2.0 website which is the porno version of YouTube. Every video on it is copyrighted so all the porn companies get butthurt over lost moneys (although some argue that much of it is user-generated content.) YouPorn is the reason many once normal people are now sick fucks.

At any one time there are over 9000 internet losers fapping to some chick deep throating a donkey's penis on the website. It is the future in porn. Even though it's main rival EskimoTube actually has attractive people, and more content to fap to.

Recently, YouPorn decided they actually wanted to make money off of lonely virgins fapping to their low quality videos of ugly girls masturbating, so they decided to remove most of the videos from their site and offer a pay service to see their quality videos. Nobody seems to mind.

Why Should I Watch Youporn?

Other than the fact that you are broke and youporn is still free, there are plenty of horrifying, mentally scarring reasons to watch youporn. In fact, you can even help out by filming your parents, your dog, or your school teachers fucking each other.

Ugly, Ugly People

Unlike Redtube, YouPorn uploaders like trolling the shit out of their millions of users by uploading waves after waves of ugly people having sex. Most of the videos are of your mom and sister. Have it be small bewbs, little to no pooper, or looking like your best friends mom. However, it has been proven that 8 out of 65,523 contains a wimmin that isn't bad looking, but is then slutified by a fucking jet stream of cum. (Seriously, look!)[[1]]

King Kong

I seriously could not believe this could exist. Well, Rule 34, you got me again. Here is the... "Porn" Some sick fuck made. (Yes, the... "Penis" is real.) King Kong is sexy!!


For some reason, about 98.7% of youporn videos just love to zoom in on vajoos, lick 'em, put the camera in them, put jelly in them, Raep them, and do anything imaginable. It actually makes me ashamed to be a porn fan. (Um... not that I am one! DON'T SAY I'VE NEVER GOTTEN LAID! I'VE LAID LOTS! I'M LAYING MOAR TOMORROW!)

Comments on videos

Some faggots actually give little reviews on each video, comparing the size of their cock to the one in the video. Obviously this is pure fail since man in video is actually fucking that bitch, and not fapping like a sad wanker in his mums basement.

your dick is tiny how did you bag a hottie like this!!!


That pillow case is from Asda, it's a shame because it only comes with a single quilt cover.


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