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This article may cause you to facepalm, because This article is about inbred trolls. Feel free to tell Molly India is in Asia.

Molly, along with Rachel and Saraa have become arguably the most prominent Youtube trolls of the past eight months. They have generated more overall butthurt and intolerance than an entire Klan Rally full of hemorrhoid sufferers. This article documents the rise and fall of Molly's epic troll group.

Not Photoshopped

Converting an Indian to Christianity - don't let the devil win

YouLoveMolly's story is a sad, disgusting one. It all started way back in 2009 when Molly invited her two friends Rachel (a regular one) and Saraa (an Indian prostitute) over to discuss why Indian people are hellbound scumbags according to Gawd.
Of course, the conversation went nowhere. Molly and Rachel ended up sounding like stubborn, delusional cultists. Then they polluted the internuts with a painful 9 minute 36 second lulz-fest that humiliated Molly, her two friends, and every other life form on the Prime Material Plane.

The video that started it all
How to Lose Friends and Alienate People

"Why are your Eyes not Slanty"


Me Lip Synching to "The Climb"

The next video Molly uploaded to Youtube was a terrible lip-sync of lousy pop singer Hannah Montana's ballad "The Climb".

Notice how she appears to be having an orgasm nearly the entire time.
The Most Pointless Video on the Entire Internets

I want to show my love for it.


Showing off some of the BEST JOKES EVER

File:Molly jacket.jpg
and matching jacket.

After that, Molly and Rachel (a regular one) described in vivid detail their shared butthurt over the comments posted on the last two videos. Then they tell unfunny and strange knock-knock jokes which only adds to the already large amount of (anti-)lulz.

The Death of Comedy
The Anti-Lulz Given Human Form

"Do Bees Drink Beer?"


Going Green with God

In this video Molly, along with Rachel and Saraa attempted to go "green" by wearing green shirts, making necklaces out of soda cans (which they then proceed to empty out; this would beg the question: why not just drink the soda?), and plant seeds.

Greenpeace would be proud!!
Solving the Largest Ecological Problems by Wearing Green Shirts

Since it is one of God's biggest creations that God has made.


Saraa goes to church

Somehow Molly finally managed to get Sarah to Blaspheme against Ganesha by bowing down to The God of Abraham. It most likely was not even Sunday because the place was completely abandoned (as any truly worthwhile church should be). So, for about seven minutes Molly basically just walks Rachel and Saraa around an empty worship center.

One Can Only Begin to Imagine How Pissed Saraa's Parents Are at This Point
Behold! The Desolation that is My Faith!

"You Should Be really Excited, 'cos you get to Go to Heaven Now


Debating with A British Guy

In Molly's final official Youtube vid, she mass "debates" over Skype with Sum Smug Limey Fuck (who sounds suspiciously like SomeGreyBloke) who has all this Education and Shit. BG managed to pwn Molly without her even realizing it. She insisted with great delusion that she "held her ground nicely" by numbly repeating tired talking points for ten minutes, clumsily avoiding the Limey's questions and not learning a damned thing.

Only a Brit could put up with this type of shit
More Proof that the American Education System is Made of Fail

"Nobodies Really Homosexual...they're just trying to have fun, but that's not a real way to have fun."



While most people probably realized that Molly's videos were satire parodying the religious ultra-right, a few select retards with video cameras decided to publish their sincere reactions to YouLoveMolly's vids. These videos prove that Molly was indeed a successful troll, and that at least 100% of Youtubers are too dumb to realize that.

Well Put, Baldy!

What You're Doing

He Really Does Care


You Can Tell I'm An Atheist Because Of My Goatee

You're Not Being Sarcastic (sarcasm)

Finally, Someone Learns The Truth

He's Open-Minded Because He's White And Buddhist

you're fucking ugly! go be ugly somewhere else bitch

Another Understands The Truth


My sources tell me that two more YouLoveMolly videos were uploaded to Jewtube. However, they were deleted only weeks later. Luckily, someone managed to snatch them up and re-upload the damn things. So here are the "lost" (and final) chapters of the YouLoveMolly videos.

Hmm... Guess Being A Bitch Runs In The Family
Did She Just Say She Was Six Months Pregnant?

PZ Myers Takes A Ride On The Troller Coaster

This video is so blatantly insane that I'm half-convinced it's all a put-on…but on the other hand, I've talked with people who actually are this oblivious.


--PZ Myers, longtime Richard Dawkins groupie.

The Circlejerk of Creationist Trolls

'Want more Creationist Troll Aktion?'
BEHOLD! the Circlejerk of Creationist Trolls!

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