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Be aware of that, you insensitive fuck.
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The internet is a broad cesspool populated with several interesting people who seclude themselves from the outer world in lieu of their internet adventures. It does not take long for such a sheltered brat to make their way into the world wide web in hopes that they can politically dominate everyone around them through pity, deceit, and outright bullshit. Enter Brandon J. Millard, a Sonicfag with an unhealthy appetite for pity-mongering and instigating drama.

The Great Legend Himself

YoshiWii1 IRL.

Brandon, best known as YoshiWii1, is a 20+ year old pedo, brony, raging Christian, stalker and narcissist who just happens to be TEH BIGGEST Sonamy fan in the sheer cancer that is the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom. Basically, if you combined Guptill89 and Michaeldragon800's arrogance, Charles Hamilton and Chasethehedgehog's egos and Chris Chan's autism, you'd get the sheer epicness of YoshiWii1. One thing you'll immediately realize about Yoshi is that he suffers from Aspergers Syndrome. Indeed, if you argue with him long enough, he'll often try to get the bullies off his ass by mentioning his terrible condition. He lives in Anaheim, California, a big city with tons of shit to do such as the Honda Center and a Disney theme park.. Instead of embracing the outer world, Mr. Yoshi would rather spend his entire life sheltered inside his mother's house and argue with people on the internet.

Yoshi's greatest achievement in life was a wiki dedicated to the Greatest Freak Out Ever video series. A shitty wiki for a shitty video series no one with a working brain would find entertaining. This says a lot about Yoshi's priorities in life. Despite his pride and prestige in editing poorly made articles filled with pointless tripe, his precious wiki was taken down by Wikia because it was the most poorly written piece of shit in the history of the entire internet.

Yoshi is a major Sonamy (Sonic x Amy) fanbrat. He loves the pairing SO FUCKING MUCH, he's willing to pull out whatever facts he has up his ass to defend his points (even a scene from some crappy show on FOX that won't fucking die). If someone took a picture with two Sonic and Amy plushies right next to one another, don't be surprised if he uses it as a way to defend his OTP. However, if you call him out for being the butthurt faggot he truly is, don't be surprised if he:

A: Uses his Aspergers to defend himself

B: Tells you that Amy's creator said that she was designed to be Sonic's girlfriend

C: Makes a butt-hurt journal calling you a cyberbully

He wastes all of his time defending a pairing rather than focusing on more important matters, like voice acting or eye color.


Typical bitchfit from the pansy prince himself.

Mr. Yoshi, like other autismal twats on the internet, is highly prone to RAGE. This usually manifests in the form of long-winded rambles about his terrible life and everyone making him sad. However sometimes he'll just take what the commentator before him wrote and tries to spin it back in their direction. While typical of autists, it is not particularly successful at making him look intelligent.

There're many ways you can make an enemy out of Mr. Yoshi.

A: Point out that his OTP is no more real than the blue shitsperg himself.

B: Show your support for different, better pairings.

C: (and this is a real kicker BTW), try to help him.

D: Call him out over his previous blunders that he refuses to own up to.

E: Question why he's getting so worked up over people on the internet.

F: Point out that real Christians would accept gay people for who they are.

Indeed, whenever anyone points out that Yoshi is doing something wrong, you'll be lucky if you can get anything more than "THIS IS BREAKING TEH RULZ!!!1!1!11!111!11" or ebin maymay pictures because he can't constitute a worthwhile comment. Examples of his stupidity consist of him reporting a joke stamp because it, gasp, misled him to believing that it was a real Sonamy deviation. He even attacked a girl for making a gift for him, under the impression that she stole his original design for Amy. Because attacking someone for doing something nice is totally the right thing to do, amirite fellas? It doesn't help that he gave a half-assed apology while still assuming she was stealing from him.

Tapping That Underaged Furry (and IRL) Booty


Yoshi's love for a stupid cartoon pairing took astronomical heights. Not too long ago, Yoshi stalked a user known as Klaudy-Na (all because she's a Sonamy fan, of course!). Basically, on everything relating to the poor girl, you'd find him leaving stupid pointless comments in hopes of establishing true love with her. Thankfully, Klaudy was convinced to block the sperg yet that didn't stop him from stalking her profile afterwards. It should be noted that Yoshi viewed her as a "little sister" despite barely knowing her at all - daily reminder that Yoshi is the same guy who actively gets off to the thought of incest. Finally, Klaudy was below the age of consent during the time Yoshi stalked her. Not only is 20+ year old Brandon a fanbrat moron but now he could easily classify as an IRL pedobear. As of 2015, Yoshi has yet to realize what he did wrong. When the topic is brought up he'll STILL try to portray himself as the victim.

There's one thing that Yoshi love more than his precious OTP, and that's the pink hedgehog herself, Amy Rose. As you can see in his drawings, Mr. Yoshi has given her a design that fits his twisted fantasies and he even listed her in his infamous Top 10 Hottest Furry Female list, with Amy Rose being #1 Apparently, Yoshi has wanted a girl like Amy due to his lonely life after high school. Depending on how this is to be interpreted, this means that Yoshi wants a dying, anorexic, pink haired 12 year old girl with tits the size of Australia. Speaking of the list, upon reading it, you'll get a greater understanding on how Yoshi views women in general.

His OC and Artwork

Dunot Styel.

To add insult to injury, he has created a self-insert OC. Right off the bat, you can tell that he barely tried to hide the fact. It's clear that he took some inspiration from a well-regarded fanfic writer. In the stories he's featured in, you'll notice right away that he's very protective of Amy, in spite of the fact that he wants her to be with Sonic. Let this be a clear sign that this sperg really is in love with Amy Rose.

His artwork is atrocious. It appears that Yoshi has no grip on anatomy, much less character design in general. He always portrays Amy as an "adult" with boobs, long hair, and a build best described as "anorexic". Ironically Yoshi has claimed that he does not like the original Amy Rose design - only his "adult" redesign. This confounds things more as he's been shown to appreciate the original Amy as much as his shitty redesigned Amy in the past. He is also heavily turned on by cosplayers of Amy Rose. All of this simply adds up to another potential hog waiting for his trip to the funny farm.

It is unknown what materials Yoshi uses to draw, since some of his drawing appear to be done by hand. Hand drawn or digital, nothing can save his mediocre skills. This flies in the face of his lifelong dream to become a cartoonist or employee at SEGA. No well-respecting individual would want to work at a game company who's glory days have since faded into an disastrous shipwreck that continues to sink.

Also, MSPaint.


All over DevianTART and JewTube, you'll find plenty of videos that show everything Yoshi has done wrong, and that STILL isn't enough to get it through his thick lobotomized head.

A well known rant.

A closer look into YoshiWii1's creepiness.

Some tips for Yoshiwii1

Yoshi actually had a crush on this girl (she was 16)

(Note how each video has at least one dislike.)


The only exception: another sheltered brat with a victim complex.

In spite of everything that has been revealed about Yoshi, he somehow had plenty of supporters (mainly desperate teenage girls who leech off of Yoshi's genius hints for Sonamy). However, many of these supporters have nothing on the following four users.

{strike|eevee146treetrunks} LOL BAWWWWleted: (aka, Irate Pony), a brony who thought it'd be cool to defend his idol by trolling those nasty bullies by making himself look like the spastic he truly was. He deactivated his DA account, but he's still active on YouTube

xElectricwings: Not much worth noting, other than the fact that she actually misses that creep, and that she supported another notable Sonicfag.

TRUERealSEGASonicFan: Probably the most interesting of the four. He's as big of a Sonamytard as good ol' Yoshi. He claims that he's TEH ULTAHMATE SAWNIK EXPERT! and he proves it by whining about every cannon but the game cannon, all while showing his support for Sonamy. His endless whining over Sonamy, and even getting butthurt over people calling him out gives him the potential to be a lolcow

JetpackJack100: A British boy who came out of the blue to imply that Yoshi was somehow the victim in all of this. When given proof, he either ignores it completely or tries to twist it around in Yoshi's favor.

To this day, it's unknown why these turds actually support/miss Yoshi. Although, it's possible that all three of these people do have something in common with Yoshi.


More Crap

Yoshi is now a profane parrot when replying to other users.

Yoshi's mentality is akin to a broken record player. A broken record player that knows it needs to stop in order to be fixed yet doesn't for some strange reason. Not able to deal with the harsh reality that he was a pedo in denial, Yoshi did the sensible thing and closed his account, along with abandoning every other site he used at the time. It was recently discovered that he's still active on Nintendo Miniverse and that he has confided in Animal Crossing, where he has created a town that suits his autismal fantasies. Not unlike someone else we know.

One might anticipate that Yoshi has changed from his old ways, understanding how silly he once was and has now striven to become a better man - right?


He is the same manchild as he was before. Recently, Yoshi (under the handle of The Pop Cult Gamer) has joined up on a forum called The Slums Of Elwood. This is not surprising as the Slums constitutes itself as a hothouse for Arthur related smut and shipping. While one might anticipate the Slums is largely based in satire, sarcasm, and shit only a drooling idiot would take seriously, this is no longer the case. Since Yoshi is drawn to drama-filled fan forums like flies to a warm turd, he finds warmth and comfort in presenting himself to a community that accepts freaks and geeks from all around the world and takes full-on advantage of portraying himself as a wounded warrior. He has not budged a square fucking inch from the old days, right down to defending his "adult Amy" artwork and past shipping wars. Not only is he obsessed with Arthur's mom's ass, but he is also obsessed with the entirety of Arthur in a less than tasteful fashion. Yoshi still cannot own up for his ills and continues to portray himself as the victim of everything. When Something Awful posted a satirical piece on the forum, Yoshi took it as a personal attack. A pointless "news article" describing an already-pointless forum is not something any functioning human being would get emotional over. Yoshi's response was a series of long winded rambles meant to convey emotion and rage towards the Goonie Hut, yet all he has given us is more cringe and lunacy to laugh at. Unsurprisingly, the only attempt to call him out went down in flames: Yoshi simply portrayed himself as a victim yet again, and has seen success only because he resides on a forum largely unaware of his true character.

But wait, there's more! Once again, the legendary saint of butthurt Yoshiwii1 has officially returned to cause MOAR DRAMA as "Yoshiiwii2". It was originally thought that Yoshiwii2 was his new account, but this has been revealed as a fake. This doesn't matter since Brandon's real account has been revealed for the world to see. Everyone reacted with love and joy for the return of their savior. Now, His Holiness has proven himself to be a massive hypocrite: harassing, flagging, and blocking other users despite whining about haters and "flaggets". Recent research has proven this to be an act solely to garner attention. As Yoshi continues to waste taxpayer's money and valuable resources, he has rightfully earned his title as one of the most hated people on the internet. Even his old supporters have turned away upon realizing that Yoshi is a worthless manipulative cunt who fails to understand compassion. It is only a matter of time before having enlightened dreams about a 12 year old cartoon furry girl isn't enough and he takes his sexual desires into the real world. But for now it appears that Mr. Brandon J. Millard is content with jerking off to cartoon hedgehog hubba hubba, dreaming of incest with his mom, and mindlessly prattling on about his amazing life-story to people who don't give twelve shits.

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