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Furfagaskingforit.jpg Eyerape and soul torture are imminent
Those who want to masturbate to foxes sucking off cum-stained furries go to Wikifur.

We don't like your kind here.
An E621 admin's reaction to a troll uploading 9/11 photos.

Yiffing is furry intercourse, or the sounds made during such an act, modeled after the sound a fox makes when mating. Also can be referred to as "Diet Bestiality". About 97% is cybersex, the rest is mudsex.

The deviant sexual practice of a furry. Basically mass-fursuit-clad frottage.

Sometimes it is used adjective to describe things "stimulating" to the particular sensibilities of a furry, often as "yiffy" or even "yifftastic". It's possible to buy furniture that's especially designed for yiffy action.

What Is Yiffing?

This is bestiality.

Yiffing is the stimulating version of sex for the anthropomorhpic fetish which is known as furries. If you have ever spent a couple of hours near a furry (Which you might be doing but you'll never know), you would probably hear the word "yiff" after a great deal of time unless they're one of those stereotypical furry sluts that just thrive on sex. Rejoice! The Yiff Anthem

Bullshit furries made up to describe Yiff

According to furry tradition, "yiff" is the noise emitted by foxes while making teh secks (DISCONFIRMED BY TOW). This makes the male fox the official absolute slut of the animal kingdom.

lawl, bullshit.

Over 9,000 people have, at one point, inquired as to how the furs got the details as to what foxes fucking sounds like. But since this is precisely the kind of thing a furfag would know first-hand, I'm going to take them at their word (irl fockssecks lol).

The Truth comes out

Allow me to clear things up before you read this article...

the term Yiff was originally made up by a guy named LittleFox, who used the term as a happy greeting, long before all of this sexual Yiff crap started. There was a small "Foxish" language he made up for greetings and things like that. Yiff was the cheeriest greeting, Yerf being a happy, but not fully happy greeting. Followed by Growlth which was a negative or bad greeting. There are other words and phrases, but this was where it originally denominated from. The common misconception is that the term "yiff" came from the sound Arctic foxes made while mating, but I don't know why anyone would listen to that, but somehow that's where Yiff supposedly came from. However the above paragraph disproves that. If you wish to read on about the current meaning of the word, go right ahead but the original term is far different.


Truthbringer - Revision as of 04:33, 24 December 2007

IRL Yiffing

Telltale signs of yiffers include:

  • Wearing or in possession of jizz-stained Fursuit.
  • Smeared Beastpaint, especially around the mouth and face.

The best way is to show them Zippocat to force them into a butt-hurt paralysis, then promptly blow their fucking faces off with the closest firearm you can find. Be quick though, for they will imitate foxes or some other creature and run away to the forests of furfaggotry in which they dwell, and most likely get mauled by a bear. Don't let a bear steal your joy!

It is in fact, illegal to shoot yiffers during Halloween and Christmas due to the chance of shooting an innocent child or sexy lady dressed as a cat; so in the coming year all furries will be required to wear a little yellow star so as to avoid confusion.

All hot chicks who happen to be furries (about three of them) are not to be harmed. After capturing one, simply send her to the nearest Catholic school where she'll be trained to use her perversions for good, and wear a short skirt, like she is supposed to.

Last Thursday some furfags actually did that at a meetup for charity. They ended up getting drunk and yiffing in public. Not only were furries permab& from there, but ironically the charity they were "helping" ended up getting pwnd by the township for hosting yiff orgies. gg furfags.


This is how furries act socially with each other.

Skritching is the act of stimulating various erogenous zones manually, and is similar to gentle scratching. This is an exclusively furry or otherkin act, and is often a prelude to a full-blown yiffing.

Due to the well known and well documented intelligence level of furries, the vocabulary to describe foreplay and other drivel online suffers atrophy as the infection wears on. With the dogged determination reminiscent of the Smurfs to spread AIDS through words this term, once coined in some dank, sticky, hairy odd-numbered room, spread like wildfire on the interbutts. Usually mis-typed (having moar than 3 consonants in a row) in a furry cyber-sex chatroom to let the other faggot know that fore-play is afoot.

May also be spelled "scritch".

Surprise Yiffing

Surprise Yiffing is the act of, as the name suggests, taking a furfag, especially ones that are new to the fandom, pretending that they have no sexual interest in animals, then getting the poor newfag alone, then, surprise surprise, destroy their asshole.

This is unfortunately surprisingly common and even more common among non-furries.

To prevent this horrible act from happening to you, do one of the following things:

1. Just never interact with furries.

2. Just never go to Sweden.

3. Always bring a gun when you come within 1km of furfags.


Supposedly, this is a furpile
Artist's rendition of an actual furpile

A furpile is a furry orgy, although furries will deny this. They claim that a furpile is a bunch of furries lounging and socializing, but everyone knows the truth. Furpiles can be identified from several hundred yards away by the odor of a cluster of unwashed perverts wearing fursuits stained with feces, semen, and nerd sweat.


BE WARNED: these are fairly disturbing.

This is a mirror of YouTube Favicon.png the original video
Someone has to hack this guys channel. Also note the creepy old guy in the back.
gross, flag for nudity.


It is a sad and bizarre thought that a site like Encyclopedia Dramatica which is well-known for it hate of furries has so many yiffy pictures:

The Discovery Channel About missing Pics
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