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Pedobear's favorite prog rock album
  1. A word fat people say when offered more food.
  2. A "progressive rock" ("prog rock," "album-oriented rock") band from the '70s - today best known for the song "Owner Of A Lonely Heart," one of 16 year old Pieman's faves.
    1. "Tales from Topographic Oceans". Owner of a Lonely Heart is pop music, which Yes made in an attempt to sell out. They are also known for the song “Roundabout”.
  3. The only legitimate answer to questions about sex on official forms.
  4. The universal "safety word."
  5. What a gal means when she says: "No!" during the portion of a date when foreplay has run its course and it's time for the guy to round 3rd base for home.
  1. In English: Yes
  2. In Spanish: Sí
  3. In German: Ja
  4. In French: Oui
  5. In Russian: Da
  6. In Guido: You Know It! Badda bing badda boom!
  7. In Polish: Tak
  8. In Armenian: Ayo
  9. In Hebrew: Ken
  10. In Turkish: Evet
  12. In Gayanese: Of course, you silly willy!
  13. In Japanese: Hai
  14. In Chinese: Ching wing ding minga tink chinka ling loo liu bangu...
  15. In Rape: PLEASURE
  16. In Africa: Aww, Nigga Please! Damn straight!
  17. In Afghan: Ooh (A sloppy version of yes) // Ballé (A respectful version of yes)
  18. In Womanspeak: No
  19. In Tunaknese: Tunak Tunak Tun Tunak Tunak Tun Tunak Tunak Tun Da Da Da
  20. In ????: PROFIT
  21. In Scottish: Aye


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