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Those with the Azn flu can look otherwise perfectly healthy.

Yellow Fever is a disease that afflicts thousands of otherwise healthy white males across the globe. Somewhat akin to the black person's lust for the white wimmins, whites with the Asian Persuasion are driven to exclusively date and otherwise lust over Azn girls. However, unlike the 'forbidden fruit' nature of black on white sex, the Azn flu is driven more by homosexuality since these men are mostly subconsciously attracted to the boyish looking, petite Asian female with her characteristic flat chest and lack of booty. When yellow fever goes untreated, it mutates into "Yellow Plague". An Azn girl who only likes white guys, in other words the opposite of yellow fever, is known as a "WHIGGY" or a "Ghost Rider".


The asian fetish can have tragic consequences: Kerry Sulkowicz + Sandra Leong = Emma Sulkowicz

Portuguese explorer Fernão de Magalhães, serving the Mexican Spanish crown, made the first documented visit to The Philippine Islands at least 100 years ago. When they arrived, Magalhães and the Spanish developed a vicious disease which was contracted upon direct sight of the local females and was diagnosed as "Yellow Fever", the result saw them constantly raping the local Azn women. Not knowing how they would cope without these women, the Spanish decided to conquer every last island in the vicinity, which shows fucking dedication seeing as the Philippines is probably made up of over 9000 islands.

If you are an American wondering why YOU have yellow fever, that's because Napoleon contracted the disease when he invaded Vietnam and spread the disease to North America when he raped Canada, which ultimately lead to the creation of the wapanese people. The Americunts came down with such a severe case of the disease that it was no longer known as simply "Yellow Fever", a wise friend of Harold and Kumar coined it the "Yellow Plague". Because of their condition, the Americunts decided they needed more Azns and fast, sadly for them, China would kick their asses if they tried anything, they therefore bullied the Mexicans Spanish into handing over the Philippines. They also tried invading Vietnam, but got their asses handed to them, however, most Americans will deny this and claim that it is a lie.

In 1969, John Lennon made yellow fever cool when he and Yoko Ono got married in Spain, the original yellow fever country.

In the modern age, Asiaphiles are typically found residing in major U.S. cities, although increasing numbers have been venturing overseas in their quest to "get an oree-enul woman".


  • You are NOT Azn and you have an extreme attraction and affection towards Azns and will do anything to date one. Failure to do so may lead to death.
  • You look at Azn girls and your dick goes unexplainably hard.
  • You stalk your nearest China Town.
  • You adamently argue with your friends that liking boy shaped, flat chested girls with a lack of ass neither makes you a fag or a pedophile.
  • You are willing to join the military just so you can serve in Asia.
  • When you have an orgasm over an Azn girl and all your friends are wondering what the fuss is about.
  • No matter how fucking ugly the Azn girl really is, you will still think that she is the most fuckable thing on the planet.
  • You already know that any sort of Anime Convention is the place to be.
  • You found out that any sort of library is the place to be.
  • When I say "Mr. Chu's Asian Beaver" and you know EXACTLY what I'm talking about...
  • You can unconsciously detect an Azn girl's presence, generally within a radius of 10-15 meters
  • You love Hello Kitty and/or manga and/or anime.
  • You collect Azn friends on MySpazz or Failbook.
  • You are always befriending Azn girls and hitting on them shortly after getting to know them.
  • When you walk into a Chinese Restraunt all the young girls can't run fast enough to get to the back and then make the old lady take your order
  • All the massage parlors know you on a first name basis and have comped you a happy ending or two because you personally keep them in business
  • You save up your money for that flight to Thailand.
  • You've actually considered a trip to Cambodia because all the Loli manga you read has you saying, "Why the hell not."
  • Half-hearted attempts to learn Japanese/Mandarin/Cantonese/Korean.
  • ...And any other shit to do with Azn chicks.

Spotting the Asian fetishist

Asian Fetish vs. Wapanese

Wapanese wish that they were Asian, usually Japanese. They also horribly misinterpret Asian culture, thinking all of it (including China, Korea, Vietnam, etc.) to be exactly like whatever their favorite anime shows are like; this means that they think all of Asia to be Japan, just with bizarre hair styles/colors, ninjas, horny women with big breasts, and lulz.

Someone with an Asian fetish does not necessarily have the desire to be Asian themselves, however, their entire life revolves around obtaining Asian pussy. If a 40-year old Korean woman who fell under the BBW category, with two kids; saggy, lactating breasts that gave sour, fish-tasting milk; hairy moles; thighs that looked like two Ziploc bags of dough that had been beaten vigorously; and an ass that looked like two midgets beating the living fuck out of each other under a parachute came up and said "Me think Jew rook rike big saxy man, you sucky tit drink mirku biiig calcium be happy I get greencardu!" and a hot, nubile young Caucasian woman with large, firm breasts, a shapely ass that quarters could be bounced off of and wanting green eyes said, "excuse me, but I've been looking for a guy who can fuck my warm, tight, pussy while my twin sister watches and waits for her turn, and you look like the guy," the Asian Fetishist would say "My rikey you too! Hai, watashi wa ta-neuma desu! Doozo yoroshiku, o negai shimasu!" to the former and justify it later as "she just had something about her," telling the latter girl to go fuck his opportunistic friend.

Karma vs. Asian Fetishist: pwned

Most Azn women worth anything more than a mocking sneer can spot an Asian Fetishist from at least 100 miles away, and will either avoid them like the plague or use them for whatever money their parents put in their bank account every month, maybe get some lulzy "sex", then kick them to the curb with the rest of their tampons. After this happens, the fetishist will bawl his eyes out, lament why he's always last in line for the gang bang and repost his ad on Craigslist.

Most Asian fetishists prefer FOB's, the fresher the better. They love you long time. They find any kind of Asian accent sexy and the less westernized they are, the more they behave as women should (Don't talk, cook, clean, and obey etc.)

Occasionally, a transvestite will answer the call of the Asian obsessor. It may take some time for the Asian fetishist to realize that the pristine, dainty little sex goddess who is falling hard for him and loves giving head is actually a man; this takes longer than with other races because all Asian faces look the same, and due to the micropenis common to Asian males. Upon finding this out, the Asian fetishist has been pwned. What makes it even better is that since all Asians are ninjas, if he gets mad and tries to pound the fuck out of the tranny, the tranny will pwn him and then assraep him, bestowing a donkey punch on him as the coup de grâce.

Natural habitat

Personal ad columns ("SWM interested in 'Asian culture' seeks nice, slim SAF goddess.."), college campuses, Asian language classes (a great pickup spot), Asian strip clubs, massage parlors and similar establishments, B-grade Kung-Fu flicks, trendy nightclubs (usually found necking with prepubescent AF FOB's), seated on living room sofa drooling over latest Asian porn flick with remote control and tissues in hand, Asian usenet groups (don't ask me why), anywhere else frequented by AF's. Often found still living with mom despite being past 40. Now seen trolling asian chat rooms for young Asian girls, thus consolidating the pedophile connection.

Typical attire

Anything trendy and mainstream-looking which conceals their obesity, if applicable. Rolled up sock placed strategically in crotch for added flair. Hairpiece by Earl's Rugs 'R Us, Note: attire may vary depending on the specific type of AF being targeted.

Famous People with Yellow Fever

A Severe Case of The Yellow Fever at a typical Anime Convention.
Two yellow fever sufferers. Yes, girls can get it too. The guy is a perfect example of Forever Alone.

Yellow Fever videos

The Documentary

The Song

The fantasy of every YF sufferer

The George William Keaton Incident

Case Study

On March 2nd, 2009, a naive Anon thought that it would be a lulzworthy idea to share with /b/ a method that would be valuable in trapping some Chino bait into being their slaves.

Thanks to a huge error on his part and the powers that be, Anonymous found out the OP was a gentleman by the name of George William Keaton. As the thread's post count shot up like a /b/tard's cock upon discovery of CP, George realized too late that he left one of his victim's email addresses completely unedited in one of the screenshots he posted. He decided that the only thing he could do was delete the thread, and to completely change his WeLiveInBejing profile in a feeble attempt to shake the Internet Hate Machine off his ass. Fortunately for him, Anon was 2 paces ahead and had already taken a shitload of screencaps and archived the thread. GG.

The Mystify Method

One of Yellow Fever's most devastating symptoms is penile atrophy. George's penis, shown above, is a fine example.

The Original Post

On 03/02/2009, George wrote:

  1. find a chinese girl online and start a relationship - all the chinese girls using english online are searching for foreign boyfriends. there are many networking sites for chinese and foreigners to mingle, both parties usually claiming 'language exchange' as their motivation.
  2. make her think you love her. get her address so you can send 'gifts'. be a romantic hero.
  3. slowly introduce sex into the conversations - remember she is in denial, but wants it as much as you do. if you do it right, eventually she will take her clothes off on cam (even just a nipple flash will suffice, as many chinese girls are shy) - VERY IMPORTANT: don't forget to capture that shit.
  4. google her details until you find all of her online profiles. chinks are addicted to the internet - there will be a surprising number of results if you lurk enough.
  5. create a fake profile of some guy and start chatting with her. a charming handsome bastard but still in her league (preferably an americunt). start a second love affair with this fake profile. (guarantee she will be willing to cheat on you and tell the fake dude that she doesn't have a bf)
  6. wait until enough evidence has been gathered then hit her with it, hard. - say this guy contacted you blah blah blah and she broke your heart etc.
  7. threaten to send the nude pics to her parents. (if you know anything about chinese culture and chinese parents - wow!)
  8. slave for life! / PROFIT!!

4,5,6 are optional. but they help in creating the psychological conditions to bend her to your will. creates a sense of guilt, shame, etc.

PIC RELATED. my latest victim. (her parents can't understand english, so adding chinese characters, and writing an explanatory letter of her online activities in chinese, shook her profoundly when i showed her what i intended to send.) the delight of anons everywhere. Praise was given to OP for providing a fool proof method of getting slaves.

Of course there was the uprising of moralfags, and after getting easily trolled many times, almost gave up on the thread due to the nature of it's epic win. Some people even went on to say that this thread was the chemo.


she has shown me a razor blade on several occasions (even before i threatened her with pictures) and often cries on cam for hours. she has her cam on all night now and lets me watch her sleep lol. it's like my own personal truman show. i see her whole life.


—George William Keaton

ive done this before. i had my heart broken by my first chinese gf and i know their game now. using foreigners... trust me, they deserve it.


—George William Keaton

this is one i played with recently. all her nudes are on my external, sorry. i actually have video of sex with her from last year when i went to beijing. her father has terminal cancer and i said it will be the last think he sees if she doesn't comply. i already posted nudes on /b/ a few months back for a laugh. she's not that bad really, a nice girl. just your average chinese whore thinking she's a real human because she can speak english. she is 22. my current victim is 19. im also chatting to a 17 year old. im teaching her english lol. she said im handsome.


—George William Keaton

op here. im trying to make dinner and keep an eye on this thread.

i hooked up my external to share this with you. it's the 22 year old i was on about, here in my cheap basement shag pad after a good 4 hours of viagra induced sweaty fucking. when im done with her i will send all pics to her family anyway lol.


—George William Keaton

im george by the way. conversations get pretty funny with her broken english. this is when i was the love of her lofe. she wanted to be my baby mama. now she wants suicide. bawwww


—George William Keaton

we really had so much fun together last summer. we were like a proper couple. she is one of the funniest smartest gf i ever had. but i caught her cheating on me with one of my fake profiles. i arranged a meeting between her and 'henry' at a subway station. she showed up and i was standing there with a mask and a video camera. SHIT WAS SO CASH. 15 minutes of footage of her stunned face. i got real close to video her whole body like a pervert as she stood there in the crowded street thinking 'WTF'. henry doesn't exist baby! bitch.


—George William Keaton

fuck it. so many of my good screencaps give away too much personal info... here is a quick crop. i had to endure hours of this girl praising herself and playing dress-up with all her wardrobe (i have to admit, she has really good taste). here she is showing me ear rings. now i get to watch her inserting fingers and sobbing. lol. i think she is starting to enjoy it.


—George William Keaton

eating dinner now. im always slow responding when my mouth is full of pie. the thing is, they ALL deserve it. you see, i dont start torturing them (i guess you could call it torture) until i have proof that they've been lying to me. in fact, im searching for a genuine gf! do you see the point of part 4,5,6 now?

sorry about the poor quality of these pics. the video looks better than the stills. she is on the phone to her mother lol. her mother wouldn't stop ringing the whole session! btw, after i started my threats about showing her parents, i went to her house in person and introduced myself to her father as a 'concerned friend'. she didn't come home that night and her parents were worried sick. the truth is, she went out and got drunk and wouldn't come home or answer her phone because she wanted to kill herself after the choices i gave her. haha i even went into her home and had tea with her father. he gave me his personal number to call him if i hear any news on their daughter.


—George William Keaton

her name is meng meng. i just sent her an email telling her of your deceit.

you're not as clever as you think, george.



One Small Mistake

George made one little mistake, and that was showing MSN related proof. Any victim will tell you that not taking good care of the shooping process can make or break one's anonymous status. And with the simple slip of the name George, and the slave in question being called Meng, it was only a matter of time before the life ruiners got to work on Google.

so have babby

His Name Was George William Keaton

As great as the thread began, new heights have been reached with the victory of the dox. What will become of his life? Most likely V&:Britfag Edition.

His featured, and latest victim is a 19-year-old Chinese student by the name of Meng Li (李萌).

Check the links below for means of contact.

The "TRUE" story

So Anonymous linked George's "girlfriend" to this ED article where, in turn, she got angry. George shat himself and went to the article and quickly typed the following to prevent having to buy a dog.


"In the end it turned out that most of what George had said was trolling. Meng was actually he real girlfriend that he had gotten from one of the sites, and then went over to visit her and fuck her (she prolly took his virginity). Then one day, after he had went home, she got in a fight with her ex. He threatened to show pictures of her naked to her current boyfriend (George, he never actually received any naked pictures from her himself). Instead of agreeing to his terms or anything, she actually did a very un-slutty thing and went to George and confessed she had taken nude pictures for her ex because she loved him. George then went batshit insane butthurt and contacted her ex, asking him for the nudes, and then raged even more and broke up with her. 5 minutes later he got ronery and begged her to take him back. She did because she's a complete slut, and took him back, but he then decided to get revenge the day after by posting her nudes on /b/ and pretending she was his "slave". Btw he's a fucking faggot. And a fucking degenerate britfag."


George's Chinese Restaurant

How may we herp you? ^-^ About missing Pics
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