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Atomic.gif Warning!
An Epidemic of Twilight proportions threatens to engulf the world!
Aww she's kinda cu- WTF??

Yaeba, aka Vampire Teeth Surgery

Introducing the latest trend in weaboo fashion, Yaeba! As if the insane Twilight Fandom in Amerikastan wasn't enough to cause esophageal hemorrhaging from all the violent projectile vomiting, the japanese have decided to up the ante and create a new cosmetic dental procedure.

How to join the Cullen Fanclub

The procedure involves fucking up perfectly good teeth and re-arranging them to look like a vampires', complete with the skin sparkling and tree hopping abilities( tree hopping requires a modest extra anesthesia fee ).

Medical Experts Speak

It's this kind of emphasis on youth and the sexualization of young girls.


Dr. Zaslow gives her seal of approval


Obviously academia would be in favor of making asian women seem as young as possible to fuel their pedo fantasies. It comes at a modest price of only $390 at most dental salons, never has screwing up your face been so economical. There is still no word as to whether Barry will be adding this procedure to any adendums to the health bill, but if the japanese are doing it, rest assured the large American population of fans will be lining up at Dental offices around the country. The silver lining in this is obviously the ass-load of fat vampire girls on shitty social media websites, who will be posting tons of lulzy Yaeba pics.


Yea we know you're fapping right now
Before my surgery, I just couren't seem to attract anyone... people simpry didn't take my Twiright obsession seriousry. Despite my preasant comprection, soft dark eyes, and voruptuous breasts, no one at the Vampire club would give me a second look. That all changed once I had my Yaeba procedure!! I'm confident and sexy now, and I have a date who is wirring to read Twiright out roud with me! Thanks Yaeba!


— yet another satisfied customer

I approve


— Edward

Reasons You Should do it!

The Staff here at ED would like to remind you that as with any surgical procedure there are inherent risks. Don't worry, we have them listed below. Side effects to this treatment include all of the following:

Getting this done to your teeth will essentially guarantee you will never date a normal person again, unless you can convince them that you were born that way. Good luck shooping all your old Facebook photos. On the plus side, you will be immensely popular with your fellow twilight fans. (That's like being a crowd favorite at the special olympics).


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