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Atomic.gif Warning!
Anyone that creates a site on YTMND is a major faggot.
Expect symptoms of faggotry to appear instantly.

YTMND 2.1: Max's latest attempt to rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic.

You're the man now dog! (sometimes YTMND) is an unfunny site where 6 million old memes (that eat the shit out of your history) go to be recycled. It features a huge number of ripoffs that fans think are original because they are 13-year-old boys who do not get out much. It is a widely known fact that YTMND is a lulz killer. This makes sense since YTMND is an old meme, although this fact is lost among its userbase. YTMNDs generally include 5,000 kb wav files or 7kb midis and each one has a new copy so you have to download it all over again. It was created by Max Goldberg, a money hoarding Jew. In December 2006, Max decided to totally alter the rules for creating sites so that no one could make sites with "LOL", "OMG", "O RLY" or basically anything a 13 year old boy would find OMGROFL. YTMND is now expected to die a death befitting all old memes. There may be a YTMNB forum to replace it if it does so (You're the man now bitch!). 90% of all YTMND's are from Something Awful and require no creativity to make them, All funny/creative YTMNDs will be flamed and ridiculed, to fit in on YTMND you must steal old memes from other sites. In fact, YTMND is the only website on the interbutts where people bitch about stolen content while creating stolen content.

YTMND is /b/ with background music and if it had a popularity contest. Some argue it is "the most addictive time-waster on the internets", a quote often used to describe porn. This makes sense, however, since most fanboys would be willing to fap to YTMND at the drop of a dime.

In addition to this, YTMND has a Pisscord that makes the site 100% overall faggot.

How to create a YTMND

1. steal a picture from SA
2. download your favorite song from limewire
3. add them together on YTMND
4. ????
5a. PROFIT!!
5b. if you're lucky, your site will become a fad

This is just spam, you can ignore it if you want

YTMND Forums

The YTMND forums are much like any other internets forums. New members are permabanned at the first conceivable opportunity. However, banned persons can un-ban themselves with a bribe because Max is a Jew.

The YTMND forums are a cesspool of internet racism, homoeroticism and sexism. While usually that would be a good thing (ok, maybe not homoeroticism), severe lack of funny makes it so anti-lulzy that you'll become so boring you'll have to be put down, should you ever visit it. The only thing you will see the forum members posting are the words "Faggot", "Gay", "Cocksucker", "Jew", and "Nigger". At times when they cannot think of witty racial slurs to post, they will post shock pictures. You have to be over 18 to view and post at the forums but it's clear from the content that all members are in their early teens due to some of the forum discussion which revolves around how "7th grade is so hard" and how bad their parents suck.

YTMND forums are so boring that members occasionally attempt to organize invasions on other forums, none of which are ever successful due to the lack of attention span in a child who hasn't taken his Ritalin for the day. In the summer of 2005, YTMND forums members crapflooded a Natalee Holloway tribute forum into oblivion, causing the administrator to shut it down entirely. This is considered the forum's greatest accomplishment because decent human beings all hate Natalee Holloway.

There have also been several spinoff forums, all of which were gay, all created on free forum services, and all deleted due to various TOS violations. The only one alive now is Almighty lol, which is filled with self-loathing losers who alternate between making fun of the YTMND Forums and its members and masturbating to pictures of naked old men.

Due to owner Max Goldberg's quest for more Jew gold a separate NSFW forum has been set up and a safe for work forum is reportedly in development. The SFW forum will be a paradise of front page fags asking for critiques of their overplayed/unfunny YTMNDs and detailed discussions of how ugly Brian Peppers will take place. Max will eventually give up when he realizes that he can not accumulate a sufficient amount of Jew gold from forum advertising directed at 13 year old boys with no money.

Max Goldberg gets huge boners when YTMND is mentioned on retarded TV shows like G4/TechTV or fellow Jew at CNN, Jeanie Mose. YTMND claims they were mentioned on the report, however all you can see is kike Mose sitting in front of a computer looking at YTMNDs. Mose does nothing at CNN but sits on her wide Jewish ass, browsing YTMNDs and making idiotic 5 minute filler clips for CNN that are only funny to her and YTMND users. Goldberg also claims to be in the Washington Post, however he was only mentioned on WP's BLOG. YES, NOT THE ACTUAL JEWSPAPER. This is proof that YTMND is an attempt by Mr. Goldberg to have a sense of purpose in a world full of thieving Jews like himself.

YTMND Chat on EFNet

Log of minor takeover that occurred last Thursday. Max Goldberg was drunk, high, or on a rush from cock ball torture was cleaning up the ban lists, deop'd all the ops, and was idle. He came back and op'd who he thought were his channel ops, when someone had a bot holding a chan op's "nickname". The user then waited for the right time, deop'd and kicked max. Only one operator was not on Undernet looking for gay sex, so the situation was fixed. The typical channel operator is a suck up to Mr. Goldberg and hasn't been on IRC ever until there was a link on the frontpage of YTMND.

After Max Goldberg was given IRC Op on EFNet he endorsed a jupe or server ban of the channel #ytmndforums. It is now an "illegal channel name" on over 50% of EFNet servers. In response to this, members of #ytmndforums decided to let Max have his alphabet back and abandoned the channel. They formed a new channel on EFNet called #wop which is for the members of YTMND forums and AlmightyLOL, a YTMND forums spin off.

YTMND Ventrilo

On February 23, 2006, Fyrestorm decided that he wanted a way for the community of YTMND to have a way to communicate VOIP, rather than through text. High and most likely had a fat floppy dong in his mouth, he subscribed to a ventrilo server. The server initially gained more popularity from the "Put Shoe on Head" fad that spawned from it. What happened from that day was absolutely horrible. The world slowly became an acid trip for most of these users. Their overuse of their time in ventrilo slowly made them into NeoNaziFullyRacistCretins, or NNFRC for short. This swallows up the internet slowly everyday. This ventrilo being led by Fyrestorm also love combining powers with 4chan and SomethingAwful for ultimate trolling faggotry. If you dare enter into this ventrilo, Be wary if you are to troll, You might just get trolled yourself resulting in suicide and homosexuality. However, to go there to listen on conversations will be ultimately disappointing. Nearly at least one hundred percent of the time it is about a game nobody has ever played or heard of and like twenty people talking about it at once. Making a crack about it in the chat (i.e. doing a snoring sound) will get you a years-worth ban.

Church of Scientology, Objective Ministries and YTMND

After YTMNDs were made that conveyed to the public the dangers of the murderous cult, the Church of Scientology's legal team issued a cease and desist letter to YTMND, causing Max and various space aliens to quake with fear say fuck you to Scientology by putting a Scientology section on the front page.

See: for more

The Christian fundamentalist site has declared YTMND a terrorist site. YTMND members thought this was really cool but they were in fact pwned because objective ministries is a satire site.

The Video That Started It All

Only one cunt of a man could start something so big: Sean Connery. In the film the Finding Forester, Sean began something even he had no control over.

It is now known that:

  • You should punch the keys for godsake
  • Yes is a great word to say....
  • ....but saying it louder is more lulzy
  • Dog is the man.

YTMND wiki

The YTMND Wiki is the Wiki for all the memes on ytmnd. The site is basically a museum now, because itge site hasn't been updated in almost half a decade.

YTMND the music video

a.k.a. catalog of stolen memes

Trolling YTMND

Aside from making horrible sites on purpose, the best way to troll YTMND has recently been discovered. Several Jesus fanboys have been making sites promoting teh Bible. They then use their unlimited disposable income to sponsor the pro-Jesus sites so that it will stay on the front page, enraging Jews and Satan worshipers alike. It all started when a fat virgin made a site bashing evolutionary science, which caused a huge shitstorm of infighting between the atheist users and 13-year-old boys who suck Jesus's cock for cocaine. Much drama and lulz ensued. Other users made slideshow presentations about Catholics pwning irl n00bs. The comments sections of these sites have become such a warzone that Rabbi Max Goldberg has ordered a cease and desist on several users. Nevertheless, he is a money-grubbing Jew, so he still takes their money. Making a religious or a religious-bashing site seems to be the best way to agitate the shit out of everyone on YTMND.

A classic way of trolling YTMND is to make sites with the same shick image and sound. Some regular users do this to gain e-fame. Additionally, one can make a fad related title, but the YTMND itself contains nothing but a naked old man. Shock material is not always necessary. If one wants to do the "fake noob troll" then simply make your image and sound so bad that it is obvious to anyone who is not a hippy faggot cocksucker that you are a troll.

Another way to troll YTMND that has been proven quite effective is to make sites depicting animal cruelty in a somewhat glorifying, obnoxious, and kewl manner. YTMND users care more about animal mutilation than actual human mutilation. Some argue that YTMND users may be closeted furries. One can also spread troll links around serious YTMND sites along with a downvote to let the viewer know they have been trolled in some way or another. However, do not confuse a downvoter for a troll. A downvoter is most likely not a troll and merely just an angsty YTMND user that's pissed off because his sites were never successful. The exception to this rule is a downvoter who downvotes everything except troll sites and spreads troll links.

Currently there are a few YTMND trolls lurking around, all of which troll in a different way. Some concentrate on fake, self-created fads or fake fads in general. They bait users to enter a fake fad site they created that in reality contains some sort of shock picture and audio. Others however Troll in the name of the YTMNSFW forums, which are currently overrun by angry child molesters, the mentally deranged, and Nazi party members. Most of these are either forum inside jokes, or the occasional fake fad/shock site. Last but not least there's the simple Fake Noob Troll which is of course self-explanatory. Any of these ways is effective and produce lulz.

An example of YTMND trolling.

This section is irrelevant because nobody goes to YTMND anymore.

Ripoffs of old memes


  • Why tee emendee
  • Something Awful's Graveyard
  • Max Goldberg's Asshole
  • The internets' gay friend
  • Saddam Hussein's attic


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