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A true Punk Princess. Note the pink scooter.

XxPrincessPunkxX, (Powerword: Jennifer Da Costa) commonly known as "Emo Chin of Toronto", is a self-proclaimed spokesperson for the "Emo Movement" who has dead friends. Although her name is XxPrincessPunkxx she doesn't listen to punk music at all and is obviously very scene and listens to Fall Out Boy as she drives her Volkswagen Beetle. She is very clearly an emo fag poser, and in no way should she be taken seriously. PrincessPunk (or Emo Chin) is a loli, emo, camwhore and the subject of countless lulz, resulting from her response to Fox News' investigation of the emo culture. Her response video attacked punkers and other emofag haters, claiming she would box the shit out of them. Of course, this is all a lie, and she is really one of the most amazing and caring people to walk the earth. HAHAHA, DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS.

The Drama Begins

XxPrincessPunkxx spent hours carefully posing for this Facebook profile pic.

Like any good lolcow, she included a drama-ridden and completely incoherent rant about how she stood at the forefront of a "movement" of emo kids, who are just like oppressed minorities. Unlike most "victims" of society, she did not compare her "struggle" to the Holocaust.

The video was originally linked into the /b/ message board at 4chan. Within two hours, the comments on the video had exceeded the views by a 3:1 ratio. As the morning wore on, several video responses were posted. One of which was by YouTuber Neokun127, who was verbally attacking Emo Chin. Neokun127 would eventually go on to defend Emo Chin.

The Legendary Video (Mirrored)

XxPunkPrincessxx gets pwned (prank calls to her cell)

I've had fucking shit happen in my life. I've had three of my frickin' friends pass away on me. Comitting suicide.


—XxPrincessPunkxX, I would kill myself too if I were one of your friends.

Why are you hating on something that's probably going to be bigger than what you are now?


—XxPrincessPunkxX, assuming everyone is part of an inferior clique.

What the hell...World...that's like killing gay people because they're gay...killing black people because they're black...killing an Arabian child because they're Arabian


—XxPrincessPunkxX, Missing the point that fags, nigras and sand nigras don't choose to be social outcasts, Emo kids do.

  • Q. What do you tell an emo girl with two black eyes (presumably after "turning her fucking head like Jesus")
  • A. Nothing you haven't already told her twice!

Response from /b/

As the story goes, Emo Chin joined a Blindmute Loli AIM chat to whore her video and wrath was administered by the heavy hand of Anon.

She never entered Blindmute Loli, as she doesn't have an AIM account. Her video was randomly linked into 4chan's /b/ by a dark twist of fate, and hilarity ensued. Eventually, Emo Chin's personal data was leaked onto the intarbutts, and she began to receive countless prank phone calls and emails.

Emo Chin was on Suicide Watch and had threatened to overdose on medications including heart medication. She had been hyperventilating over the phone. Eventually, Neokun127 recorded a video where Emo Chin spoke through his speaker phone and posted it on YouTube. This was the turning point, and Neokun127 became a target of /b/'s wrath along with Emo Chin for the rest of the evening.

Recorded Prank Calls


Goodnight Sweet Princess

As of 7/17/07 XxPrincessPunkxx has deleted ALL of her YouTube videos. Her "goodbye" video says it all.

"I'm done... I'm finished... but you know what... I'm not... I'm not done, well I'm DONE but I'm not done yet - y'know?"


Note the recurring emo hair flip ... she's had the SAME NUMBER SINCE GRADE SEVEN, SO THANKS!

What does this mean for 4Chan?? Win!

What kind of win, you say??? Oh, I dunno, maybe "Whatever this shit is about Mudkip, Ok, and, Raining chocolate? Whatever."

"Real soon's my birthday, and I'll be 'sweet sixteen'! More like SOUR sixteen, all those pictures all over the internet..."

And the accompanying video description (Spelling preserved for posterity):

    This is to all the 4chan.org ppl i'm not gonna cuss
    i'mnot gonna yell and i'm not gonna take it
    athousand comments come up and many phone
    calls. i'm awoken in shock and hyperventalate. Heart conditions get worse.
    and all i wanted was to get reconized for the meaning of this video
    and not the brutality of it. so. i'm done.

Yes, it's cruel.

Notable Quotes

  • Y'all are just getting all mad because we are starting to be something that you can never be.
  • It is a giant movement."
    • Note: contrary to XxPrincessPunkxX's statement, anyone can be an emo kid by getting a bad haircut and buying clothes at Hot Topic.
  • "You have the power to change what you are -- you have the power to believe in something more-- you -- you! -- your own hands -- yourself -- you have the power to make something of your life."
  • "We will fucking tell you, straight up: WE ARE UPSET! WE DO NOT LIKE OUR SOCIETY! WE WANT SHIT CHANGED! NAO!"
  • "All of this labeling...It's kind of like...Labelism!"

Present Activity

Last Thursday a Facebook group created by her was discovered in which she called her peers to unite against Anonymous. She also claims that Anon had something to do with Mitchell Henderson's demise. It was consecutively spammed by Anon and soon to be abandoned by her, enabling Anonymous to take over. View it here. UPDATE: The group has now been taken over by an emo moralfag who wants to bring it back the fight and some other tl;dr stuff.

She recently made a new Youtube account, [1] which just goes to show her dedication for emokind.

Protip: trolling this particular emo is bound to bring some extra butthurt as their is likely some lesbian white knighting going on here.

Her Photobucket account BALEETED has also seen lulzy uploads of screencaps labeled "traiter" which depict newfags breaking rules 1 & 2. While breaking said rules is serious business, her predictable motive of using them to create pointless drama and atrocious spelling make for a good laugh.

Her Emofag friends' rantings

"4chan is full of stupid pedophiles who have nothing fucking better to do than focus a WHOLE FUCKING SITES MEMBER BASE ON ATTACKING AN INNOCENT GIRL WHO VOICED HER OPINION. gimme a fucking break. What satisfaction does one get attacking someone over the internets and running back to their site to type "omg Epic epic! Win win!" Wow you PHISHED her MySpace account. The easiest shit in the world to do, which isn't even considered hacking. She probably used the same pw for every account shes made under her email...probably had some sort of sensitive material in her email that you got her cell phone/address from. You want a cookie for all of it? Pathetic. But I'm sure you've learned to embrace and celebrate your stupidity 4chan, or btards, or whatever you chose to label yourselves."

@Jennifer "...are you really going to let these sorry excuses stop you from voicing your beliefs and run your life?" [email protected] "Go ahead, id like to see a 4chan lowlife even try and play with me."

Conclusion: All emos and an heros have friends who can't spell. Go troll.

Click this; 'Emochins bebo' BAWWWWW

Just the description of this video is lulzworthy.

Also, she gathered some fanboys on MySpic and JewTube like Shibart here, this video is entitled "Dear xXprincesspunkXx,":


Our own Rena_Maniacle had this to say on the matter.

[-+]The Epic Message (Click to open)

"Listen bitch, you're fucking stupid. Maybe you don't watch TV up there in maple syrup land, but there's these things called trends. See, the 80's brought wiggers and goths, the 90's brought poseur punks and grunge, and the 00's brought emo and scene-fags. You guys are going to be completely forgotten in about three years when the next trend takes over; whatever is underground now most likely.

I'll admit, I listen to hardcore music. But I'm definitely not some retarded-ass emo bitch. Emo music fucking sucks, period. You know why everyone in an emo band is goddamn 19 years old? Because all you do is play bar chords and majors, the bass player follows the guitar and the lead singer screams and then cries. It takes no fucking talent and everyone but the emo pussy's can see it. You show me one emo kid than could even attempt to do me any damage and I would refer you to my fucking knife. Emo is the exact same phenomenon as how metal evolved-a bunch of faggots got picked on in school and then grew up to hate the world.

There's a difference though: Metal kicks ass, emo is fucking gay. Instead of looking bad-ass and getting bigger and making music that a good majority of people listen to occasionally, your sub-culture made a point of how small and weak they were, they were proud to look like pussies and the world has to deal with their shitty-ass music that only they and anyone under the age of thirteen likes. So your friends passed away by committing suicide? That doesn't sound like passing away.... it sounds like fucking killing yourself like a little emo bitch. What happened? Their boyfriend broke up with them? They got beat for being a dumbass emo kid? Oh snap, did their parents backhand them in the fucking mouth for being a dumb cunt one too many times? I can tell just from the background of your fucking video that you have no goddamn problems in your fucking life at all. That's why everyone hates emo kids you stupid slut, because they bitch about how hard life is when there's nothing really that fucked up for them. Everyone knows life is tough, that's how the world fucking works; emo kids think they've stumbled on to something special and they haven't.

Scene kids are the fucking worst though, happy emo's. And the whole dinosaurs and robots? Grow the fuck up before I rip that goddamn ring out of your lip. There's another thing. For starters, your a fucking girl. If I punched you in the fucking mouth you'd go down (especially considering you already have a hideously deformed chin) so what're you gonna do? Box me? OH SHIT! I'd rip the fucking ring out of your mouth in kick you in your dumbass twat, what would you do then bitch? Absolutely nothing, have your goddamn emo friends bitch about me on MySpace.

You know why a "black person" and an emo kid will never get along? Because "black person" have real problems, like you know, black person? And emo kids have nothing wrong at all, except mommy and daddy won't give them a new car for their birthday. Unless your talking about the dumbass black person who pretend to be gangster and from the streets while pulling a 4.0 GPA in which case your just fucking stupid. As for being "black person" I would suggest actually conversing with a black person instead of watching the video's on MTV between Fall Out Boy and Taking Back Sunday.

Now let's work on you. You're fucking hideous, what the hell happened to your chin? Did you claim to be "black person" and get shot in the mouth? And then there's your fucking MySpace pic. You do realize your hair is nasty fucking swamp-ass green right? It's fucking disgusting you dirty skank. You have more eyeliner then a raccoon and you have a SEVERE lack of breasts. And your not a full emo because you aren't sad all the time? Being sad all the time isn't what an being an emo is about, it's about keeping your perfect image together so your little faggot friends won't disown you for not being a fucking faggot. Now at this point let me make a quick distinction. I have no problem with gay people, nor do I have a problem with black people. What I do hate is faggots and niggers, I'm sure you can figure out what that means.

Anyway, back to you. Why not just take a normal goddamn picture and show everyone what you actually look like? It isn't clever to look like a moron who can't work a fucking camera. I don't know how this trend started but it has to fucking stop. And if your so "down" with everyone why don't you have one of them take the picture? You're just a pathetic little white girl who hasn't found what she wants out of life yet. The only thing you ever watch is MTV because it plays your emo-bullshit and you picked up some fake-street talk along the way. Eventually you'll grow the fuck up and realize you aren't going to change shit; it's just a fashion trend and if you don't leave it behind then you're never going to get a job, so good going. The only regret I have is that I won't be there to see your face when you realize one day that yes, you have to grow up, and yes, what you did as a kid was fucking dumb. What are you changing exactly? The punks were against corporations -- they sold out. The hippies were all about peace and love -- their generation is still keeping our troops in Iraq. What exactly are you guys against? Having your heart broken? Well it's gonna fucking happen.

Now please tell me exactly; how does screaming "SHE RIPPED MY HEART FROM MY CHEEEEEEST" Show that one is sick of society and wants something to change? Those lyrics were written by fucking teenagers, take them at face value, it's all they mean. If you feel so strongly about this movement of yours then write me back, I won't result to simply flaming you, I honestly want to see what you have to say to defend yourself. Until I get a message back you from you you're just another dumb cunt."

As you can see she was clearly pwnt, if you bothered to read all that shit. Conclusion? Epic Win for EDiots.

Became An Hero?

You can always rely on the bros for a ride.

Sometime last Thursday, Emochin showed up on a Global News segment about the transit strike in Toronto, Canada, bitching about how she has no way home. The segment aired April 26, 2008.

Princess punk confirms video appearance.jpg

YouTube demands an hero.png Even YouTube demands that she turns into an hero via suicide

She's back!

XxPrincessPunkxX has been seen back on YouTube once again looking less emo and more annoying with the YouTube username xHaiiJinxtx.

Use scrollbar to see the full image


Use scrollbar to see the full image


[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

Hello Again, It's me Jenn!

Bonjure My darlings, Nothing new about me really?

Tis a shame, any ways i know you guys always say "we do not forgive, we do not forget" something or other- But i just wanted to send a friendly hello there! ^_^

Typically of coarse i'm not the same "cam whore", "cum dumpster", "emo chin" You all remember and Loved to hate. I seem to have grown up and learned to spell, however i will admit my grammar could use some touch ups here and there But i guess what i wanted to say was I'm sorry, That i… Hmmm, Offended? but i'm sure thats not the case, i mean- you all were making fun of me and threatening me for the "Lulz". Telling me to "go die" or commit suicide was your atrocious way of getting more continuous Lulz. i mean thinking that you actually have the power to make someone commit such an act, its horrendous really, and as much as i know you all deserve to be ashamed, I don't care enough to say it to you. But what i will say is Thank You, If it were not for all you "trolls" B-tards and So on, I wouldn't be as amazing as i am now, I mean the girl who plays Call of Duty, and Halo and wins, The girl who makes Amazing meals in the kitchen, not to mention the girl who walks into her boyfriends bedroom with nothing but an apron and some heels on. I'm ruthless and Sexy so i've been told and i've become quite an intellectual little miss if i might add. And its all Thanks to you Guys <3 So, leave mean msgs if you want, post photoshopped pictures and whatever suits you're fancy on the internet But that girl you attacked over the internet died along with every weak and cowardice aspiration I had.

Any whoo Dinner's getting cold and my boyfriend has to leave soon, so with that I bid you all a'due p.s don't be stranger message me, try to get to know me, I promise i won't bite unless bitten first.





—"Jenn" claiming that she's over the whole thing

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