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Xenophilia or Xenuphilia, is a branch of furfaggotry describing faggots who want to fuck aliens. This form of cancer has actually existed long before the internet, as can be evidenced by stories of hicks claiming to have been abducted and got alien technology up their asses by alien chicks. One would imagine that it can't get worse than that, but it sure as hell does. Sick fucks on websites such as deviantART are allowed to live their fantasies to the fullest extents possible, and alien-fuckers are no exception. While there are no websites specifically devoted to xenophile scum, you can find their content on just about any furry and/or paheal site.


Xenophiles are a lot like other furfags in that they have a strict diet of fandom-related material. While most furniggers spend a majority of their time fapping to antro/animal romances, xenophiles waste their time watching dull movies with alien/human couples, playing dull hentai games and/or reading dull fiction where aliens land on Earth and fuck humans. The following is a collection of shit that xenophiles are most known for worshiping and/or featuring in their Rule 34.

How to tell if your friend is one

Xenophile Psych

A typical xenophile's reaction to non-alien rule 34.

Xenophiles, like many other sexual deviants, are prone to have persecution complexes. In-fact, out of all the weird subcultures out there, xenophiles are the most likely to accuse you of racism. Furries yell fursecution, bronies have an unwarranted self importance issue and xenophiles will flat-out accuse you of hating foreigners just out of simply disagreeing with inter-species relationships. Furniggers have come close to that sort of faggotry, but never hit quite on-mark. Also notable about the xenophile mind, is that it has a way of seeing the normal as abnormal. You don't have to disagree with their fetish for them to hate you; not having it will simply do the trick. By them, it is often assumed that anyone who doesn't want to fuck a xenomorph female is most likely gay. This is not the case, though, given that nobody in the right mind would ever want to fuck something with an exoskeleton, rows of teeth and acid blood, let alone something of another species.


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