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The most powerful video game console in the world

Xbox Series X is Microsoft realizing that holy shit we have competition and have to try to fight Sony for once. It's the most powerful console ever created, still just buy a PC. They decided to go capitalistic and start buying a shitload of companies as their studios now don't mean shit, but all the exclusives can be played on PC anyway so just buy a PC. This console also has backwards compatibility for all the old people wanting to play old games. There is also the Xbox Series S, basically the cheap version of the console with less graphix, shitty frame-rates, less ram, and all digital. Buying a cheap PC is still the better option.


  • Backwards compatibility with all Xbox One games, most Xbox 360 games, and few Xbox games.
  • Xbox Game Pass which gives you a shit load of broken games for $10 dollars.
  • Smart Delivery basically giving away the game for free if you already bought it on Xbox One. This pissed off EA.
  • Xbox Cloud Gaming. It was hyped up as the future of gaming when really it's just streaming Xbox Game Pass on cloud.


Upcoming Games

  • Halo Infinite: The new Halo game that's going to sell Xbox's just the teabagging experience. It was supposed to be a launch title, but due to it looking like vomit it was delayed by another year.
  • Forza Motorsport: New Forza game that's probably going to be exactly the same as they last.
  • Fable: No not that Fable you sick fuck. A new Fable game.
  • Perfect Dark: Perfect Dark reboot from Xbox new in house studio as Rare just make dogshit.


Basically just buy a PC.

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