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X intensifies will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.
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Thanks, Tumblr! the fruits of your endless faggotry serve as great fodder for our use here on ED to show the world how depraved and stupid it really is.

X intensifies is a meme based around a somewhat-funny subtitling choice for an episode of Breaking Bad. As time went on, the meme got more and more tiresome and worn out (just like every other maymay in existence) and rather quickly got over-infested by My Little Pony gif macros (also like every other meme ever created), piling on to the rampant faggotry.

On paper, this meme seems like at least comedy bronze, just take an image macro, animate it to make it shake, and add a caption ranging around "[(X) intensifies]". in reality, the people who found it funny made some pretty piss-poor excuses for funny, again following the pattern of every meme in existence. It seriously didn't help when the bronies got their hands on the meme and almost immediately zerg rushed the internets with even worse attempts at breathing life into this dead and rotting meme. As anyone will tell you, Forumlambda.png ponyfags ruin everything.

The Birth of a Zombie Meme

Last Thursday, a 4channing brony had just gotten out of a Dungeons and Dragons gathering and all of his sweaty high school virgin friends went home to go through another night of a Vaseline self-massage treatment. Said brony doffed his fedora and went on the computer to see what to sperg out at this time when he suddenly got an idea after seeing the Breaking Bad episodes he torrented from PirateHub. He could actually do something for 5 seconds of his life, go to his pirated copy of Photoshop, take one of his pimple-laced selfie pictures, add a shake effect to it, and then add some random text that said "badassness intensifies", then make a new thread all about this great discovery. When he did just that and word spread about this amazingly lazy discovery, about 100 more people did the same thing, taking random snapshots, shaking them, and adding whatever retarded, lying text about them they could, from "coolness" to "jimmy-rustling" to "shittiness" to "erection" to "faggotry"; to adding text with no shake to make it pointless, to adding 365 different shitty filters on the shaking pix, it was a gold mine for about 3 minutes.

Then it already became a dead meme, with everyone getting pissed that it wasn't funny or clever anymore, despite it never being funny to begin with. Seeing that the brony's creation was dying, he decided to post another one to another new chan thread, this time the same exact thing only with some MLP-splattered bullshit. Before he could post it and revive his creation though, someone else did it first, and everyone once again went ape shit. Everyone loved and cheered for it again and the brony felt depressed and sobbed into his deflated and stained blowup doll. The only way to redeem himself now was to take a swig of shotgun mouthwash. He promptly did his first and only livestream, hooking up his 10 year old webcam used for his livestream strip sessions at Fuckbook, linking his stream to every message board and on Tumblr, attempting to become an hero for the cause. The only downside to this was that it was promptly seen by no one, with his $1 camera's lack of sound and 144p-like resolution, thanks to his dried cum stains on the lens, making it look like he just fainted, and everyone that did try to see it just laughed at his blurred episode. No funeral was held because nobody cared.

To this day, his creation spreads and is part of the hideous cancer, now a part of shitty free gifmakers internet-wide and corrupted once again by the pony-humpers, determined to kill every meme they touch in their path. RIP in Pieces dear virgin brony, you won't be forgotten.


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