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XRazorfistx is actually a man IRL.

Enjoy your cock!   8====D (_(__)

Breakingnews.gif Breaking news!
Razor and Asa fell out because lolpolitics!
Doesn't she look great?
His reaction after one of his fansheep (THANKS!) discovered the ED page. He also denies his real name despite evidence saying otherwise.

Razorfist or xRazorfistx (Daniel Harris) is a hipster metalfag who decided one morning to let his hair grow until it became Rapunzel length, put on some eye liner (covering it with shades), and listen to a recent album of Metallica. While not explaining how this gives him any musical superiority, he also watches enough Zero Punctuation to be able to review games and movies as well. The interesting premise of him being both a metalhead and a gamer brought in audiences from both crowds. Another thing to note about xRazorfistx is that he's a YouTube Partner, so instead of being the forgettable talentless hack that he is, he actually gains viewers. No matter how often he tells his viewers to fuck off (fans or not) or bashes games/movies that are popular or likes things that are universally hated, people will still watch his shit and his subscriber base will continue growing.

He WAS friends with the attention whore Asalieri, and would've defended him to his death if he had to, but of course Asa needed another cow to leech off of, and once Razor caught on to what he was doing, he wanted nothing to do with Asa anymore. Often considered the embodiment of /v/ (even though he considers /v/ the spawn of Hitler), by his enemies and loves to piss off the fanboys of the games he reviews, such as Call of Dooty and Catherine, which is just basically him bashing weeaboos for most of the duration of his supposed reviews. His own fanboys mostly consist of various retarded tryhard manchildren who just nod to everything he says and metalfags, who will attack any one who opposes the almighty xRazorfistx. He no longer supports the fat fuck Asalieri due to him blocking Asa and Asa dodging Razor's phone calls like a clingy ex.

When the Don Callis impersonator Razorfist is not talking shit on YouTube, he's busy showing off his artistic skills on DeviantArt. Usually drawing fan comics and art involving his favorite video games, such as Thief and Silent Hill. Nothing else interesting really, not even a Garrett and Harry Mason ship.

The Rageaholic

The Rageaholic is the tag name of his video game and movie review series/vlogs/etc. His game reviews are pretty much similar to any other angry styled game reviewer, including him speaking fast and throwing in random images unrelated to the game itself to showoff his frustrations and praise. If you rightly point out just how similar his style is to that of Yahtzee Crowshaw and Zero Punctuation (whom he ingeniously refers to as Nahtzee and Zero Originality) he will throw a massive hissyfit and post a TL;DR reply to you, essentially saying, "NUH UH!!"

It's interesting to note that xRazorfistx is a massive fan of and claims to be heavily influenced by the comedy stylings of Dennis Miller. This is appropriate, since Dennis Miller is a massive sellout whore who ripped off the act of a far more talented performer and tried to pass it off as his own without anybody noticing, too.

Another common and most notable theme about The Rageaholic is that it involves him having "controversial" beliefs when it comes to gaming and movies, something to make him look more "edgy" and to attract more hipsters. Like for example he'll hate one game solely for the fact that he hates the developer that made it, even if the game itself was generally liked or considered fun by many, and anyone who counters his arguments will either be bitched at by some metalfag wannabe or be booted off his channel. Or he'll love something that is generally hated by almost everyone just because he thinks that their opinions came from more popular and better reviewers.

Razorfist are the most smartest man

The main problem about The Rageaholic is that anyone who doesn't share his opinion on something "major", if he doesn't block them first, he'll go on a massive tangent saying how either their opinion sucks or that their opinion came from elsewhere instead of being their own original thought as his final defense. Little does he know that there are plenty of people that get their opinions ONLY from him. While he has shown that he despises the fact that originality doesn't seem to exist anymore, he's still perfectly fine if his fanboys share his thoughts just for the sole fact that he's Razorfist.

Oh, and don't you dare even consider criticizing his work, or you'll have to face the wrath of waves of wanna-be hipster fanboys and him personally.

Doesn't even play the games

Achievementunlockedtrophy.gif ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED
-9000G - The Only Winning Move Is Not To Play.

To nobody's surprise, it was recently discovered that Razorbitch, of course, doesn't even play the game he reviews. Instead, he just copies whatever someone else said as he is too busy putting on eyeliner while fapping on cam. Excuses could be made for actual reviewers who don't have time to go through all the game, as they have this thing called a deadline and need to have a review ready at the same time as the release. They are often sent copies of the game a few days before the actual release, but since nobody gives a shit about Daniel Harris' opinion, he can't use that excuse. He is nothing more than a hack who knows even less about videogames than Irate Gamer. Despite his use of this style of "research", Daniel hilariously attacks Yahtzee for doing the same exact shit.

Video Thumbnail Release and review date Actual time played
Razorfist Dead Island thumbnail.jpg
Dead Island
Release Date:
September 6, 2011
Review Date:
September 30, 2011
Razorfist didn't finish dead island.png
Razorfist Final Fantasy XIII-2 thumbnail.jpg
Final Fantasy XIII-2
Release Date:
January 31, 2012
Review Date:
February 25, 2012
Razorfist didn't finish final fantasy XIII-2.png
Razorfist Gears Of War thumbnail.jpg
Gears Of War 3
Release Date:
September 20, 2011
Review Date:
October 14, 2011
Razorfist didn't finish gears of war 3.png
Razorfist Resident Evil 6 thumbnail.jpg
Resident Evil 6
Release Date:
October 2, 2012
Review Date:
October 17, 2012
Razorfist didn't finish resident evil 6.png
Razorfist assassin's creed 3 thumbnail.jpg
Assassin's Creed 3
Release Date:
October 30, 2012
Review Date:
January 15, 2013
Razorfist didn't finish assassin's creed 3.png
Razorfist black ops thumbnail.jpg
Call of Duty Black Ops
Release Date:
November 9, 2010
Review Date:
April 9, 2011
Razorfist didn't finish black ops.png
Razorfist dead space 2 thumbnail.jpg
Dead Space 2
Release Date:
January 25, 2011
Review Date:
April 9, 2011
Razorfist didn't finish dead space2.png
Razorfist mortal kombat thumbnail.jpg
Mortal Kombat
Release Date:
April 19, 2011
Review Date:
Jun 2, 2011
Razorfist didn't finish mortal kombat.png
Razorfist marvel vs capcom thumbnail.jpg
Marvel vs Capcom 3
Release Date:
February 15, 2011
Review Date:
Apr 9, 2011
Razorfist didn't finish marvel vs capcom 3.png

Daniel just admitted he's too fucking cheap to buy the games he reviews. Supposedly a friend of his gives him "review copies" from Gamestop. In other words a friend is giving him games since he's poor. (The friend's name is µTorrent.)

Razorfist admits he doesn't buy any of the games he reviews.png

Doesn't Even Edit His Videos

If you thought not even playing the games was bad he doesn't edit his videos (or produce really with the exception of his lazy v-logs). He has a friend who comes over and shoots videos of his bukkake covered girly face then goes home and edits them for Daniel. You may wonder why this is. Well simply put(and something he's admitted multiple times) is his computer and equipment is complete and utter horse shit. The specs on Razor's computer is a 386 chip, 2-D 2 meg graphics card, 1600 baud modem running on windows 3.1. You can also tell it's not edited by Razor because it looks like a 10-year-old with ADHD that snorted a whole bag of pixie stix and was inspired by B-rated early '90s MTV music videos.

The Butthurt Fanboy surfaces

If there was one thing you don't want to do with Daniel here, it's say anything bad about XBOX, Especially the recently announced XBOX ONE. While he will be the first to dismiss any and all accusations of his fanboyism it showed in his most recent vlog. He calls out his entire fanbase for not wanting a constantly monitoring, used game fee enacting, underpowered and overpriced bro fisting foozball machine. Everyone apparently even his own friends are parasites for feelin that this machine is complete shit.

He essentially has no grounds to stand on and showcases that he's basically taking it in the tailpipe for a multibillion dollar company that could care less that his pasty ass is alive let alone white knighting for them. He even took the battle to Twitter where again he showcased that he cannot handle actual facts being discussed by others. To Razorbitch if anyone has an opinion before him they should be damned, especially if it's not one he agrees with wholeheartedly. Maybe he'll write a Black Metal song about how everyone should take a walk off a pier for ever thinking that his beloved all American company is actually takin it to his ass and going in dry (Which they are happily)

"So... My beautiful face and bitchin' taste in music invalidates perfectly valid gameplay grievances?

How do you clench your ass-cheeks without decapitating yourself, you knuckle-dragging, quasi-sentient AIDS germ?"


A typical response from Razorfist.

I like alot of your videos. But dude this just looks too much like a part fanboy video and a part video of just saying stuff like they are facts but they ain't, at least not right now. Get your shit together Razorfist.


—one of his fans realizing how he's full of shit

did MS pay you? considering that they are currently paying anyone off to avoid a stock crash its really not far fetched,

no one can be this dumb to defend the shit that the xbox one is.


—another person realizing how much of a fanboy razorfist is

A true hypocrite

In June 16,2013 razorfist decided to change sides after knowing his favorite company got brutally raped in e3, well to be more frank he still tried to make fun of sony even after he was wrong about them, he made a complete fool out of himself as he was defending microsoft a while back and bashing sony, yep this is what razorfist has fallen into, he is now a complete hypocrite.


As soon as Microsoft backpedaled on the DRM with the Xbox One, guess who switch sides AGAIN.

Razorfist are the most smartest man

"Much like anyone who contributes to encyclopedia dramatica they deserve nothing but your pity and contempt."


—Razorfist showing how unbutthurt he is after reading his article.

"Weren't you the one who flipped out on twitter and came to microsoft's defense? Did you just up an change gears? Also aren't yo the one who complained about PC users finishing Bethesda's unoptimized cash grabs with mods that fix and make the game better?"



"You know exactly 'fuck' and 'all' about anything.

I didn't defend shit. I called the drooling mob (with you, presumably, included) out for reacting to stories that weren't yet verified. I spent 6 minutes of a 9-minute VLOG ripping Microsoft a new asshole, but on 4chan, evidently failing to fall lock-step with the rest of the Winged Monkey Brigade is interpreted as 'defending Microsoft'.

Skulk back to 4chan, now. As that's where your fallacious opinion of me was fictionalized to begin with."


—and now you see razorfist's response to what cthulhujack said, remember that cthulhujack never cursed or attacked this calm individual.


A true intellect at work here.

A while back he uploaded a video of himself jerking off while naked onto a porn site. He made no effort to cover up that it wasn't him and even gave out a phone number for people contact him ArchiveToday-favicon.png(archive) archive2. Not only this, but he used his real name for the video despite denying this was his name when directed to this page. Sadly only a cached thumbnail exists for the video, but this won't lessen the damage this would do to his reputation.

The only other alternative is that faggot had the idea to show off his self-jerking skills, to one of his male fanboys, who mistook him for a girl, and when confronted with dickpics lulzly leaked the video, complete with Daniel's contact info.

Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg
Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg
Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg
Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg
Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg
Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg
Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg Razorfist Wanking On Cam.jpg


Real name controversy

When first Daniel found out that ED had found his Facebook, he did nothing more than whine a bit, before he turned on a dime, and denied everything, including his fucking name. So in attempt to cover up his sleazy tracks, he erased his Facebook, and only started calling himself RAZ0RFIST instead. Now you can deny all you want, Daniel Harris, but it is not going to change the facts. His name was also confirmed by a troll who briefly had him on Skype. On this site he used his real name, birth date along with obvious hints it was him. The birth date confirms this.

Razörfist aka Daniel Harris
xRazorFistx aka Daniel Harris
Daniel Harris.PNG

Now if that wasn't evidence enough, you could also read one his reviews, where he proudly announces his name:

Razorfist The Metal Critic.jpg
Guest review by Daniel "RazörFist" Harris

His former E-Girlfriend

Almost attractive
Almost badass... if it wasn't airsoft.

Powerword: Fb-favicon.png Erica Rae Drake.
Because of his webcam exploits, and his tiny dick, Daniel has been forced to look outside America for pussy. Luckily he found a whore dumb enough to scissor him. This prostitute went all the way from Calgary to Daniel's shitty sperm-infested apartment in Arizona, just for a chance to meet fuck the famous Daniel Harris. When she is not having her vagina stimulated by Daniel's vagina, she of course also likes to go to Deviantart-favicon.png DeviantArt for constant appraisal of her shitty drawing skills. After ED exposed Ms. Harris for the fraud that she is, Erica decided to wisely run away.

Razorfist And Nocturnalcuves.jpg
Daniel actually looks more like a crackwhore than she does

"Metaler" incarnate

Daniel's #1 fap pic

One of Daniel's many claims to fame is he is so metal that he shits Thor's hammer while hoagie slapping teh devil. The problem is

  • His taste in metal stops after 1988
  • His taste in metal fashion stops after 1988
  • He likes the most main stream metal bands EVAR and the ones that aren't sound like ass.

For a guy that claims to be anti-establishment he likes Dokken, Judas Priest, Queen, etc. That would be the gaming equivalent of sucking on EA's & Activision's cock. He also likes Stryper, one of the gayest bands in metal history. This should be no surprise since he likes Asa's two inch Argentinian cock up his tender white ass.

When he is not wearing sun glasses indoors (something no self-respecting person does) he praises death metal, a genre only popular amongst 12-year-old boys whose testicles haven't dropped yet.

To summarize Razor is like every pseudo-metaler you meet at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go who will tell you what a chick magnet he is while he blows you through the glory hole of their dirty bathroom. Also in the year 2013 he still listens to Alice Cooper and wouldn't know any of the great metal being produced today. What a fucking ignorant twat.

Friend Zoned

The chink.
Why Daniel was friendzoned

So our old buddy Daniel was a friend with a chink named Miss Macy, now he wanted to get laid with her and finally for once in his life he get's to score, but what he didn't know was that she was in a relationship with another daniel.

So when he realized she had a deviant art account he replied in her profile with his account which is CaptianSpandex, however he was extremely disappointed when he saw that she was in another relationship, but what was more embarrassing was that the person she was with had a name like him.

To add insult to injury, Miss Macy chose this guy instead of razorfist, this may have started razorfist's hate against weeaboos and why he detests them more than satan himself.

razorfists's comment.
The other daniel with the chink.

Daniel Harris Attempting To Diagnose ED

Because of Daniel's USI, he cannot stand the ED article, so despite nobody giving a fuck about him, and his shitty reviews, he still decided to attack ED, due to his massive butthurt EGO. Needless to say, his attempt at attacking ED, is futile, and it serves nothing more to show him as a passive aggressive pussy, trying to hide behind a sock account. It is essentially Daniel Harris trying to be armchair psychologist. His sheepish fanbase continue to believe he's telling the truth and think that we are the assholes who are spreading hate.

Daniel Harris believes that this is run by one man VIDEO BAHLEETED! Reuploaded

ED's attempt at diagnosing Daniel Harris

Razör's Edge

On July 4th Razorfist debuted his new show "Razor's Edge" where he discusses the inner workings of professional wrestling. The show debuted on a channel belonging to former WWE writer and one of the most controversial people in the industry, Vince Russo. In the pilot episode, Razorfist spergs out at rapid fire pace about workmanship and poor booking. It has been generally well received by wrestling fans, whose average IQ hovers somewhere around the 60 ballpark. You can watch the video here.


Just slam that X button and watch your problems disappear


—[Daniel], Showing how much of a fucking Thief poser he actually is by playing the game on the Playstation

If the Rageaholic's Battlefield 3 versus Modern Warfare 3 was the only conflict more pointless than World War 1, then allow me to introduce you to the Vietnam war of the video game industry: Call Of Duty Blacks Ops 2 versus Halo 4.


—Razorfist, Showing his absolute ignorance thinking that WW1 was "pointless". The Ottoman empire dissolved because of this war, you ignorant fucking pillock.


xRazorfistx in one of his entertaining Vlogs, in this one he bitches about some game no one cares about and points at the viewers like they are little children
A Rageaholic review of a game Razorfist hated before it was even released.
Another noteworthy V-Log of his, appearently he enjoys the Star Wars prequels. And thinks anyone who hates them are RLM fans.
Another random "NO FUN ALLOWED" V-log
A very special V-log made to obviously troll Obsidianites. About 80% of it is fact. Lots of dislikes.


God Fuckin Speed About missing Pics
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