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Becuase you saying it's Bullshit" as a "fact" makes you an ignorant anti-science, and anti-curiosity, idiot.


—wwwarea's handling of other opinions

wwwarea in the face of reality. How isn't this a meme yet?
A typical comment from wwwarea.

wwwarea (Powerword: Jesse King), is the sole defender of all that is furry, shitty, and otherwise disturbing to the few normal TARTlets on deviantArt. Being a 21 year old man with the combined egos of Jfreedan and Phil Fish, being the biggest fan of WOLFABOO: The Movie holding the belief that being a normal human being is unfathomable, as well as the inability to shut the fuck up, cramming essays down people's throats and showing off his faggotry, wwwarea proves he has untapped lulz ready to be drained and mercilessly trolled to death. Unlike most DeviantArt lolcows, he always promotes new stupidity and butthurt everytime, and never fails to provide trolls with moar lulz.


Any point that isn't made by wwwarea is apparently stupid.
wwwarea, referring to his bible.
A grown ass man, making childish insults. A common trait shared amongst aspies.

wwwarea first turned up sometime in February 13, 2008, when he adopted the internet alias "wwwarea", based on one of his past obsessions, Megaman. At the time, wwwarea managed to avoid causing any interesting drama, but that would soon change. Around 2013, he took part in an interview for a brony related blog; during the interview, he acted like he would this day and age, a bigot calling other people bigots because they don't share his point of view. You could read the interview here. Also, feel free to look at the comments where wwwarea spergs out over the lulz and drama he created.

The Wolfaboo Who Cried... Endlessly

I want to say to you REM.

FUCK. YOU. You fucking suck at life, you fucking hurt others, and you promote suicide.

I'm never deleting your history. And you won't last here on DA anymore from what I discovered and did. Including the fact that you bypassed the website blocking system, and that I'm going to send DA an update on my existing awaiting ticket about you.

I fucking hope you change, if not. I hope you rot by a heart attack.


We've mentioned that he likes Alpha and Omega, and we mean REALLY likes Alpha and Omega, right? No? Well, like with any furry/wolfaboo, Alpha and Omega serves as wwwarea's key fap source. In spite of all this, wwwarea insists that he isn't a wolfaboo, in spite of defending the shit out of this movie and its supporters and coining the term "Humanaboo" to attack people who don't jack off to unrealistic wolves like he does. He first showed off his furry pride on Fanpop, where he attacked other users for not sharing his lust for A&O. Eventually, another A&O fan made a petition to get wwwarea banned from the site. Wwwarea handled it in true sperg fashion, whining about how the petition hurt him on a physical and mental level, and has even made two sock puppet accounts, attempting to cover his own ass. Regardless, the petition worked and wwwarea was banned. To this day, wwwarea maintains a massive hate boner against the petition creator.

AlphaClub, saying what we're all thinking.
wwwarea (Arrows11), damage controlling.

Sometime later, some loser named REMRadioheadfan96 saw wwwarea engage in his signature BAAAAAWWWfest, this time, over Sonic.EXE. For whatever reason, REM decided to call out wwwarea in a journal. Along with addressing wwwarea's potential Sonic faggotry, REM just barely got the blunt of wwwarea's rage against those evil bronies. Aside from a few replies, most of them not even talking about the journal, nothing painfully interesting came out of all this.... until six months later when wwwarea only now decided to comment on the journal about him and make a journal himself, whining about how much of a big bully REM is. Both journals were unfortunately removed due to the two making a short-lived truce.

My Little Pony Drama

Before wwwarea began his wolfaboo lulz, he was part of another group of neckbeards. Namely, the My Little Pony community. It can safely be assumed that wwwarea was once a sick fuck who got it off to cartoon horses. However, on March 10th, 2014 he made this this lulzy post on his blogger on why he left the MLP community. In the post he describes the horrors of the My Little Pony fanbase. But instead of talking about how these horrors made him leave, he actually defends them.

The My Little Pony community has arguably grown a brain since it was first conceived in the cesspools of /b/, or at least a brain larger in size than wwwarea's. And when the Internet's largest collective hivemind of autism looks smarter than you by comparison, that is a very bad sign. wwwarea moans about how the MLP fanbase is nothing more than a bunch of evil sadists who promote hatred mainly because a few bronies are actually smart enough to not support excessive attachment to fetishes and fictional characters.

He bitched about how cloppers were oppressed by the horrible haters. He declared everything original and normal to be a religious cult, and preached on about he would stand up for sick fucks everywhere! He even defends an unhealthy fantasy that involves pretending to be in a relationship with a fictional character, which as seen by previous examples could turn into something really terrifying.

Eventually after he spouted all his bullshit all over the Brony forum Equestria Gaming, the site owner finally brought the banhammer down on him like a boss. How did wwwarea react? With this lovely post. A delicious wall of rambling butthurt, wwwarea describes how horrible and oppressive the site owner is for ridding his site of 20-something neckbeards who act like children.

The fallout following the Equestria Gaming incident and the oppression of the MLP fanbase scarred wwwarea for life. A month later he was still rambling. And over a year later, his hurt ass still hasn't healed entirely.

The Return

Upon discovering wwwarea's lust for A&O REM decided to make an anti group against that feature length piece of furry porn, and shock of all shocks, wwwarea got pissed and took to stalking the group, replying to nearly every new comment and whining about how people who rightfully hate A&O are biased and bigots. It didn't stop there though, for BAAAAAWWWarea took to attacking one of REM's supporters just for posting a link to a negative review of Alpha and Omega. This faggotry isn't limited to dA. If you look on certain negative A&O reviews on YouTube, you'll see wwwarea crying like crazy.

Yep, he went this far.

This drama would end soon though, but not for long. Following a good couple of months of no drama, REM posted a snapshot of a man requesting a picture of Elsa from Frozen, naked. The requester also claimed that he has wet dreams centered around Elsa, among other disturbing comments. Knowing wwwarea, he immediately took to defending that clearly sick fuck, starting yet another flame war. Throughout this war, wwwarea went on about how it's perfectly fine to tell random people about your wet dreams and that anyone who doesn't want to hear them deserves a fate worse than death. This alone should prove that wwwarea is far from redemption.

During this time, wwwarea began to exhibit emo tendencies; this could've been him pleading for sympathy, or a way of gaining attention from his 'fans'. He brought up shit about how society should be more tolerant of sick fucks and that this is all making him depressed. Because apparently, the internet is just like real life, and we must cater to the sick people and punish the few remaining normal people. Again, he's a 21 year old man; however, faggotry doesn't discriminate amongst ages. This drama didn't really get resolved, and it only got worse as time went on.

More recently, REM joined in on trolling the shit out of a pedo in denial, illcitvirus115, along with his butt-buddies. It took a while for wwwarea to know about this and immediately after REM called out one of Virus' friends who requested a picture of the Kids Next Door peeing while naked, wwwarea flipped his shit and just like that, the war resumed. wwwarea went on a tangent about how REM is a horrible person for allegedly driving said pedo off of dA, leaving him to be suicidal. Scratch that! The pedo is alive and well. Go figure. Around this time, wwwarea has completely lost it, becoming hellbent on getting REM banned from dA for pedos and lolcows everywhere. It was also around this time that wwwarea became depressed and contemplated suicide multiple times. This drama is still going to this day, and of course the admins do fuck all about it. On the bright side, we now know that wwwarea advocates pedophilia, so long as it's based around fiction and not reality, generally ignoring how even fictional child nudity correlates with pedophilia.

wwwarea advocates pedophilia, so long as it's based around fiction... Seriously.

Facts About wwwarea

  • During an argument he and REM had on YouTube, REM claims to have been in college at the time and wwwarea claimed that college doesn't matter. This gives the implication that wwwarea never had any aspirations of going to college, likely because then he wouldn't have the time to defend his furry porn.
    • It is also suggested that wwwarea never went to school altogether.
  • His activity on YouTube is a massive contrast to his dA activity. On YouTube, he mainly posts videos of video game hacks he created. Aside from the formerly mentioned comment wars, it's almost as if wwwarea's an entirely different person on YT.
  • wwwarea claims to suffer from diabeetus, which seals his fate as a fat fuck. At one point, he claims that the drama surrounding him has caused his blood sugar to rise.
  • He comes from Dallas, Texas (which would explain his right-wing views). He has since declared that he was going to move because the trolls may try to find him. It's assumed that he moved to Indiana, thanks to him revealing his IP address (and yes, it's on him. This tidbit wouldn't exist if he didn't flash his idiocy.)
  • wwwarea can't take the slightest of jokes against him. A good example would be when someone featured him in a Death Battle meme, causing BAAAAWWWarea to bitch about it.
  • He seems to have a thing about screenshots, and whenever one is posted about him, you'd see the pinnacle of wwwarea's butthurt. No doubt because they prove that wwwarea shouldn't be defended.
  • He created a group called "Anti-Humanaboo", but thinks "wolfaboo" is such a HORRIBLE word to use, thus proving his hypocrisy even further.
  • He treats the dictionary as highly as a devout Christian treats the bible, frequently citing it and using it to inflate his ego.
  • Likewise, he treats science like a religion, Not unlike someone else we know.
  • He calls every person against him, and what he supports biased, yet the way he uses it shows he has no idea what being biased truly means.
  • He seems to be highly respectful towards Realitysquared, all because he made a journal about cyberbullying (which wwwarea frequently cites), paying no mind to the fact that RS has as much of an understanding on bullying as he does on copyright, and running his website.
  • In wwwarea's journals, he hardly provides any solid evidence to back up his arguments (instead referring to useless information from the news) and they instead come off as whiny.
  • All of wwwarea's views seem to be influenced by REM's views. For instance, wwwarea heavily hates Sonic, claiming that REM ruined it for him.
  • He has a tendency to edit his comments/journals after people call him out.
  • He claims people stalk him, even though he stalks his enemies 24/7.
  • He believes his comments are copyrighted. Seriously.
  • wwwarea has recently claimed that public schools corrupt the minds of students, hinting that he was homeschooled and likely lived a sheltered childhood.
  • wwwarea implies that REM should get sent to prison for calling him and others out, even though wwwarea has been found doing legitimate crimes such as blackmail, forcing REM into a contract via said blackmail and constantly stalking his enemies, even going as far as tracking down REM's house and his address.
  • He has a sister. Not much is known about her, other than the fact that she is (or used to be) a furry, and akin to her ilk, she spent all of her time on deviantART and YouTube. She abandoned both of her accounts in 2014, but she could still be reached on Facebook. Scratch that, it's gone. She seems to live a more productive life than wwwarea, having a job, a boyfriend and other shit wwwarea could never hope to achieve.
  • He believes that mental illnesses doesn't exist. Though ironically, when someone claims something wwwarea believes in doesn't exists, he loses his shit.

Mad Art Skillz!

wwwarea pwns photographers!
This picture is worse than the westboro baptist church.

Aside from his usual sperging over people not masturbating to wolves and having actual logic, there were instances where he has also attacked photography in general, treating it as if it isn't a true art style. Gee, doesn't that sound familiar?. It doesn't matter if you have at least one well shot photo, he'll down the entire genre without any reluctance. Now, if someone were to attack an entire art form, you'd expect said attacker to excel in some form of art, right? WRONG. Along with his trademark autistic stamps, he has a few drawings and 3D models, and guess what? They're crap. They're beneath the quality of anything chasethehedgehog or Chris Chan has ever shat out.

wwwarea on Science, Spirituality, and Common Sense

If I believe in the multiverse theory, then I have to believe that Sonic is (unfortunately..) real there.... ...And actually according to the multiverse theory, it's an infinite parallels of realities. It's pretty much that 'anything you think about' is real in another universe...


—wwwarea, stating his belief that his fantasy world (and Sonic) exist. Cuz, multiverse

If the multiverse means anything and everything is real, then in another universe Willy Wonka teamed up with Emperor Palpatine who rides a giant ostrich and has a pet miniature unicorn. Willy Wonka and Palpatine have it out for YOU! And I mean you, as in the "you" of this universe. Also, Willy Wonka and Palpatine have the technology to transverse universes and plan to kill you five seconds after you first read this.

I bet you are still alive.

Still believe the multiverse means anything and everything is real?


—FunnelVortex, using logic against him

Why cover wwwarea's views on science and religion in the same section? Because he finds them to be one and the same. He treats science like a religion and brings science into his spirituality. And no, we are not talking about that.

An autistic TARTlet going under the username of FunnelVortex engaged wwwarea in a game of MAYD TYPENG SKILL tennis. During the process, FunnelVortex learned that wwwarea is a little bit of a lunatic.

It all started when FunnelVortex responded to one of wwwarea's journals, from there it quickly spiraled down the shitter. After an epic battle of teh interwebz, FunnelVortex emerged victorious, only losing a bunch of braincells in the process. However, FunnelVortex learned things that should not have been known.

Thanks to the recent encounter, it is now known that wwwarea's religion is an ungodly combination of New Age and Otherkin. This is not surprising, considering that people who who are really into wolves are into this sort of thing. However, the mixture with New Age gives it a whole new level of spicy lulz, including wolf spirits and the Law of Attraction.

wwwarea has a poor grasp on science and spirituality alike, often making shit up as he goes along. He also seems to lack common sense as well. Here are some of the things wwwarea believes.

wwwarea believes...

  • If he dies he can turn into whatever he wants
  • Established scientific fact is little more than a "belief"
  • We are all souls who used to have it all good but decide to come to this shitty world for no reason.
  • He lives in a dreamworld, literally.
  • That thoughts create reality. So remember if a tornado destroys your town, it is YOUR fault for thinking "negative thoughts."
  • That there is nothing wrong with thinking you are an animal.
  • That you can morph into a cat if you think hard enough.
  • That Tumblr users are a source of wisdom
  • That free will doesn't exist
  • You are created because someone thought you into existence, not because your momma and daddy forgot a condom.
  • If no one is currently thinking about you then you do not exist
  • That Sonic The Hedgehog exists
  • Souls love to take humans for joyrides.
  • Wolves are spiritually superior to humans
  • Otherkin is real
  • Souls are balls
  • Having another opinion is equal to being the WBC
  • Human Intelligence is an improper term
  • There is something called "shift", possibly new-agey terminology.
  • Fapping to naked children and pretending to marry cartoon horses is A-OK
  • Moderators and Admins are stalkers
  • Everything exists, cuz multiverse
  • Matter does not exist
  • Dreams take place in other dimensions
  • Internet slang is serious business.
  • Reality does not exist
  • Animals are just as intelligent as humans
  • We never see anything
  • He should do whatever he wants
  • Most scientists are wrong
  • And everything he sees on the Internet

It should be noted that he only believes in this stuff because, as with all otherkin, he wants to feel special about himself because he has no life. He dreams of the day TEH EVUL HOOMANZ are wiped out by the Otherkin onslaught and he can finally turn into a wolf as he has always dreamed. Unfortunately for him, that day can not come soon enough.

All this intelligence that contributed to this section was obtained from the recent FunnelVortex/wwwarea Internetz War, many bothans died to bring us this information.

In the spiritual world, you could be anything, and that means anything, with the theory of matter, dreams, spiritual world (or could that be the same, who knows?), etc. Because saying "Umm only to what I think isn't weird" doesn't help your argument.


—wwwarea fantasizing. Jeez, I would hate to see what his personal heaven would look like

wwwarea White Knights

wwwarea has somehow gained some notable white knights throughout his time on dA. When it all comes down to it, these people are just as autistic as he is.

UPDATE: Nobody white knights for wwwarea anymore.

  • Deviantart-favicon.png DJ-Aftershock, some edgy Japanese user who came out of the blue to defend wwwarea for whatever reason. Also not very intelligent since he posted his IP address for trolls to trace where he is (and likely dox him). Here're his Soundcloud and YouTube Favicon.png YouTube accounts for the hell of it. Feel free to compliment him on his totally not derivative original character. He has recently discovered this article and tried to get his name removed. Also has a similar view on this website. As of now, he seems to have deserted wwwarea, and it has been theorized that he never really cared about wwwarea to begin with.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Grellfan98, should be no surprise that he and wwwarea would be friends. He has since closed his account, but can currently be found here. See Grellfan98 for more information. Hasn't been as active as he used to be.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png A-Hidden-Society, wwwarea's most prominent fuck buddy. The two agree on almost everything, AHS argues in the same way wwwarea does, both seem to have the same level of maturity, and in spite of all this, wwwarea claims he's an entirely different person. Confirmed to be a sock-puppet, and is currently inactive because wwwarea's using a new dummy account.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png JohnL2000, some spergy peace activist. It could only be assumed wwwarea likes this guy because John cried about screenshots and calling out other spergs. The two appear to no longer be friends.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png Little-Rolling-Bean, possibly wwwarea's only real friend. Mostly because Bean is the type who commonly shits on both sides to appear smarter than everyone else. Doesn't defend wwwarea much.
  • Deviantart-favicon.png LordMasterJohn, a former supporter of wwwarea. He used to agree with everything wwwarea had to say, until finally LMJ caught wind of wwwarea's intense sperging and defected to REM's side. To this day, wwwarea heckles John over being smart and claims that he was never his friend because he chose to stand up for himself.
  • Twitter-favicon.png Sunx_Starx, the sockpuppet account of a batshit insane Spyro fan who has been known to viciously attack anyone who says anything against her main account (even over the smallest of misunderstandings, mind you, since the account she's supposedly defending is a little bit naive), and even went as far as viciously attacking a furry negro because he made a statement that didn't even have to do with Sun in the first place, still holding a petty grudge against him to this day. Keep in mind, while she accuses people of being bullies, even going as far as threatening to report them to the police, she has been guilty of worse actions, even reportable ones mind you. wwwarea recently latched onto her because she's still butthurt over Channeleven helping to get both her dA accounts banned. Look at the links here for more information. Is only active when the situation demands it.

wwwarea and Facebook

This aspect is so sad, it warrants its own section.

Last Thursday, a bored individual came across wwwarea's Facebook profile by pure random, and decided to post a link to it on this article. In the midst of wwwarea's daily stalking of this article, he discovered the link and like a truly mature individual, deleted it, proceeding to write a journal BAAAAWWWing about it. It's important to note that his profile was practically deserted when it was found, leading to the belief that he no longer used it. Yet the accidental discovery of his profile was still somehow a horrible offense to the full grown sperg. Later, he edited the journal, claiming that the profile linked wasn't actually his, which is a load of shit, because why would the linked profile go down at the same time wwwarea discovered the link to it on this article? Even now, he's still not over it. Though one good thing came out of this. wwwarea now serves as the poster child for how Facebook can totally fuck up one's mind.

Recently, he created another Facebook profile and like a true dumbass, he made the mistake of friending his sister again. As to be expected, his profile was re-linked and he put it on lockdown again. Once again, there was nothing on there, and of course he pretends that it was a different guy.


Some years ago a youtuber named "TheDarkRaindear" made a review on the latest A&O movie and calling it crap like the aspie furfag Wwwarea is, made a journal on how DarkRainear's "wrong" and when DarkRaindear responded, he tried to paint DarkRaindear as a cyberbully, when DarkRaindear gave up trying to help Wwwarea because of how much of a pedofeliac furfag he was. This drama caused Wwwarea to go into NERD RAGE MODE, Causing Wwwarea to look more and more like a faggot than ever before.


The autism intensifies.
Yes it's bullshit John, you have no right to say anything about me, and pretend it's not bulls*** over those not you just because you simply "think so" without how.

You disguised your bias non-proven opinions as "fact" when it's not. John doesn't do anything but claim I'm somehow the "same" as the old guy, claims I'm "wrong" (without prove), etc, etc. That's the reality. And you need to leave me alone (To john) because you started it with that comment about your Bullcrap about me. And yes, I have every right to call you out as that as you don't have a right to think your biases are "fact" over me and say so just because you think so.


So much for getting someone on his side.

Upon discovering this article, wwwarea made a journal, crying harder than he has ever cried before. Not enough? He has also attempted to vandalize this article. The first time, he tried to make himself look good while bringing more negative attention to REM, and the other two times, he tried to remove a vast majority of the pics on here. He's also planning on making an article on REM, and considering his impression on ED, hating it due to his own warped interpretation of cyberbullying, spreading his hatred through a bulk of his journals, making a stamp, whining about ED already having a thread on EDF2 and talking shit about those who commented on it, it's bound to backfire hilariously and drive wwwarea right off of ED. Even though he wants to create an article about REM on ED, he fails to realize that ED is not a shitty attack site, and nor does it create drama, but document it. Even if he were to create a shitty attack article about REM, it would probably be flushed within about sixty seconds of him creating it. As of today, it has yet to happen, and all he did was sperg further about REM in this blog entry.

Even more recently, wwwarea's two major critics deemed him a lost cause after milking him for all he's worth. For some reason, wwwarea took it as if he won, and even now, he's still not over it.. As of now, he has declared that he'll be moving to a new dA account to escape further RAEP from the trolls. Although, locating him should't be too difficult. Simply insult Alpha and Omega or anyone that's abnormal on the internet, and he's bound to expose himself.Or not. His critics are preventing him from moving to a new account. Now, being the gift that keeps on giving, he sent a letter to one of the admins on here in a vein attempt to get his shit taken off the article, and as to be expected, he didn't get what he was hoping for.

As of now, wwwarea once again declared that he'll be abandoning his main account after doing some more shit. Though finding him won't be an issue. Just criticize Alpha and Omega or certain fetishists, and he'll come rushing in to their aid. Also of note, REM has hardly talked about wwwarea since mid to late September, but wwwarea on the other hand, he can't get enough of him. Even now, he continues to cry about REM, as well as the allegations that he's a wolfaboo and the auartistic art style of Alpha and Omega (and other films supposedly) getting criticized. To put this into better perspective, in his latest blog, he brought up info of REM supposedly still going after wwwarea, but all that's present is entries and screenshots from early September. Since then, REM got tired of wwwarea, but sadly, the same can't be said for the other way around. Back to the blog entry, the only new info he provided was acknowledging that a link to an archive of his old Fanpop account was put on here, which for some reason pissed him off and that he might post a link to REM's Facebook (and possibly REM's sister's account as well).

Do you see the fucking thing right above the 'Summary' that saids: "DO NOT SUBMIT COPYRIGHTED WORK WITHOUT PERMISSION!"? Other indo: Deltra is REMRadioheadfan96 himself. I don't care if I get banned.


Tenure with KeeganTheHedgehog

Following his latest temper tantrum over Facebook, wwwarea took to defending KeeganTheHedgehog, a man who not only lusts to a train from Thomas The Tank Engine, but draws him with feet and a dick, until it was revealed that he was a troll. Even with that in mind, wwwarea saw an oppressed sick fuck rightfully getting criticized and sperged like he never sperged before.

Relying on Himself for Support

Recently, either due to realizing that nobody (outside of those who participate in the shit he defends) supports him or because he's that insecure, wwwarea has begun to pretend that different people run most of his accounts. He pretended that another person co-runs his blog, he pretends that a different person runs his YouTube account, he pretends that a different person runs his latest dA account/FurAffinity account, etc. (even though ironically, at least one piece of art can not only be found in wwwarea's gallery, but in his FurAffinity account too. It's never a good sign when you have to pretend people support you.

BRB, leaving 4EVUR!

It seems that Wwwarea has actually abandoned his account, possibly DA altogether. His current whereabouts are unknown, but most assume he is hiding in another one of his sock accounts. Except not really. Akin to Sonmanic, wwwarea always fails to keep his promise when it comes to leaving the internet. Instead, he infrequently uses his main account, and he hides out on a new account. Of course, he pretends that it's a different person in order to act like somebody supports him. It turns out that he also has a FurAffinity account, surprise surprise (and of course the name of it is based on his prime obsession), and, another shocker, he's not well received there either. Strangely, he once again claims that he's not the same person on his new dA account (likely the same story for his FA account), even though.

  • Some of the images in his FA account were also posted on his deviantART account.
  • They each act the same.
  • Possibly more.

In his most recent stamp, he whines about how users on FurAffinity oppress fetishists and he brings up how people have hurt his feelings. When a cesspool like FurAffinity doesn't like you, you know shit is fucked. Lastly, still sore over a video criticizing him, wwwarea declared that he'll make a counter video (on a new account, because the other account is totally not his.), but he backed down due to some bullshit over his depression.

As of now, it seems like he actually did leave his dA account, and possibly the entire internet. Get this, it was all because his new account was exposed, along with his FurAffinity account. It gets better, he has implied that he killed himself over all of the drama surrounding him, but give it time, and he'll return to crying amidst his daily stalking of this article. Also, if he did commit suicide, why did he leave his main account open while he closed some of his other profiles?

IP Address revealed

Recently, while whining about how two people supposedly run his accounts, he questioned what he could do to prove his delusions were true. One of his enemies suggested that he and his friend show their faces in a video, but wwwarea instead decided to reveal his IP address because showing his face would violate his privacy. He posted his IP address, censoring one of the numbers, but upon going through all possible combos, each lead to the same place, the Indiana State Library. With this in mind, at least we know wwwarea leaves his house every now and again to exploit the library's internet (probably because his parents didn't want him to sperg it up on the home computer. Or, he's trying so hard to make it seem like he's right about some other guy running his account that he rushes over to the library in case someone tries to trace his location.

More Recent Faggotry

After nearly milking him for all he's worth, wwwarea made the smart decision of uploading a video, bringing up drama that has already been brought up before. For quick lulz, download the video and repost it everywhere. Here it is. Recently, Wwwarea throwed a bitch fit over JMK98 for no reason and Wwwarea banned him. This shows that his BAWWWWWWING never stops.

But wait, there's more. He recently shat his pants for the hundredth time after one of his autistic stamps were mentioned in a review for Alpha and Omega, so keeping true to his character, he made a stamp which consisted of empty insults, yet wwwarea believes he was educating the reviewer and that he was being the mature one. Why don't you show him some love? It gets better. After said reviewer got one of his A&O reviews back up, wwwarea fled to one of his sock puppet account where he, what else, pretended to be a different person, and keep in mind, all of this is over a little screenshot the reviewer included in the video. Things have only gotten worse, to the point that not even Channeleven wants to put up with him anymore. At this point he only has his sock puppet account to provide supportive comments, because if you support anything wwwarea says you must be a special kind of stupid.

The reviewer has challenged Area (in a rational manner, mind you) to make his own review using his own voice. Area had two different reactions (each done on both of his accounts), he claimed his depression prevents him from doing something as simple as recording his voice on his sock account and on his main account, he went full retard.

Area has admitted that he is "not...sexually attractive to humans." This is easily the most accurate and reasonable statement he has ever made.


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The "Cyberbullies"

Cyberbullying is the idea that technophobic schoolteachers and paranoid parents use to push the doctrine that the Internetz will kill you IRL, mostly through the use of trolls to make the victim An hero. Basically it is the modern equivalent to the horror stories parents used to tell children to prevent them from going into the woods.

wwwarea, being as dumb as he is, listens to these fairy tales. Furthermore, he refers to everyone who calls out his sorry ass as a "Cyberbully"

Here are some of the people wwwarea refers to as "cyberbullies".

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