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Wunderground is a place where aging rednecks and autistic teenagers gather from around the web to worship the Almighty Troll Goddess who has generated more lulz than all of the faggots of /b/ combined. Mostly consisting of easily-offended white 'Muricans, Wunderground's community proves to be an unlikely cesspool, which is even more surprising because it is a weather website.


Wunderground, also known as Weather Underground, is a weather website and group that was founded in 1993 by nerds dedicated to the lulz of nature. Yes, you heard us right, a FUCKING WEATHER SITE just got an article!

Wunderground consists of numerous meteorological maps and tools that are useful for making sure you do not become Mother Nature's next trolling victim. Firstly you have the Wundermap, which has everything you need, and then you have a shitton of smaller products which are pointless because they are already compiled into the Wundermap anyways. So basically, it is your average useful weather site just like the thousands of others out there... Or is it?

Wunderground sets itself apart from the rest of the crowd by a public blog and forum feature which allows weather-loving idiots to interact with one another and worship the Troll Goddess. In many ways the Wunderground blogs are like all the other online churches where people praise their gods, and at the same time in many ways it is not.

So how bad can it get?

The blogs

Wunderbloggers are most insightful

This is where the flock of autistic geeks and white rednecks amass to worship the Troll Goddess, usually featuring a sermon written by one of the great meteorologists who own Wunderground.

Wunderbloggers have a rich and beautiful culture defined by many practices and customs. Many bright and intelligent individuals are among those who amass to the Wunderground Blogs to say their praise to the Troll Goddess while voicing their deep intellectual opinions on relevant and important issues in our society.

Actually, when you think about it. It's a watered-down version of Tumblr.

The Troll Goddess' finest creation!


The Wunderbloggers have many ways of worshipping the Troll Goddess, including the following.

  • Boring shit: This includes your average weather discussion which is uninteresting to anyone but those who post it.
  • Wishcasting: Wishcasting is the process of praying to the Troll Goddess to bring forth her glory, whether it be to cancel school or to rain doom upon your enemies! However, like all forms of payer, you can pray all you want but it will never come true. Ever!
  • The Eating of The Crow: A mysterious and otherwise strange custom, a wunderblogger is required to eat a dead crow as a form of punishment for incorrectly transcribing the Troll Goddess' gospel. Although it could also be related to the fact half of the wunderblogger community are rednecks.
  • Doomcasting: The act of preaching how the Troll Goddess will bring her trollululz upon you.
  • Trolling: Well, obviously! But some put their faith into the Troll Goddess so much that their trollululz successfully trolls the other wunderbloggers.

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