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Whether Asian or black, "Word" is most definitely a mainstay of his vocabulary

Word is one of those blissfully ignorant niggerisms that has somehow found its way into the mainstream American vernacular. As you might expect, Word has a black person history deeply rooted in the African American struggle.

Throughout the hundreds of years of slavery, the Negro had largely adapted to its situation; its body became accustomed to labor and its brain capacity diminished. This change, still present today, is manifested in many ways, from its basketball prowess to rap music, and, in this case, its vocabulary.

Correct Usage of Word

"Word" is one of those compact, multipurpose words that can adapt itself to many different situations. The key in using "word" is not in the word itself, but a combination of context, tone, and body language. Here are various ways in which "word" can be used.


  • "Yo, I got the AIDS"
  • "Word?"


  • "Yo, I got some chikins"
  • "Word!"


  • "Yo, I ain't trying to deal with this"
  • "'ain't' is not a word"
  • "Mum's the word..." (British prefix to gossip)


  • Word Up
  • Word to your mom(s)
  • Word?!? (inquisitive and exclamatory)

Microsoft Word, or the White Usage of "Word"

The proposed "urban" release, alas, the streets are not yet ready!

Word is also known as "Microsoft Word", although this usage is restricted almost entirely to whites, as there are There are no black people on the Internet. Word is known for being an overpriced piece of shit that they should have just bundled with the operating system. Paying for Microsoft Word, like paying for mp3s, is highly taboo; after all, you could just as easily pirate it, or download Open Office get a fully licensed copy via torrent, and don't forget to seed, motherfuckers.

Word is also known for a plethora of useless features, such as word completion, office assistants, and spell-checking. All of these features assume that you can't write, spell or think correctly, and for most purposes, notepad is a much better option. However, in special cases Word is the most viable option - for example, dyslexic goth girls that write horrible Harry Potter fanfiction.

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