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"Stop with the misconceptions, you CONSERVATIVE FAGGOTS!"
Classy as ever, Wolfee takes the death of a furfag he does not know as an opportunity to provide some insight/his opinion of some shitty widget.
It's THE MEDIA's fault people think you're a dogfucker.

Wolfeedarkfang, also known by his online Second Life alias Yiffy Yaffle Wolfee Yaffle, is a furfag, self-diagnosed aspie and personal armyfag whose antics have caused drama of epic proportions. He spends his days sullying the interwebs with his contstant whining and general faggotry. Wolfee currently inhabits WoW under his alias of Rigsby. In the dark, cum incrusted bowels of the infamous Moongaurd server, the beast preys on innocent players to erotically roleplay with.

His tale of drama and hypocrisy soon spread throughout Second Life and YouTube when it was discovered he is a zoophile. Instead of accepting his humiliation and sulking off in shame, he took it upon himself to use the incident to attempt to make himself a furry civil rights leader. When called out on this, he screams "FURRIES HAVE NO LEADERS!" while simultaneously telling people how high-profile and awesome he is because he like totally fights the trolls, coming to the conclusion that he is the only person ever to be trolled on the internet. Accordingly, Darkfang describes any and every instance of adversity as just another part of an elaborate, internet wide, multiple-year long master plan against him instigated by "the anti-furs" to prevent him from assuming his rightful place as beloved figurehead (but not leader!) of furries.

And eventually, should you provoke him enough, he'll simply resort to calling you a faggot over and over again. That he has had sex with men in real life and over the internet does not factor into his decision to do so in the slightest.

Grab a seat; the irony and pity in this may overwhelm you.

Wolfee's past

You could see why this could cause problems.

Wolfee has invested a lot of time in the tubes, mostly consisting of sitting on Second Life and fapping to his character. He did this under the guise of Yiffy Yaffle, a purple spirit wolf.

Normally, furries seeing this would get an immediate boner for wolf tits, but in a staggering twist of irony it would seem that even furries realize that there are no girls on the Internet. Rather than accept this, Wolfee got at least 100 furfags to buff his e-peen, and pretty soon, all of the commotion caught the eye of the Patriotic Nigras. Whilst scouting the barren lands of faggotry for lulz, they repeatedly found Wolfee and proceeded to spam the shit out of the areas using spengbab cubes, annoying sound spam and client flooding. As expected, Wolfee was extremely butthurt over this turn of events, and just like every other furry, he claims to this day that the PN are a terrorist group, because fucking around with virtual avatars is the same as doing WTC.

Unsurprisingly, Wolfee tricking his fellow furfags into thinking he was a woman and then waiting until months or sometimes years after the fact to reveal the fact has become a source of controversy for him. One such incident revealed in a now deleted LiveJournal entry described the events of a meeting that took place in rural Alabama with a fellow furiend and ending up robbed and abandoned in the state. This is no doubt due to the reason Wolfee waiting until the meatspace encounter to mention he was born with a penis.

Wolfee PARfag

Wolfee, being a Second Life celebrity and all, clearly had more credibility during the event.

Like many furfags, Wolfee had invested more time in Second Life than he ever thought to in his actual life. Also like many furfags, he had an unquenchable thirst for power. As such, he thought it wise to try and build his own Darkfang personal army. The rational for such a group was to crush such enemies as Angel Fluffy, and other furfags who crossed paths with him. Wolfee attempted to enlist the aid of the Patriotic Nigras, a group he was unfamiliar with at the time, though he would later become very accustomed to their antics. Assuming this group was a ragtag team of pranksters, Darkfang assumed he could simply point out a perspective target for the Nigras to raid and they would oblige. The PN, puzzled that a furfag would even attempt such faggotry, thusly raped Wolfee. His dreams for a rabid attack base at his disposal, Darkfang did what he did best, trying to spin his defeat into a victory. Darkfang went public and claimed that his rival Angel Fluffy had been secret leader of the patriotic Nigras the entire time.

Wolfee Darkfang; Professional Victim

Watch him spin the lie here

This may or may not have been a deliberate lie on the part of Wolfee, because while he is a shitty enough person to throw blame on someone else for things he's attempted himself, he is also stupid enough to immediately assume that the only reason the Nigras didn't join his side was because Angel Fluffy had gotten to them first. Needless to say, it was an embarrassing situation for Darkfang to find himself in, and though he accomplished his goal to smear his enemy, Wolfee remained in SecondLife, dejected and frustrated that his personal army ambitions went unfulfilled.

That is, until...

The YouTube Furry War

Wolfee made a low-key appearance during the YouTube Furry War. As furfags were being told to yiff in hell and GTFO, Wolfee sat aside and made videos to "entertain his friends." Unfortunately Wolfee thinks he is funny, and it is well known that no furries produce lulz intentionally. As the war was escalating to the point where the trolls were about to declare victory and the infamous dog mongler, Dalhusky was leaving JewTube, Wolfee stepped up to the plate in hopes of gaining attention as a noted troll fighter.

This would be the first in a very, VERY long line of mistakes.

I Will Make You Phishers Of Men

Example of these phishing shenanigans.

As the YouTube Furry War died out, the trolls dispatched a phishing plot. A shitstorm erupted as multiple furfags had their YouTube accounts taken and plastered with troll propaganda, and main furries of the war, Theblackhand2, and Tori Belliachi reacted by giving out serious warnings.

The most shocking of them all was the Wolfee's attempt, in which he showed his real appearance; an emaciated, middle-aged basement dweller. Through the video, Wolfee bawwws and just repeats furry power, same old, same old. The interesting bit is that while he had claimed he personally had the phishing site TOS'd, it was already too late; the damage was done and Anonymous celebrated with delicious cake as furries wept on hacked accounts as Wolfee celebrated without any real reason.

This is the first of one of Wolfee's rare and dramatically misjudged IRL appearances.

The "Dox" Operation

Wolfee continued to rally furries by going to their channels, offering secks and talking with a fake girly voice. The furfags were hooked and joined Wolfee's side. Eventually, the trolls decided to expose Wolfee and set out for dox. One troll to have Wolfee's IP address, which dei3and8 thought that could be used to track Wolfee's IRL location and dox. The attempt failed, and he asked his fellow trolls to join in on the plan, including FrizzleFry101. FrizzleFry101, a veteran Patriotic Nigra, he recognized Wolfee from his Second Life faggotry and immediately decided to help. Within about 10 minutes, FrizzleFry101 found an "email" that supposedly belonged to Wolfeedarkfang. As it turned out, Wolfee was a 48 year old furfag by the name of Colton Stephens.

Or so they thought.

The Drop


Trolls immediately had the idea that he should release the information, because Frizzle's dox collections were usually right. Jumping the gun they decided to make a YouTube account by the name of "wolfeedarkfangdox". After seeing this, other trolls got in on the act as well and put two document dropping videos on the accounts, and for about 5 minutes, it was all epic win and internets for everyone. That is, until Wolfee caught wind.

Wolfee came out into the open once more and replied to the video with his fuck ugly mug, challenging the information given in the documents. The staggering irony here is that if he'd kept his stupid trap shut, nobody would have been any the wiser. However, FrizzleFry101 was immediately clued in to the fact that he'd fucked up and mixed up emails between two completely different furries.

As if this weren't already the epic level of self-pwnage that will one day inspire epic poetry, Wolfee continued on to specify "That can't be me, because I live in Florida!"

And then posted pictures of where he lived.

Ya. Rly.

The Real Dox, And The Real Truth

After the trolls made complete asshats out of themselves, they staged a scorched earth retreat and plastered the pain series on the account to get it b&. However, they still knew that Wolfee's shit could yet be uncovered. They held another MSN conference with Frizzle yet again with Wolfee's real email. Frizzle uncovered his phone number, address, powerwords, and other various information.

The really menacing blow, however, was Wolfee's picture directory. Upon sifting through the swirling mires of fail comprising of Second Life screenshots and other faggotry, the trolls dug up a few pieces of yiff art. The trolls lolled and danced at the revelation that Wolfee was a furvert and obviously quite the find.

However, things were about to get even worse.

When Furries Attack

After staying on the tubs moar, Wolfee decided to dispatch his furry army against the trolls. He put up multiple bulletins on how furries were "more superior" than trolls and all of that shit. One in particular, however, caused the conflict to expand beyond the call of duty. A bulletin saying to flag three specific trolls: (drumroll) Paxilrose, Dei3and8 and Theotherpirate.

After a battle of flaggings from furries, Paxilrose and Theotherpirate were unscathed. Dei3and8 was banned, however, and the tiny Furriputians danced on the fallen body of the oppressor. He came back as dei8and3 about 2 hours later, and was re-banned in roughly 4. As retaliation, Dei3and8 decided to deal Wolfee a decisive blow. He dropped the real dox and threatened to keep doing it again so long as he was opposed. The dox video showed evidence of Wolfee's hypocrisy, his real face and the yiffy art on his hard-drive, which Wolfee had previously claimed to never touch. Despite seeing the daming video, they maintained "BUT UR A TROLL Y SHULD WE BELIEVE YOU?"

Wolfee The Zoophile

The pic that caused a horde of furries to BAWWWWW.
By his logic, his own words mean more than actual evidence.

Another council of war was called. FrizzleFry gave out a link of a Google search, and on the search, it had a link to an account on a bestiality forum that was created in 2005 and still had all of Wolfee's personal information. Smelling blood, trolls immediately uploaded this BeastForum to YouTube. A video was created of screenshots of the bestiality forum, with Wolfee showing up proceeded to bawww in the comments. To make himself look even more secure, Wolfee deleted fucking everything just MINUTES after questioning the authenticity of the link.

Let's analyze this;

Wolfee claimed that the trolls inserted his personal details into a major bestiality forum and then haxxored them to make it look like the account was older than it was for the purpose of framing him. Even the average furry could smell the bullshit (probably coming from inside his foreskin) by now, but his small personal army of furry friends continue to flag and harass anyone who doesn't buy into it.

Wolfee's first shot at an "official story" can be found below.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Click image for larger view.

When Furries Defend

Furries made a huge ruckus of the BeastForum account, and still do to this day. As Wolfee still told furries to flag dei3and8 and paxilrose for their acts of "terrorism" (lol), a few furries stepped up to try to debunk the account. A furry claimed that the account was faked and that anyone could have done that (bullshit), by simply hacking into the Invisionfree software and changing the join date.

This theory was questioned by Paxilrose, and he challenged the furry in question to hack into BeastForum and create an account that only he could create and give it an earlier joining date. Needless to say, Lady Vindication is still late to the date.

Another furry, amazingplatypus69 (an underage b& furfaggot) decided to try to combat the trolls by pointing out that the BeastForum account had 0 posts. This is true, but he forgot the fact that you don't need a post count to gain access to people talking about fucking dogs.

Along with the BeastForum allegations, furries attempted to mitigate Wolfee the lighter charge of trying to be a furry leader. He still denies making a powerplay in the furry fandom, though this very article contains numerous examples to the contrary.

Wolfee's Defenders

Furries sworn to defend Wolfeedarkfang, with bawwwww and flagging, from both the evil hy00mans and furries who understand that he is a zoophile.

The cast of freaks Wolfee surrounded himself with was too great not to go in depth, so a new page was created specifically for the antics of his fanbase. Unsurprisingly, many of his stuanchest supporters are big enough fuck ups to have their own individual pages even prior to their involvement with him, which is just another shining example of the company Wolfee prefers to keep.

When Furries Detract

Wolfee doesn't care about being downvoted so much he went out and bought a program that keeps people from downvoting his videos.

Oddly enough for both a YouTube subculture and furries, not every individual immediatly rushed to aide Wolfee Darkfang. Many furries called out Darkfang on his puppyfucking shenanigans from the get-go, telling him to admit his defeat and scurry off. Darkfang, knowing full well this could compromise his best and only defense of "I am a Furry Icon you damn well better support me or Furry Fandom as we know it will die!", Wolfee tried to label his opponents as "fake furries"; trolls pretending to be furries to throw off the base. Making good use of readily available sockpuppets, Wolfee pretending to be a group of people that knew for a fact those that went against him could never be true furries. As always, Wolfee did no research before opening his mouth, and when furries began raising the minor issue that no troll is going to register a YouTube account and sit on it for years on end to frame some ugly asshole, Wolfee faced a harsh backlash. Thusly, he backed off the claims and began the simpler method of friend locking and comment approving his channel and videos and simply saying he had all the furries siding with him.

When asked why his videos had hundreds of views, dozens of low ratings and only 5 comments a piece, Wolfee claimed it was all a part of a manual votebotting campaign against him. He also claimed manual votebotting was vote botting without actual bots. He actually said trolls had made hundreds of different accounts for the sole purpose of negging his shit.


The Guru Phase

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Wolfeedarkfang/videos.

Around this time, Wolfee picked up his bid for a furry army where his SecondLife venture left off. With the recent departure of Tori Belliachi Wolfee thought right slap in the middle of his BeastForum scandal would be the most logical time to take the reigns and become Guru 2.0. Many of these videos offer hilarious and disturbing insight into the life and times of Wolfee Darkfang and are well worth viewing.

The "Re-Hacking" Revelation

Months after his BeastForum was uncovered, Wolfee became desperate for ways to try and clear his name. As a last ditch effort, he attempted to log onto his BeastForum, change the information with hacker memes, and topping it off with gore pics to get the account banned, confident this would be sufficient to fool his fellow furries. With half of his plan complete, Wolfee went on to make a video revealing the vandalism. Many quickly saw through the trick, as, along with incorrect memes, a direct link to PN's homepage, and the direct claim that I am a hacker, and I have taken this page!, Wolfee, while attempting to prove his IP wasn't blocked due to the account being banned, was shown using a proxy to access the page.

Wolfeedarkfang was under the impression this would totally trick everyone.

No, seriously.

Confirmation Lulz

Through some superior e-detective work by several trolls, the BeastForum staff confirmed that the account was not only wolfee's, but he had tried several times to get it removed or changed, including a name suggestion to frame paxilrose and poorly veiled threats to hack the site should his demands not be met. After this revelation, Wolfee decided the best course of action, after a battle of epic proportions against the trolls, and previously declaring to expose their lies and proving them to be expert programmers, would be to simply ignore the trolls. Despite the fact he claimed the account was an elaborate conspiracy and would be responsible for irreversibly splintering the Furry Fandom that could only be prevented by a full debunking, he now maintained ignoring was the best action to take. Remaining supporters, however took up his fight readily.

Spikepapp, fursuiter and fellow retard, was one of the most vocal of these supporters. After the above video was published, Spike went on the offensive. Citing privacy violations, blurry images, and swear words, Spikepapp maintained the incriminating emails were fakes, and announced he was contacting support himself, as he was confident they would side with him. However, after he received his emails, they confirmed the account was Wolfee's. At a loss for words, and no longer to play the "shops!" defense, Spike brought up the fact that there were typos in the emails as basis that they weren't legit. It should be noted that in the very same video where he argues the typos deem suspicion, Spikepapp himself makes a typo, showing the thought process and common sense of the average Wolfee supporter.

Some continue to argue that these are totally not legitimate emails and that trolls just continue to shop and shop and shop fake emails. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to contact DataWorld for themselves for verification. Unless of course you don't have a hard time believing a 30 year old furfag was actually looking at puppy porn and then lied and went apeshit when he got caught.


Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: FurryOps.

Eventually, Wolfee decided that he had taken all he could from the trolls, and formed a Black Ops spy forum in hopes of countering the troller shenanigans. A result of the losing campaign in war that was the BeastForum denial, Wolfee and his buddies decided to attempt to use many of Anons most devastating tactics against them, up to and including planting CP and reporting the trolls to the FBI for terrorism charges.

The results will astound you.

FurryOps was eventually hacked and taken over by Wolfees old pals Patriotic Nigras. In addition to jacking his beloved forum, PN grabbed his messengers and emails, of which contained a very specific and damning piece of evidence against the long suffering Wolfee Darkfang.

Wolfee Quits

The email that did him in.

Following the Furryops takeover, Wolfee had his underground schemes made public, his list of traitor furries exposed, his laughably weak script kiddie software paraded about and email taken from him, the PN made public a peculiar piece of mail Darkfang received a few years prior; the registration confirmation from BeastForum, dated 2005.

Having many of his sockpuppets and his own account hacked, and the last of his die-hard backers turn their backs on him, Wolfee announced via his new YT channel that he had stopped caring, that his accusers couldn't judge him as they don't know him, and that Wolfee (the character) was dead.

He later decided to change his mind, announcing he would only quit participating in the Youtube furry war, and resume working on entertainment-based projects, proving once again Wolfee's word is worthless.

Wolfee now spends his days denying the entire BeastForum scandal ever happened, seemingly forgetting the minor detail of already admitted it. As expected, this has not deterred him in the slightest.

Activities Post BeastForum/Fur Affinity Feud

Pretty much this.
The one screencap that makes it all pointless.
"How DARE YOU call me out on my bullshit?!?!"
"It totally happened you guiz.."

After being shamed and outed as a personal army fag, dog fucker and shitty liar, Wolfee is under the impression he can re-write history by sending out tl;dr walls of text to people curious why such a good honest member of his Fandom has been tainted with an Encyclopedia Dramatica page.

Thank you for you're concern sir or madam. This response is for you're inquiry regarding beastforum. This is a subject I've grown tired of discussing, but will gladly respond to a open minded individual willing to listen to my side of the story rather then just some forum trolls who want to shut me up. The beastforum situation rather it be true or false is a red herring to drive the furry war debate into the wrong direction backing me into a corner in the act of a direct assault. My entry into the Furry war (i know it's a stupid name but that is what the trolls titled it) was when i exposed a phishing website they were using to trick people into revealing their passwords. When i did this, and had the host suspend the site, their focus came to my doorstep. They then began all sorts of negative attacks against me. The beastforum situation is one of those attacks. Slander the messenger to make their message harder to accept. They claim that because there is a wolfeedarkfang account on beastforum that it automatically makes me a zoophile. I will give you a list of reasons why this assumption is blatantly false.

1. There is a furry section to the forum including furry artwork but of a plain and tasteless sense. One can find the same material on Fchan or FA.

2. In Sylvesterfox's videos he shows a time line the forum account was accessed, which shows that from it's creation date, it hadn't been accessed until it was discovered by a troll.

3. The account had never been used to post, and remains to this day with 0 post count.

4. If the account is mine, which i still don't remember signing up, I probably signed up thinking it was something else, and was disappointed and left never to return.

5. In September of 2008 my yahoo email address was hacked to spread incriminating emails about me to all my contacts. During this time anything could have happened.

6. During the time the account was supposedly created, BF required you to make a account to view images.

7. Trolls will say anything to ruin a obstacle that sticks in their side like a thorn.

8. There are many furries on beast forum. Probably out of curiosity like mine might have.

9. The whole beast forum debate; as i said before, is a red herring made specifically to single me out and degrade my stance on the "furry war".

10. I've always been proud of who and what i am. If i was a zoophile, I would admit to it. The furry fandom does have zoos in it, rather we appreciate it or not. Pretending we don't is like Chaney denying he tortured people when everyone already knows it.

I hope i answered you're questions. if not please feel free to message me again being more specific. This was a prerecorded response i send out to anyone asking about beastforum.


—Wolfeedarkfang, trying to cover his ass

In addition to continuing to play the furry martyr card, Wolfee can't decide if he wants to run with the theory that he made the account under the misinformation that it was furry centric, or if he wants to continue pushing the claim he never made it at all, despite number one being something he couldn't possibly know without having had complete access to Beast Forum. As such, he does both, apparently under the assumption this will make him look double innocent. It should also be noted that Wolfee slapped this top 10 list of lies everywhere using, surprise surprise, another fucking sockpuppet. When called out on it, he abandoned the account.

In addition to the PM, he's taken it upon himself to start a honest and true blog on "his perspective" of the Furry War (Warning; Wolfee knows nothing of punctuation, grammar or paragraph breaks. If the retarded subject matter doesn't stop you from finishing, the formatting will.) Unsurprisingly, he downplays the entire BeastForum scandal entirely, dismissing it as an unbacked accusation that, according to him, he handled flawlessly in no time. He spends the other mass of text describing how awesome his friends are, "disproving" various other scandals he's found himself involved in, and denouncing FurAffinity forum moderators and admins as trolls for failing to delete sourced and cited threads about Wolfee's shenanigans, as well as his making of (very poorly) veiled threats to have the forum pulled by complaining to it's webhost if his demands weren't met.

All of these efforts, however, are for naught, as Wolfee has clearly forgotten he had long since admitted his guilt in regards to the BeastForum creation, thereby making this newest venture in attention whoring just another example of illogical, pointless, embarrassing attempt at glorifying himself that earned Wolfee Darkfang the reputation he has now.

A timeline in pictures!

FA seems to be very troll friendly. Case in point is how FA admin handled Wolfee Darkfang. On the forums trolls have made Wolfee Darkfang into this horrible person to be reviled and hated. Yet when Wolfee did the right thing by raising up and defending himself and reputation on the forums the admins chose to side with the very trolls tearing him apart by warning Wolfee that if he continued to object to what was being said about him he would be reprimanded for TOS violations. Wolfee hardly ever goes to the forums anymore becuase of that incident and really I can't blame him for that.


—Tamias the Chipmunk gives a very unbiased, totally accurate analysis on why Wolfee haet FAF

Handling His New Reputation

Wolfee prefers spending a lot of time thinking up irrelevant retorts rather than acknowledge his mistakes; this one in particular is a favorite.

Having failed in his attempts at gaining his own horde of on demand furry peen, his bid to be a respected Furry Guru, and the pitiful results at rewriting his past, Wolfee made what he clearly considered a moving speech in regards to respecting differences, which in no way similar to some other peoples inspirational videos. This video is really only notable in that he is no longer hiding his cult like agenda, bouncing back and forth between zoophilia, Religion, and friendship while making the case that he should be trusted without question because he is a true friend. He cries about being used for his popularity and some faggot shit about his YouTube fanbase. It is hoped this video is a prelude to a mass furry suicide. For the most part, Wolfee uses this video to blame his entire reputation on his BeastForum and the "troll accusations", completely ignoring the fact that he has attracted controversy like a magnet everywhere he's gone even before the incident, and has become so controversial in the community that he doesn't appear in forums or communities he can't edit on a whim under the name Wolfee Darkfang. Fun Fax; This video was a direct contradiction to numbers 6 and 14. The reason for that is that Wolfee believes "In a world where [the trolls] exist then there is no God". It's true. Ask him.

Pawning the blame off on his fellow furries as trolls, Wolfee has decided the best way for him to get the good name he never had in the first place back was to set up a rival video sharing community in which he had total and unchallengeable authority. Enter his...

Wolfee and Encyclopedia Dramatica

For the most part, Wolfee whines that his Encyclopedia Dramatica article is an awful, untrue slander against him. One of the driving forces behind his desire to create FurryOps, Wolfee realizes that with the article being number 1 in Google search results for his name, some of his beloved furrydom may take a gander at said page and realize he is a cancer to be avoided, lest they too be afflicted with the dreaded furry drama. He tried several tactics to rid the internet of the page, from standard blanking to even attempting to contact ED Syops to inform them trolls were using Encyclopedia Dramatica "improperly" to tarnish his good name, all of which were done in vain.

After several unsuccessful, publicly humiliating examples of failing to have the article pulled, Wolfee began to tell inquirers that Encyclopedia Dramatica and it's articles are satirical, implying the wiki and it's editors happily add explicit nontruths to articles for shits and giggles. Under this newfound understanding of ED's mission statement, Wolfee happily acknowledges that the article exists, but that "since it's all satire, none of the information there can be used against [him]"; blissfully unaware that it's satire in that it describes the adventures of a swamp dweller that has sex with animals and attempted to lead an army of autistics on an internet crusade, only to fail spectacularly, and presenting it as a tale of gripping intrigue and suspense. Not because people went out and made up 5 years worth of backstory, screencaps and personal testomony just to make him look silly.

He will call you a faggot if you question his explanation.

What i actually said was “do not quote ED, because ED clearly states that if you believe anything you see on ED, you are a an idiot”. That was all i said about ED. Stop putting words in my mouth and stop lying faggot!


—Wolfee Darkfang explaining that a bunch of people photoshopped a hundreds and hundreds of screencaps and made up an elaborate, cohesive backstory and continued adding to it for years on end, with none of it being true, just to tease him

Aspirations for FurryTube

The fact this wasn't immediatly deleted is a miracle.

On July 12, 2009, Wolfeedarkfang was suspended from YouTube because of his repeated abuses of the DMCA notices. Naturally, Wolfee takes no responsibility for his actions and blames "anti-furry Nazis" for his account termination, again inciting others to take up arms and fight his battles for him. He then ran to his blog crying about it and went so far as to ask Anonymous to go after the trolls. We're sure that will go well for him. After blogging out his frustrations in a post that repeatedly labeled the trolls he blamed for his suspension as "butthurt", he then turned around and started calling people who don't hate trolls, sick motherfuckers.

Wolfee genuinely believing Anonymous will come to his aid to help stop anti-furry sentiment.

After sufficient cock sucking, Wolfee had his account returned, but shaken from the ordeal, began wondering if YouTube wasn't the proper place for an egotist such as himself. Around this time, he began toying with the idea of setting up a furry centric YouTube, where he would reign over all of the furries and be praised routinely for his creation. While taking up donations for his site, several issues arose - namely, that several websites were already in existence for hosting furry videos, and that Wolfee sole intention for creating his own was that of autofellatio. During this time, he found it necessary to slander the already existing furrytubes on the ground that they "weren't what he was looking for", despite being nearly identical to YouTube in terms of technicalities.

Eventually the issue was brought up that one of Wolfee primary excuses for wanting to start his own video sharing website was to prevent "abuses" from happening to him that he himself committed on a fairly regular basis, DMCA abuse, false flagging campaigns, etc. Wolfee cried about this like a faggot before blocking the individual and labeling them a troll. It should also be noted this individual who dared question the almighty Wolfee Darkfang happened to be a noted fursuit creator; however, Darkfang is under the impression he can scream "troll" at anyone who disapproves of his antics and thus paid little attention to that tidbit of inofrmation.

Wolfee Darkfang Knows The Law (Or The Copyright That Never Existed)

A threat he's made more than once.


It is ironic, isn't it...
Wolfee admits to DMCA'ing videos critical of him and subtly threatens "friends" to just go along with it.

Being the horrid liar that he is, Wolfee has since decided that attempting to erase all evidence of his crimes is the only logical method of coping. He thusly began flooding YouTube with false DMCA reports to have any video mentioning him or his antics removed due to copyright infringement. He claims to make money from his fursona as he has a Second life stall that sells various furry knickknacks and has earned him upwards of $700 over the course of seven years. As such, he says he put a creative license on the character and that his DMCA's are as legal as any other money making conglomerate. Unfortunately for Wolfee, one cannot put a copyright on a purple transsexual wolf man, and that the best he could accomplish was trademarking the name. As expected, once this revalation was revealed to him repeatedly by various members of his own fandom, Wolfee ignored the counterpoint and never addressed the matter further. Wolfee will now, when pressed, will announce he has a copyright and trademark on his character. Feel free to bastardize his fursona as often as possible and counter his DMCA's, as he is a swamp dwelling hillbilly and would have no means of legal defense should he be rightfully charged with perjury.

Let me explain to you what a DMCA is. A DMCA is a report saying that my content was used against my authority. If a video contains copyrighted content that i own, then it is not a false DMCA. Since i own the copyright on the cartoon character "Wolfee Darkfang" and that character was used in the videos i DMCAd, they are oficial DMCAs. The only time it is false is if i didn't own the character. Which i do...


—Wolfee Darkfang is an original character. Do not steal.

I've contacted my family's lawyer and given them a link to everything above and told them whats going on. Hopefully they will make more progress then i have..... As we are all aware, it is illegal to post someone's real life information anywhere on the internet, without their permission, or it becomes a violation of their privacy, and can lead to serious real life consequences.


Wolfee TOTALLY understands privacy law.

Wolfee Quits. Again

"Well you guys didn't listen to me and now the trolls are going to end you all and fuck you."

Between the last furry drama and the latest furry dramas Wolfee got butthurt because another furry was getting more attention than him. He whines that all he's been through should have been enough for the YouTube furries to respect him. Again. He reiterates his selfless contributions to furrydom. Again. He renounces the YouTube furry community and declares he will no longer attempt to guide the furry fandom through it's battles with (specifically anti furry) trolls. Again. He however says he may continue making non-drama related videos to upload for his following. Sounding familiar?

Delusions of Grandeur: Shattered

The owner of Furaffinity is totally biased towards a nobody who just happens to have a problem with Wolfee.

In the wake of the December 2010 "Furryleaks" debacle, in which hundreds of private messages from the inboxes of admins were leaked, Wolfee discovered something horrible. Thats' right: the owners of a site used by thousands did not take the time to handle all of his personal problems with other users. The man at the center of all this drama is one Cid Silverwing. According to Wolfee, Cid "loves to false flag and DMCA people". Apparently, in a fit of crippled, autistic butthurt, Silverwing flagged some of Wolfee's artwork off the site. When wolfee complained, he got no response. His friends got no support when they came to his aid, either. Because of this "FA can no longer be trusted." So fuck what they think, Wolfee's headed back to one of the other sites where he maintains a large base of friends, followers, and supporters. Wait....


Please....please don't leave.

"I'm still going to lurk here, just not upload art." Also, "HUGE monkey wank".

Wolfee Quits Again Again Agin. For real. Dead Serious This Time

Wolfee leaving the internet screencap #2077

During Christmastime 2010, Wolfee and Tamias had an epic falling out with oldest ally Felinoid over a series of blatantly false DMCA the former had been filing. Given Felinoid's reaction to the controversy, it appears he honestly believed them when they said the hundreds of DMCAs they filed for years were legitimate. The two produced several videos back and forth describing the events. Wolfee's version of events sends him into a rambling frenzy in which he claims that trolls had Tamias' social security number and were zeroing in on Felinoid's seemingly to take all focus off the fact that false DMCAs were a factor at all. It's assumed Wolfee lied about the entire event since, even Wolfee and Tamias are caught red handed attempting to break the rules, they're never really breaking the rules, but rather being victimized. At any rate, while this controversy drew far less third party attention than any other drama they've taken part of, it seems to have taken a much bigger toll, as during it's 3 day lifespan it effectively led to Rigsby killing "Wolfee the character" for a second time following his original internet exile after his BeastForum confirmation years before.

For a more in depth view on the drama, Wolfee made a tl;dw video which may be viewed below. An actual tl;dw video. As in the thing is 20 fucking minutes long. <video type="vimeo" id="19585536" width="500" height="500" desc= frame="true" position="center"/>

Haters Make Me Leave Fandumb

My Big Fat Social Experiment

After killing off his online persona of Wolfee, Rigsby immediately created a new persona and account called Skutal. Wolfee signed into his old account one more time for the sole purpose of commenting on his journal telling people that his new account added them to its watch list. Some of these people had very few watchers, making it easy for anyone to check their page and look through the "Watched by" list, looking for brand new accounts. Found out within 24 hours, Wolfee proceeded to announce that the Skutal account was only there to trick his haters. That's right. He took the time to create a new persona, an account to go with it, and individually navigate to 216 different pages to watch each one of them. All to show "how much fail the trolls were made of". Despite the account totally being a well-planned trick, Wolfee would still like a picture drawn of the character that account was created for. So yeah, get on that.

Facebook like.png Totensiediefurfag likes this.

Wolfee Darkfang Exploits A Dead Kid For Kudos

Classy as ever, Wolfee takes the death of a furfag he does not know as an opportunity to provide some insight/his opinion of some shitty widget.

Never one to let a good furry drama get take anything resembling attention pass him by, Wolfee hopped on the Gizgiz suicide debacle with his own insight on the matter. Rambling some shit about a minor Fur Affinity crisis, Wolfee took the opportunity to remind everyone he totally got trolled a while back, and that the death of a person was a good a time as ever to remind everyone to not believe what he refereed to as "the rumor mill". The screencap, naturally, ended up on his ED article, as taking the opportunity to tell everyone to totally not believe that mountain of proof of things you did at the expense of a dead man is, at best, a tad inappropriate among many social circles.


"Haha, I got you, trolls! You totally left out how I said Gizgiz can totally suck cocks in hell! RUMOR MILL DEBUNKED!!!"
The "infamous blog. The one that was supposed to make Wolfee look good...

Days later, as Wolfees original journal faded into obscurity and he himself received no new peen massagers, Wolfee took to FA yet again, with news of an EPIC WIN! against ED. Wolfee, on one of his 90 visits he makes to his own ED article every day, noticed the journal had been added to the top of his article. Enraged, he explained how ED might have posted that, but had totally neglected to tell you about his super awesome opine on his own blog!.

"So what?", you might be asking. "He rewrote the same shit there as he did everywhere else. Just fishing for more views", you imagine. Not so, dear reader. See, quite the opposite of his respectful tribute on his Fur Affinity, Wolfees blog post had, in addition to the standard attention seeking theatrics, mocked and ridiculed the poor dead Gizgiz, while drawing frequent comparisons to his own struggles with adversity.

So you get teased by trolls? You’re really gonna kill yourself and lose all chances of continuing on and would trade it for total darkness for eternity? Then you are stupid. Go ahead and do it. We won’t miss you. In fact you’re probably clearing the human gene pool of the stupid virus little by little every time one of you do this.


—Thoughtful and dignified

Internet drama? Boo fucking hoo. I deal with it all the time. You don’t see me putting a knife too my neck. Fuck that shit. I’m Wolfee Darkfang.


—Wolfee's loving eulogy to gizgiz

They just want you to feel sorry for them so you give them a hug and they feel all better for about 5 minutes until you aren’t there anymore and they start wanting more huggies. You know those types. We have a lot of them in our fandom. They need pacifier because life is so cruel to them.


—Wolfee doesn not understand the meaning of irony

But why was this an epic win? According to Wolfee, EDiots had not only every alert that such a blog existed, but had actually deliberately left it out to make him look bad! Somewhere, in Wolfees version of TheAmazingAtheist video with the exact same message, he had believed he was making a dignified and extremely relevant point that would have completely changed his public perception! Why, this wasn't a frail, attention seeking, passive agressive Wolfee Darkfang that the ED page would have you believe; this was a ghoulish, aggressive-aggressive, Plagiarist Darkfang that was happily ripping into a dead man under the impression he would be getting praised for it!.

That's right, reader. Wolfee was totally convinced he had completely damning evidence about the legitimacy of his own Encyclopedia Dramatica page because it just talked about how he took the opportunity of a suicide for attention and had left out the fact that he had also mocked the Gizgiz and took the chance to remind everyone about his own epic and courageous battle with internet trolling.

Stay classy, Mr Rigsby.

From Canines to Equines

As of 2016, Wolfee seems to have renounced garden variety furfaggotry for a more specific fetish. Ponies! As evidenced by his profile, Wolfee has migrated over to the pony community. Whether he'll be caught on beast forum talking about how he whacks his red rocket to horses remains to be seen.

make of this what you will

Wolfee's Sordid Love Life

Wolfee and Tamias, together forever.

After one to another unsuccessful relationship both IRL and online, Wolfee finally learns that he's out of love and meant to die alone. Currently, he had another mental break down by an online, but to be more specific, a Second Life relationship which ended more than three months ago. In his journal, he's raging about how he's sick and tired of being used, backstabbed, and lied to. This is just one of a string of catastrophic failures in dating that Wolfee has attempted, though failure never seems to deter him from trying the exact same thing mere months later and expecting different results. Wolfee, a "genderless, formless spirit wolf", eventually came to the conclusion that if his fursona could be anything with any kind of genitalia at any time, it would improve his changes of finding love online.

A timeline;

High school- Wolfee is too busy masturbating to Sonic the Hedgehog characters to notice everyone else is getting laid irl except him. When he finally gets a girl interested in him in real life, he is shattered to find she was using him to disgust her actual boyfriend. The woman leaves; Wolfee is shattered.

Buttsex and Burglary- A few years after graduation, Wolfee got sick of women and decided that maybe dicks were easier to get a hold of; thus he focused his attention on men in hopes of finding true love. He found a guy on the internet and arranged to meet him in real life. They booked a room for two at a cheap motel in Alabama, where Wolfee came to the conclusion he should probably mention to this new mate that he actually had a penis, a subtle detail he casually neglected to mention in those many late night chats. The would-be love was not amused, robbing Wolfee and leaving him stranded at the motel, where he would later be picked up by his father. He would blog about the experience on his now purged LiveJournal.

Sha Laxness- After his ordeal in the motel, Wolfee concentrated his efforts on internet love, where even if the mate was shocked at the fact his multicolored trap actually had a dick, he would at least be safe from physical assault. He met up with hacker fur Sha Laxness, who he believed at the time to be 15 years old. After a stormy on again off again relationship, Sha Laxness decided it would be a better use of time to volunteer his services to the Patriotic Nigras and help hack all of Wolfee's accounts. Wolfee was shocked, appalled, and finished with any kind of relationship at all, in disbelief that his one true love could betray him so.

Socks- Eventually Wolfee realized nobody could love him more than he loved himself, and rather than do anything as a result of the epiphany, simply decided that he would just skip the hard part entirely pretend to be his own boyfriend. Enter Frostwhitefox. Frostwhitefox, supposedly, was a happily married family man in New Jersey with a wife, kids and two dead end jobs who only found comfort and solidarity with Wolfee. And shared the exact same bad grammar and almost intentionally incomprehensible writing style. The end of Frostwhitefox came when the account was phished, along with Wolfee's main YouTube account, email and SecondLife accounts. Wolfee maintained the real frostwhitefox would soon arrive and totally shut everyone up. Wolfee has made no mention of Frostwhitefox, his "one true life partner" since that time period.

Actual socks- Wolfee has been a strong advocate of plushophilia and has strongly defended the practice of masturbating into socks.

Dogs- See Beastforum.

Emerald- Wolfee eventually wormed his way into being the "pet" of an existing couple sometime around 2007. Figuring he would get all of the internet sex he desired with none of the work involved with building and maintaining a relationship, he often lashed out at the two for not giving him the attention he felt he deserved. He dedicated several FurAffinity journals to the subject over the course of the relationship before he was finally told to remove himself from their lives after yet another public tantrum.

Tamias the Chipmunk- Fan turned life partner.

You could be next.

Wolfee Darkfang The Animated Series

While YouTube cartoons normally are understandably exaggerated for comic value, this is about as true to life as a day in the life of Wolfee Darkfang is.

A Van for Wolfee

Rickyricharo123, is a fan of Wolfee too; as shown in his calls to 911


Wolfee is the embodiment of everything horrible about humanity. His death does not only bring much lulz, but the face of humanity is just slighty less smeared.



Wolfee tells me that i am a man with no life, But i always remember this is a 27 year old bisexual furry that pretends to be a female wolf over the internet, and wants to get laid reguardless of species or gender.



wolfeedarkfang raped my puppy, and now he can't shit right



Dear lord, This man looks like a holochaust victim"


—Papertriamgles, troll.

Furries need to understand that wolfee's attempts to shy away from the 'limelight' aren't for the 'good of the fandom' as he wants you to think, it's to cover his own ass. Let's face it, all furries are attention whores. No furfag would willingly walk away from a leadership role, unless it was to make sure noone else discovers the disgusting skeletons burried in their closet."


—atxscubasteve22, furry war oldfag.

I've been watching this fight for a while now and decided to say what must be said. Wolfeedarkfang is a liar, a deciever, a jackass and a loser who just had to feel important, but ignored the consequences of being a dumbass.



Wolfee is very loyal to his/her/its eMasters. It's a bit of a surprise that anyone would WANT to be its master, even virtually speaking. It's very boring and a pretty poor eFuck besides. I'd also like to mention the obvious fact that there's no such thing as bad publicity. Maybe this is Wolfee's plan with all their crappy YouTube videos. Who knows...


Suihtil Cod


I have the rights to free expression, under American and Internet law, no matter how popular or unpopular my opinion may be. ... I'm exercising my right to free speech. If you agree with me thats fine, if you don't thats also fine. To each their own. I prohibit trolling on my channel... This isn't denying free speech. The way i see it; people who abuse free speech to spout hate, don't deserve free speech to begin with.


—Wolfee, Doing it wrong


They complain about everything you could possibly think about. What i eat, when i sleep, who i love, who i watch on youtube, what i draw, who my friends are, where i went, where I’m going, and what very minor changes i make to my website or youtube page every now and then. You could almost call them stalkers. Seriously get your noses out of my ass. Find someone else to follow.


—Wolfee, yelling at trolls via locked down blog

I DO condemn those who turned against you to believe narrow minded trolls. The beast forum account i clearly see is fake. I don't give a crap what they say. It's not good enough to convince me the person i knew for 3 years is not who they claim. Your not a zoophile. The furries who went against Wolfee should be ashamed. Honestly their trolls for crying out loud. Get a grip!


Frostwhitefox being tolerant of other people's opinions.

I'm not scared of trolls.


—Wolfeedarkfang is not afraid.

As a safety precaution i will no longer be accepting friend invites in my instant messengers (yahoo, skype, msn) unless you contact me in advance through YT private messaging explaining who you are (if i don't already know you). I need to crack down because the trolls know my screen names. I have set the messengers to ignore invites so i don't even see them. So i would have to invite you. Sorry for the inconvenience. I am also changing my mothers phone number. It's in her house, but in my name so i have to do it. The home address i can't simply change, but i can have any hate mail tracked if i need to.


—Wolfeedarkfang is still not afraid.

My yahoo has been compromised. Please send a friend invite to [...] my new account. PN has hacked me


—Wolfeedarkfang via Y!IM on September 15th.


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