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The subject of this article is a virgin with rage.

r9k normie describes wizardchan
Wizardchan logo.jpg
FoundationJul 8, 2012 (old) [1], Dec 23, 2014 (new) [2]
Major Boards/b/, /wiz/, /dep/
Epic WinsNone

The internet has always served as a place for the fat, lazy, and socially inept to call home. However, with the emergence of social networking sites sites and the internet becoming more popular, this same group had retreated back into their hugboxes. Most might assume that certain boards on 4chan served as the perfect echo chamber for the socially retarded. However, there was a minority group who felt left out because they were too pathetic even for 4chan and created their own chan where the spergs can roam freely without any mean comments towards them. Thus, Wizardchan was created.

"Wizardchan" is a chan specifically for permavirgins over thirty who in some instances brag to one another about having no job or friends, still living with their parents and serious suicide discussions.

History of Wizardchan

Wizardchan history threads from Wizchan.org About missing Pics
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Normalfags conquering the home of the wizards

As stated before, there were quite a few boards on 4chan that spergs, losers and fedora neckbeards considered to be THEIR home. Places like /jp/ (the board for Japanese culture and media), /a/ (the board for anime and manga) and /r9k/ (the board for frustrated and depressed singles) became home to many NEETs and virgins of 4chan.

However, around 2010 4chan and "Anonymous" got more and more attention and mainstream media coverage. Media-friendly moralfags with Guy Fawkes masks got fame for operations like Project Chanology, AnonOps, Operation Payback and Occupy Wallstreet. Suddenly more people knew about "the hacker collective Anonymous" and wanted to participate, which led to them finding 4chan and starting shitposting there. Many of these newfags had nothing in common with the typical 4chan userbase or chan culture at all because they were moralfags motivated by the media-whoring moralfags they saw on TV. After a few of those operations and media coverage, everybody and their moms knew about 4chan and wanted to be part of it.

Creation of Wizardchan

Many of the old NEET-KV spergs and fedoras on 4chan became disenchanted because of these newfags and their constant shitposting on all of THEIR boards. They were convinced that 4chan was finally overrun by NORPS (or normalshits / normalscum / normies as they call them) and they decided they needed to form their own board, free of those cancerous newfags. An alleged 4channer and /r9k/ regular who would later become known as "Keivi" was the one who came up with the idea of "Wizardchan". So Wizardchan was born around July 2012 to give NEETs, jobless weeaboos, and waifufags a new non-normie-infected place to call their exclusive home. The chan was named after a Japanese internet joke that says when a male virgin crosses his 30th anniversary, he will become a wizard and gain magical powers.

Wizardchan's first anniversary

Wizardchan was supposed to be an imageboard for male virgins by male virgins. Unfortunately, Keivi was not skilled enough to run a website like this and he also did not have the money so he needed a partner for the technical and financial aspect. This is where "Mr. Pacific" joined. Mr. Pacific set up the imageboard and became the first admin of Wizardchan and Keivi became the one and only moderator. Mr. Pacific was absent for most of the time and was only involved in occasional site upgrades and updates. He also installed an IRC where productive discussions were held about chan improvements and moderator related stuff. Keivi created the rules and the site logo, monitored and janitored the postings, banned shitposters and answered improvement suggestions on the internal /meta/ board. In the beginning, /wiz/ was the only board, later /v9k/ was added as a containment board for all the depressive threads that were formerly posted on /wiz/. Oldfags from this era claim that the post quantity was very small at that time but the quality of the postings was phenomenal. Also, oldfags claim that Keivi was a perfect mod who strictly enforced rules.

Around 2013, it was revealed that Mr. Pacific was an alleged drug-dealing, homosexual furfag who lost his mana and was not interested in running the site anymore. He was no NEET anymore and became an accountant. Keivi found a new admin called "Copypaste" (today known as Hotwheels from 8chan) and oldfags claim that this is where many new, immature, under 30 years old virgins (like Glaive who would later become the admin) joined and incepted Wizardchan's downfall.

Copypaste "ruining" Wizardchan

The post that rustled their jimmies

As described before, Keivi hired Copypaste (Powerword: Frederick Brennan. Now known as Hotwheels), a 19 year old midget in a wheelchair as the new admin of Wizardchan. After copypaste took over Wizardchan, he introduced the new rule that participation on the IRC channel was mandatory for all staff members. Keivi was not a fan of this rule and opposed it, but as he was not skilled enough to run the site, there was nothing he could do about it. Later, Keivi was officially removed from the staff by copypaste, based on the ground that Keivi was absent in the IRC discussions. On July 26th, 2013, Keivi, the founder of Wizardchan created a blog about his current issues with how copypaste was administering Wizardchan. Among his complaints was the introduction of the new /b/ board, the site’s IRC becoming more integral part of the site, the bastardization of his original rules, and the “unchecked normalfaggotry". Oldfags claim that this era was the time when many normies started infiltrating Wizardchan and driving the quality of the chan down. It all correlated with copypaste's administration style. Keivi went on to say that the new admin was turning Wizardchan into “a hangout for normalfags like most other chans” and only cared about the quantity of the posts and not the quality. Copypaste also got very unpopular when he decided to give all macro images that were uploaded a "Wizardchan" tag in the name. Wizards argued that this was flagrant attention-whoring.

However, at that time Copypaste on the other site claimed that he legally bought the chan from Keivi, that Keivi still hangs out within their IRC and that he did nothing wrong. Both sides of the argument delved into calling each other “dang dirty normals". As Keivi was known as a broke cunt unable to start the chan, it is assumed that Copypaste was not lying about buying the site. Keivi's influence on Wizardchan stopped here but some oldfags are still communicating via email with him. He claims that he is still a virgin and sometimes contacts the staff for giving them advise and support.

More drama plagued the chan, this time between Copypaste and the users. The board’s /v9k/, their /r9k/ knockoff board for wizards with sads, took a severely depressing turn. The posts went from depressive stuff about their family and life to considering becoming an hero and contemplating if their lives were worth living. Copypaste saw the trend of posts and posted a link at the top of board linking to Suicide Help Hotlines to prevent some users from suicide. Of course, the users weren’t going to take this new change lightly. They complained on threads about how Copypaste was a normalshit. Despite copypaste's efforts, the quantity of suicide posts on /v9k/ did not decrease much.

Copypaste loses his Mana

Copypaste with the succubus in question
The official thread on Wizardchan where Copypaste revealed what happened

Wizardchan's userbase was already unhappy with their new admin copypaste for various reasons (described before) but what followed, was worse than anything wizards could have ever imagined.

Around December 2013 in Wizardchan's IRC, Copypaste stumbled upon a gazelle in her late twenties and started chatting with her. So much for the whole "No Girls Allowed" rule. The Danish Southern woman that Copypaste cybered with flew all the way from Denmark Georgia to New York to meet up with him and fuck him. When faced with the ultimate dilemma of his imaginary wizard apprentice status and the chance for him to finally get some pussy, he chose the latter and fucked the Danish woman several times the same day he met her.

Later he went on to share his experience first on Wizardchan's for staff-only internal IRC where he revealed what happened and had some serious discussions with the staff about the succubus in question. Copypaste saved the whole transscript and later uploaded it on his new imageboard 8chan. It can be accessed at https://www.8ch.net/whore.txt and he claims only oldfags from that time know about this secret link. A backup link with the screencapped log was uploaded on imgur (https://imgur.com/ZIVVI4c) just in case 8chan goes down or wants to take it down for any reason. After the IRC discussion he officially started a thread on one of Wizardchan's user forums where he revealed to be a traitor and instantly got globally banned on Wizardchan. In his posting he claimed that it was not worth it and that the only way for Wizards is the path of the Wizard and that succubi who show interest in Wizards are mentally ill.

The wizards that he ruled over could not believe the news. How could a crippled midget who ran a site for embittered virgins get laid easily when they could not for years? In typical wizard fashion, they continued to rage about Cripplekike's betrayal (they called him like this from now on) and about those dreaded normalshits that he took with him to Wizardchan in 2013. Even a month after this incident Wizardchan users were still paranoid over the possible infiltration of normies. If an autistic crippled midget can lose his virginity, what was stopping the rest of them from losing theirs when some random succubus or man shows the slightest bit of interest in them? Wizards lay awake at night under their cum-stained comforters wondering what set them apart from the "normals" on the dreaded /r9k/ board. Much like online other fringe groups, Wizardchan users constantly participated in the drama. Users began discussing getting rid of parts of the chan like the IRC, which they believed was the root of the problem. They were paranoid of their fellow wizards and of the administrators of the site that ruled over them.

It's also just a shame there are people here who just this site as a pity party until some random whore might decide to tug your junk one day.


—One anonymous user describing 98% of the chan

Copypaste's girl gets mad after breakup

The devotee thread on 8chan's /b/ where Hotwheels regretted his worst error

As it turns out, the girl that Copypaste lost his virginity to turned out to be batshit insane weeaboo. Following a bitter breakup that could rival an episode of Jerry Springer, Copypaste found himself single again. Copypaste also revealed that his ex-girlfriend also had a fetish for virgins and regularly masturbated to Wizchan's /v9k/ board and the Loveshy forums. So Copypaste's ex is currently lurking the /v9k/ board, looking for her next willing victim and schlicking to their misery.

For what it's worth, Copypaste accomplished more within a few months than most wizards would accomplish within their entire lifetimes. Despite being a crippled midget, he managed to fuck a whore and invoke the butthurt of 10 virginal NEETS in the process. Shine on, you delightful little elf. The true wizard is you!

Later in December 2014 when 8chan got very popular after m00t's gamergate sellout, someone on /b/ started a thread about devotee girlfriends. The discussion was about women who love their crippled men unconditionally. Hotwheels joined the discussion and shared his experiences with his devotee girlfriend and how it was the worst thing he did in his life.

Another new admin

Is this rather rapeable young man with no acne and obesity problems the new admin?

Copypaste left Wizardchan around December 2013 / January 2014 after his betrayal, changed his official name to "Hotwheels" and concentrated on his own new imageboard 8chan that he started in October 2013. However, post-betrayal Wizardchan users just called him "Cripplejew", "Cripplekike" or "(Chad) Thunderwheels". When GamerGate began and m00t sold out 4chan for some cash from Gawker and herpes from the tumblr staff's throwaway pussy who was working there, something called "m00t's GamerGate Sellout" happened. All the chantards who were sick of m00t and his sellout faggotry that has been going on for years declared 4chan dead, moved to 8chan and hailed Hotwheels as their new king.

It is assumed that Copypaste sold Wizardchan to the new admin "Anachronos" (who was allegedly a Puerto Rican) and that "Glaive" (who came to Wizardchan around the same time as Copypaste) was promoted from staff to new admin. Wizards were not happy with Glaive as their new admin because he came around the same time like "Cripplekike" and he was already known for several IRC faggotries. Generally, wizards now blamed Wizardchan's downfall on its IRC's, which was implemented by cripplekike and his gang that came around 2013.

Wizards assumed that Glaive must be a normie just like cripplekike was and they feared that he will be the next admin to betray them. Also Anachronos was a very mysterious fellow as nobody has ever seen him and the only way people could contact him was his email address that he answered sometimes and sometimes not. He was also known for trolling Wizardchan or disappearing for months and then suddendly showing up again and later. When Wizardleaks happened, he was revealed to have a huge ego (called himself Archmage Anachronos). Staff members of wizardchan claimed it was very complicated to run the site when the actual owner was not even around.

Around April it was found out that Glaive had a CWCki account (only normalfags hang out there) and that he was even an active mod there. Later an alleged picture of him leaked around Fall 2014. The picture that allegedly depicted Glaive displayed a fit, tight-looking, handsome young man with short brown hair and brown eyes, good jaw line and no acne or obesity problems. Wizards could not believe that what they called "the archetype of a chad" was, in fact, the ruler of their wizard sanctuary ... AGAIN after only a few months. Later rumors went around that Glaive could technically never become a non-wizard as allegedly a Pitbull bit him in the genital region when he was a kid and he lost his penis during this incident. However Glaive stayed the "Chadmin" for wizards no matter what from now on.

The Zoe Quinn Affair

The nice people on the internet are helping Zoe by trolling her to help her relate.

Around summer 2014 when Zoe's retarded "Depression Quest" game got rejected on Greenlight it seemed like that was it. But someone on the CWCwiki forum decided to have a bit of fun, so he posted about how Zoe is a faggot on Wizardchan and then pretended to be a concerned citizen and linked her to his own post.

Zoe took the opportunity to claim that she was being harassed by them and that one of them called her house and fapped into the receiver. No one can be sure if it was actually someone from WC who called her (since she gets these calls all the time anyway) or, if in fact anyone had called her at all. But that didn't stop her from getting ass-pats from Anita Sarkeesian and Dina from Mighty No. 9 (whom, incidentally, are both sleeping with the people responsible for their internet success). It also didn't stop several news sites from running the story without doing a single moment of research (although she was probably fucking at least some of them) or her twitter followers from butthurt raiding the site in defense of their damsel in distress.

BUT WAIT! Was it really them? Fucking no. About two months after GamerGate started, Hotwheels, the admin of 8chan and formally of Wizardchan did an interview on Know Your Meme where he revealed that an IP check proves that Zoe was the one posting threats against herself on Wizardchan prior to the attack. The irony in all of this is that most of the users on Wizardchan actually have depression because they are fat, kissless virgins in their 30's who live in their mom's basement. They are in fact so depressed that the site had to post a link on the top of the page to a suicide prevention hotline. So they were fucking with people who have depression over a game about the hardships of depression. Classy.

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Devin Faraci Wants to Make Them Kill Themselves

Devin Faraci's yearbook photo.

During September 2014, respectable gaming journalist "Devin Faraci" (the same Devin Faraci who, at the beginning of GamerGate, compared people who play video games to ISIS and got trolled relentlessly for it) discovered Wizardchan and wanted to bully them a bit. He decided to step up his efforts in trying to ruin his own "career" (if you can even call it being a guest on Screen Junkies) by posting on twitter, on national suicide prevention day, about Wizardchan and convincing his followers to go fuck with them and troll the shit out of their site.

Use scrollbar to see the full image

Wizrd devin faraci.png
#1 Journalist

Death of Wizardchan

After m00ts gamergate sellout and the constant gamergate related drama got stirred up a lot, Wizardchan got more attention from normies than ever. There was a rumor about a woman who was a regular at /v9k/ and often masturbated to the sadness she witnessed on /v9k/. However as Fall was going on, normalfag and failed normie threads were more and more common. Many faggots from r9k also liked to troll on v9k but their IP's were soon banned. Wizardchan's userbase got paranoid and started witchhuntings whenever they thought a normie infiltrator has been spotted.

Wizardchan started recruiting mods in Fall 2014, what was not very clever because they had huge media attention after gamergate and many trolls/normies applied for moderator positions during that time. A posting of an alleged wizarchan moderator was found on some internet forum where he claimed that he would be banned from Wizardchan if they knew he was in fact a normie. Generally during this time the quality of the content decreased and many Wizards believed their last bastion and sanctuary was lost to the normies.

On December 22nd 2014, just days before the most depressive holiday for any wizard out there, Wizardchan.org finally went down. Wizards at first thought it was some kind of maintenance or pranking but the site did not return. It is not sure why exactly it went down but it is believed that the admin Anachronos was bored of the constant drama and has not paid for the servers/domain and thus it was shut down by the hosting company. Another theory said that the admin was paying the servers in advance and somehow got homeless and a poorfag and could not keep up paying anymore and died somewhere in the streets before he could notify the wizards about the issue. The whereabouts or fate of Anachronos the admin (allegedly a puerto rican BTW) were completely unknown. His last known posting was about buying a suicide bag so it is possible that he already offed himself a long time ago.

Interesting fact was, that the night before the site went down, a picture of glaive (one of the top moderators at that time) was leaked where he was posing for a picture with a woman on what appeared to be a party wearing a mask. Wizards got mad because of this and lost the last ounce of trust they had for galive (prior to this rumors circulated already that glaive was a normie). It is assumed that many wizards commited suicide around this time because of the combined effects of glaive beeing exposed as a normie and their home going down on the most depressive time of the year.

So Wizardchan was down and Wizards did not know where to go now. Ironically the GNAA created a /wizardchan/ board on 8chan. Wizards were searching on google for hints about their former home and found the 8chan board. Once they discovered they were only trolled by the GNAA, they created new wizard boards on 8chan. Ironically, the same Wizards that hated Hotwheels the pimp admin for his betrayal were now again under his rule. Many wizards asked if someone knew what was going on but nobody had any idea. A staff-internal Wizardchan thread discussion from late October 2014 leaked where mods were worried that Anachronos seems to have dissappeared 3 months ago. He was not present in the IRC anymore and he was not responding to Emails. Staff also contacted Hotwheels later to ask if he had any idea but Hotwheels also denied. Nobody was able to contact Anachronos or find out what happened so the old moderator team decided to create a new home called "Wizchan.org" as the successor of Wizardchan.

When Wizardchan went down (postings from various 8chan backup boards) About missing Pics
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On 8chan's wizchan a former moderator claimed he will leak the official Wizardchan moderator guideline by Christmas if Wizardchan stays down and nothing happens until then. Christmas happened and there was no posting yet but on 26th of December 2014 OP finally delivered after more than 24hours of delay and offered to answer questions from wizards. Wizards liked the leak very much and called it the Wizardleak. Wizards were quite interested about the inner structures of Wizardcha as they feared it was only a honeypot run by normies to exploit them and make fun of them. Former admin assured that he was still a virgin and that Glaive and Hotwheels were good guys and that he likes working with them but that he disliked Anachronos (no wonder, the guy called himself Archmage Anachronos) and some of the new rules he made. Many wizards were not very happy about Glaive and did not want a potential new home to be run by moderators of Glaive even if they assured that Glaive will not be involved in the new chan. There were also rumors circulating that the new wizchan.org was hosted on CWCki servers as Glaive was exposed as not only beeing affiliated with the succubus-friendly site CWCki but also having a moderator position there. He even calls himself "Chad Thunderween" on his own profile now and is confirmed for a normie (no matter whether he still has his penis or not). On 24th February 2015 Glaive was promoted as admin on Kiwi Farms (former CWCki)

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Wizardchan successor projects

Wizchan (that is run by former Wizardchan moderators) went online on 23rd December 2014, as did Magicchan, coming online hours prior. Magicchan is run by a newfag who came to Wizardchan in September 2014 after the Gamergate drama and he decided to create his alternative board called "Magicchan". He was already known at the old wizardchan and it is known that he created a thread on the old /wiz/ where he asked for names of a potential successor of Wizardchan around October 2014. Names like Maji-chan and Majo-chan were suggested and it is believed that he used this thread as inspiration and already worked on his chan from then on. It was interesting how fast his chan went up, like he had prepared everything in advance and just waited for Wizardchan to go down. Many wizards boycotted wizchan because of the allged Glaive involvement and went to magicchan instead. As the newfag admin of Magicchan seemed not very skilled with image board programming, Hothweels helped him to implement some features on Magicchan. This was leading wizards to assumptions that the newfag admin was not competent for the position and there were even thoughts that Hotwheels orchestrated a conspiracy to take over Wizardchan. They now wanted another new channel because they were not OK with Hotwheels helping MoD (Master of Debate, the Magicchan admin) to improve their new home.

Wizardchan successor projects About missing Pics
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These issues lead to the creation of several other shitty chans like Merlinchan or 8chan's own /v9k/ board that were all trolled by various pedo shitposters and 4chan's /r9k/. Here is an incomplete list of new wizard pages that were created after the death of wizardchan to ensure the already small userbase is split even further:

  • /wizardchan/ - owned by GNAA trolls
  • /wizard/ - the alternative board to wizardchan after finding out GNAA owns it
  • /wiz/ - pretty much dead
  • /wizardry/ - another backup board
  • /wizchan/ - the official board before wizchan.org went up
  • /v9k/ - Wizardchan's /v9k/ board
  • magicchan.org
  • wizchan.org
  • merlinchan.org
  • virginchan (not officialy as they allow girls too)
  • warlockchan.org (came in Feb 2015, dissappeared and came back in March without the old posts and rules)

Hothweels however made a statement that he is OK with having all those refugee wizard boards stay at 8chan until they find/create a new home but he added that they will most likely not like him very much because of the events in the past. He was right. Many wizards posted how desperate they were that "Thunderwheels" was now owning them again and how their lives are now finally meaningless. Eventually postings on 8chan's wizard boards stopped after a while and wizards moved to wizchan or magicchan and had to get over the uncomfortable topics (wizchan probably beeing run by glaive, magicchan allowing Hotwheels to post) and as soon as the boards started, everyone went to the /meta/ boards and tried to make the mods implement his own definition of a true wizardchan into the rules.

For a few days every chan was claiming to be the better one (dividing the userbase further allthough most browsed both chans) and there were some polls about which chan was better. Wizchan has more postings while wizards from Magicchan claim to have less normies lurking and less postings but better quality. Both boards renamed their depression boards that were called v9k in the old days. Wizchan calls it's depression board /dep/ and Magicchan calls its depression board /sad/. Wizchan users post as "Anonymous" while Magicchan users post as "Anonymage" like in the old Wizardchan. Magicchan has no functionning SSL features (and did not have it in the beginning) but Wizchan has had SSL support since day one.

On Wizchan you will get banned for a lot of shit you would have gotten away with on wizardchan. If you go there and make a long, thought intensive post about being lonely, about days going faster and faster as your introspection fades into a buzz and you spend all day on image boards reading the same posts, making the same arguments, running into the same metathread, about your parents slowly getting more and more angry at you, and about looking forward only to a certain occasional meal, you will probably be banned for violating rule 3. The new mods are more interested in the idea of wizardry as a philosophical mindset than they are in the well being of wizards. It stopped being about a place for virgins to talk without normalfags breaking through walls to tell them to be themselves or to never give up, and it became about a philosophy where the enlightened man avoids sexual relationships or even friends to pursue a more meaningful existence. This has a lot to do with people crying on /meta/ to ban 3D pornography and anything associated with feelfaggotry and other shit. It feels like a bunch of schizoids who hate human weakness took over all of that place, even /dep/, and everybody's so much more uptight now because of it.

Many old threads from the former Wizardchan have been restarted on the new chans. Wizchan for example got the anime club thread (an anime watching club started on Wizardchan in December 2014) and Magicchan got the monster girl thread. Many other threads like the writing and drawing threads were also restarted after a few days.

2015 - Wizchan.org and Magicchan.org

Helena N. incident

Seriously, they really made a whole fucking news article about it...

In Early January 2015 while wizards where still wondering what exactly happened, something interesting was noticed. The fromer site wizardchan.org was now redirecting to the personal blog of a girl web developer called Helena N. (name censored). Wizards were surprised and thought it was a prank from their admin Anachronos and decided to ask the girl herself. Wizards created twitter profiles and asked her if she knew anything and she claimed that she had no idea. In the thread on wizchan many wizards showed their disrespect for the filthy succubus who dared to hijack their former home address and some idiots also were dumb enough to insult her openly on twitter, ensuring more media attention. She researched a bit and soon she found out about wizardchan and the thread where wizards were disrespecting her. She answered that it was not her fault, that she was not responsible for the situation and that she wanted an apology for all the insults.

After a few hours some SJWs informed gawker media about this (or gawker is lurking wizchan and waiting for drama to write about), and we all know that gawker media's favourite news subject is: muhsoggynee. Sam Biddle, the biggest faggot of Gawker media felt his white knight spirit was triggered and decided to make a whole news article on gawker about this fucking unimportant internet drama. He published the article and many normies around the world now officially knew the new page where all the wizards go. In the comment section of the article normies and SJW have called everyone to go to wizchan and to troll the shit out of the page and wizards were now in fear they would again lose their homes to normies. However mods banned shitposters quickly and there was no major drama anymore. Helena was not very pleased that gawker made a news article about her without asking her first and she apparently deleted her blog after this incident as it is not accessible anymore.

Helena N drama - Screencaps from the original Wizchan meta thread About missing Pics
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Somewhere around early February 2015 a new wizardchan clone was created, as wizards are always upset about something involving their chan. The new chan was called warlockchan and it was designed to be a even more aggressive version of wizardchan where depressive threads like the ones from /v9k/ and other types of faggotry were not allowed. Some advertised the chan on wizchan but got banned quickly for it. However currently the page can't be accessed again and it has to be assumed that the chan is already dead after not even a month. A huge critic point was that Warlockchan had tons of rules while girls/women were allowed. Because of this many wizards assumed that Warlockchan might be in fact a /cow/ or CWCKI honey pot.

Update: As of March 9th 2015 it appears that Warlockchan is online again but the old threads and the rules page are gone. The rules might have been deleted to prevent the drama that occured the last time. The official credo is that if you belong there you can be yourself and won't get banned and else admin will ban you.

Sluthate VS. Kiwi Farms Drama

In March 2015 The webpages Sluthate.com (former PUAhate.com, got renamed after it was exposed as the former home of le supreme gentleman) and Kiwifar.ms (former CWCki) got involved in a major internet drama. Kiwi Farms already had a Sluthate thread since November 2014 but it was not really active up until mid March 2015 when a few Sluthaters started to raid the thread and stir up drama. Later some Sluthater doxed Glaive, the admin of Kiwi Farms (and former admin of Wizardchan) and dumped his dox on March 17th in one of their threads. In this thread posters are advocating for calling to his university and complain about Glaive's (former) relations with misogynistic websites and of course Wizardchan will be mentionned and getting unwanted attention once again. Kiwi Farmers got mad at this and contributed to filling their Sluthate thread (together with the Sluthate raiders) to an incredible amount of over 540 pages (previously 50 pages from November 2014 until mid March 2015) in only a few days. Mostly Kiwi Farmers are attacking Sluthate for letting an alleged pedophile make postings without beeing banned and how they are lowlifes because they are invading Kiwi Farms while Sluthate calls Kiwi Farms crazy for beeing obsessed with Chris-chan and that they are in fact very similar to Sluthate (filled with low lifes). Archived threads:

Germanwings crash March 2015

After the Germanwings plane crash of 2015, rumors circulated on Wizchan.org how the alleged suicide pilot was in fact a virgin with rage, just like supreme gentlefaggot, and that he killed himself and 149 other people because of beeing a virgin. While this discussion was going, many wizchanners gave their approval for this action in 2 threads, and celebrated how he set a new high score in killing the normies that they hate so much. Later this virgin with rage theory was debunked, and it was revealed that he was in fact some emo fag dropped by his girlfriend, and probably depressed and suicidal because of it (totally r9k tier). Archived threads:

Full paranoia

Wizardchanners were always known for their eternal paranoia when it comes to normalfags, chads and "failed normies" stalking them. As a result of this madness they went full sharia law since summer 2015.
It all started after it was revealed that 8chad's /cow/ was raiding wizchan after they went low on other lolcows to milk. Alleged /cow/boys spammed various subtile subversion threads mostly revolving around stormfaggotry, "rare pepe", "real wizards do/are..." threads or the much hated subtile bragging that makes the wizzas especially mad. You can easily try this out for yourself by going onto any of their boards and making a thread how you have no idea what shit to waste your money from your 6 figure engineering job on and the poorfags there will instantly accuse you of bragging about your affluence. As a direct result of the assumed normalfag and /cow/ invasion during summer wizchan moderation decided to ban all pepe and wojack image macros. Consequences will never be the same. Even today many wizchanners still believe there is a normalfag conspiracy going on against wizchan users when it's in fact their own paranoia and accusing anyone and anything for beeing a normie that ruins their board.

The Wizardchan Userbase

So oppressed

It couldn’t be stressed enough that every single user on Wizardchan is a friendless, virginal NEET who takes the internet too seriously. Some of the weeaboo members like to refer to themselves as Hikikomori, despite the fact that the actual Hikikomori from animuland contend that they have it worse than their Western counterparts.

Every single member of Wizardchan barely gets out of their house and barely speaks to their family members who support their parasitic lifestyles. In fact, there are posts on the chan of users bemoaning on how they are forced to socialize with their own family members and have to go to the store to get milk. Some of the more bizarre posts feature wizards discussing how they starved themselves for two days when distant relatives came to visit them, how they would piss out of their windows, how they have a dirty cumrag pile that they didn’t even bother to throw away, and even how they would have a three year old shit stain in their bathroom. This is not an exaggeration either.

The average wizard claims that they are doing more with their time than the average person while collecting welfare checks or mooching off of relatives. They claim that they have more time to read books, learn moonspeak from watching their favorite animu shows (as if no one has heard that before, amirite?), and various other hobbies that they claim to spend so much time. However, their fantasy life is far from the reality they live in each and every day. The average Wizard spends his days:

• Watching cartoons and anime
• Browsing chans
• Playing vidya games
• Eating ramen
• Sleeping

Wizards Only - No Normalscum

Those dang dirty normal people!
Wizards claim to be proud virgins
The rules of the site

Like with most other chans, the folks at Wizardchan have their terminology. “Borrowing” an old chan joke about 30 year old virgins, someone who is a friendless 30 year old or older virgin is a “wizard.” Anyone who is at least 20 but younger than 30 and is a friendless virgin is a “wizard apprentice.” A friendless 60 year old virgin is considered an Archwizard. Having sex is disregarded, referenced to as "a wizard/apprentice losing his mana" and overall it is expected from Wizards to be proud of their virgin status. Anyway, the possibility of one hanging out with individuals who are old enough to be their children or grandchildren who hasn’t died as a result of diabetes or suicide is pretty rare. Almost as rare as the possibility 60 year old that hasn’t at least lost their virginity by spending their welfare check on crack whores.

They like to imagine that they are great powerful wizards like in their animu shows and as a result they all agree that they all share a common nemesis. Their nemesis is all of the normal people in the world or as they called them; “Normalshits”. Like all of the other special snowflakes on the internet, they claim to be oppressed by normal people on a daily basis. How are they oppressed? They are told by normal people to go get a job, go outside, to go get a girlfriend or a boyfriend, are stared at every time they leave their rooms, and the worse of all; They are told to “just be [themselves].” A tragic situation, truly.

While most consider a wizard’s problems to be completely trivial, they consider themselves to be constantly under attack from normal people who want them to contribute to society and they even praise people like Cho Seung-hui for taking out a few normalshits that would’ve oppressed them. Due to this, the admin had created rules against users discussing or even alluding to the fact that they have social life, romantic relationships, and especially sexual relationships. Those were the reasons why they left the normalshits on 4chan in the first place. Anyone who breaks these rules gets banhammered in an instant. Also, despite not being written explicitly in the rules, anyone who admits to being a woman is banned. Because the only legal adults who are still virgins are men.

Another important thing is that >tfw_no_gf threads or any threads about desiring intimity, friends or any type of compaignonship are disregarded as beeing a "failed normie". Wizards will then ask the thread opener / poster to go back to "4chad" and "r9gay" or "leddit". Another term that is used often is "Chad Thundercock" along with the female version "Stacie Thundercunt". These terms refer to the Archetype of athletic, successful and socially skilled people who were often the bullies that ruined the wizard's childhood. "Thunderwheels" is a special version of these terms and only used to address Copypaste/Hotwheels the former admin of Wizardchan who betrayed his fellow wizards.

On Wizardchan people are divided in 4 groups:
1) Chads (the "cool" boys who get all the girls and good jobs later in life)
2) Failed normies (people who have a desire to be like the chads and accepted by society but don't have the natural confidence, looks or social skills)
3) Wizards (in their oppinion the true master race that can withstand the desire of having sex with a "filthy 3DPD succubus" and concentrate on the really important things in life)
4) Succubi (or scubs, 3DPD - women - in their oppinion all women are filthy whores and inferior to pure and innocent 2D girls from anime and manga

Walking in a Pedo Wonderland

Should it come as any surprise that the majority of wizards have an alternative sexuality or a sick fetish of some sort? Closeted homosexuals, crossdressers, zoophiles, babyfurs, cloppers, lolicons/shotacons, and pedophiles make up the majority of users on Wizardchan. Ashamed of admitting their kinks in real life, they openly express them on Wizardchan without shame. Here's one such case:

On Christmas day, after the wizards celebrated the holiday with their disappointed parents, they quickly ran back to their computers to moan about having to socialize with their own families. One anonymous user shared his holiday experience with his 11 year old cousin. The user told the other users about how he felt up on his cousin after giving her booze and Benadryl. A couple of wizards advised the OP from going any further with the young girl, but the rest of them sympathized with the OP for they too knew what it was like to lust after a child. As it turned out the OP posts and one of the responses was copypasta from the /jp/ board on 4chan and half of the wizardchan posters took the bait.

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Wizardchan pedos.png
The thread

The Wizardchan pedo thread was later deleted by mods. Whether they deleted the thread out of embarrassment of their pedophilic users, the rule against discussing sexual history, or the new rule against discussing females in general is unclear. The thread's deletion led to the weekly butthurt from the users. Users quickly made a thread asking where the thread went. Some users defended the thread, stating that the thread was more about Christmas than about a guy touching his little cousin. Other users whined about the threads deletion. Wizchan users wanted to discuss their pedo fantasies further and wanted to know if the guy molested his cousin. They didn't realize that it was a ruse all along until they checked the 888chan thread on them. Once again, Wizardchan proved their superior intelligence against those dang normalshits on other chan sites.

Lolicon/Shotacon Tears

This is a thankless job, and no moderator or administrator has the obligation to elaborate the justifications of rules and policies, especially when you are addressing a group of troublemakers. And I do not need to apologize to lolicon supporters. They should probably be thanking me that I haven't banned them for bringing the website close to a shutdown.


—A Wizardchan admin telling users to fuck themselves.

As time has proven yet again, Wizards are some of the most easily upset online users besides furries and Social Justice cows. What set them off this time? One concerned citizen reported the site to their host for Lolicon. Due to the site's server being located in California, the admins added Lolicon and Shotacon to the list of banned content to avoid having the website shut down. Instead of understanding that the admin's hands were tied on the matter, the users chimped out at the admins and whined about the daily "normalfag" persecution that wizards endure on a daily basis. After a while of listening to Wizardchan users cry about how unfair the new rule was and US laws are, the admin told Wizardchan users to go post their Cardcaptor Sakura Rule 34 on another chan and locked the thread.

Through it all, most of the users' fear of getting partyvanned are probably justified. Given how most Wizards have less tact than MadThad0890 about their pedo Lolicon or CP collection, one can easily imagine the fate of some Wizardchan users' Wizardhood when they meet Bubba in prison. The Booty Warrior, a widely feared Level 200 warlock, can gain some magic points from breaking into the anus of the average Level 5 Wizchan user.


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