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Wipipedia is the wiki extension of the London Fetish Scene website, a community based around the BDSM lifestyle in London, frequented by sick fucks, swingers and sad fucking pathetic losers who are not man enough to treat a woman how she should be treated. Since the sort of people who enjoy BDSM are middle-aged rich businessmen with too much money and power, they enjoy the release they get when they are kicked in the balls and told to behave like a dog by a hawt 25-year-old woman dressed in leather because it is their only chance to feel like a child again. However, the most intelligent men of all feel no need for such faggotry, and such people always feel the need to show the women her place, something which ED vociferously applauds.

Whilst the website may focus on the capital city of England, the wiki itself has a more international perspective, and indeed contributors from all around like to give the latest tips on obscure fetish subjects that would be of questionable notability on Wikipedia, but on Wipipedia original research is king. As with that other bastion of original research, Wikinfo (which also has an unusually large number of BDSM subjects due to the "sympathetic point of view" policy that that crap wiki has), Taxwoman contributes much to Wipipedia and is a sysop on both Wikinfo and Wipipedia (hell, probably marginally better either of those than Wikipedia, anyway...). On Wikinfo she has contributed mainly by copying from Wipipedia, and on Wipipedia she has a plethora of userboxes to show the entire world how much of a kinky slut she is, being an accountant by day, and a female gimp at night, but she’s still hawt enough to get the author of this article’s cock rock hard. (Breaking news: Taxwoman is actually a male transvestite, and the supposed pictures of “her” aren’t actually him.)

The actual content of Wipipedia is quite boring in reality, and mainly consists of stuff that was copied from Wikipedia's articles about fetishes (which usually sound like they're written in Simple English) which were later removed or merged by deletionists. The Wiki would only be good if it featured moar of Taxwoman taking pictures of herself, and indeed it doesn't even feature real porn of her, which would increase the traffic towards Wipipedia by over 9000 times if implemented.

Lulzy quotes from Wipipedia

Face and mouth spitting is visually the girl version of a facial. When multiple dominatrices are involved it can be thought of as the girl version of bukkake.


—The article on 'spitting domination', which is nonsense because surely female ejaculation into someone's mouth would be the female version of a facial?

Ageplay is a type of sexual roleplaying or BDSM in which a person pretends to be an infant, child or adolescent. Ageplay is often regarded as edgeplay, because it reminds people of real-life incest or pedophilia. Proponents point out that ageplay is a consensual fantasy played out by adults.


—The ageplay article, which if written on Wikipedia would have SqueakBox putting on his cape and getting on his bicycle to the nearest computer he can find in Guatemala so he can delete it.

Many submissive women enjoy tit torture, especially having their breasts tightly bound, either to the chest or with rope around the breast, or having nipple clamps applied. It should be noted that if the bondage is around the breast, permanent damage can be caused to the supporting structure that holds the breasts to the chest.


—The article on tit torture, showing how much epic win the practice is.

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