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Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place


—Women are selfish manipulative whores
ArchiveToday-favicon.pngSCIENTIFIC FACT

It's nice to have a girl around the house.
Women are stupid, throw stones at them!
As this artistic interpretation shows, women are happiest when they're in the kitchen
From left to right.
Perfect wife.
Ideal size for girls Bitch could stand to lose about 5 or 6 more pounds.

Women (AKA Whimmin', whores, bitches, cunts, baby factories, cum dumpsters, penis caps/gyms, kitchen slaves, the hole, sammich maker, bringer of the beer and she who sleeps on the wet spot) are the annoying, dumb, inferior, shitty gender pieces of flesh around the vagina that don't invent or discover things, save for perhaps Original Sin and sandwiches. It has been scientifically proven that women have smaller brains than men, and as such women are to be treated like sex-objects as porn has chosen to educate and reminded us. They exist only to fulfill four functions: be procreatively seductives, cooking, cleaning, fucking, and looking after babby.

It must also be remembered the Babble tells us that women are not only the inferior gender, but they are the evil, hateful gender as well. According to the Malleus Maleficarum, there are many procedures one can use to test the evilness of women, including setting them on fire and pushing them off steep cliffs; should they survive, they are witches. A simpler method that makes use of the Scientific Method that was invented by men has you just looking to see if she's breathing. If she's Breathing, she's a witch That's a bitch dumbass. You act like there's a difference. Did you marry a witch? Find out today!

Women are an invasive species of perpetually bored, unhappy, unsatisfied, wild creatures that mankind would hunt for sport to extinction if not for axe wounds and a need to propagate the species. Women have been cursed by nature with monthly blood loss until they dry up. Most men accept menstruation as proof that GOD has a sense of humor because why would a perfect, omnipotent male like GOD make something that would be at her horniest when she was also at her bitchiest unless it was for lulz.

Women are like vending machines: you gotta put money in to get something out, but if you hit it at the right time you can often get a freebie.

Protip: The word "women" comes from the verb whimmin', meaning a sudden unpredictable unexplained impulsive change of mind.

Man holds dominion over wimmins. It's been that way ever since, "GRUNTS". Since we grunted and came out of caves.


—Charles Manson

Women's brains are smaller

with a shirt like that it's their own fucking fault

See: here

It has been always been a universally recognized scientific and historic fact that the female brain is smaller than its male counterpart. It is for this reason alone that it's not safe to educate women or allow them into universities, as too much knowledge in short periods of time will fry their puny brains. In fact, French scientist Gustave LeBon even discovered that women of the lower races had brains that were more closer in size to that of gorillas than the fully developed male brain. It could also be suggested that females from certain intellectually inferior nations have IQ points in the 65-70 range. Women don't think well, what they say is not valid.

Aside from having animal-sized brains, women also suffer from a disease known as menstruation. There are many theories as to why women bleed for the majority of their lifespan like a dying animal, some philosophers such as Aristotle claimed it was due to the fact that women are failed humans, incomplete beings who bleed because they have not fully developed in the womb (into males). Their periods attract bears, not the type of bear a twink would go balls deep on, but in fact a blood-hungry wood creature who can smell the menstruation. Pedobear has also been seen lurking around women who are on their period in an attempt to expand his red wings.

It's a well-known fact that men are better than women, the reason being that when a baby is first created in the vagina, it's always a female, but if the baby box is lucky, then it becomes a man. Before human evolution, we were all women, but then god decided to create man, and well, kept women too because men could not reach to suck their own cocks. Men have been proven to be smarter, stronger, richer, and more successful in everything, as women's only uses extend to cooking for men, cleaning after men, sucking men's penises, getting fucked, and taking care of the unfortunate end-results of sex. In truth, a man would undoubtedly do a better job at these things than a woman ever could, but it's nice to have the free service. Even in religion, men are superior, as the Babble says that man is a copy of God and woman is a copy of man, which means that a woman is a copy of a copy.

A Real Man's Guide to the Inferior wide-hip gender

Communicating with a woman

Women have "evolved" to have verbal fights with men, so that they can either feel powerful, try to deny a man his rightful use of her vagina or simply because they like drama, losing battles and being revenge-fucked. An interesting article goes on about the many ways men might try to fight back with women. Although all men know the proper way is to tell her once. If that doesn't work, send that sassy bitch flying into the kitchen with a swift cunt punt. Once in the kitchen, she will feel obliged to build you a sandwich.

NOTE: Men still can't in any circumstance get into a physical brawl with a woman, but it doesn't apply the other way around. This is called the Double Standard and men must act like this is the 1950's, except back then women knew what their place was.

You're way out of line, woman...

Obtaining a Woman

Grow a girlfriend.jpg

The fact that you're reading this means that you have never had sex with a woman. Here is what you have to do:

  • Be an asshole: The last thing a woman wants and deserves is respect. If you think women give a fuck about personality, you clearly haven't been around one before (your mother doesn't count, she just pretends to give a shit about you because she knows that she'll have to deal with you for the rest of her life).
  • Looks are everything: If you don't look like an androgynous celebrity that's 30 pounds underweight, you'll never get a woman. Lose some weight and get a sense of fashion. Every woman and gay man's first impression is based on the total retail value of the clothes that a person is wearing. If you don't know what clothes to wear, read any "romance" book. Before anything "romantic" happens on said books, the author will always, always, describe the clothes that the hero and heroine are wearing in precise detail.
  • During dates, once again, be an asshole: Before a woman becomes willing to have sex with you, you must convinced her that you are a natural leader. Since you aren't, pretend that you are for at least the 20 first dates. If you don't, she will run off with someone with actual muscles and a fat wallet (all women will fuck anything that pays).
  • During sex, remember, women don't like anal sex, they love it. The more a woman screams and tells you to stop, the better you are at pleasing her!

The best way to pick up women is show them respect (see video for example):

Show me your Genitals
Show me your Genitals 2
I kill people

Normal Behaviors of women and dealing with them

Bitch! You don't want Daddy to go to your face.


—A Pimp Named Slickback

Sho' wish ah knew how to read. O well it gots picturz
Early training is important!
Buying this shirt will save you some time.

Once you have found a suitable piece of property, you will need to know about certain attributes they possess, in order to best keep your bitch in line.

  • Women are inherently submissive and deep down seek to be dominated at all costs. It doesn't matter if she claims that she may be strong and independent, at the end of the day she wants to be dominated. It is your job as a man to be able to step up to the plate and keep your bitch straight in line. The more domineering and douchey you are, the more likely she will fall in line and do whatever you say.
  • Women have zero self-understanding or self-awareness. They are only slightly less deep than a piece of paper and as reliable as a paranoid schizophrenic.
  • As a result, nothing a woman says is ever true, good, or honest. Any agreement or promise made by a woman will probably be broken by the woman herself in a fit of PMS-fueled rage.
  • Women may look inside your wallet or any other place they suspect you may have money. You have to nip this in the bud and tell her if you ever catch her doing this, you will cunt punt her.
    • Beware. If she finds anything there, she will be offended. Women feel that anything yours is theirs by right, to the point that it's morally wrong for you to have anything of your own.
  • Women will eat you up and spit you out if you are a nice guy. Beat the bitch to death with your dick you queer.
  • Women may want to watch lifetime channel. BEWARE! If you let them watch this, they may think they're a victim! Dispose of this channel by any means necessary.
  • Women are like children and need structure and discipline. They will try to get away with as much as they can, and it is your job to stop them.
  • Women are constitutionally incapable of paying attention to what men say during a conversation. They are only able to pay attention to their own feelings and needs, so if you're a masochistic freak and want to talk to a woman, expect her never to reciprocate or have any concern about you or your life.
  • On the other hand, women typically require perfection from any man they talk to, expecting royal treatment and total attention and sympathy. As such, talking to women most closely resembles a never-ending job interview rather than a conversation.
  • If they are of the "educated" / "clever" breed, they might crave oddities like *rights* (naturally without any obligations attached to those rights) or *power* (naturally without responsibility for the mayhem they cause). (Hmmm...this just happened to you? Sorry, can't help bro'. You're screwed. She is the secretary of state now.)
  • Women are natural freeloaders. Get used to never being appreciated for anything.
    • Partly a result of a bone-deep sense of entitlement, discipline them if they show or have any signs of showing or developing this cancer to mankind.
  • For women, the sole litmus test for whether any given action is good or bad is their personal feelings related to the issue at hand. As such, women always believe they are right, for the simple reason that they wanted to do whatever they did in the first place.
  • Women also get hyperjealous of anything that brings a man pleasure that is not them (although they deny access to the pleasures they have to offer, that is, hole 1, hole 2 or hole 3). For this reason, they are a leading cause of homosexuality.
  • Women NEVER take responsibility for their actions. As such, they are incapable of guilt or remorse, because they never believe they have done anything wrong.
  • Contrary to the claims of feminists, women are stunningly incapable of empathy. Being both unwilling and unable to put themselves in others' shoes, women effortlessly create drama wherever they go.
  • Some women are fans of such boring activities as women's sports (known to the Jews as girl's sports), and they may try to drag you to such events. In such cases, a cunt punch or bitch slap is in order.
  • If you want to piss a (hot) woman off then the best way to do this is simply just ignore her. Even though a hot woman would never fuck you because you're a loser, she still gets mad because she thinks she deserves the attention because she's hot. Women hate it when guys ignore them.
  • Their ongoing mission is to train you. Having no internal life of their own, they have all the time and attention in the world to spare making your life hell. Remember: the measure of a woman's self-worth is that nobody around her is allowed to be any happier than she is, that said it is best to treat her as shallow as is implied by her PMS induced femrage so she doesnt ruin your day ALL the time until you are ready to dominate that bitch.
  • Women from more traditional cultures, like Asia and the Middle East, are likely to be much better behaved than what is detailed above, due to the relative absence of feminism and brainwashing by the media. Heck, some of them are even fun to be around.

Hypergamy explained:

Since women all start having sex at the same age, without contraception, they would be having their first kid by the time they are twenty at most since most start having sex at around 15. Since they have kids when they are that young, there's little chance of them being hardened dick-riders, so most of them will want to raise their kids. Given the lack of contraception/abortion available, they become full time mothers in what would otherwise be their "college fun period". Being full time mothers also means less of a chance of getting an education, which would reduce their ability to generate income, and make them more dependent on providers (rewarding provider behavior by not being whores).

The second is the welfare state, which renders providers kind of useless. Since obviously women aren't going to not fuck just because there's no condoms, having kids means providing for the kids. Maternal instincts are strong. Therefore, without contraception/abortions, women will need providers. Single mothers exist because of the welfare state enable them by taking tax money from other people and giving it to them. Without the welfare state, single mothers would wise up really quickly.

Women can go and fuck a hundred different guys because they don't get pregnant. And having a kid by themselves isn't very hard now since there's benefits from the state.

Contraception/abortion available AND welfare state is caused by wealth in society. Control of birth rate from contraception is because society is rich and people aren't dying all the time. Welfare state exists when a society is rich.

Society improves standard of living + contraception >> Women not rewarding provider behavior >> decay of the family unit >> nihilism in men >> DECAY OF SOCIETY


Available on eBay
Attention Whores typically try to become models.

There are numerous dangers inherent to dealing with women, although you probably don't need to know them because you already have plans that don't involve them. For posterity, however, we'll outline the following risks: In addition to the fact that they're all batshit crazy, a man must be aware the following perils associated with pursuing a relationship with a woman:

  1. Under no circumstances should you do what a woman tells you to. You have to learn to sense what she wants, not what she says she wants.
  2. Women lack verbal communication skills, logic, and coherence in their weepy, melodramatic ramblings. Despite this, in addition to adhering to #1 above, you must create the illusion that her psychotic, incoherent babble makes sense. Failing in this, she will start to cry (see below) and the fucktarded, insane prattle will only amplify, leaving limited options to shutting her up.
  3. Dangers #1 and 2 exist because all women are attention whores. There are no exceptions. It is a law of nature and nothing can be done to change it.
  4. Incorrectly configured Toilet Seats can easily trigger #2.
  5. Through a combination of mindfucking and jiggling boobies, women will attempt to coerce men into a form of servitude known as the "Friend Zone" or worse, marriage. Both of these should be avoided at all costs, as they have all the drawbacks of a girlfriend with feeble to non-existent sex.
  6. Said mindfucking will permanently turn you into a faggot in no time.
  7. Women will call the cops if you prove them right too much. Aim for the back of the head - cops can't see bruises covered by hair.
  8. Never let them read Cosmopolitan. It may trick them into thinking they have some use beyond food preparation and fucking.
  9. Medical evidence suggests women can survive on attention and sperm alone. Starve her of the former and forcefeed her the latter. If she insists on eating something other than cum, promptly induce an eating disorder by subtly asking if she's gained weight every other day.
  10. Women don't play video games. Such activities require too much of their pea-sized brains.
  11. Prolonged association with a woman will result in insanity (as theirs is contagious), staggering levels of faggotry, and ultimately an hero.

Fact: There are no girls on the internets.[no citation needed]

There are no girls on the internet no matter what. That girl who wrote your name on her tits for you. Its a dude who can photoshop your name on a pair of tits he found on Google images. Congratulations you sent a picture of your dick to that man.

If by some accident a girl does access the internet, she is either fat, ugly, or a trap.

The good ole days.

Things women will do to you

More dangerous than they look,dont let the following happen to you.

  • Take half of your income (and many others) despite not working a day in their lives.
    • Half? Only Half? BWAHAHAHA! Dream on, brother.
  • Kick you in the balls without any legal repercussions. (Women love doing this and will try to do it at every chance they get). Don't even think of going tit for tat and punch her in the tit even if you're in elementary school. Just don't.
  • Lock you out of a property with your name, just your name, on it and get the cops to make you go sleep at a Hotel because you are scaring her.
  • Legally cut your dick off in your sleep, blame rape, then throw it in some field at 2am.
  • Trick you into getting a RapeX stuck to your cock, frame you for rape, and then get voluntarily gang-raped by niggers.
  • Betray you in the worst ways imaginable just for shits and giggles.
  • Put your name on the Birth-Certificate and you are legally responsable for the kid until you can proove that you are not the father. It don't matter that you were in prison 2 years before and 2 years after that kid was conceived. You have to pay for a DNA tests, court costs etc to prove the kid ain't yours because the law assumes the woman is telling the truth when she puts down who the father is.

The Female Species

Women operate with a primitive reptilian brain (with less neurons and considerably less synapses than men) which serves one binary function, asking a single primal question about existence and reality: "Am I currently fucking Chad?" "Chad" is a temporary status that women confer upon males and it means "in demand" or "fuckable" (In Fuck Demand). A Chad is a guy with a line of women waiting to fuck him, the longer the line the better. Women love long lines of women, which is why beauty pageants and The Rockettes are still a thing, and why any woman anywhere buys a book. Reminding a woman that there's a long line sends her into uncontrollable lust. Here is a typical exchange between a woman and a Chad: "Please kidnap me!" "get n lien bby" (drops panties)

In addition to hunger, the answer to the question "Am I currently fucking Chad?" determines a woman's current state of happiness, which can change from second to second (but most importantly is always lacking). Women are never truly happy, unless she's temporarily convinced herself she's landed The Best Chad For Her This Week. Which can change the very next second when a butterfly flaps its wings. Since women all share one brain between them, guys with girlfriends and wives have already been preselected as Chads by The Female Brain. So the most attractive accessory a man can wear is a woman by his side, or a wedding ring on his finger, or worn panties in his pocket.

However, all Chads are expendable, at risk of being replaced, rendered obsolete, and superseded by a new upgrade. That's why athletes, daredevils, racecar drivers, police, firefighters, roughnecks, and military morons are so attractive to women: they demonstrate daily how expendable they are. In addition to money, women are thrilled by danger and dominance. Pussy is why daredevils exist. No man is a daredevil for dick. The closest thing is a fag rollerblading in Atlanta, although Cirque du Soleil comes close. The threat of death is a thrilling turn on for women, and the threat of his death means she can fuck someone else without guilt, before or after he dies, then live off insurance money. Women never get attached to men because they know that a man can die at any moment (like when she stabs him with a kitchen knife).

Even when it comes to marriage, women are turned on by long lines of women. Bridesmaids are essentially a symbolic line of women that a bride can stand on top of, the bride is first in line. Women are the first to want to get married and the first to want divorce. That's because women don't actually want to be married to one guy, they just want a big wedding and a big ring so they can show off and show other women they are first in line with a guy she has whipped with her pussy (although a True Chad, or the other extreme, a male nigger, would never get married). Then with her Plan B mealticket locked in place in order to steal money in perpetuity, she can go and fuck real Chads who actually turn her on. Later she can divorce and get Plan B's money and use it in the hopes of upgrading Chads. However, negresses don't lock men in with marriage, they try and fail to lock men in by not using condoms, and government welfare becomes their baby daddy.

All women are erratic animals that have the mental illness of Being A Woman (so do faggots and trannies). All women suffer from one or more Cluster B personality disorders: narcissistic personality disorder (need for admiration), histrionic personality disorder (attention-seeking, inappropriately seductive behavior, shallow or exaggerated emotions), borderline personality disorder (all or nothing thinking, instability in relationships and self-image and identity and behavior, impulsivity) or antisocial personality disorder (lack of empathy and guilt and remorse, psychopathy).

Girls' Bathrooms

  • Girls' bathrooms are big
  • 75% of girls' vaginas are bleeding at any given time, which is why girls' bathrooms are not clean
  • Most girls that spend time together have their period at around the same time. This is due to some hormonal telepathy shit that you'd never understand, and is referred to as "French Whorehouse Syndrome" (handy, it's just easier to share pads if the cows go in a herd)
  • Women go to the bathroom in packs so they can talk about things that would bore any man to death. It's during the first 15 seconds of this time that a woman decides whether or not she is going to let you fuck her because as girls are catty and can't form an opinion without 3 or more people weighing in, if this mini bathroom committee decides that you're gross - you're not getting laid again that night or like every night before it.
  • A lot of women's bathrooms have a couch in them for taking hot selfies of them making out with other girls to send to that one guy that isn't you.
  • Women's bathrooms also sell condoms, mouth-wash and a wet nap style wipe for cleaning up the vagoo after sex. If she's out with you, she won't be needing any of these things.
  • Women have been taught to insulate themselves from the toilet seat with anywhere from 2 to 5 inches of toilet paper because they've been taught that the last person to use the toilet before them could be a compulsively masturbating tranny who busted their nut all over the toilet seat hoping to get some lazy bitch preggers.
  • Despite hearing all the propaganda about how much cleaner women are than men, there will always be a pile of bloody tampons and pads next to the trashcan or behind the toilets. This is why you always see someone with a plastic beach shovel and rake that is being sent in to clean a woman's bathroom.

Love Triangle

Women always take a two-pronged approach to men, like their forked tongues. A woman smells using the tip of her tongue and locates two organisms in the environment. She then uses pit organs located between the scales on their head to sense beta radiation aka beta rays, and determines which of the two organisms is dominant, sorting them in alpha-betacal order. Women continuously use an automatic reflex which tests the responses of every person they meet to see if they are strong or weak, dominant or submissive, master or slave, DGAF or GAF. Women constantly seek a new dominance, to either fuck or poach from another woman. When a woman spots a new aloof dark mysterious fearless but entertaining asshole who is Chadder than Chad who has the potential to rescue her from her unhappy bored existence and inject adventure into her life, a switch will flip in her puny brain and she will go into stealth mode and initiate a holding pattern where she will cling to Old Chad for a few weeks (who has ceased to be Chad in her eyes and is now Plan B due to the detection of beta rays) while she starts to fuck New Chad (aka Chad). Being infatuated with New Chad she will fuck New Chad and believe she's "in love", and having lost infatuation in Old Chad due to habituation she will say she doesn't love him anymore or that she's unhappy or bored or not having fun which she deserves because she's a Princess.

Wherefore art thou Chad

A Chad has options and acts like it: not caring what women say and never taking a woman too seriously because he can immediately drop her for the next piece of tail in line. Chads also have a lot of bro friends. Women are turned on by anything that expands her options, which is why all women love their smartphones more than they love men. No man can compete with a smartphone, the ultimate in options, her option gateway, her 24/7 vibrator, the ultimate adult toy. Women love options when it comes to men, but hate making decisions and want Chad to decide for her. Women are turned on by authority and commands and being told what to do and being held down and restrained, since they can abdicate any responsibility for their actions and power thrills them. Chads don't ask women questions. Asking what she wants to do is one of the biggest turnoffs for women. Since women are stupid, women also don't know how to stop being bored themselves besides fantasizing about Chads (or playing a videogame made by men).

True Chads make women feel insecure (and therefore lustful) due to his long line of potential cockwarmers. So making a woman feel insecure (in an ambiguous confusing way) is one of the quickest ways into her pants. Many females delude themselves into thinking they could ever be first in line. Chad himself and his traits are less important than how many women want to fuck him. The more women that want to fuck him, the more women want to fuck him. A woman doesn't even have to see Chad, just the line of women to Chad. The line of women turns her on more than Chad alone. That's why the ideal male cologne smells like another woman's pussy, or just worn panties in his pocket. Her body has to get ready to sit on his cock before another woman does. When she does get Chad alone, if she ever forgets the line of women she cut in front of, she will eventually wonder what she ever saw in him (most likely a bad boy who she thought she could reform through the power of her pussy). That's why women in relationships want to travel with Chad, to test that he's still in demand. When Chad inevitably nexts her, she faces disillusionment at the fact that her pussy really wasn't all that special and that her personality was shit because she's a woman and that her bullshit isn't worth the time or the effort or the money. But she has a trick up her bloody sleeve, because women always pursue side Chads, who she's been fucking for weeks already.

Women don't like to lay all their eggs with one bastard. That's why negresses have upwards of half a dozen baby daddies. Women need new sperm like they need new smartphones. That way there's a chance that deadly microbes (the Earth's actual apex predator) might not decimate her entire progeny, putting an end to 4 billion years of nagging.

Inventions by Women

Oddly, not invented by women.

(For a list of Male Inventions please refer to http://www.dictionary.com)


"Wimmin can multitask whilst putting the toilet seat down unlike men," is a well known wo-meme in the world of real. What is multitasking? It is defined by Wikidictionary as "the ability to do several things badly instead of one thing properly. Possibly whilst gossiping to your friends on your mobile." This proves that wimmin is the superior.

American Quilts

As demonstrated by Winona Ryder in the film "How To Glue An American Quilt", this is a wimmin invention in which the verbal non-patriarchal history of the family is recorded by collecting together important bits of material - Uncle OJ's blood-stained gloves, Auntie Pedobear's rape gag, Monica Lewinsky's stained dress, used femidoms, etc - and assembling a quilt, which is a sort of posh dog blanket. Only wimmin can do this as they has a higher tolerance to inconsequential and boring family values bullshit.

Lorenzo's Oil

As discovered by Winona Ryder and possibly Cher in the wimmin film "Mermaids", Lorenzo's Oil is a cure for retards. Made of one third civit cum, one third mother love and one third LSD, this magic cure not found by Westernised male-controlled "science" can transform your average asspie into a productive member of the United Nations Peace Corp. (Doesn't work on poor black kids dying of malaria.)


First discovered by Marie Curie, who despite popular opinion was not French but rather a Pollack and by using her husband as a test subject - managed to kill him off and claim his Nobel Prize because having the two strikes against her of 1: Being born without a Penis and 2: Being born Polish, she really had no chance in the intellectual arts, except, maybe, thinking up more efficient ways to make sammiches or using cabbage as a source of food.

Wimmin is especially skilful on radiations, which include mobile tower radiations, fluoride in the water radiations, the convective radiation of heat that is useful in making pies and other yummies with their ovens, calorie radiations, cellulite radiations, ME, being-allergic-to-everything-in-the-modern-world-including-the-hum-from-electric-wires radiations and repetitive stress of the vocal chords. The cure for these radiations often involves the high frequency whine produced by moronic housewives complaining about their illnesses on Oprah, and proves that wimmin should have been allowed to do laboratories instead of staying in the kitchen and shutting the fuck up.

Pleather and DNA

DNA was invented by the lady that worked at the photo-developing counter at Boots - Rosalind Franklin - by looking at some X-ray photos accidentally included among the holiday snaps. Her invention was raped from her CV by wimmin-hating patriarchal racist capitalists or something.

Pleather was invented by wimmin who had had lots of fun wearing fur coats until they realised fur was made from little fluffy kitties and stuff. (See Peta Wilson). Now not even female motorcyclists who have been decapitated by collision with a lorry due to their poor road skillz would be seen dead in real leather from poor genocided cows.

Nail Polish

The purpose of nail polish is to hide the fact that their fingernails are filthy and that their fingers smell like cheese. Formerly, they wore gloves for this purpose. It's much in the manner that the purpose of perfume is to hide the fact that they smell. It's all an illusion, gentlemen.

Mating strategy of the human female

This is what every female's to-do list looks like:

  1. Fuck a felon
  2. Fuck a guy who can't spell or read
  3. Fuck daddy
  4. Fuck the Barbarian King
  5. Fuck Christian Grey
  6. Fuck James Bond
  7. Fuck a guy who's twice as tall as me and can carry me like a baby
  8. Fuck a gunslinger
  9. Fuck Indiana Jones
  10. Fuck a guy who has cash or drugs
  11. Fuck a guy with potential to get cash or drugs
  12. Fuck a guy who knows a guy who takes care of these kinds of things
  13. Fuck Rocky
  14. Fuck a guy with an accent
  15. Fuck the best man
  16. Fuck every boy in the school when you are obese fugly 21 years old enrolled in 9-11 grades. Sponsored by Aussies for your sick sexual pleasure. No jks this happened.
  17. Fuck a man asleep by breaking into his student accommodation room using a fork then raping him.
  18. Fuck massa
  19. Fuck Gordon Gekko
  20. Fuck a guy with tattoos
  21. Fuck teacher
  22. Fuck a guy in uniform
  23. Fuck the director
  24. Fuck a guy who knows the director
  25. Fuck the casting director
  26. Fuck a guy who plays with balls for a living (or a puck)
  27. Fuck a guy with a motorcycle or truck or cool wheels
  28. Fuck the guy who pays me to babysit
  29. Fuck a violent guy who chokes me and beats me
  30. Fuck a guy with a guitar or drumset
  31. Fuck the lacrosse player
  32. Fuck a frat boy
  33. Fuck all his roommates
  34. Fuck a boom operator
  35. Fuck a guy who spends time with live cows or wears dead cows
  36. Fuck a guy who watches handegg
  37. Fuck a guy with piercings
  38. Fuck a guy who wears nail polish
  39. Fuck a guy on stage
  40. Fuck any nigger
  41. Fuck a long-haul truck driver
  42. Fuck a male porn star
  43. Fuck a guy with an Internet startup
  44. Fuck whoever's playing Doctor Who right now
  45. Fuck a guy who owns his own washing machine
  46. Fuck a fast food worker
  47. Try to fuck the gay guy
  48. Fuck another female
  49. Fuck all of the above
  50. Fuck everyone but you

(note that many of these men don't exist)

Mating strategy of the human male

  1. Fuck a crazy female

Women are born with every egg they will ever lay, so every egg a woman carries was made in her mom's coont. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the eggs of our lives. Tink. Tink. Tink. That's why when women turn 30, they really ramp up their sluttery (like sucking the dick of all their male students). The shot clock is running out (it can be seen on their face).

A cunt will only lay about 400 eggs in her life, once a month, and she faces the prospect of 9 months of being a waddling oven, so she has to be very choosy about which weiners slobber inside her. She must prioritize. Naturally, felons take priority (for example: professional handegg players, gangsters, outlaws, murderers, etc).

Wimmins mating strategy can be thought of like a totem pole: the top of the totem pole is the base of the penis, and the scale determines how far she will deep throat.

Women and woo

All wimmins believe in woo woo bullshit like angels, auras, chakras, palm reading, mood rings, and The Secret aka The Law of Attraction. Or at the very least, an inner goddess. The Secret is like catnip to women, because their reproductive organs are hidden from view, and their beautiful babbies lose their tails in secret. Also, the power of attraction is really the only power that females can possibly possess, and if she cannot continually feel that power she will typically sink into a deep depression, or kill herself, or cut open a pregnant woman, or start wearing pantsuits. Wimmins distrust of physics is due to the fact that physicists are never featured in their rape fantasies, and if physicists don't make her wet then how much could they really know about the universe with her at the center of it? Makes you wonder. Christian Grey knows more about what her body wants than men whose job is to study the laws of reality, since what she really wants has nothing to do with reality whatsoever, but wishes.

Any time a daytime talk show's advertisers needs to sell more chocolate and tampons for bleeding gashes they will do a very special episode about being touched by an angel. Or if it's Oprah, being touched by over 9000 penises. Or the very very special episode on ghost rape, which allows a batshit insane woman to cry rape, become a professional victim, and never take any responsibility for her actions. Females who don't believe in New Age bullshit are post-menopausal women with higher testosterone or mannish dykes who other women immediately distrust, unless they march in parades saying they don't need no man, or they're running for political office based on a platform of a woman's right to destroy a man's child or cuck a man into paying for her unapologetic sluttery, since shame would encroach on her unlimited sexual freedom because they are all goddesses who just happen to have an actual void in their body as if something is missing.

Women tell themselves the reason they are fascinated with woo is because they are more "intuitive" than men and have a closer connection to their emotions (and the spirit world, where they assume all of the voices come from), when they really are just suspicious of science (because it was invented by men, and involves math) and vaccinations (because they were invented by men) and male logic since it doesn't match their irrational illogical estrogen-fueled changing-at-the-drop-of-a-dime crazy feelings. Women believe angels and prayer can cure cancer, Ebola, and autism. Srsly. Or if the women is a negress, they believe it was witches, always. For all those victims of Ebola, the angels just had bigger plans for them I guess. Even female "comedians" have caught on and most of their acts now consist of admitting and acknowledging how fucking crazy all wimmins are, while rationalizing that they need to be crazy psychopaths because they are "worth it" and are all entitled to be treated like supermodels without putting in any effort because they believe all women are created equal, even though dress sizes are a painful reminder that they are not. Their failure to attract anyone they want is a bruise to their sexual narcissism and results in their mental dichotomy between "real" women and "freaks of nature" women.

Wimmins fascination with woo is also why there are no female magicians. All non-Muslim men know magic is bullshit, so some virgins devote themselves to creating ruses to fool women and children (same thing) with an illusion of power, but females are only good for being eye candy "assistants" and being cut in half. No female has ever wanted to be a magician because they don't comprehend that magic is fake or that they would have to design a trick. And the only "tricks" that women need to pull to attract the opposite sex involve slutty clothing and standing on street corners. Some ugly lesbians might consider becoming magicians, but it would never trick anyone into having sex with them, which is the only reason to do magic in the first place. However at a certain point, females devote themselves to becoming master illusionists and spend the rest of their lives maintaining an illusion of youth and beauty because they realize that's the only thing they ever had to offer anyone and the only value they have as human beings. When their powers of illusion begin to fade and they can no longer coast through life on their looks, they seek to become Activists, Advocates, Humanitarians, Politicians, CEOs, and "getting behind the camera" as Film Directors and Producers. Of course, ugly women learn this much earlier in life, which explains Margaret Thatcher, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and little girls who-were-cut-on-their-faces-by-strangers going into comedy.

Women and Chocolate

Info non-talk.png PROTIP: Never combine women with chocolate
Double Chocolate Orgasms.jpg

While some women can be baited with chocolate, it has been proven that they will neglect their duties in bed if given even a tiny bit of it. Women have been known to masturbate with chocolate, so be wary men, signs that a woman is having an affair with chocolate include:

  • Neglecting her duties in the bedroom
  • Drooling brown instead of white after an orgasm (this is why women invented white chocolate)
  • Watching Ghirardelli commercials while masturbating

If any of these apply to your woman, the steps to keep her on track are:

  1. Throw away all her chocolate stash
  2. Show an empty wrapper to her whilst hitting her nose and telling her, firmly and confidently, "No! Bad woman!"
  3. Make her sleep on the floor until she learns that her behavior is unacceptable, NO CHOCOLATE UNDER THE FLOORBOARDS EITHER, NO!.

Islam pwns women

Islam and Sharia courts don't take bullshit from wimmins. Islam is essentially the planet's culturally evolved response to feminism. Islam holds women reponsible for their actions, whereas feminism is used to shirk responsiblity at every turn. Coincidentally, in Islam, a "shirk" is an unforgivable crime where someone worships anything other than Allah. Women worship money and material goods and feminists worship vaginas and women, so Mud People always feel justified putting women to death. While entitled women in the West fight for the right to be topless everywhere and be even bigger whores (if that were possible), Islam punishes them with death in order to keep women in line (something the West has failed to do besides lone wolf spree shooters).

Ironically, the first Muslim was a woman, Khadija. When Mohammed thought he was going crazy and didn't know if he had been visited by an angel or demon, Khadija the slut used a shit test on him and fucked him and asked if Mo Ham could still see the visitor. Mohammed said he didn't. Since Mo Ham could not see anyone, Khadija figured it had left and that it was an angel. Khadija told him he was visited by an angel since a demon would have stayed to watch them fuck. This specious reasoning by a dumb cunt is the entire foundation of Islam. Mohammed's insanity was first validated by a woman, spawning the colossal shitstain of Islam, which lulzily refuses to take women's shit. As with feminism, women continually demonstrate that they are their own worst enemies. Everything eventually backfires on women, like a newborn baby with a bungee umbilical cord.

Why Do Women Exist?

People often wonder why women exist despite having contributed jack shit to society. This is mainly because it's a man's world, and God was a man, so he made the universe the way it was supposed to be in his eyes. One could ponder why he didn't just create natural vaginas in flowers or in tree stumps or something instead of turning them into the bitching, period-having, sorry-excuse-of-a-human known as the women, so it would make the world a better place for men to live in peace and prosperity. Technology would be a million times more advanced than it is today, and men wouldn't be thrown in prison for useless, petty shit like rape and domestic abuse; as well as carrying financial burdens on their shoulders for "paying" child support all over busting a nut inside a woman's vagina to express their natural right in enjoying sexual activity.

In fact, the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians would probably still be around today if they kept their wimminz in their correct places instead of allowing them to run things. Look what happened to Ancient Sparta; watch the movie when King Leonidas' obeyed his wife in going to war with the Persians and you'll see what we mean. Or take a look at the sad and pathetic cases of Hilary Clinton, Sarah Palin and the tragic downfall of the United Kingdom under Margaret Thatcher to know that women fail at anything and everything, especially when held in positions of power (duties and tasks other than the usual cooking, preparing food, fucking and cleaning). They are hopeless and worthless and cannot be trusted, at least not without male supervision.

The only excuse for their existence About missing Pics
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Why aren't women extinct yet?

Predators would have hunted women to death millenia ago if not for men (who are expendable). Or women would have all run off a cliff chasing after Channing Tatum or some other stupid fucking reason for dying. If men are as bad as feminists claim, women are lucky that men have not committed genocide against all of them. "Hitler had the right idea, he was just an underachiever." Men allow women to live and women call this "oppression." When women yell "oppression", what they really mean is anxiety over responsibility, accountability, and consequences. Yet all women yearn for a master. Someone she can literally look up to. Which is why manlets are fucked.

The true sign of a master is putting a slave to work and therefore a slow death instead of immediately putting them to death (which would be a relief). A master suspends death (torture is another suspension of death). A master defers death, and allows a slave to live, condemning the slave to labor. Suicide is a slave's retaliation against a master, like employees of Foxconn in China that make Apple crap. In capitalism, wages exist to delay a laborer's suicide since the worker gives capital to the capitalist. Amusingly, feminists celebrate women's entry into the workforce and military and being able to buy crap made with slave labor, and women are unhappier than they have ever been, despite feminism's "achievement" of a hypergamous utopia where women can be as slutty as they want with no consequences. As a result, all women have at least one STD now, which explains Jared Fogle and his ilk who value virginity. The lack of Ebola in the West is the only reason that a feminist sexual revolution was ever possible. Ebola is God's response to feminism.

Women's Reaction To This Article

This is an actual reaction from a woman to this page. Notice how she shares the same expression as the dog.
Right, listen up enyclopedia dramatica, 'cause I'm getting bored out of my skull with you people. Some of your articles are dumb, others offensive and dumb, and still others just too offensive to even be contemplated. So here's the deal. I'm not about to set myself up as some sort of internet superhero capable of single-handed taking down this entire site, but I am sufficiently determined to prove a real pain in the butt for you people. So, if you want me to sod off and stop mucking up your articles, just remove the following:

This article (because frankly you just shouldn't reduce something as important as women's rights to jokes when they constitute one half of the human race)

Any articles relating to eating disorders (becuase crap like that can be seriously damaging to the psyches of people who come across it with an existing vulnerabilit)


The article on FAs (because I am an FA and frankly, just about everything in this article is a badly written pack of lies, devised not for the purposes of humour but seemingly just to pick a fight with people who don't happen to share your standards of physical attractiveness- not neccessarily wise when you consider we're not renowned for our reserves of patience)

See to it. Or I won't be held responsible for my actions.


—User:Real Rioter


Only a male intellect clouded by the sexual drive could call the stunted, narrow-shouldered, broad-hipped and short-legged sex the fair sex: for it is with this drive that all its beauty is bound up. More fittingly than the fair sex, women could be called the unaesthetic sex


Arthur Schopenhauer

If I were Mr. Gaskell, oh Heaven, how I would beat her!


—Excerpt from Charles Dickens novel

Woman was God's second mistake.


—Friedrich Nietzsche

Woman is the nigger of the world


—John Lennon, being ironic

This site is run by illiterate homophobic misogynistic racist morons.


—The entire Internets, insults don't work if you cant understand them, this is especially true if you are illiterate.

Girls, everybody likes them. They have boobs and they smell good.


—Stuttering Craig.

... all three men are suspicious of Herland and its women, and think they will find a society wracked by chaos and disorder, since they believe that women are not intelligent and organized, or capable of surviving without their male-halves ...


—Wikipedia describing famous lesbian fantasy Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

You can't blame a woman for what she does wrong in the same sense that you can't blame a dog for what it does wrong. It's your fault for not training it properly.


—Dick Masterson

Women are like niggers, in that they think they are entitled to something because of some event that happened years ago that they had absolutely nothing to do with. And they are worse than niggers, in that once a month they use what naturally happens to them as an excuse to get out of doing anything, including making sandwiches.


—Random Anon putting a woman in her place.

Girls, to do the dishes, to do the laundry, to clean up my room. Girls.


—Beastie Boys, doing it right

He placed his hands around her throat just to throttle her in unconsciousness so that she wouldn't scream anymore... and then he removed her clothes and raped her.


—Serial killer Ted Bundy, describing in third person about his unique version of passionate lovemaking.

There's no physical ramifications for being an asshole if you're a woman!


—Bill Burr, telling it like it is

There is no way they could fill the gaping cunthole that is my vagina.


Arguecat3, example of an acceptable woman.

Yes, men love women more than women love men. Even today, when men are second class citizens there are still guys willing to champion women's rights (and privileges). Do you think if women were in charge they would be putting men on a pedestal and taking care of their "loved" ones?. Men love women more; both physically and emotionally: Women don't tend to date poor guys. They tend to "want" men not because they love them but because they like to be loved by them. The "key" to female arousal lies in them being the centre of attention and feeling sexy rather than feeling anything for their partners. (they are self-centred and selfish). Guys tend to suicide more and also tend to have a harder time after a break up. Women are the ones asking for divorce more often (>70%). Besides.. Men have dedicated a lot of art to women, but what about the opposite?: When women paint, they tend to paint other women. When women write about love, they focus on the woman being the centre of attention and “love” becomes a synonym for “gynocentric egocentrism”. When women sing about relationships, they rarely focus on the guy; it is always about them unless they are looking for someone to blame. Also, we can’t forget female sexual arousal is narcissistic, and it says a lot about female’s idea of “romance”. It is but a one way street pointing at them. And women seem to love women far more than they “love” men both physically and emotionally. So, why do people think women are the "romantic ones" when they are just selfish, emotionally distant, sexually indifferent, self-centred and hypocritical gender narcissistic lesbians?. Don't let yourself be fooled by the "women are romantic" bs. Their lack of sexual desire towards the opposite sex doesn't make them more "loving" or "emotional"; lust and love are not mutually excluding. As a matter of fact, it seems sex drive and love have a lot in common, and this could explain why men love women more than women love men.



The biggest honour which the woman has is the fact that she borns men.


—Martin Luther

Before you (women) say that all men are the same, at first open your eyes instead of opening your legs


—A Wise Anon

I have zero desire to be with a real woman. I once tried to get with an escort to lose my virginity and I could not maintain an erection because a real woman's body is too inferior to the perfection that can be found in a fictional medium. Thank God I didn't do anything as I would be ashamed of myself. I cannot touch people. I do not even allow my closest family to touch me. I don't like people. So this works to my advantage in the sex game. I have no interest in the act. The thought of having relations with a woman is unappealing to me. Though I was not born like this. No, this change in my thinking came about when I observed women in their true form. We are told that women are pure, loving, caring, non-superficial angels that embody all good things in the world. This is a lie.

Women are contemptible. When I look at a woman, I'm filled with disgust. Their whole aura exudes mediocrity. There is nothing ennobling about the form of a woman, nothing heroic or transcendent. On the contrary, she is the base receptacle through which this whole miserable existence is perpetuated. I look at a woman and I want to copulate with her. It is an instinctual act. I'm never elevated to moments of beauty or art or mysticism when I'm around her. No. It's merely a descent into the bestial. How awful it must be to be a woman. No wonder she whores herself.

Real women are selfish, lying, deceiving, hypergamous, narcissistic whores who have no love for men. It's a lie. You will never find a pure woman on this Earth. It is an impossible feat. There is only one place where perfect women exist and that is in fantasy. Fantasy is perfect, incorruptible. It will not let you down. It will not disappoint you.

Factional women are superior to real women in every single aspect. This is not an opinion, this is fact. Which is real or not is irrelevant. A lightsaber is not real, yet it is better in every way than a wooden sword which is real. You can touch a wooden sword, do certain things with it and physically interact with it, yet the lightsaber will always be BETTER than it. This is irrefutable.

Thus fantasy will always be superior to reality. I do not care for this world. I have no stake in it. Therefore I envelope myself in fantasy. It puts a certain wonder in all things.

Go right ahead and call me a psycho, freak, retard, gay, sexist, loser, whatever. It does not affect me. I am free from your shaming tactics. There is nothing women can do to revert me. I have no interest in you. You have lost me. A rich, handsome, intelligent young man with warmth in his heart. You have driven me away and now I am unreachable. "No loss" you say? Yes, the exact to you. No loss.

It is wonderful to be a free man. Let me tell you, every man that enters a relationship with a woman in this modern time is playing Russian roulette with 5 rounds in the cylinder. The chances of a woman cheating on you or merely growing bored of you is higher than ever. Women cannot be exclusive. It is in their very nature to always seek something better. This is fact. It is engrained in their genetic code(sic!). If you are a man seeking a loving, caring, loyal, virginal woman to share your life with, start a family and with whom you can uplift yourself and truly find a beautiful warmth in all things with you are living a fools dream. Such pure love does not exist in this world. It is a fairytale. So why subject yourself to a fairytale that will end in shambles instead of a fairytale that will always be perfect? Why not choose the lightsaber?

Get over your fear of being alone. Get over your fear of conforming to gender roles. Get over your primal urges. Anyone can do it. If you cannot do this then you will be a slave to women for the rest of your life. Your life will inevitably always revolve around women. Whether it be bedding them, chasing them, trying to please them and so forth.

So, delve into a world of fantasy. There is no shame in it, regardless of what people say. Start watching some anime with beautiful female characters. When you feel the urge look at some hentai or doujinshi. Get a fleshlight if you have to. But never, EVER, fall into the winnable game. You cannot win. Victory is just an illusion.

The only way to win is to stop playing.


—Fagget, a wise scholar from godlikeproductions.com

I like Feminists, especially such who are full-breasted and have big asses.


—A wise man

Men are managers of the affairs of women because Allah has made the one superior to the other.



Disposal of Women


Dr. Mengele's modest proposal

Women to be euthanized after menopause - Once they have served their purpose.

Delicious Copypasta

Copypasta I

Bunch of pussies asking for it.

I have come to see a link between the rise of women, their increasing rights, involvement in politics, and the feminist movement and the increasing stupidity, perversion of culture, and all-around degeneracy in the West. These irrational, pseudo-sentient life forms have done naught but sap the life out of intellectual and powerful men over the last hundred years or so, and we men have made the mistake of brainwashing ourselves to believe that these succubi are actual people. Their whole kind are nothing more than tools for procreation, unfit to live without a patron's approval.

Allow me to make my case.

Women are naturally cowards. I myself have met women who have admitted to me that they and their whole kind are born cowards. They are timid creatures whose emotions overpower their logic and rationality, and they are therefore unfit to lead. Their extreme emotions are triggered by slight and unimportant things, and with these worries they hinder the progress of man. Remember the last time your girlfriend got angry at you for that thing that to this day you have no idea what she was talking about? Imagine that ruling a society or a country. Imagine that fight being with another world leader. Imagine an irrational war because of a woman's errant actions. I'm glad Hillary lost, so that America may live a few years longer.

Mankind used to be male-dominated, and with good reason. Women knew their place, and men kept them there. Now, let's look at the achievements in this long period of history. We have such political achievements as the republic and the democracy. We then have technological advancements such as irrigation, the hanging gardens, the printing press, electricity, factories, cars, computers, and now even the Internet. We also have such historical achievements like the Neolithic Revolution, the American and French Revolutions. We have the great thinkers of history, like Socrates, Aristotle, Boethius, Bacon, Marx, Nietzsche, Borh, and, of course, Einstein. Who do you think was the most intelligent person in history, who could change the way you think, whose infinite wisdom puts this person on level with the gods? He was a man, wasn't he? Back when we were a male-dominated society, men did not even love women. Most of the great men of history were gay, only having wives for children. Shakespeare was gay, Da Vinci was gay, to name a few. Men can survive without women (for lack of children, granted). Take modern gay people for example. Why do you think they are so happy? With gene science as it is now, we can make humans effectively enough without women soon enough. Jesus Christ.

Now, let's look at more modern times, shall we? In 1920, women gained the right to vote (oh, and then there was a recession, coincidence? Hardly). Coincidentally, we have not had a good president since the nineteenth century. In 1966, we had a cultural revolution. Great and all, but that's when police and the government became the bad guys. Degeneracy ran wild and became commonly accepted as culture. Then, come 1977, the feminist movement. That was the death knell of the West, as it was formerly known. Since these cum dumpsters decided they were people too, the West has become one grand showing of Dumb and Dumber. We now have what has to be the stupidest couple of generations since the Salem Witch Trials. We no longer have great philosophers; we no longer have great authors. We have become a nation glued to MTV and TeenNick. Remember G4TV? That's pretty much all of America at this point. And for God's sake, just look at our teenagers. What have we done to let our youth become so terribly corrupted and utterly stupid? To quote Chuck Palahniuk, "We are a generation of men raised by women." We have indeed let ourselves be led astray by the foolish little minds of women.

The fact that what I say, by modern standards, is sexist and therefore bad is further proof that we have been brainwashed. Women have convinced us that they have sufficient mental capacity to feel real emotion and can therefore be "hurt" and that we need to protect them. This is a lie. Now get me something to eat bitch.

Ergo, we have today naught but broken shards of society, the ghost of the greatness that humankind once was.

Copypasta II

There are profound differences between men and women in world view and mode of thought. These are evident from the literature they create, the literature they consume, and the way they comport themselves over the spans of their careers.

The archetypal chick flick, Gone with the Wind, is described in its own advertising as "a searing tale of passion in a world gone mad." Essentially, it's about the feelings of the protagonist in a world that is utterly beyond the protagonist's control. If a Mills and Boon novel has a happy ending, it's provided by the intervention of a man. At no point does a woman attempt to change her world. She adapts to it, cries about it, or waits for a man to change it for her. Men, by contrast, write about almost nothing but taking control of their world, and the mechanics by which this is attempted.

Another fundamental difference is the list thing. Men teach one another the mechanism, the distilled principle, because there is less to remember and it has to be taken in context anyway. Women want a fixed context and written instructions. If you try to teach them the principles instead, they don't listen and they get angry, saying "I don't care why, I just asked you to tell me what to do." If you give them a list of steps, it must be exhaustive like a computer program, because (also like a computer program) if context changes, breaking the procedure, or if anything has been omitted, blame is ascribed to the writer of the procedure.

A direct consequence of this intellectual inflexibility is that women do not create tools. They can be taught to use them, often very well, provided that the use of the tool can be described as lists of steps - programs!

Visit a craft shop like Spotlight. It will be crawling with women who think they are creative. In fact, all they ever do is stick glitter to boxes, or cut cloth according to a plan that was almost certainly created by a man, before stitching it together using a sewing machine, both likely invented and made for them by men. Some of them will vary the patterns, but creation ex nihilo is a behavior exhibited almost exclusively by men.

I suppose you could say that women play god using the thing between their legs, whereas men use the thing between their ears. This is probably acculturated behavior. Possibly it is an artifact, in men, of the inability to play god the easy way; certainly many of us see our creations as children of sorts.

Copypasta III

One of my favorite rap songs of all time says Bitches Ain't Shit. I couldn't agree more. Truer words were never spoken, folks. Lots of good men hook up with what appears to be decent women and eventually these men discover that there's no such thing as a decent woman. All women are bitches. All of them without exception. Your mother. Your daughter. Your wife. Your aunt. The hooker down the street. The female lawyer in her office. The female senator on the senate floor. The librarian in your town. The policewoman in the squad car. Get the picture? I know that you wish it weren't so. In all likelihood, you're a decent guy. You work hard. You're smart. You contribute energetically to society. You'd like to eventually meet a decent woman and have a family.

That's what men have been socially conditioned to look for. And men have held their part of the bargain. it's women who haven't held their part of the bargain. the thing is that women have absolutely no conscience. It's something they were all born without. Have you ever seen a woman truly feel guilt over anything she's ever done? I need you to think about this question. Seriously. Right now, you're running a thousand different images in your head. If you're honest with yourself, you will see that I am right. Women cannot feel remorse. Or guilt. That's because they have no conscience. That's why they never keep their word, unless it somehow benefits them. There are no female exceptions to the malady of remorselessness which affects one hundred percent of the female population. I'm sorry. I truly am. I wish things were different. You have no idea how much.

However, the truth must be told. There are no good women on the planet. Simply because women have no conscience. You have a better chance of meeting a unicorn in New York City. Just ask a certain European prince who married a gold-digger whom he'd been boning for three decades. As soon as she got the ring around her finger, she began singing a different tune. Acting like a real bitch. Now she wants to take him for everything he's got. See? That's what you get when you treat a bitch better than she deserves. Men were made to rule the universe and bitches were made to serve them. End of story. Anyone who disagrees should just look up statistics. In the name of equality, women in college are slashing men's sports teams and adding their own.

In the name of equality, wives are stealing their husbands estates with the complicity of judges and leaving their men at the poorhouse. In the name of justice, female murderers are given a free pass on everything they do while their male counterparts either get life imprisonment or an execution. See what I mean? It's a sad state of the affairs, folks. I couldn't make this shit up. Sometimes, I wonder why men still bother with the whole marriage thing. Or even moving together with women. Separate but equal, that's how it should be. Men should just go to work, earn a living and have fun. Don't date or marry women. Just find a slut to fuck whenever they get horny. I have a solution for that. We should legalize prostitution.

Men can spend a few hundred dollars every week and get laid by a slut who's paid to do it rather than to risk their livelihood and their lives in a relationship with a bitch whom feminist taught to have a sense of entitlement. The average legal prostitute charges a few hundred dollars for her services. The average divorce costs a lot more than that. See what I mean? It's more cost-effective for a man to seek the company of prostitutes when he gets horny than to bother with dating or marriage. It's not misogyny, just a fact. Men waste a lot of time in the pursuit of women's hearts. The truth is that men have a lot more important things to do.

We can take care of ourselves. Women play the gender card and the pity card, blackmailing the government into funding women's social service programs, women's shelters and women's resource centers. Who pays for all these endeavors? Women seldom donate to women's causes. That's why they have us men for. They smile while we do the heavy lifting. They're naturally stupider than we are. We're smart. And we pour our intelligence into things like science, mathematics, art, sociology, research, philosophy, comic books, movies, etc. We thrust human society into bold new directions with our ideas. Women never have original ideas. They have a talent for emotional manipulation, deception and sexual exploitation. There's no correlation between these attributes of theirs and a high IQ.

The dumbest woman on earth knows things about manipulation that the smartest man might not know. Why? Simply because we're too good and too smart to bother with such petty things. We were created in God's Image. Women were an afterthought. Like an extra patio after building a house. Such structures are usually redundant. What I'm asking men everywhere is to stand up for themselves. Women won't do it for them. What do women think of crazy women who slaughter their sons and daughters like a certain Texan gal and fake insanity to get away with murder? Women should be outraged. Instead, they stand by the crazy women who murder innocent men along with their sons and daughters. That's because deep down women have absolutely no conscience. They know what right and wrong are, they just don't care.

The Male Sociopath comprises five percent of the male population. The Female Sociopath comprises one hundred percent of the female population. I'm sorry if this shocks or bothers you but the truth simply must be told. The female sociopath is better at hiding what she is and what she does than her male counterpart. That doesn't mean there are fewer females among the ranks of the sociopath subspecies. It just means they're well-hidden.

Men, we are in bad shape. There are no national campaigns to help male victims of domestic abuse. There are no shelters for battered men. There are no runs for prostate cancer. No charities for prostate cancer research. No ribbons for prostate cancer awareness. Why? Simply because it's a disease that affects men and women don't give a damn about men. Even worse, men have been brainwashed to think of themselves as unworthy of being cared for. They put women's interests ahead of their own. That is such foolishness. Men need to wake up. Women don't love you. They don't care about you. They will marry you, take your money, your house, your car and your sons and daughters. And they will use the women-controlled justice system to do it. Women are always saying they want careers. Truth is they're naturally lazy. They go to college and into the formerly male-dominated workforce because they want power. They will snatch up an available man based on his financial profile more than anything else and rob him of house and home...legally! Men need to wake up and learn to protect themselves. Donate to men's causes. Open up men's resource centers. Donate to men's health research. Don't be so quick to condemn your fellow men in court no matter how guilty they appear. The truth is that manipulative women can make the most innocent of men look like monsters. And the courts usually buy into their lies. Don't buy into their lies. Protect your fellow man. Protect yourself. And last but not least, don't trust women. They're not worthy of your trust. Peace.


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Women Who Try To Fight Back

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Feminism.

Some women are significantly more dangerous than others. In order to learn why women reach such a deluded and chaotic state and how to correctly deal with it, please see the full article on feminism.

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