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He somehow managed to become even more repulsive.
The downfall of an icon.

Wll Wheaton is D-list celebrity who is infamous for his role as the most hated Star Trek character of all time. Because of this, and the fact that he has regularly appeared on the tv show The Big Bang Theory, he considers himself to be some kind of icon of nerd culture. He is also an insufferable SJW shitbag and is married to a single mother, making him the literal definition of a cuck or nu-male.

Like most attention-whoring male feminists these days, he spends most of his time using Twitter as his mouthpiece to apologize for his male privilege and white guilt while ironically getting away with harassing women. Because he is incredibly easily to troll, this results in much hilarity. On August 17, 2018, the internet rejoiced when Wheaton deactivated his Twitter, only to be disappointed when Wheaton restored it a few months later although he has stopped tweeting, much to the delight of internetters everywhere.

Typical Wil Wheaton Role

Wil Wheaton, before he was e-famous.
Typical reaction to Wheaton or his character

His character was Wesley Crusher, who was a Mary Sue of the shows creator, Gene Roddenberry. The failed abortion of the ship's doctor, Beverley Crusher, all he ever did was wander around the Starship Enterprise pissing off the whole crew. In fact, the only reason why Picard never killed Wesley in a fit of righteous rage is because his engineering skills were his only redeemable qualities.

Fortunately, once the writers realized that their character was so obnoxious that not even pedophiles wanted anything to do him, they decided to ship him off to Starfleet Suckcock Academy, where he was never heard from again.

Basically, Wesley is to Star Trek what Jar-Jar Binks is to Star Wars.

Of course, the little faggot has nothing on the actor himself. In fact, rumor has it that Gates McFadden (who played Wesley's mother, Dr. Crusher) had to change her number because of Wheaton's persistent harassment. This was just the beginning of his life-long career of being a disgusting creep.


Sir Patrick Stewart, saying what we're all thinking.

In early 2016, Wil Wheaton announced on his Twatter that he will be insta-blocking anyone who tweets "Shut up, Wesley" at him. His public block list can be found here, which, at the time of writing this, contains over 18,000 users and counting. So much for being "officially over" it, amirite?

Because Twitter caters to the SJW crowd, the hashtag #ShutUpWesley was removed for some time, autocompleting to #ShutUpMilo instead. As of now, however, the hashtag is up and running again. You know what to do.

Hacked by Azns

In late 2006, Wheaton's blog was hacked by teh h3zb011ah for denying that JEWS DID WTC.

In 2008, by China:

This is for AT&T and the NSA: You can kiss my ass, I'm not paying my next bill. Instead I will kidnap Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and then threaten to destroy Fort Knox with Quad-Rail Electromagnetic Pulse Weapon, you mother fuckers! Time for you bitches to pay up. In Belgian Francs. Fuck you?!


In 2010, again by China:


Captain Humberto Versace takes the c9ck with Anas Al-Liby using HPM bomb and M551 Sheridan.

In 2011, yet again by China:


Dungeons and Dragons

His greatest act of self-pwnage came during a series of podcasts where Wheaton and several Webcomic Creators playtested Dungeons and Dragons Fourth Edition. While all his amateur comedian friends drunkenly played the stupid, WoW-wannabe tabletop RPG like the unfunny joke that it was, Wheaton kept trying to be a serious Actor roleplaying a serious game all serious-like. It was as if he learned to fluently speak High Quenya just so he could have the perfect name for his elvish character, and so he could roleplay his character with depth and conviction; which means he didn't understand D&D 4e at all. WizTards of the Coasts specifically designed D&D 4e to have no roleplaying element, and to be just a bad dungeon-crawl simulator, so Wheaton's attempt to smarten up the game with a multi-layered character was not only a pretentious waste of time, it actually slowed down the endless recalculations of Healing Surge effects.

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