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Etymology: a portmanteau of Wikipedia and pedophile.
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Wikipedophile (frequently abbreviated to Wikipedo) is the preferred term for the glassy-eyed zealots on Wikipedia. A total sick fuck, the wikipedophile remains something of an underground, "in the know" nickname for Bureaucratic Fucks, so to score extra e-points with them, be sure to use it liberally. It can also refer to actual pedophiles who always cruise for underage action on Wikipedia.

Typical Wikipedophile behavior

These tattoos might as well say, "I will never meet a woman."
VanTucky and Hipster Hitler have much in common
Clearly this man is swooning the ladies

There are other names for Wikipedians. Wikipediot makes us sound dumb, and Wikipedo is just gross. We're weird, but not that weird, so please don't use these names. Unless you want to piss off Wikipedians.


Just like inductees in a cult, the behavior of the Wikipedo appears inexplicable to a NORP, however a closer look reveals that many of them are manchildren who refuse to grow up, POV warriors with some agenda to push, Star Trek nerds arguing over the punctuation in the latest crap movie, and ordinary self-diagnosed aspies and OCD cases. Here are some examples:

  • J Di had a lovely Christmas, yesh.
  • Wikipedos always stalk. Chris Croy says "User:Charmeyn - She'll always hold a special place in my heart for edit warring with me over the inclusion of an external link to a subject's personal site, then going onto her MySpace and calling me a registered child molester."
  • Former admin JzG says "If you have a job or a family, do not do get involved with controversial subjects on Wikipedia. There are people out there who are batshit insane and will genuinely try to get you fired from your job, call you at home, solicit burglars to raid your home, and invite predators to look at your kids. They might even think it's not serious, that it's only a bit of fun. Only one of the above has not happened to me, and that one happened to someone else. Yes, really."
  • Read what this guy spends all his time on. -Singularly redefining shit nobody cares about (Ironically Ryulong banned him moments later rendering all his hard work pointless).
  • Why do people even want to be Wikipedia administrators? Check this: "I am an administrator here on the Wikipedia...[i]n my time here, I have received numerous personal attacks and more than one threat of a lawsuit. More troublingly, I have received the occasional death threat. My real name and photograph has been posted on the attack sites, along with my location, though not my exact address. Recently, I have started receiving telephone calls that have their caller ID blocked. These are the typical "hang-up" calls and I am no longer answering the phone to numbers I do not already recognize. Occasionally, I get voice mails though these are always blank. I do not consider any of the death threats I have received to be at all serious. None that I am aware of were made by someone in the same country as me and I never had any reason to believe this was more significant than a teenage vandal ticked off because I blocked him or her. And it is entirely possible (indeed, almost certain) that these telephone calls which have started in the past week are entirely coincidental. I am less happy with my real name and location, along with stolen photographs that are quite possibly not fair-use, being posted on attack sites. I'm considering changing my telephone number."

Wikimedia Foundation

Nuvola apps xmag.png Moar info: Wikimedia Foundation.

Wikipedia, being an MMORPG, quickly loses value as entertainment. After contributing to ANI and other noticeboards, the next logical step in playing the Wikipedia game is to get paid for it. You too can become an employee of the Wikimedia Foundation, all you need is a desire to manipulate Wikipedia for profit. Here are some examples of Wikipedia players who have mastered this level, and therefore have won the game.

Pedophilia amongst Wikipedophiles

See also: Wikipedia:Child Protection Policy for Wikipedia's toothless child protection policy, and see Evil-unveiled's article on organized efforts among pedos to push their view of kids as sex objects
After a long wait, someone comes forward, admitting that pedophiles are amongst them

Shockingly, there are those who are hard at work putting the pedophile back in Wikipedophile. As one admin puts it, "I don't think Wikipedia is site on the internet is anymore." Not surprisingly, they like to hang around articles like Pedophilia, Pederast, Child sexual abuse, and their specialty, Child grooming. They also hang out in the leet IRC channels on Freenode, engaging in "sexual talk with underage people."

General conduct

Here's an example of an argument on the Child grooming article. User Rookiee argues that child grooming is just "the general practice of raising a child." User Willmcw disagrees, and says child grooming is actually the "felonious cultivation of children for sexual purposes." Seems like a problem of semantics, Willmcw using the common definition, and Rookiee trying to take the literal definition. And since this kind of thing is a quite common complaint on Wikipedia, the tried and tested method is to resolve it with a giant flamewar. Wikipedians suffer from the condition Persistent Argumentative State.

The discussion ends with this: Not everyone who sexually abuses a child is a pedophile. But child grooming is a much more involved, premeditated effort than simply molesting a kid. It means actively cultivating a relationship for the ultimate purpose of sex. Who but a pedophile would do so? -Willmcw 00:10, 4 November 2005 (UTC)

"But child grooming is a much more involved" — Aaaannnd you would know this, how? ;) The way you're making it sound, either you've done it, or you've had it done to you. Either way is original research. --Rookiee 15:43, 4 November 2005 (UTC)

Oh, and Rookiee had this on his userpage (before it was balleted):

"I'm only an activist in the Childlove Community. I am a pedosexual and boylover. I host a podcast titled Pedologues which aims to objectively look at the issue..."

Surprisingly, he has since been banned.

Pedophiles and proud of it

pedo OMG!!! This user has been attracted to underage females while not underage himself! This user should be banned!

Wikipedia has these things called "userboxes" you can put on your user page to show everyone how biased you are and find like-minded people to vote down things you don't like and generally harass other people. One new user, Joeyramoney (who it turns out is a moron), thought it would be funny to make a "This user self-identifies as a pedophile" userbox and put it on his user page for the lulz.

There was much lulz as a mega-bureaucrat fuckfest ensued. Someone banned the guy for trolling and also for being a pedophile. Some of the other administrators thought this was unacceptable and discrimination against people who have a compulsive drive to rape children love children romantically, and banned that administrator. Then they banned each other for a while until Jimbo Wales stepped in and just banned everyone for a while.

After things calmed down, there was a civilized discussion over whether pedophiles could edit Wikipedia in the "Pedophilia userbox wheel war". The Internet court of Wikipedia set down various rulings. The first of which was that "Administrators are trusted community members" (Passed 13-0) and, the last, "Jimbo as the ultimate authority" (Passed 13-0). Amongst those was a ruling that "Wikipedia is open to all," which means "Pedophiles are allowed to edit Wikipedia." It also passed 13-0.

Court battle

Administrator Freakofnurture raised a good point in the evidence section when he pointed out that, on his userpage, he had added that, because of the car he drives, he was "either a pedophile or a mechanic," (lol!) and that noone seemed to mind. He wondered if the pedophiles on Wikipedia that he knows would also be banned. Of course, he also felt that it was necessary to point out that

"From time to time, I have admitted via a public IRC channel, to having had sexual intercourse with teenage girls below the age of consent established for the jurisdictions in which the aforementioned incidents of sexual intercourse was stated to have occured,"

Freakofnurture pointed to users such as Silent War, who writes wrote this now deleted screed on his userpage:

"And, as any who know me by this alias know, I am a pedophile, mainly a girllover. However, I have never, and never will, abuse a child or break any laws surrounding intimacy with children."

Phew! The children are safe!

Also, LuxOfTKGL writes on his now deleted user page, in the third person[1][2]:

"Lux is male, and is a girl orientated, non-exclusive pedophile. This means that he is attracted (both sexually and otherwise) to both adult and non-adult females.
His primary attraction is pre-pubescent females.
He is the administrator of a Web community (called tkGL), which is a support/debate/chat forum for girl orientated pedophiles, whether they are exclusive or non-exclusive."

Lux adds: "I live as a GOD worshiping, child-lover, Blessed as long as I long as I put him first. But I put children second."

You can guess what articles these users edit the most.

Academic child porn

Wikipedia's Lolicon article contains an eroticized picture of a child several children and links to imageboards intended for the distribution of child pornography. Under the guise of having a "fair and balanced" NPOV article, the pedophilia and incest articles are written from a proponent's standpoint.

Wikipedia's controversial Virgin Killer article contains a nude photo of a child!

The only good articles

Wikipedia's articles on erotic topics have actually received praise from certain professors. It's all thanks to the experts on porn over there. Foxnews keeps on reporting regularly on wikipedia porn, they renamed wikipedia as THE EXCLUSIVE HOME FOR PEDOPHILES AKA THE LOWLY DIRTY WIKIPEDOS![3] Neocons like Jana Winter do not like their articles on wikipedia so they lashed back at Jewbo & his slaves.

Wikigroaning for pedophiles

There is a variation on Wikigroaning to see the massive infestation of sick fucks on Wikipedia. Here are a few examples:


  1. Half of the anti-pedophile activism page is a "criticism page", whereas the "child love" page has a "criticism page" and it also has a few sections that the anti-pedophile page is missing such as: "History", "Ethics proposed", "Terminology and Symbols", and "Strategies for Promoting Acceptance"
  2. Wikipedia also has articles: "Types of Rape","Rape by Sex","Spousal Rape","Statutory Rape","Prison Rape", "War Rape","Rape Culture","Serial Rape","Systematic Rape",& "Rape Fantasy"
  3. WTF is wrong with these people? Is it the blue balls or is it the Jimbo beef curtains?

Massive pedophile crackdown

In 2007 the cabal finally pretended to start banning pedophiles, resulting in tons of drama on Jimbo's talk page. Pedophiles were advised that they would be much happier at Wikiversity. Led by the Anthony Hopkins-esque arbitrator Fred Bauder, the purge of the pedos began in force. Sick fuck Administrators scoured the pedophile related articles and these sick fucks began to feel the iron boot of wiki-justice.[4]

Jillium unblocked sock drama

Pedophilia-related accounts indefinitely blocked

Blocked and arrested!

Waiting for the hammer to fall

  • Erik Möller, Former deputy director of the Wikimedia Foundation - ArchiveToday-favicon.pngproof. Moeller was not fired for his bizarre views on pedophilia, he was fired for being an incompetent pain in the ass to the new executive director, Lila Tretikov
  • Moon light shadow, with a name like that...
  • Springeragh
  • And probably hundreds of faggy sockpuppets no one has discovered yet

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