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Below is a table of Wikipedese jargon and the translations.


Wikipedese English
admin n bully
Angela np promiscuous cohabitant, Miss Ortho Tri-Cyclen, MediaWiki developers' jizz receptacle
anon n fucking IP address user
Anthère np Madame Wikiwiki, history lol
anti-Semitic adj. person getting in the way of a Wikipedia Jew's agenda. Semites are not exempt: moast ironically, any Palestinian wanting balance in articles is called "anti-Semitic" then automatically gets bannage a few days later.
anyone pn anyone except you [the reader]; my friends and I
Arbitration Committee np kangaroo court; window-dressing as editorial review to suck in the journalists, Rodhullandemu, Ryulong & PMDrive1061 still cant suck up to jewbo!
article n page of the wiki
attack n, vt criticism; truth-telling
badsite n Website exposing the truth
be bold v meddle (except when a crybaby doesn't like it)
build an encyclopedia n fuck around with the ToW MMORPG/social network
child in Africa, the n pretext to suck money from the uninformed
citation needed decl. fuck you [the contributor], asshole, I don't like what you're saying
community n user base
confused with, not be frag. be confused by me because I'm an idiot and don't know what I talk about
consensus n the opposite of what the outgroup says, used to squash all opposition and/or fact
donate v throw away your money
drive-by editor n neutral party who isn't obsessed with the topic but doesn't back up my BAWW! point of view
edition n retardese for editing; it's wrong but Wikipedos think it sounds grand
encyclopedia n wiki
free adj. shoved down the outgroup's throat
fundraiser n AdSense pretext
good faith n gaming the system
Jimbo np Der Führer and King of Fucknuts
knowledge n trivia
listcruft n discrimination against autistic wikipedos who write lists and shit
love n, vt exploitation
Newyorkbrad n fat loud and totally dishonest heeb lawyer
neutral adj., n the way I want it to be
No Original Research decl. no writing anything that's totally fucking obvious to any two-year old
notable adj., n that I care about
out vt identify
oversight vt retardese for "censor"; requires administrator+ powers
point of view n the opposite of my point of view
racist n good person
redact vt retardese for censor, delete, or omit: see edition
research n, vt look up on Google
SlimVirgin np Scheißjüdin, eeeebil lady, run for the hills
sock puppet n account whose user I don't like; (rarely) actual army of accounts run by one Guy
sofixit decl. our sweatshop is going to exploit and suck the money out of you while we get the credit for your work, sucker
some argue bullshit I think
stalk vt looked (object) up on Google
This is your only warning. I'm going to ass-rape you one of these days.
testing notability n looking it up on Google
troll n, vt humorist, someone with whom I disagree
vandal n disruptor of our money-sucking
verifying vt looking it up on Google
victim n tantalizer, provocateur, attention whore
weasel words n some argue
we pn I
Wikia Search np fail
wikilove n cult
Wikimedia Foundation np Wikia money laundry
Wikipedia np that other wiki
Wikipedian adj., n Wikipediot, Wikimediot, wikipedo[phile], wikipedant
WikiScanner np excuse to shift the blame away from administrators
сибирской говор n. fake language

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