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Wikia continues the profitable thrust of Jimbo's first website, the porn engine Bomis.
Wikia is prone to vandalism. Ownz0r3d!
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What have I done?


—-Jimbo Wales on his horrible creation

Fandom (stylised in all caps until 2021 and formerly known as Wikia and/or WikiCities) is the for-profit tentacle of Jimbo's TOW octopus. He uses it to make some cash on the side, mostly for hookers and blow. The whole reason for deletionism on Wikipedia is to feed this ad-ridden monster with some topics for Jimbo and Angie to get parasitic on and make more money. If it were not for deletionists DELETING EVERYTHING, fucking stupid things like Wookieepedia or Hot Wheels Wikia would not even exist.

It was originally founded by him (Wikimedia Foundation prez) and Angela Beastly (Wikipedia vice-prez at the time) as Wikicities (y'know, cyberspace, an', like, y'got all these Wikicities floatin' roun' in cyberspace, an' people'll rilly wanna be in these Wikicities in cyberspace, join in, y'know, yeah, like, yeah, rilly suck em in!) in 2004. Super-sekrit market research on two or three wikipedophiles at Wikimania showed that people assumed Wikicities to be an information site for urban sex tourists. So Jimbo and Angie just cut four letters out of Wikipedia to emphasize the brand association they were relying on.

By 2006, a few people started to notice the anomaly of a well-known non-profit foundation having the same president and vice-president as the floundering and related for-profit they'd set up on the back of the same software and volunteers. Over desperate wailing and teeth-gnashing from Wikipedoes, they both tried to evade reality by stepping down, although Jimbo's chosen Wikipedia titles of Spiritual Leader and Chairman Emeritus heavily imply some kind of, aaaah, control? Angie also continued in gainful employment with the Wikimedia Foundation until the trolling pushed her into a back seat.

Some argue that the view from the basement they get by using Wikipedia means that everything Jimbo does should be trusted. This is pure bullshit, because Wikia makes a shitload of cash, with Wikipedia providing the free advertising.

Last thursday, Fandom forced all of it's wikis to upgrade to the their new "skin", which basically means a huge advertisement jutting into the top of every page accompanied by a big fat Fandom logo. This was done, they claim, at the behest of their venture capitalists, but it drove at least one of their most popular wikis away.

Even better, the Jews at Fandom refused to set up a redirect without getting free advertising in exchange, and GreenRaeper gained everyone's respect by absolutely refusing to go along with the crap. Furries may well be everybody's lolcows, but they sure showed the way for Wikia wikis. Jimbo's thoughts on this loss of furfaggotry on his servers are unknown, but there's no doubt it caused a hissy fit.

Fandom, especially gaming wikis, are typically inhabited by 13 year old boys who take themselves and the Wiki's subject matter far too seriously. This leads to internet drama and flame wars so preposterous, they would have been dismissed as volatile trolling attempts anywhere else.


Plan for cash

  1. Create non-profit organization
  2. Non-profit organization becomes e-famous
  3. Start for-profit organization on the side and constantly beg for money for non-profit
  4. Host lots of shit websites on for-profit with as many advertisements as you can squeeze on the page
  5. Using said non-profit organization's e-fame to promote said shit websites
  6. ????
  7. PROFIT!

Search Engine Magnates

Jimmy and Angie made a bold play to become big search engine magnates off the backs of Fandom fucktards but trod carefully because they knew they had a conflict of interest the size of John Holmes' dong.

All turned out to be a massive failure but not before Jimbo had the chance to use it for date rape on Rachel Marsden (hey, I'll fly you to the moon on the Wikia-search jumbo jet if you just do that little thing for me).

By August 2008, Wikia Search held a 0.000079% share of the search market in the U.S., compared with Google's 70.77%.



Screwing over their own users

Wikia's profit-centric business scheme means that they absolutely hate the idea of Wikis going off to find their own domain. Should Wikia find out the administrators of a particular wiki are planning on doing this, Wikia will throw a tantrum and promptly kickban all the administrators from the site and take complete control of the wiki in question before installing puppets in their places, just so they can keep getting some of that sweet revenue. Known Wikis to have suffered this fate include WikiSimpsons, Uncyclopedia and Wikizilla, to list just three of the many Wikis that have been given this treatment.

How you can help

Show your support by adding the following to your Wikipedia or Encyclopedia Dramatica user page:

{{subst:Userbox|border-c=#007700|border-s=3|id-c=#FFFFFF|info-c=#9cc800|info-s=8| id=[[Image:Wikialogo.png|40px]]|info=This user enjoys [[Wikipedia:Vandalism|vandalising]] [[Fandom]] [[All your base are belong to us|for great justice]]}}

The Anus

Fandom Anus

At the beginning of 2008, Wikia announced the Anus. This is described as "a place where Wikipedia fiction articles that are too detailed for Wikipedia can be kept until they find a new home." The Anus has features like "Getting a Wikipedia Article into the Anus" and "Bringing Many Wikipedia Articles at Once". On Wikipedia, at WP:FICT, the use of this Wikia feature is suggested as a way to move articles out of Wikipedia: "Fictional material unsuited or too detailed for Wikipedia can be transwikied to the appropriate Wikia, such as Final Fantasy Wikia and Wookieepedia. Other sites, such as Gaming Wiki, may also accept material. Transwikied material should be edited to meet the guidelines of specific wikias; do not just copy and paste. The Wikia Anus is a staging area for transwikied material and a place for non-notable fictional material that does not have another home; the original Wikipedia versions will also be stored there.

According to John Doe, "This is a clear statement of affiliation between Wikia and Wikipedia. It explicitly establishes a mechanism by which Wikia directly benefits from its connection to Wikipedia. Enough of one to put Wikipedia's tax-exempt status at risk. When the same people are involved in the management of both a nonprofit and a profit making organization, US tax law prohibits the nonprofit from taking actions that directly benefit the profit-making organization. See IRS publication 1023, part V. --John Nagle (talk) 17:53, 1 January 2008 (UTC)"

Of course, if you try to argue this conflict of interest on TOW, you'll be accused of having your own conflicts of interest, plus making legal threats (which is forbidden) and being paranoid. Because you can't interfere with Jimbo Wales' bank accounts.

Good articles on Fandom?

There are some articles which are almost a little lulzy on Wikia sites. More typical is this unfunny patent nonsense on Encyclopedia Dramatica. Most articles on Wikia sites are tragically unfunny, although a couple are useful if you don't want to read one of the crappy books the fans are on about (plot synopses of hated literature) or walked out on a shitty movie but still want to know how it ended.

Fandom's new skin

Last thursday, Fandom decided that the default Monaco skin used on all of their wikis wasn't bringing them enough in advertising revenue and decided to make a new skin called "Oasis" (later renamed to the less awesome and less original "Wikia"). The new skin was supposedly "made for the benefit of wiki readers", not the editors that slave over the wikis that make Wikia their money. In an effort to maximize Wikia's greed, the screen size was cut to a third of its former size to make room for over 9000 ad spots and you cant't find anything you want because it's buried under a bunch of useless shit. Oh, and guess what, the new skin is mandatory, meaning that individual wikis no longer have the option of deciding what their sites should look like to the random wiki viewer. Fandom users complained about how shitty the new skin is and how unworkable it is, but their complaints were ignored by the corporate overlords at Wikia. Several wikis hosted by Fandom then told them to fuck off and moved off the Fandom network. One such wiki was WoWWiki, one of the Fandom network's biggest (and most profitable, don't forget that!) wikis.

Fandom singlehandedly ruins WoWWiki

The collective editors at WoWWiki, despite being WoW playing nerds, were fed up with Wikia's bullshit and decided to GTFO as soon as possible. Wikia cried buckets over this, as some argue that WoWWiki is their biggest moneymaker. While the WoW nerds were discussing the new forced skin and the effects of it on their beloved wiki, Sannse came in and started patronizing them by being a condescending bitch plugging the Wikia party line. In a last ditch effort to get their biggest moneymaker not to leave the Wikia network, Sannse offered WoWWiki, and only WoWWiki, a bigger screen size for their shit skin. The other Wikia wikis viewed this as a slap in the face it was, pissing off even more people and driving more wikis away. The nerds at WoWWiki were not impressed by the bribe and jumped ship ASAP, forming a fork at The name change is because Wikia, being a bunch of spiteful assholes, refused to sell the back to its rightful owners and still intends to profit from the now-all-but-abandoned Wikia version.

A few days after all the nerds left the sinking ship, some random dude from Wikia no one had ever seen before appeared on the ruins of WoWWiki, trying to bribe the remaining populace with prizes in order to get people to stay. In a separate thread a few days after, Sannse declared that she would be ruling over what remains of WoWWiki despite the former admins still having retained their admin rights. Around the same time, two nerds got into an edit war over the content of the Wowpedia article on WoWWiki. Pjc, an admin who had moved to Wowpedia but still had admin status at WoWWiki, defused the situation by locking the page. Sannse, still being a pissy bitch over the fact that 90% of the editors abandoned WoWWiki in favor of the new fork, decided to desysop him and all of the other active admins except one personally appointed by Wikia. Yes, she desysopped him for doing his job and decided to desysop the rest of the active admins out of spite. So now, WoWWiki currently has no admins to speak of, and is free to vandalize and troll. The implication of this probably hasn't hit Sannse yet.

Fandom Wikia

The next level in Jimbo Wales' plans to monopolize his own information supercenters. Ever had enough of clickbait and sought the refuge of Wikia to hide from such shit? Congratulations, Jimbo certified the opening of Fandom Wikia, a hub for nerd self jerking satisfaction and runway for needless sensational garbage catered to other nerds to further line his pockets, wallets, and bank accounts. In addition to promotional footers and banners hogging up about 75% of Wikia's page space and adding more to bandwidth, such ads host shallow, insignificant, and clickbait level entry articles submitted by Wikiatards, coming in such classics such as "The Problems with the Death of Superman" and over 9000 Top Ten lists. The content provided is not just bare bones and inane without any thought whatsoever, but nicely provided by socially and criterion clueless jerkoffs who can't write anything without absolutely assraping out the mouth NPOV, and said jerkoffs can be anyone from a Wikia. Congratulations, you just created a part of Wikia now on the level with TV Tropes.

What Wikia Staff chat about

10:11 VegaDark it's 11:11 :S
10:11 Godisme 12:11
10:11 ZamorakO o I edit a british wiki, >.>
Well, a "try to use british english" wiki
10:12 Jäzzi I'm hungry, but all i have with me is regular cheerios
10:12 ZamorakO o You could come over, I have a box of doughnuts :D
10:13 Charitwo fatty
10:13 ZamorakO o They're not my doughnuts.
I just have the box.
Wow, 649 pokemon 

List of Fandom wikis

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