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GreenRaeper, WikiFur's ruthless dictator-for-life, looks like a person who habitually types the word "wonky". Oh and hey guys, he's single!
Spirou (Robert Manuel Guthrie Alvarez, or Blob Guthrie for short), the resident tryhard admin. What, you expected him to *not* be morbidly obese or surrounded by children's cartoon characters?

WikiFur is a wiki that, in theory, categorizes and chronicles the perversions of furries, but in practice is a one-sided, ignorant crapfest where they slag on mundanes and boost their own pathetic basement dwelling ego like a Twilight Zone episode of Æ. Of course, it pales in comparison to the furry articles on Wikipedia that are controlled by ContiE, the leader of the Furluminati.

Originally Wikifur was just one site and it was easy for any closet furry to vandalize the site out of a Freudian denial that he was a furry in the same way that some closet gays are extremely homophobic. That was long ago and today if you go to their site, the first thing you'll notice is that it's not just one WikiFur, but it's now in at least sixteen different languages. Basically, so many wikifurs that it's impossible to troll or vandalize them all. And what's more, it means membership in the furry community is growing!

You are not legally allowed to say "WikiFur" without their permission

WikiFur is a registered service mark, see [1] [2], so any violation of their mark — including failure to use the — is Serious Business and means a DMCA being sent to you. You'll know they've sued someone when their ledger has an influx of tens of thousands of dollars and then it gets taken out again to pay for lawyers. Not like I give a shit anyway, let them sue all they want.

Wikifur, The Most Efficient Furry Trollsite

Wikifur pawstop.png

You have vandalized or made non-serious edits to this wiki. Please stop. Vandalism is reverted immediately upon being discovered. We normally welcome anyone to edit, but if you continue to vandalize you will be blocked from editing.

WikiFur: Proving everything we say about furries is true without us even asking them to.
Even furries go batshit about WikiFur for raising trolling to a new level.
A Wikifur admin explaining why this image is allowed because it is SEXUAL, not pornographic.
Spirou making an enemy for life

Really, what is the big deal about WikiFur? Actually, nobody likes WikiFur for the reason we have developed here, but even less the furries themselves. On a poll started on Furaffinity forums last year, WikiFur scored far worse than ED, or even patriotic nigras, all famous sites devoted to fursecution! Yet none of those are as defamatory as WikiFur. How? Why? for a simple reason:

WikiFur is a wiki, just like ED or Wikipedia: any faggot can post whatever he wants there. Here on ED, we target drama, delivers personal information which has been given out publicly about those who deserve it. All information here is provided for the lulz. But WikiFur's acts goes further than ED! Yes, you heard right! Being undercover by total anonymity and ruled by intentionally designed autistic douche bags such as GreenRaeper or Spirou, this good-willing website aiming for the furry fandom's first place is the most annoying thing ever for this community! Take a random artist, or person, drawing a pet dog may it be professional, random, unintentional, whatever. The artist decides to turn him into a character. A toony one, totally innocent drawing that has been posted on a random site. Photobucket, Myspace, Deviant or 4chan's /ic/ board.

The furry, in his perpetual quest for yiff, finds this pic and is happy to see a new member in his fandom. Disregard the quality the poor dog drawing got reposted on fchan, lulz, paws... the author dramatically left pics, identity, dox. So, the furry files the person as another furry artist just like the STASI would file an enemy of the regime. That artist has now been doxed by his own fandom, with photos, links, and personal info all posted for anyone and everyone to publicly see. Instead of anonymity like on ED, Wikifur strives to turn their wiki into a trollable furry phonebook.

Next, the author surprisingly begins receiving invitations to create an fa account, artwork requests, yiff commissions with a given price (draw me for 5 bux coz your not famous)...role-plays, weird questions and for some reason, loses his job and friends. Let's not even get into what Uncle Sam would do if he discovered any of his soldiers were military furs.

WikiFur is referenced on search engines. Once you get an article, your boss can easily discover what a sickfuck you are with just a quick Google search. Once your family signs you up for therapy sessions, it's safe to assume they've found your WikiFur article.

To the furry who actually read this page: WikiFur hates your privacy. And you thought ED is bad? We believe in lulz, we do it for the lulz. WikiFur wants to be the reference, accurate and professional, so, take a different look and think, who is your enemy?

If you got filed on WikiFur, you cannot technically avoid it. Admins act like asspies and say it's information, encouraging you to keep it. He will never really erase it unless you have a good lawyer.

(yes, this is immoral but remember: furries, as non-humans, have no rights.)

Trying to edit your own WikiFur entry, such as blanking, will get you reverted, ending into edit wars as shown above.

(face it, your complaint mail wont even be read by GreenRaeper, it will just make things worse if you contact this ambiguous person and you'll be laughed at on these guy's irc channel.)

The only real way, contact their webhost. Only they will really have the power to keep you more or less safe. That's why they moved from Wikia to their own site.

Remember, if you flirt with the furry, whoever you are, they will find you. Your fetishes will be discussed, your style analyzed, to please you all bad things about you will be reverted to keep make you in trust with GreenRaeper's site. Your doggy char is now a cuntboy because you omitted drawing him an harbl, your drawing is now yourself, this is your fursona, your motivations about the furry are debated, all in a very correct, moderated and informal mood. For the rest of the world you'll be assimilated in the furry fandom and be labeled as a zoophile.

At this point, say no to initiate "greenraeper_engineered_drama". Butthurt by your insubordination for being a bad furry, your article may list all annoying sites with your nick registered nearby your high school and irl identity. If not you still be at least labeled as a mundane, but it doesn't change anything about your internet rep.

. . . and all you wanted to do is to draw a funny doggy character.

The Shittiest Articles

One of the finest images on WikiFur. Srsly

Because they try to avoid butthurt at all costs (even though they FAIL miserably), WikiFur only lists a few of the fetishes furries all over the interbutts indulge in - claiming that being a furry is non-sexual or at least consensual.

Noticeably they actually admitted that bestiality is part of the furry fandom. About fucking time.

If you should come across these pages, be sure to gently point out their flaws for great justice.

NOTE: Most of these crimes against nature have their own article. It's because there wasn't enough space on a single webpage to document just how low these cumbuckets could sink.


These are apparently little parasites that eat your body, mind, and soul. The "C" stands for cum. No, I shit you not - someone, somewhere is getting turned on by the thought of being eaten from the inside out.



Yes. You guessed it. Jesus Christ, they even have their own symbol.



Because there is nothing wrong with you if you are sexually aroused by this.

Srsly. These hairy shit-sacks take this burning pile of cum-splattered garbage far too seriously. They even have a list of clothes to wear.


LIES: Dressing up as a baby and having sex with other furries dressed as babies does NOT make you a pedo!


Furries that even other furries find unacceptable. Which after reading the articles on WikiFur must be pretty fucking sick.

Their motto: Furverts with a conscience.


See Also

Center of self love (a.k.a. The WikiFur drinking game)

And the sound of fapping was heard for miles.

WikiFur is saturated by the semen of countless furries masturbating furiously. A fun drinking game can be played to their chronic wanking and shameless self promotion.

Simply pick any one random article from the People section, and check the edit history. Take one shot if you find a history page with the same user on WikiFur having edited it at least 100 times. Take three shots if you find a user that's edited it less than twice. Take five shots where obvious WikiEdit Drama has taken place. Take ten shots if you find a history page where the same user has not edited their own article. Repeat until tanked. Win the Internets if you last longer than three minutes.

Of course, not one entry in the entire database details the darker side of any furry, nor their various perversions; any user caught telling the truth about another is immediately accused of fursecution and subjected to the banhammer. Some furries think different - but then, they're furries!

Overnight popularity, moar liek overweight popularity

This was on the main page for 50 minutes.

Having gained way too many articles in less than three weeks due to none of the editors having lives or standards, it had already generated a tremendous amount of drama. Just two days after being promoted, it was made into Something Awful's Awful Link of the Day, which may have some connection to its growth in "popularity". Another reason is its Google Adwords advertising, which led to great lolz when GMail started telling people to go there while reading their secret furry hentai subscription.

WikiFur on Wikipedia


Links to WikiFur to be classified as spam by Wikipedia

There is a huge debate going on at Wikipedia in the external links page where they are considering blocking links to WikiFur as spam. They say "WikiFur is a site for people who follow the furry sexual lifestyle". Showing that instead of reading Wikipedia's own articles on furries, they came straight to ED.

Someone mentioned, "some of the articles it [links to WikiFur] was on were weird. Taxidermy and Kopa standing out."

"I am a furry and I consider WikiFur to be a terrible source or external link. The wiki is, to say the least, kind of sketchy. I know a number of people who have articles on WikiFur and they are often poorly written, highly biased, do no reflect reality, etc. There are several articles on people who are disliked in the furry community which are poorly written, and a lot of furry authors have glowing articles, probably written by themselves or their friends. The whole wiki is not a reliable source of information, and just because you have 8,000 monkeys typing doesn't mean that they're going to produce something Wikipedia can use. -Perhaps- we could use it for limited purposes, such as stating what at least some furries think, but it is not an acceptable source of information and promoting it via Wikipedia is unethical at best. Wikipedia has high standards, and WikiFur does NOT meet our standards. Titanium Dragon 09:10, 18 June 2007 (UTC)"

Vandalism Ideas

First idea.....

Everybody does blatant vandalism on WikiFur, but nobody does sneaky. Make an account there. WikiFur isn't all elitist about high edit counts like Wikipedia. So you make a WikiFur account and go around doing ordinary edits mixed in with sneaky vandalism. See how long the sneaky lasts. Don't be obvious like making your vandalism look like trolling. Don't touch any ED-related articles or you'll look from ED, that include their articles on ED, anything anti-furry, their article on Prince Jeremy, and WikiFur's article on Blu Aardvark -- just avoid those so you look like the normal furfag or closet-furfag or diaperfur of their site. Oh, it's also probably not a good idea to fuck with anything currently on the list of recent changes; apparently there are furries that suffer from such a lack of life that they have nothing better to do than patrol them--particularly GreenRaeper, EvilCat, Spirou, and Equivamp. They will revert your edits mercilessly if there are too many edits to a single article in a short time frame.

Beware though, too much time on the site, even vandalizing, will turn you furry and soon you'll be fapping to this as you're donating to WikiFur. Now you may be going, "Yeah right, couldn't happen to me." But it will, just take Thedreadedkettle for instance.

Fucking with Wikifur About missing Pics
[Collapse GalleryExpand Gallery]

WikiFur in other languages

in a nutshell links to 20 WikiFur sites, each in its own language. All the foreign WikiFur sites are written in moonspeak, and only the German one, lead by ContiE, is recognizable through its excess of Nazi furs scat porn.

Personal information

(cur | prev) 18:23, 19 May 2013 Higgs Raccoon (Talk | contribs) (1,012 bytes) (-"age xx" (would need annual updating) -cat +Contributor)

WikiFur provides invaluable information about furfags. DarkFoxDK requested that his exact date of birth be removed from the wiki. He doesn't want anyone to know that he was born November 20, 1988.

Important dramas


WikiFur uses politically correct titles in an attempt to hide the fact their wiki is managed like a dictatorship. Don't be fooled by fancy titles like curator, other colleagues (whatever the hell that means) or conservators.


And here are the furs who wield the b& hammer. Instead of helping others they spend all day reverting edits and acting like backseat drivers.

  • EarthFurst
  • GreenReaper
  • Higgs Raccoon (cringe warning)
  • Mwalimu
  • Sine
  • Spirou
  • Equivamp - an Encyclopedia Dramatica reject who adds false "malware warnings" into every ED link on WikiFur out of butthurt in order to prevent people from reading his/her/its article here

Other colleagues

About 95% of these users are inactive and don't contribute shit to the wiki. However their names remain listed just to give the impression that WikiFur is a "community" and not a dictatorship. Seriously, go check their contributions.

  • Alexander Grey
  • BlueOtter
  • Carl Fox
  • Duncan Da Husky
  • Giza (AIM: Dmuth At Home, Google Talk: [email protected], FurryMUCK: Giza)
  • Frizzy
  • JSharp
  • Kendricks Redtail (AIM: kaenraelin)
  • Markus
  • MKerris
  • Nidonocu (AIM: Nidonocu)
  • RainRat (AIM: RainRattie)
  • Rayne Van-Dunem (AIM: raynevandunem, Google Talk: [email protected], Yahoo: harryo15us)
  • Sebkha
  • Siege
  • Spaz Kitty
  • Unci ([email protected], ICQ: 11606873, frequents FurryMUCK's park)
  • Wesha


Have you ever watched a movie? Below is a list of token black people. Whatever the hell conservator is supposed to mean.

  • Jack Phoenix
  • Ingreditur
  • MelSkunk
  • Osfer
  • Simba B
  • Splarka
  • Verix

Hosting and domain information

  • Registrant:
  • Laurence Parry
  • 219 Cimarron Trail
  • Apt 2
  • Irving, Texas 75063
  • United States
  • Registered through:, LLC (
  • Domain Name: WIKIFUR.COM
  • Created on: 23-Jul-05
  • Expires on: 23-Jul-19
  • Last Updated on: 26-Apr-10
  • Administrative Contact:
  • Parry, Laurence [email protected]
  • 219 Cimarron Trail
  • Apt 2
  • Irving, Texas 75063
  • United States
  • +1.7344188741
  • Technical Contact:
  • Parry, Laurence [email protected]
  • 219 Cimarron Trail
  • Apt 2
  • Irving, Texas 75063
  • United States
  • +1.7344188741

Host Details:

  • IP Address:
  • IP Block: -
  • Reverse DNS:
  • Host: Hetzner Online AG Gunzenhausen, Bayern, DE
  • Location: Gunzenhausen, Bayern, DE
  • Server Type: Varnish

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