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Why.jpg will be posted by the same
unfunny newfag until you like it.

WHY is a shitty forced meme, showing a picture of Tony Kornheiser of ESPN's Pardon the Interruption with the word “WHY” underneath it. It became popular in late 2009 after some samefag on /sp/ posted a screenshot of Pardon The Interruption where Tony Kornheiser and his token minority co-host person talked about WHY the Indianapolis Colts’ made the decision to rest Peyton Manning in a game against the Jets, which they ended up losing. Across the bottom of the screen, it said, “WHY did the Colts give up?” The samefag then continued to post the image over and over again in a number of threads across numerous boards on 4chan. It is believed today that the original samefag is still the only faggot posting the image, hoping to have his dumbass shit declared a meme.

Some argue that viewership of Pardon The Interruption has increased amongst /sp/ users thanks to this meme and there are often OFFICAL ATH/PTI THREADS whenever the program is broadcast, which exist for the sole purpose of attempting to get a new screen shot of Kornheiser or Wilbon pulling a weird face with a fitting caption. Of course none of these ever catch on and pail in comparison to the original.

This has gone on to become one of the most well known memes from /sp/ and has spread to nearly every board on 4chan, most notably /v/ and /mu/. Many variations of it exist because /b/ is comprised of delusion retards who don't know WHY they make memes out of anything.

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