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Typical white trash family unit. Note the Hatchetman tattoo and Wrestling t-shirt.
You commonly see white trash dressed in black neoprene clothing and wearing a trash can costume.
White trash parenting.

White trash is the closest analog for white people to the word Nigger. It refers to a prevalant American lifestyle choice originally found in trailer parks, but is now spreading like AIDS. Where meth and NASCAR meet, white trash come to worship. White trash are always white, and are one step down, socially, from rednecks. White trash, as a disadvantaged socio-economic sub-class, are also often recipients of welfare. Ironically, one of their most common complaints is that black people mooch off of the system. A common myth is that white trash are localized in the southeast American states. If you took your leftard ass more than ten miles outside of any city, you'd see the proliferation of pickup trucks, empty duplex blocks, strip malls, Dale Earnhart tribute stickers and permanent garage sales which is indicative of infestation.

Common hobbies include swilling cheap beer, listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd or Ted Nugent, doing donuts at the local circle K in their '86 Camaro, beating their wives and fucking their kids. The average white trash life span ranges anywhere from 3 (if they manage to survive coke binges) to 50 (if they've made it this long, it's because of the good treatment they've received in prison).

No one can trace where white trash exactly spawned from, although experts guess that they devolved from either Poland, Wrestling or Greece. While this is not yet proven, they share similar qualities, such as: lying, excessive drinking, woman beating, a general sense of false entitlement (even though for years they have not obtained legal, meaningful employment or accomplished anything, at all, ever.) The only known white trash repellent known to man is work.

Dick Cheney, Lauren Faust, and Sarah Palin are white trash.

How to look like white trash

First of all, remember to never, EVER clean your house under any circumstances. The more empty spray-tan and hair gel bottles under your bed and littering the den, and the more lawnmowers from 1972 and rusty rakes in your garage, the better (bonus points: the garage door is never closed). Oh yeah, and make sure you live in an 80's duplex with shitty fake wood outer walls. For extra points, keep a broken BBQ in your 50 square foot back yard. Now for the makeup...

Instructions for women

True American Trash.
White trash woman
white trash chicks tend to think they are attractive. Jawsus Approves
  1. Cultivate a femullet
  2. Conversely, cultivate cheap 'frosted' or large chunks of highlighted hair. Crimping is optional.
  3. Lipstick - the moar, the better, and fun colors are fun.
  4. Tanning either via tanning bed or spray tan.
  5. Smoke - the more cigarettes smoked at once, the better.
  6. Tight Mickey Mouse shirt showing sagging breasts, gut rolls, and large potbelly stomach.
  7. Shirt is also accidentally turned inside out, showing clothes tag.
  8. No apparent sign of pants or shorts other than underwear and you're outside.
  9. Aversion to cleaning inside and outside the house.
  10. Probably drives a Camaro or Mustang. Sometimes can be seen in lifted truck with Confederate Flag on it.
  11. Cowboy boots for that extra touch.
  12. Dazed facial expression, preferably one that shows how "real" you are.
  13. Take pictures of your ugly fat ass self and put them all over your Facebook, which is also covered in pictures of Mickey Mouse
  14. Get a large 'tramp stamp' tattoo across the fat folds of your lower back.
  15. Have your 5 year old child constantly rub your fat rolls and/or suck your nipples.
  16. Sweat pants.
  17. Flip flops or crocs.

Instructions for men

  1. Grow a mullet.
  2. Wear beer-stained wifebeaters, or for the youth, an Eminem shirt from 1999 and denim shorts and Tims - (nothing looks better than denim shorts with work boots).
  3. Get a handlebar mustache and/or mutton chops.
  4. Watch NASCAR, Motocross, and Monstertruck Rallies.
  5. Live in a trailer.
  6. Eat Hot Pockets
  7. Enjoy ICP. See Juggalos and Juggalettes.
  8. Do meth until you have as many teeth as a Jack-o-lantern.
  9. Triple-stripe socks pulled up to the knee.
  10. Cut-off jean-shorts.
  11. Brag about drinking with your father and living with him at age 35.

Typical "White Trash"

Oh, what fun it is to ride in a white trash open sleigh.

Notice the ugly blonde girl with the beer in the middle of all of the fucking drunk white trash with beers, and the nigger on his knees in front of the white man.

Using White Trash In Conversation

  • The Trail Online
    • "You can wait for the man of your dreams to ride up on a white horse (or in a Camaro if you are white trash) and marry you. But in the end, that basically amounts to celibacy."
  • Britney Scores
    • "I came from her neck of the woods and, no, he wouldn't be considered a catch there, either, unless you are white trash looking for white trash.
  • Topix.net
    • "If ya can't spell white Trash, you are white trash."
  • The White Trash Test
    • "Do you think you are white trash? It's not all about the trailer parks and gun racks! Its a lifestyle, not a choice!"
  • Would you like fries with that?
    • "You make up these irrational 'rules' of service as an excuse to screw people out of their salary. THAT is why you are white trash. That and because you apparently are using ranch and tartar sauce as KY."
  • Marriage Violence
    • "Low class uneducated morons is what this amounts to. I don't care what you see, hear, witness, support. .....grow up, stop getting pregnant(control yourself) and stop supporting abuse, stop making excuses for your white trash:skinheads and moron friends, relatives, etc., if you continue to ignore what you see/witness and don't get it stopped you are white trash uneducated pieces of garbage getting what you deserve. GROW UP, GET SMART, GET EDUCATED! We do not need more idiots in our country. Thank you." - Some butthurt fag.

LJ Drama Meets White Trash

When beholdalady (believe me, there is nothing lady-like about her) was featured in an LJ Drama post under the title, NATIONAL HEIFER, she became enraged and has since continually harassed and blamed Andrew for Scarlet's mischievous behaviour.

She is a fat dyke, and quite obviously the epitome of white trash.


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