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The Original
Kirsten Dunst being a weeaboo while singing a song about nutting

For being a video glorifying weaboos, this video is sadly lacking in panty shots


—An observation

How Japan views Weeaboos: startlingly accurate.

The Wapanese (親日, ウィーアブー, also referred to as "Japanophiles," "weeaboo" (or "weeb"), "fucking idiots," or "you") are, much like wiggers, painfully clueless honkies (and increasingly negros) trying to fill a perceived cultural void by pretending not to be white (or a nigger)—in this case, trying to be yellow by humping the giant Godzilla leg of the Land of the Rising Shit in hopes of being assimilated into its culture.

To put it simply, a weeb is any non-Japanese who has any interest in anything Japan related that would be somewhat comparable to occult worship, along with attempting to be an actual Jap, where it always ends up with said weeb failing hard as they cannot realize that one cannot really learn about Japan through viewing anime. They generally have a serious case of Yellow Fever and worship Ayumi Hamasaki among other famous J-pop artists, along with eating pocky as if it's their staple diet. So badly do the Wapanese wish this that they often dedicate entire afternoons to memorizing up to five common phrases in Japanese, though later misusing them at the food court or at animu conventions. This, of course, only serves to further illustrate what flesh-bags of fail these basement dwellers really are.

Just as Jews are responsible for Christians and Muslims, Wapanese are responsible for bronies and social justice warriors. In fact, several SJWs started off as pocky-eating Japan-worshiping weebs, guilty of their own white culture. This is just another reason to hate these cretins.

If you happen to see a Wap on the prowl, make no attempt to engage it in conversation, you will hear such great amounts of bullshittery that you cannot help but mercilessly rip the bastard apart. But instead, curse it in silence, for it is the bane of American youth. Well, next to another "subculture" you're hopefully not aware of, which more than deserves the same treatment. But that's another story.

Because the lifespan of these fucking dingalings only last until the end of high school for half of them, most will grow up cynical and shameful, turning to the next cultural trend used for the boosting of their egos. The other half will end in one of three ways:

  1. Dying alone as an elderly virgin surrounded by small plastic figurines that cost hundreds of dollars each along with $40 imported CDs by obscure Japanese bands no one else has ever heard of nor will admit to liking except them.
  2. Being raped to death in prison (oh, teh irony!)
  3. Committing IRL self-pwnage after arriving in Japan and discovering that it's not full of enormously-breasted women who want to sleep with pasty, fat Caucasian lardballs. Their last words are usually "Megatokyo lied to me..."

Weeaboo Behavior

Typical wapanese fan art, notice the hot Naruto action going on.
Your typical weeaboo. Notice the hatred of Korea.
Rare specimen of a nigger weeaboo
Im looking for a bento (that's japanese for lunch) box, it cant be pinku (thats japanese for pink) or any girl color. It has to be of 2 or more kotoba (thats japanese for 2 compartments) and has be be chibi(small) sized. And has to be really kawaii (cute). Also It has to be about 10-20 bux. And you have to post pics of it first (i want to make sure it's kawaii [cute]). And it would be nice if it came with matching chopstick holder (WITH chopsticks). OH! and it CANNOT have any cartoon pictures, or be made out of plastic. It has to be made of ceramic, or something like that. Also it would be nice if it was made in japan. and not in china or corea (korea) or whatever. I have found a bento box similar to the one im describing in e-bay, but it was 1 kotoba, and i dont want my gohan (rice) to touch my other things (it can get wet and i would not like that, plus 2 compartments looks more kawaii)




Serious shopping to appear of the Asian persuasion.
What every Wapaneses ends up dating

The average Wapanese will whine non-stop about how anyone who professes an interest in Japanese "culture" is merely a poser when compared to themselves. They will then play their favorite overpriced "Visual Kei" CD and attempt (badly) to mouth the lyrics while crunching loudly on the last few sticks of Pocky they ordered from J-List.

Weeaboos are known to constantly complain about the country in which they live in comparison to Japan. However, any one of these Wapanese living in Japan will last about two weeks before returning home, realizing that the great Hide Matsumoto is dead and no self-respecting Japanese will make sexy time with them. This is because the retards are blind of the fact that thinking they can be Japanese by "acting" like a Japanese person is racially insensitive, and they learned what little Japanese culture they know purely from fapping to animu they saw on Adult Swim. Thus why it is usually looked up upon, as good practice, to strangle weeaboos in their own bathrooms facing the sink mirror!

Nearly all of them are jailbait and tend to be bisexual or gay from looking at too many pretty Japanese manboys in dresses. None the less, it doesn't matter because they're all virgins. All of them have or want a tattoo in Han characters (Kanji), either "hope" (望), "prosperity" (盛) or something equally gay (同性愛) and a deviantART account filled with shitty anime drawings of catgirls and lots of emo poetry.

As most Wapanese are unable to get to Japan,they instead attend anime conventions claiming they are there just to check out the J-bands or talk about anime, even though their music interests (usually J-Pop or J-Rock) change weekly and the only anime they have ever seen was on Adult Swim.

Many Wapanese dress in Decora, EGL, Lolita, or any annoying fashion that the Japanese use to lure in whitey's beaucoup bucks. Most of them squint their round eyes, wear wigs that are normally in a ridiculous color (such as bright blue, pink... etc.) or it simply looks retarded on anything human, and photoshop their skin tone to make them appear more Azn in their pictures which normally results in them looking ten times more horrid than when they started. Caramelldansen is the theme song for all Wapanese, as the vast majority of them are too stupid and suck at Japanese too much to realize that it is actually Swedish. The two languages sound nothing alike but this doesn't stop them from (badly) singing along during every one of their masturbation sessions thinking its Japanese.

While most Wapanese maintain they will only settle for a genuine Japanese™ girlfriend or boyfriend, most invariably end up settling for another Wapanese. The pair will go about collecting their meaningless Japanese trinkets together, endlessly watching Bleach, Death Note, and Naruto and making statements like, "It's kawaii how L-chan looks like a chibi panda, desu yo ne!?"

Every once in a while, a lucky Wapanese will manage to find the Azn in self-denial, such as AtJap13, Kazakai, etc, a slope who tends to have been born in the U.S. or some non-East Asian country and suffers from low self-esteem or Ass Burger Syndrome. This matters little to the Wapanese, who is just happy to have scored some Asian poontang. Or many will end up as basement dwelling permavirgins such as the SpoonyOne.

Most weeaboos will go onto every new official English dub video that is posted on YouTube and complain about how the English language sucks in comparison to the beautiful Nippon. ^______^ If that's not a sign of a weeb, then I don't know what is.

Japan's Atrocities

An Honorable, Jap Soldier shows off his warrior pride and adherence to the Bushido code by killing an unarmed civilian
Small dicked Nip soldier sticking it to a Philipine Soldier

Like most Weeaboos, you have been brainwashed through the propaganda machines of animu, manga and Tv into thinking that Japan is incapable of doing anything wrong and you refuse to be swayed by arguments that your Yellow Masters haven't endorsed because they might cut you off from that sweet, sweet Sailor Moon Hentai that you most likely just finished polishing your knob to and are only reading this because you need a break before you're ready to go for another round.

As can be expected from all left leaning, Junior High School liberals that take their cues from poorly Xeroxed copies of their civics teacher's personal communist manifesto, all of Japan's atrocities and War Crimes were completely reactionary and if it weren't for the evil empire-building of white countries like England, France and America, the war in the Pacific wouldn't have escalated like it did with Japanese soldiers murdering women, cutting little girls in half from cunt collar after having to endure a gang rape from 20 tiny dicked Japanese soldiers or just killing people for shits and giggles.

What it comes down to, for weeaboos, is nothing but excuses as to why Japan🇯🇵 should always be blameless when it comes to the millions of innocent civilians murdered by the Empire driven, expansionist policies of the Meiji Restoration when they can keep following their idiot's form of using Germany and its Third Reich as their go=to example of what evil is. For people who blindly quote their Anime heroes by saying that evil should always be exposed to the light of day, these champions of reason continually neglect to include their favored country of Japan because it keeps them well supplied with their much needed masturbation fodder of infant children taking a 10 inch cocks fresh from their Mother's clown hole.

The favored form of trying to exonerate Japan from their war crimes is for these mooks to claim that Americunts nuked these poor tojo bastards unfairly when they were already beaten forgetting that it was Japan's Warrior culture- that they worship so much- that led to countless millions being executed by the favored, weeaboo society of the Samurai simply because the Nips saw them as being inferior.

Weeaboos live by and are constantly regurgitating these inane ideals of theirs about how honorable the Japanese are and killing the innocent, weak or unarmed is in contradiction to their warrior way despite literal millions of witnesses speaking the contrary.

Identifying someone as Wapanese

There are many telltale signs of Wapanese, the biggest being that they will refer to one another as otaku (which they would not if they had any grasp on the word's meaning) and employ their distinctive dialect and appearance discussed above. Other warning signs include but are not limited to:

  • Leeching off the history of Japan but ignoring any part that "looks bad" on Japan.
  • Ignores the fact the Allied Powers won World War II for a reason. (For fun, bring up the nuclear blast in conversation should it get too boring. For even more lulz, mention the Rape of Nanking, the Bataan Death March, and the sadistic experiments carried out on humans at Unit 731 and watch them deny it like Ahmedinejad does the Holocaust.)
  • Stubbornly defending Japan's long history of IRL banhammering other races. Also tending to have racist and nationalistic prejudice against any other Asian country that isn't Japan, common targets being China, Best Korea, and Good Korea and probably thinking nationalist groups like the uyoku dantai are "tottemo sugoi desu!" (However in reality, the uyoku dantai will want to lynch them because they are not Japanese, and they are such a disgrace to their magnificent culture.)
  • Being culture parasites, that is, having a pathological interest in "Japanese culture"
  • Trying to look Japanese and failing by...
  • Listening to Vocaloid or other J-Pop like Kyary and believes that the majority of people in Japan actually listen to these types of music, or is actually good or inspiring music. (true fact: no one in Japan likes this type of music)
  • INSISTING on watching their anime in Japanese with subtitles, because unlike you, they can "understand it" and can't stand dubbed voices (Because only BAKA GAIJIN POSERS watch things in English!) Claims they find "Harem Animu" funny.
  • Has at least one account on Gaia Online or any other dumb fucking Asian-themed site like Crunchyroll, a JewTube wannabe site infested with Japanophiles and/or Koreanophiles.
  • Bonus points: Username and/or 99.9% of their friends list's names ending in "u", "i" or "-chan" or are a butchering of the name of some J-Idol or Azn Bandguy they want to screw.
  • Their life dream is not only to go to Japan™, but also to break into the anime, manga or video game industry.
  • Shitting themselves whenever someone around them speaks actual Japanese. Double points if the person speaking actual Japanese is white; triple points if black person.
  • Working in a high school in Japan as an ALT (assistant language teacher) and thinks the Japanese staff working there actually give a single fuck about them.

TL;DR: JAPAN GOOD, everything else = SHIT!

In photographs, a wapanese will always be fat and ugly, always make the peace/victory sign with one hand while squinting and contorting their already grotesque facial features into a more grotesque approximation of the ^_^ smiley. Females have a compulsive need to wear at least one item of Sanrio clothing at all times, and truly desperate Wapanese will wear a shitload of eyeliner to make their eyes appear chinkier, that or put scotch tape on the sides of their eyes to pull their eyelids tighter.

How to Troll

  • Go to an anime forum. Make sure you search "Should we have dropped the Atom Bomb anime forum". If you don't see a site where you know anime is the central topic, go there Nao! Make a forum about the topic and then point out to any opposers the crimes the Japanese committed and the videos of the citizens committing suicide on YouTube.
  • Say "anime sucks!" and use a better show to compare a highly popular anime show. You could use shows like Wallace and Grommit/Robot Jones/early SpongeBob and other great western anime to show em'. Protip: Poopy, crudely-animated 2010's animu like Adventure Time or the Amazing World of Gumball is perfect because it's everything anime isn't. Which is actually "being funny." (Disregard that, neither of the aforementioned shows are funny.)
  • Force weeaboos to watch videos about weeaboos and neckbeards, like "Deibiddo Kun LOVES Japan".
  • Point out that Japanese kids LOVE America, and think that Yank Animation, Yank Music, Yank Food, God and Yank Religion (see Superbook, Japanese-dubbed American Christian Cartoons, and The Flying House) is all vastly superior to their own. Using the children of the object of their obsession against them is the ultimate attack.
  • If a female weeaboo leftard says she hates America, link articles and videos to the Rape Club and then point out that Japan believes Men come first. And that her liberal, pocky-pooping cherry-butt would be better off staying in the states.

- If she says she doesn't care, show her videos of Japan's extremely inhumane historical actions, like Unit 731. If she says she just wants to, then call her a no life weeaboo that Japan wouldn't tolerate, throwing her into a Japanese retard clinic.

  • Say that Popee-style thigh-high socks are overrated. This is one of the few things they actually have in common with the Japs, they both are over-obsessive with this crap that they'll both wear waterproof thigh-high socks in the shower and while swimming.
  • The only other way they're like the Japanese is that they're also very butthurt about MMD stuff being distributed and shared. So share passwords, share files, share videos, and especially share nude models and MMD porn.
  • If a Man says or acts like a weeaboo, ask him why. He'll probably claim Japan is better because Women are nicer, more beautiful, and people aren't mean. Point out that Asian girls are considered a fetish and generally act weird.
  • Remind them that before Macarthur (an American) took over, post-war Japan was a complete shithole.

- If he disagrees then point out that Japanese men prefer American women, just look at the polls and the anime. Many anime characters don't even have Japanese features and even real life Japanese bitches dye their hair and wear contacts to change their eye color. -If he disagrees and says he still likes Japanese girls. Point out that they want somebody who's cool. Usually a strong white guy, or a thuggy black guy. If you are neither than you'll have a harder time. Usually this is true, because most anime fan-males are goths. -If he says you're spamming, call him a hopeless weeaboo who will die alone in ALL CAPS, expect RAGE! -There is no?????? Just PROFIT!

Variant Strains

Half-breed Monkey/Nigger trying to be a Jap trying to be a White, OH GOD KILL IT WITH FIRE

The Wapanese in Denial can be found religiously on 4chan, Gaia Online and other shitty sites that are either Japanese-looking or Japanese Knockoffs. They attempt to counteract any identification as Wapanese, but fail as they have any/all of the normal wapanese traits. They throw fits when confronted on being a Wapanese/Japanophile and will claim not to care if they'd be put up on this site, but still secretly remove as much proof of being Wapanese as they can.

Blasians (aka the Nighongo or Chinegro) are basically where niggers and W.A.S.P.s intersect. Although more tolerable than ghetto niggers, they are one of the worst cases of fail ever. This is what happens when you leave your jigs unattended. Somebody direct these confused people to some Worldstar Hiphop videos and a local KFC, or at least slap the bitch until they realize they aren't Asian.

Here is an example of what your average azn does in it's spare time. We will kindly thank Aaron Abdullah for his contribution to studying this particular race of weaboos.

The Opposite side of the retard spectrum, but still fucking retarded

We at ED have provided glorious examples of the fucktardery that is the Weeaboo fandom at its most lulzy and worst, providing you something you can look at whilest jerking off to your self satisfaction of you supposedly being less retarded than those depicted in ways which aren't yet known by us.

Lord, look at those tags. Well at least you're being honest.

But we've also come to a major discovery in the last few years, and apparently some of our best have discovered that there is more to the weeabbo infestation than just camera whores, gay orgy fanfiction writers, piles of emotional messes, hilarious hacks of artists, Animu Forum faggots, crys of self denial and pain, and even greater jokes of gaijin fucks jacking off abroad, there exists an ever greater territory of the retard spectrum of weeabo faggotry.

They are known as Hypocrite Weeaboos or at their most lulziest, Reject Weeaboos.

The yaoi world's most famous raging weeb-in-denial, HamletMachine.
When Cosplayers call you out, you have a problem.

Also known as anime elitists, Japanese (insert popular culture subject here) Culture experts, self entitled "Not Weeaboos" or "Actual Anime Fans", Japanese (insert popular culture subject here) Culture Buffs, "Not A Pussy Nerd" Anime Fans, and/or even "Anti Moe likers", these Weeaboos are the opposite end of the spectrum of weeabbo fucktardery.

A hypocrite Wapanese is almost identical to the Wapanese in denial, though the hypocrite version tends to be more annoying. These tossers mince about claiming they hate Wapanese, but cream their fundoshi when they get the opportunity to go to Japan.

A Hypocrite Wapanese who has attended college, believing himself to be intellectual, becomes a Reject Wapanese. The Reject Wapanese is fed up with and "rejects" the "main stream" of current anime, such as Naruto, anything currently playing on Adult Swim, and anything related to Moe is the cancer of all animu. Instead, the Reject Wapanese goes back to the early manga of the 1960's and 70's such as work by Osamu Tezuka and Leiji Matsumoto. They will also be the biggest fucking prudes and elitist fucks you will ever meet, and will possibly make actual weeaboos more tolerable in comparison. Don't believe us? Check here and here.

Protip: Tell him everything Tezuka has ever done, especially Astro Boy, sucked then make fun of his B.A. in Philosophy and Literary Theory. Be sure to mention his inability to get a job and ask him if anyone other than other rejects at conventions can even understand him, or if anyone likes him at conventions for being the self-absorbed, petty and insular fuck he is.

While they put on an air that they are "normal" or "sane", their true forms come out when they furiously masturbate to their computer screens. They themselves hold a great amount of complete self entitlement and unwarranted self importance, thinking that because of their "college level education", "high wit and charm", and "internetz smarts", makes them greater, better, intellectual weeaboos than the "lowly slime" on the other side of the spectrum, but are just as fucking unwise, full of shit and having no brains like their much loathed opposites, because what both have in common is the fucktarded, self indulgent masturbation because they believe whatever "mysterious, exotic" bullshit they place on a top pedestal is "so deep and insightful", but is nothing more but the same reason as their brainfucked counterparts have: fill a perceived cultural void by pretending not to be white.

They may type out full sentences with grammar, a good vocabulary, and no spelling errors, but that's to just mask the "I like this sophisticated anime, it's much better than this animu and the fans that like it" elitist fucktardism of enjoying anything Japanese for the sake of feeling a soul, which we're very sure they never were born with. Ironically, this deficiency is indeed something they share with the filthy Tojos.

Here are some examples of Reject Weeaboo behaviors and how you all can help spot the fucktarded:

  • Retarded, pasty-white douchebags still stuck in their nostalgia and fandom whoring well into their 30s, thinking that Japan will suck their dongs through whining about their animu obsessions they picked up while attempting to pierce their firm white cheesedicks into Japan in the 1980's and bashing on weeaboos that don't fit their agenda to have anime attract people that never knew about anime, and will fuck them because their animu tastes "are so sophisticated".
  • Internet Tough Guys that are reject weeaboos who are often dedicated and jerk off furiously to stuff like Hokuto no Ken, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, or some other mangoes that were produced in the 1980's. They often lurk on the internets looking for animu they can troll; also are likely gamers, make blogs dedicated to their manchild like obsessing around anime with mainly huge muscle bound main protagonists duking it out with other muscle bound characters and... You know what? Fuck it, they're gay.
  • The Number One Weeaboo for the fourth consecutive year is Andy "Hokage" Perez of the Little Tokyo Community in Little Tokyo. For more information about this ranked number one weeaboo, please refer to his official website at The Champion of Weeaboos
  • Wannabe Alpha Geek Reject Weeaboos. These weeaboos are the worst kind of weeaboos, and they are often short numbered for a reason. These pseudo intellectual fucktards are most commonly found on sites like Gaia, either make their own blogspots, or are located in some retarded comics related forum. Claiming to have a taste in teh animu much better than their brainfucked weeaboo siblings, likely watching things no one fucking cares about, and that they have "a diverse taste in other mediums of entertainment", they are also the biggest douches that you will ever meet, and from the time spend on their sites furiously pleasuring themselves to making "intellectual debates" (SPOILER: It's them wasting their time like the ego driven insufferable smartass nerd douchebags they really are) over why XXX-oholic is a more symbolic and insightful than Code Gay-Ass, you will know why they don't spend any time off of their precious site after working at Game Stop or going to college for Literary Advancements in Comic Books.

SPOILERS It's either that they're fucking hideous and no one wants to hang out with them, they're either so fucking nerdy and smartassed that no one wants to hear about their reasons of why you should watch Revolutionary Girl Altena or that they never shut the fuck up about why they know about everything and you don't, or any combination of the above.

Remember ladies and gentlemen, just because you have intellect, it doesn't mean you can't be a fucking loser and insufferably retarded ego hoarder! And we know that there are more insufferable intellect disguised fucks out there that we know we can make a lulzcoaster out of. We've only gotten started, so don't watch your back; just hold tight as we ram it nice and hard into your ass like the insufferable Nip Entertainment worshiping internet whore you are.

Useful Wapanese phrases

Even the amazing Seaking is affected negatively by Wapanese.
What Wapanese and real AZNs have in common: they suck at foreign languages.

Wapanese have a tendency to butcher Japanese, mixing what few words and phrases they know in Japanese and sprinkling them all over their primarily English sentences. Expect to hear such statements as: "That dress is so kawai I wish I could ganbaru like that too, ne! Demo, I can't desu! nyoro~n :3". These commonly used words may help you identify a Weeaboo in the event their retarded, pitiless appearance aren't dead giveaways:

  1. "Konnichiha!" (今日は, Japanese mating call of the North American Giant Douchebag.)
  2. Hajimemashite ( 始めまして, "HAJIMEMASHITE! That means how are you doing~ kawaii, ne? ^__- *wink* lol")
  3. "Baka!" (馬鹿, Noise made when clearing throat to dislodge half-eaten sticks of Pocky, a popular snack formed in a pointless stick shape and coated with the chocolate of shattered dreams.)
  4. "-chan" (ちゃん, Must be appended to every name to make it sound "cute.")
  5. suffixes/honorifics (敬称:ちゃん、君、等, "Hey Mary-chan! How are u?!", "No Sasuke-kun, plz don't!", etc.)
  6. "Chibi" (ちび, Chibi dogs r adorable~ ^__^)
  7. "Desu!" (です, Wapanese place this at the end of every sentence, desu, regardless of its contextual inaccuracy desu. Popularized by Rozen Maiden animu. However, DESU! spam may be appropriate in the context of a raid, trolling or some other epic maneuver provided that lulz are the objective desu.)
  8. "Itai, or Itatata~~!!" (痛い, Heard when Wapanese hurt themselves. Signals the hearer to hurt them more.)
  9. "Kawaii!" (可愛い, Wapanese standard warning for, "Do not look directly at.")
  10. "Nani?" (何, The Japanese word for "what?" Weeaboos think it makes them cool to use this whenever someone addresses them. It is also an invitation to get socked in the fucking face.)
  11. "Ne!" (ね, Usually said after sentences as a sign for the listener to clock 'em. Ne is actually a exclamation, while ねえ nê is equivalent to amirite. However, no Wapanese realize this as it would entail actual knowledge of the language.
  12. "Sugoi!" (すごい, Phrase said when they're sure they've found their new mating partner, possibly Japanese, or Asian, but probably another failed Wap like themselves.)
  13. "Yo!" (よ, pronounced 'yoh', translation: basically an '!'. Usually said in conjunction with 'desu' and 'ne'. e.g. - "OMG KAWAII DESU YO NE~!1!!!!")
  14. "Nekoberu" (猫ブル, pronounced Neck-Oh-Beh-Rew Rew rhymes with Jew or Shoe) Means Kitten Bell. Not used at all in Japan. It is a Neologism created when Weeaboos combined the Japanese word Neko (猫 or cat) with Beru (ベル or bell). It is mostly used as a figurative image in the sub-genre of the Catgirl in Furry art to inform that the CatGirl or NekoJin that the viewer is looking at is underaged.
  15. "NekoJin" (猫人, pronounced Neck-Oh-Gin and means Catgirl or Cat People) Another weeaboo Neologism used to describe the Half-cat, Half-Human furry fetish. Your more snobbish weeaboos prefer to use "Nekohito" (猫人, pronounced Neck-Oh-He-Toe Definition: cat people/person or cat/human implying that it's a cat/human hybrid). Like NekoJin and Neckoberu, it is another Weeaboo Neologism.
  16. "NekoMimi" (猫耳, Pronounced Neck-Oh-Me-Me. Literal Definition: Cat Ears. The proper Japanese word for the catgirl fetish as it describes that breed of girl that likes to run around Japan wearing Cat Ears.) So you don't look like a fool trying to impress a native speaking Japanese person, it is redundant to call a cat's ears NekoMimi (猫耳). The proper way to say it would be The Cat's ears or Neko No Mimi. Literal translation, The ears of the cat. (猫の耳)

Using the Japanese Language Against Them

Even animu animators want the Wapanese to STFU.

Due to the fact that weeaboos are incapable of understanding(let alone pronouncing) Japanese, it is quite easy to troll them by using the very language they revere. They'll probably be shitting bricks over how much you appear to know, but you will walk away with the satisfaction that you verbally abused them without them even knowing it.

  • Weeaboo: Aren't I soo totally kawaii desu ne???!!!1!111
  • Response: はい、とってもかわいそうです。 Tottemo kawai sô desu. (Translation: Yes, You are very pitiful.)

They will probably think you know Japanese, and think you complimented them. This will usually result in them prodding you with the question "OMG Leik do u spaek Nipongo?"

Response: はい、貴様の豚の顔はたわごとのような臭いがする。 Hai, kisama no buta no kao wa tawagoto no yôna nioi ga suru. (Translation: Yes, you, your asshole's pig face smells like shit.)

Kawaii Copypastas

WARNING: After reading these, you may feel the urge to commence seppuku. Please do so.

Omg hai ^___^ Im Ai-san and I absolutely luuuv @[email protected] anime <3 and my fav is naurto!!!!! OK so anyways, I'm going to tell you about the BEST day of my life when I met my hot husband Sasuke!! <333333333 OMFGZ HE WAS SOOOOO FREAKIN KAWAII IN PERSON!!! SUPAA KAWAII DESU NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! ^______________________________________^

When I walked onto Tokyo street =^____^= I looked up and saw SASUKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333!!!!

KONNICHIWA OMGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ SUPAA SUPAA SUPAA KAWAII SASUKE-SAMA!!!!! I yelled n____n then he turned chibi then un-chibi!!

he looked at me [O.O;;;;;;;;;;;] and then he saw how hot I am *___* he grabbed my hand and winked ~_^ then pulled me behind a pocky shop o_o and started to kiss me!!!!!! [OMG!!! HIS TONGUE TASTED LIKE RAMEN!!! RLY!! >.> <.< >.< (^O^) (^O^) (^O^)] then I saw some baka fat bitch watching us and I could tell she was undressing him with her eyes!!!!!!! [ -_____________-;;;;; OMG I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT EITHER!!! (ò_ó) (ò_ó) (ò_ó)] so I yelled UH UH BAKA NEKO THAT'S MY MAN WHY DON'T YOU GO HOOK UP WITH NARUTO CAUSE SASUKE-SAMA LOVES ME!!! (ò_ó) then Sasuke held me close =^____^= and said he would only ever love me!!!!!!!! And guess what!!!!!! He kissed me again!!!!!!! ** \(^O^)/ then we went to his apartment and banged all night long and made 42 babies and they all became ninjas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nyaaaaa!!! (^________<) ^_________________^;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Hai =^_____^= AI-SAN heeeeeerrreee!! <3 <3 ^__<

I am SUPA SUPA HAppy today!! >____^ <333333333333333333 SASUKE IS HAPPY TOO!! OMG SUPA SUPA KAWAII ~DESU ~DESU Yay! <3 ^_^

Chances are you will see it again >.< <.< <333333333333 (^o^) because I LOOOOOOVVVVEEEE telling everybody about my HUBBYZZ SAKUKE! ((<<)- OMG! I LOVE HIM SO MUCHEEEZZ. he is so KAAAWWWAAAIIIII!!!!! ^.^ <33333333 ~desu ~desu


OMG! SASUKE CAME HOOMMMEE! hes home everyone !!!^^. look look, hes home ^^ <333333333333 @[email protected]@@@@@@ '____-;;;;;;;;

@@ OH MY GODZZZ SASUKE IS KISSING ME ON THE NECK!!! (@@ (òó) (òó) (òó)>>) he wants to make love to me 0.0. OMG! my heart is racing a million miles an hour <333333333 Supa kawaii desu!!!!!!!! YAYYYY!! ZZZZ NYAAAA!! ^^

Bai Everyone... ME AND SASUKE ARE OFF TO MAKE MORE BABIES.. Yay Yay!!! bumpy bumpy time! Hours of fun time IN SASUKES BED..... NAKED!! OMGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ SUPA SUPA SUPA KAWAII SASUKE-SAMA!!!!! <33333333333 [O.O;;;;;;;;;;;] LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE! >__** ** (O)/ YAY! Yay! happy happy haaaaapppppppppppyyyyyy!! NEKO NEKO KAWAII SUPA supa SUPA KAWAII DESU DESU ; ) "",.._____^^ (--(

NYAAA! ^_^

AI-SAN HEEERRREEEE!!! ===>________^===;;;;;;;;;;

I just came back from VACATION at the <333333333 KAWAII ZONE ^__~ and guess what... IM WITH SASUKE ON THE WHOLE VACATION <3333333!!! =^_____^= OMGZZZZZ HES SO HOT WITH THAT SUPA SUPA SEXY ABBS!!! DESU DEUS >.> >_> ^o^ ^_< HE'S SO FRIGGIN SUPA SUPA KAWAII!!! @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] NYAAAA! ~desu ~desu

NOW i'm going to tell you about the BEST VACATION OF MY LIFE :D :D :D WITH MY HOT HUBBY SASUKE!!! <33333333333 SUPA SUPA KAWAII VACATION WE HADDDD!!!! <333333333333 ^3^ ^3^ @[email protected]@@@@ =^____^;;;;;

While we were walking down the beach, holding hands... ^_____~;;; (of course, HE'S MAH HABBEH AND I LUUUV HIM SOO MUCHEZZZ <333333) i saw some FAT GUIZE AND BITCHES ON OUR POOL -_- OMG WHY DO THEY HAVE TO CLOG UP OUR KAWAII VACATION?!??!? -_- >.< ò_ó TT______TT;;;;

then Sasuke (w/ his SUPA KAWWAIIII ABS O.O;;;;;) released his SUPA PAWAFURU RASENGAN (or is it chidori, i'm ssoooooo braindead -_-) and BLASTED *O* THOSE FAT NERDS AND HOES OFF OF OUR ROMANTICA POOL *_* <33333333 =^________^;;;; while everyone was looking ôoô guess what... WE WERE HAVING SEX ON THE POOL WITH KAWAII SASUKE!!!!!!! ^______^';';';';' <333333333 everyone was envious >:P, and while we're having our bumpy bumpy time <3333 WE MADE 953 BABIES ON THE TRIP o_____________o;;;;; THEY WERE SOOOOOOO SUPA SUPA @[email protected] SUPA KAWAII =^==____^L;LL;; THEY BECAME CHIBI NINJAS *_** AFTER THAT

bai everyone, we're off to SASUKE'S APARTMENT TO MAKE MOAR BEBEZZZ ^__________^ <333333333333333333 OMG THEY'RE SOOOOOO KAWAIII!! WE'RE GONNA HAV A FUN TIME NAKED ON SASUKE'S BED, MEKEN BEBEZZZZ alllll frigggeeeeen naitu ^____^;;;-0-=0=- YAY YAY!! NEKO SUPA BAKA SUPA neko sUPA KAWAII KAWAII DEUS DESU DUES! <3333333333333333333333333 ^ooo_^o^_^o_^ yay happy nEKo yay bAAK HAPpy NEKO KAWAII DESU SUPA DESU BAKA NEKO KAWAII SUPA BAKA NEKO SUPA DESU KAWAII!!! <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333!!)_)#[email protected](^_#*$#!(&_

NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! <333333333 =^__________<=;'623;5[3r;t

If you say ANYTHING related to those, please commit hara-kiri. Thank you.

love and waffles,

  • ~t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m~*


Here is a prime example of a weeaboo subhuman.

Weaboo trying to be a badass

How the Outside World sees Weaboos

Pretty much everything you need to know about weeaboos.

"I'm from Daytona BeachDAHRHRU" (alternate Vimeo link.)

"Loving Racism and Hello Kitty fans."


About missing Pics
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Wild Weeaboo Encounters

When encountering weeaboos in their natural habitat (i.e. Conventions, School, etc), you must know they are dangerous, unpredictable and disgusting. Here are some records of various encounters with these beings. They are as likely to turn on one another as they are to turn on you and fuck your shit. If you are weak of heart or spirit, it is advised you keep scrolling and don't look back.

Horror Stories About missing Pics
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See also

Weeaboo Junk

  • Babel:Japanesu/Japan - The inside of a Weeaboos mind.
  • Colony Drop - An example of when you have Reject Weeaboos on the loose.
  • Doopie DoOver
  • Desu-radio
  • J-emous the trying too hard with the cultural assimilation.
  • SailorRWBY a Stereotypical Weeaboo who treats Sailor Moon and RWBY like untouchable GODS and a massive Frozen fagtard and a clopper and butthurt on much better products and complains about shit no one cares about.
  • Pocky - Weeaboo bait.
  • Questionable logic is how Weeaboo are created
  • Ramen - Weeaboo rations.
  • Teruaki Murakami- an actual Japanese person whose hentai serves as a gateway drug
  • TV Tropes, where weeaboos conspire to force their disease-ridden lingo upon the world.
  • WannaBlaze A fat, Murrican weeaboo kicked out of Japan for being an annoying, drunk whore.

Very similar to Weeaboo

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