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Typical webcomic, a frame from Chugworth, see Type C below

Welcome to the Encyclopedia Dramatica school of webcomics. In this course you will learn about the many different types of these illustrated blogs which weren't good enough to make it into print.

A comic is something found in a) the Sunday paper, b) a regular printed book like Marvel, or c) manga.

Webcomics, or "online comics", are basically the same except they're on the Internets and are, with very few exceptions, utter shit. The important thing to understand about webcomics is that most are just shitty blogs the artist uses to present his opinion as fact. These webcomics usually consist of the characters standing around wasting panel space with stupid dialogue, making expressions that no one in real life ever makes. Such comics as Penny Arcade, MegaTokyo, San Antonio Rock City and Shortpacked are just that. General rule: if the author is a character in the strip, it's a fucking blog.

How webcomics work

John Solomon has made it his duty to smash the nuts of any and all bad webcomics. To date, he has succeeded in reducing several of the worst offenders to tears and fits of gibbering. Luckily for our brutalized eyeballs, many of the thousands of shit webcomics started in the early 2000s have since died out due to lack of interest. Now if we could just do the same to XKCD or The Oatmeal (gagpuke).

Type A Webcomics

Typical Type A Webcomic

Most popular webcomics are type A. They usually publish one strip a day with 3-5 straight panels and a punchline in the last panel. Sometimes they have story arcs which continue for a few weeks. If it's in color, it's probably block colors, maybe some shading. This type of comic is often found on Keenspace (now called ComicGenesis) or LiveJournal. The art often sucks, but nobody cares because it's funny. If the art and the humor suck, it usually falls off the internets after a few weeks.

Any sufficiently long-lived type A webcomic eventually starts giving its characters storylines and plots, slowly weeding out the jokes in favor of "character building", which basically means three panels of intentionally unfunny shit. In the unlikely event that this webcomic started off funny, the character building strips are usually a warning that continuing to read the strip in the future is just a waste of your time. An IRL example of this is Doonesbury.

When they're not too stupid and crass, Type A webcomics are the likeliest to be syndicated, which means that they are stupid and bland instead of merely stupid and crass. This makes them suitable for inclusion between Cathy and Family Circus.


All of them alternate between crass and bland, with sheer stupidity being their unifying feature.

Type B Webcomics

Typical Type B Webcomic

A4 pages, generally, sometimes with floating or weird panel layouts. Type B can be black and white or color, with various types of shading. They can be punchline-a-day comics, or might have long story arcs involving angst, romance or just really extended punchlines. The stories often involve people saving the world. Most often these webcomics act like The Simpsons and, at the end of every story arc, everything is exactly the same as it used to be, more or less. If the artist is good, they sell posters and things through eBay. If they aren't, they spend time making tag boxes for their webpages and then sulking in them. Or the shit artists try to pander themselves out to the closed circle who actually like their webcomic, attempting to sell useless shit they made in 10 seconds, and only to people who are too stupid to just right-click and select "save image as" and get exactly what they would have paid unheard of amounts of money for.

Type B Webcomics are known for devolving over time through a similar process to Type A, if not starting out absolutely terrible to begin with. Not bound by space or content standards like Type A comics can be, Type B Webcomics will invariably turn into a fifty-panel-per-day convoluted dramatic epic featuring copious emo and plot devices like rape, even if the comic began as a series of one-panel stick figure jokes. But most start out with a rape based story to begin with and it progressively gets worse, in some cases it gets dramatically worse.

Some authors of Type B Webcomics are misogynist nerds who watch far too much animu. As such, there is never a likable female character in a Type B Webcomic as this distracts from the rape. There is also very little actual ability involved in these comics, no matter how much effort they throw into the webcomic it is easy to tell that its shitty... to anybody but mindless fans. (Ex: The characters look colored, shaded, and properly placed. But lack any realistic anatomy and look like barbie would be offended by it)

Rarely, the whole comic revolves around a set of females. The group gradually grows over time through vague storyline plots, to obscene amounts of female characters who cater to whatever the artist/writer is into at that moment. The group could vary from generic lesbian tuffgurl, to the all around slut with an unrealistic love interest, to the large breasted women who is emotionally abused by men. The "cast" of the comic goes completely unchecked and in some cases can reach over 10 main female characters, of which only 2-4 will show up in any given set of comic strips. There is also a high probability, almost guaranteed that the artist does pornographic content of the characters in this subgroup of TypeB comics.


Type C Webcomics

Typical Type C Webcomic

This is basically just manga created by someone without a publisher. Generally shoujo manga, meaning 75% yaoi, which tends to involve bishie guys making out. If not, there is some other kind of romance. Cherry blossoms are common. The artists tend to be either utter crap or ridiculously talented; in both cases they sell artwork online and have large fan bases of morons and rabid fangirls respectively.

What makes Type C different from Type B is the fact that they are even more indebted to animu. Also, their creators tend to be fat cosplayers who, when talking, actually try to pronounce the stupid Azn emoticons they use in their hourly blog entries. Most Type C creators masturbate to a map of Japan, and whatever they don't steal from anime, they steal from Harry Potter. Brutal violence and misogyny are common.

Type C comic makers can also be split into two groups: stuff made by wapanese fanboys, who bemoan in typical emo fashion how great their worthless existences would be if ONLY they had been fortunate enough to be born in the country of moon speak; and stuff made by actual AZNs, who wish their naughty bits were huge like Xbox. The animu by actual AZNs sucks, but only for five dorra.

Type C comics avoid devolving like most Type A and B comics. This is because Type C comics start off as shit in the first place.

Some of the worst weeaboo Type C comics include:

Some Type C comics by AZNs:

Type D Webcomics

Type D webcomics consist of comics that aren't totally unfunny, which is an extremely rare thing on the internets. By breaking with all the stereotypes and clichés attached to webcomics, they manage to be (at times surprisingly) funny.


Type E Webcomics

It is hard to see who is dissing who here.

Type E webcomics consist of comics of any subject matter or style, which are legitimately funny sometimes, but what makes them unique is that the comic designers take 6 months per comic (and that's for a comic that took them less than an hour to do). You'll often find these kinds up on Portal of Evil or clone.manga. Nobody knows why it takes the comic designer so long to make each comic.

A typical Type E update consists of the author apologizing for not updating because RL has been sooooooo hard lately and also begging for a life. In the case of VG Cats, the author/illustrator Scott Ramsoomair bitches and BAWWWs about how many animu fanmails he has to go through instead of updating on time. This is, of course, merely a cover for his true reason for not posting a comic on time. Feel obliged to visit his JewTube page. While you're there, don't help but notice what a typical loser he actually is for jumping on the Weeaboo trend bandwagon that is Caramelldansen.


Type F Webcomics

Typical Type F Webcomic

You don't even have to try to read this one, your brain will start to melt as you try (and fail) to understand the prototype of a punchline. One chapter and you can assign the F rating to it. Depending on the author, only one dialogue will be enough.

These are the webcomics that, strangely enough, don't get trolled, because they are so shitty they aren't even worth the attention (or the effort).

Warning: Fail ahoy! Beware!!!


Type G Webcomics

G stands for gay. This type intersects broadly with Type C, but is mostly reserved for Penny Arcade's Macintosh loving asses. The fact that the whole comic has gone downhill is a mere side effect of the mac/man love.


Type H Webcomics

H is for HTML. Comic "pages" are HTML pages and some lovely little link with fontsize 3 has to be spotted (hint: usually in the lower side of the page) and hit with ninja-assassin-accuracy in order to continue the painful journey to the last page to reach the final reward, namely the end, that is, getting to do something useful for change.


Type I Webcomics

I is for interactive, which is hilarious because this shit is far from that. Remember those "Choose Your Own Adventure" novels that littered your school's library like so much paper deadweight? Type I ("i" not "1") webcomics are like those, only on a mass scale. Interactive in nature, they seek to empower their readers by letting them choose what happens next. This has the general effect of making the "plot" of every comic done in this manner resemble the bowel movements of a pig fed nothing but powdery white sand for a month.


Type J Webcomics

J is for Jerkcity. A terrible, pointless piece of gay shit that has fooled everyone into thinking it's a sacred institution by virtue of never fucking ending. May in fact be one of the longest trolls of all time, one worthy of Andy fucking Kaufman. Unless, that is, its creators began doing it unironically at some point and have become prisoners of their own faggotry.

Pokey the Penguin also belongs in this category, sitting by Jerkcity's penis-filled right hand for having also faked it till it made it ('it' still being shit).

Type K Webcomics

"K" is for "Kid." That is, webcomics made by kids. Not overgrown special ed kids who produce other types of webcomics, but actual pedobait children. This type had its origin at least 100 years ago when a wapanese guy working in Japan as a school teacher gave Penny Arcade images to his students. He then posted the results online, giving rise to a perfect crap storm of derivative crap, Japanese crap, and webcomic crap.

These comics are always funnier than the originals they're based on.


Type L Webcomics


The pr0n of webcomics, these comics are intended to help you jerk off. However, like a tired worthless whore whose lost her dentures and is reduced to gumming phalluses, these comics will barely even register a tinge in a fanboy's pecker. These comics want to suck, they really do, but even that is beyond their meager capabilities. Expect no wank material to come from these, just shitting dick nipples.

If you want to associate this type with its letter (which used to be J until it was stolen by Jerkcity), look no further than the lesbians of comics such as Moon Over June, whose creator keeps flip-flopping between masturbating over women fucking each other and making fun of them for thinking they don't need men.


Type M Webcomics

Comics that are Married to the Sea. These comics are funny to fat girls, who print out the comics and tape them up in their lockers so they can hopefully show off how quirky they are! A sense of humor is almost as good as being attractive or not smelling like manwich, amiright?

Type S Webcomics

A typical sprite comic.

Type S Comics are those made by poor pathetic creatures who, in lieu of any actual artistic ability, instead turn to ripping off video game art, i.e. sprites. While some argue that these are indeed a form of webcomic, at best they are simply fan fictions with pictures. In any case, most sprites comics attempt to, and utterly fail to be funny. They are most often made by Sonicfags who are too lazy to learn to draw well. Chris-Chan, anyone?

A final irony is that sprite comics are a byproduct of illegal activities due to the fact that the sprites and backgrounds are ripped from video game ROMs and recolored using MS Paint. Why every sprite comic creator has yet to be v&'d for this is a mystery. (Though it's probably because Nintendo and others, not wanting to upset their asspies fanbase, have said it's okay for them to shit in their own little sandbox, just as long as they suck off whatever corporate execs come near them.)

Go to DeviantART if you want to torture yourself with these. Leave ED out of it.

Type T Webcomics

T standing for tumblr; type T comics are any comic that makes an effort to titillate tumblrinas with, for example, trans or "non-binary" characters; allegories for oppression against minorities; ripping off cartoons and/or other webcomics with Tumblr's Seal of Approval; or even the outright abandon of gender or general human norms.


Type Y Webcomics

Y aren't these webcomics better known? Type Y webcomics have redeeming value, but languish in relative ignonimity on the internets, usually either due to their being too funny, too complicated, too offensive, too esoteric or too poorly promoted to be picked up on by a broad audience.

Ultimately, this is a result of the twisted natural selection process at work on the internet. Sadly, the "artists" that spend 1% of their free time writing/drawing their comic and 99% of their free time pimping their horrible shit are more likely to be well-known than a talented author/artist that writes for fun and only tells his or her friends about it. These authors do not typically treat their comics as serious business and since these authors often have a life outside of some crappy internet comic, Type Y comic series often end abruptly.


Type Z Webcomics

Bee Power

The only funny category of webcomic. These comics are made by KC Green. Typical Type Z comics include Horribleville and Bee Power. Just fucking look at the comic to the right, faggot. (Note that KC Green probably wrote this part himself, the dicksleeve.)


[Boring. Move on.Read me!]

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