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Wayne is a self-hating homophobic racist azn faggot, you can help by introducing Chiang to Kenneth Eng
gaiz how could you possibly think i am capable of such a thing? :/
we don't need ANother HERO
who stole 4chan's thunder?

Wayne Chiang was suspect #1 of the Vtech massacre, after a few hours it came to light via the Drudge Report that he was in fact, just the victim of some major trolling. Currently he is being V& (That's "vandalized" for all y'all uneducated sorts out there. Hooooooooeeeey!) by reality and most faggots on the internet, and many faggots irl, including major news media outlets. He claims innocence, but we know better than to trust his dirty yellow lies. The main reason he became suspect 1 is because he was azn and at VT which is what we in the political arena call a "slam dunk" case. The extent of the v&ing is yet to be fully plotted, his lj hits went from 10 hits per day, to 166,000 in the course of a couple hours.

4chan Brand Drama

On the night of the Virginia Tech shooting, someone on 4chan found pictures of a Chinese kid on Livejournal who attended Virginia Tech and started spamming links to their journal. However, this turned out to be just profiling on the part of /b/. The link spread like wildfire and hundreds of retards flocked to his journal to attempt to be a part of the dramageddon and ring in, but they were later pwnt when the owner of the journal posted, saying that he profited from ad-sense due to all the unique hits he was getting. Girlvinyl declared in H1 tags that the journal was faux, yet retards still flocked there under the mistaken belief that they were going to be a part of history. To spite these artards, Chiang posted an epic revenue check from this failed spamming. NO GLORY!!

Wayne Chiang, said journal owner, achieved internet celebrity simply for being azn. While he isn't the killer, he is the victim of a brilliant prank. So far, the number of hits to his page have increased over nine thousand percent, and his quest to prove his innocence isn't helped by the fact that he has as many guns as the entire army of North Korea.

Some say it's not society's fault for this terrible incident but they cite the fact that Cho was suffering from a severe case of the Monday's.

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