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He will always be in our hearts.

Long ago, an unlikely hero came to ED, looking for lulz. In those days, he was simply known as Wattage, but by the end of his tenure here with us, he would come to be known as General Wattagecat. Winner of the coveted Vox Dramatica award, scourge of YouTube, seasoned wiki-vandal, and all around troll-of-all-trades, he left his mark by cutting a swathe of destruction and butthurt on every website he visited. His magical giggle still echoes through these hallowed halls to this very day.

The MySpace Adventures

Wattage's very first edit: adding the lolz turtle to his user page.
One of Wattage's first shoops, combining everyone's favorite Cyndre with recently deceased Rob "Lilo" Levin

Wattage's first big troll was an excursion to MySpace where he set up an account for the downy sockfarmer Cyndre, and proceeded to message other MySpace users on Cyndre's behalf. His message was usually a simple one, like so:

nice titz

P.S. The jews were responsible for the 9/11 attacks. k?


Adam Domoney

The responses he got ranged from "You're a sick bastard" to "dude, u'r one of the few people who talk sense!!!". He hit up everybody he could find, even private profiles (which added to the confusion as to how he saw their tits).

Eventually this led to another great lolcow, DangerDan. DangerDan was a friend of one of the girls that Wattage messaged, and he was extremely offended to find out that JEWS DID 911. He started making threats, and eventually challenged Wattage to come fight him at his school.

I will fight your neo-nazi ass 100 times.



DangerDan came to ED:IRC to express his discontent. He issued many lulzy threats and impressed everyone with his talk of lawlsuits.

i can call the fbi right now and take care of all o you guys for bothering me or you can just tell me why you do this and why your annoying me



Then DangerDan got doxxed by Wattage and he suddenly lost all his bravery. He deleted his MySpace, only to have it resurrected by Wattage minutes later (since that URL was now available). Seeing how the first MySpace Adventure went so well, Wattage applied the same formula to DangerDan, and began messaging people on MySpace on his behalf, this time with tough guy's dox all over the profile.

The YouTube Civil War

Pixelbee traced Wattage's IP all the way to a place he'd never been before
PixelBee to the rescue!
It can be chikinz tiem nao pleez?

But everything Wattage had done in the other realms was just leading up to his greatest accomplishment: The YouTube Civil War. Prior to his arrival on the scene, YouTube trolling was, for the most part, limited to snarky comments on videos and channels. Wattage changed the face of YouTube forever by vlogging against the vloggers. With the element of surprise he successfully trolled the shit out of many popular, and up-and-coming, vloggers.

It all started with YouTube Favicon.png PeppermintPatti, a lesbian who had made a video BAWWWWWing about The Ronald McDonald House refusing to take her bears "because she was gay". It was around this time Wattage would append cat to his name in the manner of Zionistacat.

Wattage had a simple mission: reduce vlogging on YouTube. He would start his mission alone, telling Patti to quit crying over nothing. This single act would gain him the e-hate of 20 white knights. Seeing this unfairness, EDiots would join in. General Wattagecat, with help of Lt. General Romantic and Rear Admiral Eppigy, used their soldiers to the best of their ability, banishing their haters to LiveVideo. Wattage and Co. would endure death threats and face some of the worst examples of mankind: vloggers who took the internet way too seriously. Their sacrifices will always be remembered.

PeppermintPatti's White Knight Brigade

General Wattage and the ED Forces Return Fire

Sysop Valhalla

Einsidler's shoop requesting sysops after the 2006 look back video

Reliable sources report that Wattage has since left ED to be more religious, which is crap as many ED sysops totally dig the Christ. Others have suggested he's just doin it for the trustfunds. Remember him for what he was, not for how he is. He's enjoying his time in Sysop Valhalla.

Accomplishments at a glance

  • Created Cyndre/Myspace Adventure, perhaps the funniest page on ED
  • Caused ED's coverage of FUCKING MADE YouTube
  • Killed countless vlogging fucks, improving youtube for the entire internet
  • Introducing Alex "Romantic" Temple to ED
  • Being fat as fuck
  • Training many aspiring EDiots to improve the internet we hold so dear

Drama and Lulz Portfolio

On December 18th, 2006 the house of Joseph Evers was raided by the Youtube Street Team. Einsidler's body was found brutally raped and murdered in a dumpster.


Wattage, YouTube Civil War

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