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In a quandary, Philosoraptor tackles the age old question.

Wat do is the greatest philosophical question of our time. The great wide Internets is riddled with tormented, brooding individuals whose lives are nothing more than an endless stumble from one tragic-comic situation to the next. When faced with an impossible fork in the road, with multiple choices and none of them being easy, it's easy to see how one would begin to ask himself...

wat do?


Without a doubt, one of these philosopher types will come upon a situation that is so confounding that it can only be dealt with in one way: stopping immediately, finding the nearest computer and typing out a staccato, abrupt description of the scenario and ending it with Wat do. The most obvious choice would be to post it on 4chan, in particular on /b/, thereby placing this most urgent situation in their empathetic hands.


Wat do floated to the top of the shit-clogged cesspool of /b/ sometime around Spring to Summer 2009. The exact date cannot be determined at this time, because browsing there is akin to losing oneself in a haze in which space, time and morality do not exist.

Grammatical note

Ronery nerds using Wat do and stroking cock, as usual.

Wat appears to bear some resemblance to the spelling and function of the English word what. On the Internets, it's considered anti-lulz to write anything more than a 2 to 3 word combination of abbreviations and slang. Therefore, the entire phrase reaches max lulz by being only 2 words long, having the first word misspelled and awkward as fuck and getting right to the verb, which is often the point of most sentences anyway.

As surprising as it may seem, the letters can actually be done wrong. For more on this, read below.

Current Status

Wat do continues to linger on 4chan like the smell of beer farts in your mom's car seat cushions. It spread its whore legs and was penetrated in several other forums, including SomethingAwful, several other *chan sites and Ebaumsworld.


Here is a small sampling of the Wat do in action.

Walk in. See this. Wat do?


Get you some Lysol, boy

Walk in. See this. Wat do?


Do more LSD

Walk in. See this. Wat do?

Look on your face imediately after you get herpes from some cunt.jpg

Kill it with fire

Walk in. See this. Wat do?

Betty Page.jpg

Post on 4chan, fag

Doing It Wrong

Do not, under any circumstance, say "What do?". That is dreadful; it's worse than participating in a furpile. Do not expand it into a longer phrase, such as "What do I do?" or "What do now?" or "What must be done?". It's the same as "Your a fucking idiot". If you catch someone doing it wrong, it's important to sagebomb the thread on 4chan to make sure it doesn't bump back toward the front page and instead vanishes into oblivion as soon as possible. On any other site that you encounter a poorly executed Wat do, troll them and point out their newfag nature. It is possible that it might be a troll that finds it amusing to write popular memes wrong and then watch everyone get butthurt and correct them; as Yoda would say in this circumstance, "Correct at own risk, you will; in case trolled newfag may be you".


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