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StalinLol that's Lenin you faggot hanging out with some dork on an iMac in an anti-warez ad

Warez is the means by which people too poor to afford to buy software and don't smell bad enough for free software, or otherwise just don't want to pay for fucking 1s and 0s (which cost zero cents to distribute), to get the programs to run their pornography dispensing machine.


Warez are generally made available to the e-public by software pirates. Moreover, much of this happens over IRC, Bittorrent and Usenet and therefore it's serious fucking business. Since all pirates are those who properly know how to manage their budget, and stick it to the man, but it hurts the "industry" (of scamming you to pay up for the distribution, NOT the engineering, of numerical digits), some argue that there is more drama relating to software piracy than all other internets drama combined. Downloading warez is very similar to masturbation, as most people do it, but dislike talking about their personal experiences to people that might get their feelings hurt.

YouTube Favicon.png Typical anti-warez video made by greedy Jews

You can tell that it's bullshit because niggers are telling whites not to steal.

Drama IRL

Warez can also be used as an effective IRL drama generating tactic.

  1. Get fired for wearing your fursuit to work. (OMG fursecution!!!!).
  2. Leave an anonymous tip on the BSA hot-line (+1 (888) NO-PIRACY in the United States); report the unlicensed copies of Visual Studio 2005 you installed. Feel free to exaggerate.
  3. The authorities will harass your former employer at the BSA's behest, requiring a full audit of all software licenses. Resulting in, perhaps, days of lost work.
  4. GOTO 1


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