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Disingenuous Delirium

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Feminists would like you to believe that women are somehow magically getting paid less than men are for the same jobs and, as such, deserve to be paid equally! Unfortunately for this delusion, there's this inconvenient piece of legislature called The Equal Pay Act, which was put into play way back in 1963 when the world was black and white and dinosaurs still roamed the earth. This means the imaginary problem feminists are constantly screeching on about and desperately trying to get you to buy into has actually been legally ended on every level for over a HALF CENTURY!

Women are quick to try and barter baseless bullshit for pity points, often painting themselves up as hapless victims of "the patriarchy", the fem-child boogeyman that haunts their every waking moment of self-important privilege posturing. Much like their "Rosie The Riveter" menstruation mascot they put on a good show, but then run the fuck away when it's time to actually get down to business... because machines are "loud and scary"... much like counter arguments and facts! Women can't deal with reality and will quickly start whining about "mansplaining" as they circle-shlick for support in their "safe space" echo chambers.

You Work Like A Girl

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Due to their frail nature women can't carry more than five pounds.

Of course it should be plainly obvious to anyone who isn't an idiot that, if women worked as much as men do and yet were paid far less... why the fuck wouldn't companies hire more women than men? The answer is equally obvious... women don't work as hard or as much as men do. Let's take STEM fields for example...

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OUCH! Nearly double the number of men who "did not need, or want to work", around 1/3rd more disability claims, and family leave is off the fucking chart! There's really no good way to try and explain off these hard facts of reality... I mean either women are inherently lazier, women are inherently more fragile/weak or women are more interested in being stay-at-home mommy bloggers rather than do genuine, meaningful life work and leaving the spergs basic care to a nanny or live-in Mexican house bitch

Not only do women not work as hard or as much as men, they also constantly demand lowered standards to cater to their deficiencies, whether they're physical, mental, racial or otherwise women want the same jobs that men have, but don't want the same level of work those jobs normally require. This essentially puts women on the level of indignant children wanting an over glorified name badge so they can play pretend fireman or pretend soldier, all the while making a mockery of the profession and their own gender in the process. The worst part is that their unflagging effort for equality quotas winds up marginalizing the efforts and achievements of the few women who actually managed to man the fuck up without needing entry requirements retarded down to the level of poser class pussy.

A Matriarchal Market

Women are also the biggest buyers of bullshit in the world.

You would think if women were making so much less than men that their entire gender would be horribly destitute by comparison... but you'd be wrong. Crazy stupid wrong. In fact, the majority of our entire free market society is driven to cater almost exclusively to women! Go into pretty well any store and the selection of products marketed towards men will be dwarfed by the number of products marketed towards women. Women get better selection, more options, more styles, more sales, more discounts, more everything!

And men... men get squat. Let's say you want to buy a pair of pants. Oh, hey, here's TWO KINDS you can choose from. You want more options? Nope, that's it, fuck you very much. You want a better selection, go lop off yer dick and live life as a woman, jackass. This is a woman's world where men work more, consequently make more money and in turn spend the vast majority of it on women. Primarily for the intended purpose of trying to garner affection and fuck favors from the female faction.

You'd honestly be much better off just hiring a hooker in most cases... or get yourself a animu body pillow, a neckbeard, a fedora and waifu the shit out of that Japass loli hump hugger.

Sugar Daddy Dependency

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Dumbfuck dads that just can't stop doting on their overly dependent, dipshit daughters. It's a pervasive social disease that breeds womanly weakness and eventual unhealthy subservient relationships (see the section below). These types of women often rely on their fathers for financial support well past their teens and on into adulthood. Whether it's buying them a car, paying their rent, covering the cost of plastic surgeries, fitting the bill for their worthless college degrees or setting them up with a cushy job, this nepotistic nature is innately nailed in at the neonatal level and can't normally be negated. Unless daddy winds up dying many female failures are forever finagling into their fathers financial affairs for familial favors.

This reliant behavior makes women lazy, inept and ineffectual on the work level. As they've been raised since birth to demand everything whilst giving back next to nothing, they know little else and they come to expect that that same line of coddling at every level in life. It's the primary driving force behind why so many women demand 100% equal pay while putting in exponentially less effort and work into their jobs.

At its illogical extreme you have overly self-entitled women screeching on about how unfair it is that their women's studies degree gets them laughed on out of an interview. In their minds they actually believe that a social sciences fluff degree should hold just as much weight as a doctorate degree in math or science and can't understand at all why anyone would think otherwise. From their warped perspective it's some kind of grave social injustice that they aren't given everything and anything they want at the snap of a fucking finger.

And, as stated, this malignant impression stems almost entirely from the way their fathers forcibly fucked their intellect from infancy on.

Leeching Witches

Line on up guys, like CWC she's ready, waiting and single!

Of course for some women working at all is perceived as a terrible burden, either brought up on the notion that women are inherently privileged and their unwarranted self-importance demands a walking ATM with a dick attached to it at all times or, as is often the case, they break on into the job market only to find "work is hard" and consequently start looking for the nearest male meat sack to ensnare as a means of escape.

Often these revolving dick doors will try and get pregnant to create anchor babies to either prevent the man from ever leaving at all or to ensure that he's forced to pay her "child support" for the next 18 years. I say "child support" but what I really mean is "snatch support" since the money is going to be spent on herself and NOT the little sperg she shat out via a used condom and a turkey baster.

This serves as a double reward for the conniving leech witch as she not only gets "snatch support" but she also gets paid maternity leave. This is effectively the equivalent of going out and buying a puppy and then demanding paid time off from your employer so you can train the little yapping shit-machine not to crap all over the floor.

Many women essentially treat employers the same way they treat men in this regard. They'll purposefully seek out a particular job that has really nice sperg benefits and then as soon as they're hired on... SHLOOOP! Out comes a selfish little fucked up brat to replace themselves with! So not only does the employer waste several months training this bitch how to do the job in the first place, but then as soon as they get done educating the stupid trainable she's all, "SURPRISE! I'm leaving now, but you have to keep paying me money!" The employer is then rightly fucked in several different directions for having the idiocy to hire a woman in the first place.

This is often why, traditionally, companies have avoided hiring women. However now, because of affirmative action for cock sockets, employers are effectively being forced by the government to hire more of these preg popping pigs with their pared off punanny pecker parking.

Degrees Of Difference

Wage Gap 14.jpg

Women aren't very practical minded as a whole. This is often why they need a man to run their backwards little lives, because they just aren't very good at making complex life decisions that orbit beyond the realm of what tampon flavor to molest their menstruation with and what color lipstick coordinates best with their "day of the week" panties. When it comes to making serious, hard life choices women are generally dumber than a gawd damn box of rocks.

As such, it's no surprise that when you give women the option to go to college they gravitate towards fluff degrees like gender studies and basket weaving bullshit artistry as opposed to things like science, engineering, computers, etc. Cause "math is hard" after all and why should women have to suffer the terrible burden of learning really complicated things!

Women have such an insanely high degree of privilege in our society that they very often don't feel compelled at all to challenge themselves or to try and strive for any level of betterment. Instead they'd rather look for the easiest, laziest way out and then invest all their free time into looking for any and every reason to point their grubby, fat little fingers at something or someone else whilst playing the blame game. It's never their fault that they didn't go into STEM fields, it's because society didn't encourage them enough, or didn't hold their hand and hug them enough, or didn't inspire them enough, or didn't have enough positive role models, etc, etc, etc.

No matter how hard you try and rebuke or rebuttal these inane, loaf ridden, indolents they will always have another excuse to femsplain on out from the fetid fat folds of their fundament.

Unemployable Insanity

Some women of course are unemployable simply as a result of being (or becoming) batshit insane. When you run around proudly proclaiming yourself as a tri-gendered queer-cake whale-kin with mayonnaise head-mate triggers while looking like a badly dressed carnival clown with a poverty of personal hygeine... your employment options are going to be pretty limited and obviously you're not going to be getting raises any time soon.

It should be noted that much of this insanity is likely rooted in the progressive hair dyes these clown cows use to get attention. Said hair dyes are jacked up with lead acetate, meaning one little crusty head pimple is all it takes to soak your brain in lead poisoning, bringing on what they call "Mad Hatter Syndrome". But don't let that fool you, it's totally the patriarchy that's holding them back and preventing them from getting paid as much as a fortune 500 CEO whilst they flip grease slabs down at the local McDonalds!

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