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Pushing the envelope.
Typical Wade Fulp post.

Wade Fulp is the head faggot of all the faggot kids at Jewgrounds and the most epic lulzcow of all the admins.

With his brother Eric Bauman in possession of newfound pussy, Wade took the mantle of admin. He shooed the old, reasonable forum moderation team out the door and ushered in a new era of faggots, spics, and dykes.

Fulp is known for his dismal debating skills, as once he gets deep into an argument, he'll just end up swearing at you, and explaining that your argument is invalid because you're not a true believer of the Right-Wing cause.

Wadolf Fulp.png Wadolf Fulp.png Wadolf Fulp.png Wadolf Fulp.png
Wadolf Fulp.png Wadolf Fulp.png
Wadolf Fulp.png Wadolf Fulp.png Wadolf Fulp.png Wadolf Fulp.png Wadolf Fulp.png
Wadolf Fulp.png Wadolf Fulp.png
Wadolf Fulp.png Wadolf Fulp.png Wadolf Fulp.png Wadolf Fulp.png

Wade's wife, who's name is Leslie Fulp, is also claimed to be a mystical seacow that Wade was able to capture on his trip to the island of fugly wives

Young Wade; Pre-Wadolf era

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From an early age the age of twenty-three, it was clear that Wade was destined for failure

As a result of his rape-garnished experiences, Wade Fulp slowly began the transformation into the despicable figure of WADOLF, perpetrator of a holocaust of lulz, and a proliferation of unfunniness

Era of Wadolf

On September 11th, 2001, Wade found his authority challenged for the first time:

Fucking Clinton spread our army way to thin around the world, and cutting defense spending. So we find ourselves wide open to these kinds of attacks. Fucking liberals and their "Let's help the wolrd" bull shit. We have to start worrying about our own home first.


To which a MOD PERSONALLY APPOINTED BY WADE, and wary of Wadolf's quick temper, but courageous enough to offer logic quickly responded:

how retarded to blame Democrats, Wade. We could have the best army in the world and this still could have happened; this comes down to lapses in security at airports.

And another chimed in:

With all due respect Wade,
"Fucking Liberals"...This isn't the time for politics, human lives have been taken.

Wadolf, shamed into submission by the inferiority and whininess of his argument, proven even by these lowly Jew paupers in the grander scheme, gave little acknowledgement to these responses, mumbling angrily:

If we had more military resources, we may have been able to stop these terrorists before they got this far.


Before launching into another odd and awkward tirade against the "fucking liberals" he finds such solace in throwing stones at:

Oh yes, the lives. Of course it's horrible, and of course I feel badly for all the lives lost and families affected, but there's a bigger picture, and liberals can't see it. Liberals will be like "Why don't we just worry about the dead people, and let the terrorists keep on attacking us while we are in our little dream world that we don't need a bigger military, and no one can harm us, cause we're the United States of America."


Wade's wife is great if you ignore the smell...
Wade Fulp's secret homosexual relationship with Max Goldberg revealed.

And so began the long and winding path towards Nazism. Over the years, Wade has only found himself move further to the right, passing Bill O'Reilly, and Larry Craig in terms of conservativity, leaving even his loyal pet seacow of a wife at a loss for words at the stunning transformation he'd undergone.

Of late, this ridiculous man has seen fit to emulate as closely as he can, the policies which brought another great tyrant a wealth of undeserved power. As every new day passes, Wadolf slowly consolidates his authority by systematically dismantling any and all criticism in the most insidious way possible: stealthy deletion. A quick peek into the "obituaries" file of the Jewgrounds portal will reveal a stunning and disproportionate number of "XXX WADE FULP&SEACOW HENTAI XXX" submissions, mercilessly and disturbingly purged from what was once a bastion of free speech and goodnatured critique.

It is presumed that Wadolf is merely lying in wait for the reign of his benevolent brother Eric Bauman to expire, either by natural or artificial means, so he can usurp the mantle of authority, and subvert the will of that brother to use Jewgrounds as a force of good, rather than a force of evil.

Okay fuckhead, you want an answer, here was your topic: "Fastest Masturbation Times". We don't need a new topic about masturbation every 5 fucking minutes! Go jerk off your dad and swallow his steamy load!


Hey kids, encourage your parents to molest you!

Everyone should keep in mind that less than %0.01 of our daily audience use the forums, and it's an even smaller percent when compared to our weekly or monthly audience. So basically the forums are low priority when compared to the rest of the site. So if we see problems here we will try to correct them as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This could mean terminating accounts, long bans, etc. So everyone should keep that in mind and try and control themselves as much as possible. Think we want to stop what we're doing to hear someone bitch about a ban? We'd rather just terminate your account and block your emails than try and figure out if your ban was just or not.... Also people who make personal attacks against NG admins are messing with fire. While I may not take action against someone who insults me, or my family, you can bet other NG admins will. I would be more apt to terminate someone's account for insulting another NG admin than someone insulting myself. Also don't think insulting us from alternative accounts will protect you, we will trace it back to your main account, or accounts.


Wade will fuck you up

Maybe if some of you idiots put more energy into making topical Flash that actually had a message your entry might be on the front page right now. True, it's a still frame, but when you watch the news many of the reporters are talking over a still frame just like that. You can all say what you want, but watch and see how many views it gets. IWP knows what his audience wants to see, and we know what our audience wants to see. If his entry helps bring more people to NG so that those people will check out other entries on NG, then I'm all for it. Unfortunately high quality, artistic, well animated, Flash entries don't always bring in a lot of traffic.


"Fuck Art" - Wade

Pop up blockers are the reason for all these new malicious ads. If people never installed pop up blockers, or used browsers that blocked them, we wouldn't have all these problems. Even f'ing ISP include software to block pop ups. It should be ILLEGAL. It's like buying a TV that blocks TV commercials.


"Plz click on our adverts" - Wade

Wadolf Hitler.gif

How to Piss off Wadolf

A Denial of Service attack! This is where you spam his inbox with so much shit that the server either shuts down or the provider cancels him because he exceeded his e-mail limit. If you do this, he will go on a banning spree, banning everyone who was connected in the slightest way. In other words, if you want someone to be banned from Newgrounds, find his e-mail and spam this asshole.

Other ways to piss off Wade:

  • Mass voting (See Clock Crew)
  • Star Syndicate memberation
  • Making hentai flashes with no hentai
  • Mentioning kitties
  • Being Jew
  • Being Indian
  • Being Muslim
  • Not being white
  • Originality
  • Humor
  • Being generally helpful and contributive
  • Not Posting "WAID I LUV U"
  • Posting "WAID I LUV U"
  • Posting at all
  • Not posting at all
  • Pretty much anything
  • But most of all, making fun of his fat wife

Positive Things Wade has Contributed to the World

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  • Well, there was that one time


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