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Police.gif Around Snacks, never relax

I'd hit it.
He also hates clothed children.
Separated at birth?
Snacks on holiday

W.T. Snacks (Snacks-tan), is a schoolgirl with cute blond ponytails, a white t-shirt and blue skirt, and constantly carries around and eats a bag of AIDS chips. We would like to think that she is at Moot-tan's side, merrily skipping through 4chan, banning pedophiles and furries, and keeping the peace with love and fairness.

Sadly, this is far from the truth.

The Truth

W.T. Snacks is a skinny, short, greasy-haired weasel of a coder and a former admin of 4chan. He is famous for being a lot like ED's own Jacknstock and AnonTalk's Sysop: he banned users left and right for lame reasons while letting real trolls get away with murder (i.e., child pr0n). He has also been known to never relax.

While back in the day /b/tards managed to maintain a hate/hate relationship with this pedo of a moderator, more recently that has changed due to the discovery that Snacks was keeping the faggots out of 4chan, as you would get royally pawned by his (her?) banhammer at any sign of a shitpost. Or perhaps just on a rainy day. Many oldfags now believe that Snacks was the sole reason /b/ remained cancer free, and his departure triggered /b/'s downfall.

In June 2007, W.T. Snacks' personal information were discovered, including his real name, location, age, and a picture of him with his girlfriend. Following this, anonymous uploaded the information to a text file called snacks.txt and spammed the link to the file all over 4chan, and much lulz was had; some plan to send his dad flowers on his upcoming 60th birthday.


Snacks was eventually banned from 4chan for being a lazy code writer and a pedo.

A while ago 4chan had a child porn attack after they made a new report feature. Every picture of it was accompanied with the phrase "FUCK YOU MOOT". Some argue that this was W.T. Snacks' doing.

He attended all the following 4chan panels (2006, 2007 and 2013) asking "Why does your website suck?" to the team and moot, generating many lulz in the process

Currently he hosts a shitty radio show every Tuesday midnight, called Midnight Snacks (lol get it?) that around 8 people a week listen to.

A W.T. Snacks wannabe has recently attempted a peace offering with Tom Green. This may be another pathetic attempt to corrupt 4chan's lulz or he may simply love the feel of sucking Tom's cock (And he wants more) or simply just a gaiafag attention whore pretending to Snacks to feel like his E-penis is bigger than it actually is.

However, despite all of this, the return of Snacks will never happen, since Moot has a small penis.

Typical moot and Snacks conversation


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